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Gehart's First Party

Gehart had gotten invitations to go to Sigma Nu Phi's popping parties before, but he'd always turned them down. The parties were well known in town and they were open to anyone who wanted to attend. Gehart had always been invited by some thick-chested stud or a slinky classmate. Sometimes it was one of the curvaceous hotties that hung out in front of the food court catching eyes, definitely his, and returning the glances with little smirks and waves. A few of the inviters showed up after the parties, but more often than not whenever he turned down an invitation it ended up being the last time he saw that person. They were going to the parties to have a wild time, and many of them ended up just as the parties promised: thick cum stains on the floor.

He knew what went on all too well. Videos floated around from the parties. Squeals and screams of pleasure and fun filled their audio. Delicious sights of bloated bodies and waves of spunk coated their video. Gehart had always wanted to attend, but he could never work up the courage to go to one. At least not until today. He had been sitting in his dorm room, relaxing, idly playing with himself as he watched one of those videos he had grown fond of, imagining himself thrusting into someone while his load made them bloat outwards into distorted bubbles of their former selves before that heated, gooey splort at the end left them running across the floor. He knew there was another party tonight, but he still hadn't worked p the courage to attend. At least he hadn't until it was close to the time when the party began.

No one had asked him this time, unlike the other times, and that was something that actually worked up his courage. He wasn't being begged or pressured. This time, it felt like his decision to stay at home or to go to one of the parties, and he had decided to attend.

The big stag stood outside the frat house. It was a large building, three stories, and built of some pretty solid stone. The interior was some sort of polished, varnished wood with a thick grain that ran through it and shined all the more thanks to the heated waves of spunk and former patrons that had soaked into it. The frat funded the parties by stashing vintage wooden furniture around the place, letting the heated waves coat and soak into them to create that lustrous sheen, and then selling them. The thought of some of those partners adding to the party fund, someone he contributed, just made his dick stand out in definition in his shorts.

He wore a simple green t-shirt, though it was one of the smaller ones he had, so it clung to his thick body. A pair of cargo shorts hugged his massively thick hips, snuggled under his thick gut. Gehart was a big boy, but not like the muscle studs that roamed the halls. He had muscle of his own, but it was covered by a thick padding of fat that gave him a barrel chest and a hefty stomach, making him much larger than some of the other smaller guys around. His physique wasn't one of flab, though, but of hard-packed muscle and fat from a life of partying and good cooking, his specialty. He had thick fingers, plump legs, a fat ass packed into his shorts like he was smuggling in two kegs, and chubby cheeks. But for it all, he had an air of softness to him, of gentility and delicacy. Atop his head, a pair of pronged antlers served to make his life with doors a little hectic.

The door stood open in front of him, leading to that haven and den of debauchery and pleasure, a pleasure that he was determined to give someone and make it their last party. Gehart had come to the party with the intent to add himself to the roster of regular studs eager and delighted to help some new piece of ass end up a heavily used up condom.

As he walked through the door, Gehart was immediately met by the heavy smell of sex in the air and the sounds of a party mixed with those of an orgy. While these parties were at their hearts parties, there was always a couple in the act of fucking, and tonight was no difference. The smell of alcohol was mingled by the thick musk of semen and sweat. Opposite the doorway he walked through was a kitchen packed with kegs and partygoers, most of them drinking, though there was a rabbit busily making out with a bulky cheetah girl, both of them clothed in only enough to remain some level of decency, though it was obvious that the rabbit had his hand down the cheetah's pants, busily fingering her.

Gehart stepped further in to look around at the living room with its sofas, chairs, and what looked like some kind of sex swing. The party's patrons were in a state of milling about, chatting, making out, and in the case of a big stallion, letting his massive erection lead him around as he talked and caught the occasional grope. The sight made Gehart's heart flutter and his pants tense a little with his own growing erection.

Already, he was on the lookout for someone to have a little fun with, preferably one of the guys as he had a preference for them over the women, but tonight he had resolved not to be too picky. What he really wanted was that elusive pleasure he had been avoiding for so long of seeing someone puffing up beneath him.

At least that was what he was trying to look like, a strong guy casually walking in with the confidence to simply pick someone out of the crowd and take them upstairs. What he really looked like was a chubby guy in pants that were a little too tight on his hips with a reddish tinge of nervousness and embarrassment in his cheeks and ears. The way his ears sat slightly low on his head didn't help the look, either, nor did the way he nervously smiled at those around him, didn't approach anyone, or slowly milled through the first room he had walked into while staring at everyone he saw.

And while he wanted to catch the attention of some hot piece of ass he could pop, all he seemed to catch was the attention of other guys with similar desires. One, a rabbit who looked similar to the one in the kitchen making out with the cheetah propositioned him in the first five minutes, walking up to grab his ass and casually suggesting that Gehart come upstairs with him so that he could pop the big buck. Gehart had refused with a slight chuckle, citing his own desire to find someone, which only resulted in the rabbit smiling, patting his ass, and walking off to find a new mark.

