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Get Swole

The tiger thrust hard into the bull's backside, his hips clenching and dick spasming. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" he shouted, digging forward as his balls pulled up against his groin. The bull beneath him had come to the gym based on its slogan, "Get Swole!," and that's exactly what happened. He wobbled under the tiger, hide stretched and distended from six loads of cum previously pumped into him, bloating and straining his figure. The other gym members stood around him in their workout clothes, pants having been discarded for the initiation hazing ritual. It was pretty simple. To get membership in the gym, every applicant had to withstand the members all dumping their loads in him. Of course, they never told anyone that before they applied.

When he arrived, the massive bull was already ripped. He had thick muscles that stood out in stark relief through his short hair, showing the curvature and definition of a dedicated bodybuilder. Soft, creamy hair stood all over his figure, with a few tufts of brown mottled onto his thick pecs. His arms were thickly corded and his legs strained with muscle. Both of his pecs were massive, straining slabs of beefy muscle in his tank top. Like a lot of bulls, he had a fat set of orbs slapping between his thighs to match the thick beef he had packed on his figure.

At least that's what he was before the gym. Now, he wobbled back and forth, belly bloated massively beneath him, arms thickened up tow triple their previous size, legs straining out to either side like bloated logs, and a head that had puffed up like the tip of a condom.

He snorted hard, grunting and straining, eyes bulging from his head, "C..C'mon guys! Don't pop me! I don't have to join!"

A stallion to his left snorted and laughed out, "What's that? Hey guys! The cumstain doesn't want to pop! Guess he doesn't want to get swole after all!"

That earned a round of laughter from the other men standing around, most of them with flaccid, cum coated cocks.

The tiger thrust in against him and inhaled sharply, "Here it comes!" His dick started jerking hard as his wave of heated spunk began to flood into the bull.

That earned another hard snort from the straining bovine, "Ah! No! Pull out! I'm gonna pop! Please!"

A bear walked up beside the bull and started stroking his still straining cock, "Just gotta hold out two more loads, condom. Then you're in! You can do it, I'm sure!" He said that last with a mocking little simper in his voice.

Groaning and creaking, the bull's face puffed up just a little more. Jizz shot from his nipples as his fingers rounded outwards. The tiger behind him moaned out, "Looks like you're in the gym... drain!"

The bull cried out one last time before with a heady and soupy SPLAT, he exploded, spraying outwards in a thick wave of cum that coated onto some of the gym's gear. The guys standing around exploded in laughter, slapping at their thighs. "Guess he got swole but couldn't take it." "Application denied, big boy." "I love it when they think they can take it all and just end up oozing across the floor." You almost ended up a used-up condom, too." "Yeah, but I held out, unlike him. Now look at me!"