A very short squirrel with a little dick and nuts as large as Gehart's belly had come up shortly afterwards and started to playfully grind his face into Gehart's crotch. For a moment, he thought he had found someone who he could pop, but the little guy looked up and rather eagerly asked if Gehart wanted to be his first cum bubble of the night. The statement of first took the big buck by surprise, but another glance down at the squirrel's bloated balls told Gehart that this little guy was likely a regular and packing enough to have several partners over the course of the night. Before he could reply, a slender skunk swooped in and wrapped his arms around the squirrel's neck, leaned in, and purred out, "Jaaaaasper, you promised that I'd be your first cum bubble tonight! Let's go out back and you can spread me on the grass."

That earned a delighted little squeal from the little squirrel named Jasper, who grabbed the skunk by the ass, spun around, and marched towards one of the sliding glass doors.

By the time Gehart had gotten himself a drink from one of the kegs, two other guys had propositioned him, a slinky brown mink with a third leg packed down his left pant leg and a sleek skinned green frog boy who looked like he might be a bit young and in a similar situation as Gehart.

With his drink in hand, Gehart walked out of the kitchen and into another common room, one with a television and a few couples on the couches making out. The TV was playing one of the more recent pornos that had come out from Splatter, Inc. studios, but Gehart paid little attention to it. Instead, he milled about, watching the couples making out. From outside, he heard a rather syrupy sounding explosion which was followed by the sound of a crowd cheering.

"First time?" came a voice from behind him. Turning, Gehart spotted the big stallion he had seen before stood smiling. He was a good six inches taller than Gehart, muscled all over with a defined set of abs, and completely naked with a good sixteen inches of fat, slightly flared horse cock bobbing in front of him. The stallion's coat was a dappled brown with splotches of white, and his cock matched the brown with splotches of pink.

"Uh.. I... yeah. First time," came Gehart's reply.

The big stallion leaned in close, enough so that the tip of his flare pushed lightly against the underside of Gehart's thick belly, leaving a smear of glossy pre in the slight tuft of belly that peeked out from under Gehart's shirt. He smiled all the wider at Gehart, "First party means you need to get shown a good time. How 'bout you and I go out back. Jasper's got the party started good and I'd love to add your cum slime to the puddle out there."

The buck looked down at the stallion's cock he was so eagerly starting to press against him, then back up with a slightly nervous smile. "Ah... thanks..." came his voice, a little quiver in it, "But I really wanted to... you know... be the one doing the popping... not... getting popped." He finished that off by straightening up a little, trying to make himself look more confident.

A laugh slid from the stallion's lips before he pushed in a little more firmly against Gehart, moving in to push a kiss in against his lips. It was brief, enough to catch Gehart by surprise and cause him to take a step back. The stallion flexed and shook his mane, "Come on big boy. Guy like you's gonna make a great splatter. Let's get you into the bloated shape you're meant to be in. Trust me. You'll love letting me pop you." The stallion moved to slide an arm around Gehart's shoulder as if to start guiding him along, but Gehart stepped back again, still smiling.

"No. That's alright. I'm going to find someone that I can do that to tonight," he said as a hand moved up to run along his head, brushing both ears and hair back.

The stallion shrugged, "Suit yourself. But I'll check back with you later. See if you've changed your mind about us. I know you will." He leaned in again, this time pressing a kiss against Gehart's cheek while letting out a low huff of breath, "Cute guys like you never last long, anyway. Too hot not to end up on a dick and swelling up like a water balloon on an open tap." And with that, the big male turned and walked off, cock still leading the way.

The interaction left Gehart wondering if the parties were always like this, with so many guys trying to pop someone and so few looking to get popped. It didn't seem like the parties he had heard about before, where there was so much eager ass to be had, and it left him wondering if he was going to have an opportunity to experience that pleasure he was looking for tonight.

Standing there, watching the stallion walk off and start to talk up someone else, looking around to the various couples chatting or getting on with some sort of business, Gehart couldn't help but imagine himself going home alone and not coming back.

"Hey there, big guy. You look like you're ready to pop," came a voice from behind him. Turning, he looked down to a pair of antlers and a friendly, smiling face of another buck, much shorter than him, though a little plump like him. The other male stood nearby, smiling at Gehart, a hand running across his own belly. "How 'bout it, big boy? Name's Khen."

Gehart looked Khen over as a smile spread on his face. Seemed like he'd have someone to have a little fun with after all. He walked over, belly shaking as he moved, then stopped in front of the smaller buck. "I'm Gehart," came his deep voice, "Nice to meet you. And yeah. I'm definitely looking to pop tonight."

The statement spread a wide smile over Khen's muzzle, the soft white under his chin and around his lips contrasting with his dark-skinned lips. "First time here? I haven't seen you before."

"Yeah," came the reply, "But I wanted to come and have some fun at my first party, you know?"

Khen's eyes twinkled with a hint of mischief at that statement before he looked down at Gehart's body. Being shorter, Khen's eyes easily wandered across Gehart's front, down over his barrel chest, thick gut, and packed pants before they wandered back up. Smiling, he muttered out, "Yeah. Looks like you're built for it, too. So how 'bout we go upstairs and I take care of you?"

Gehart's ears stood up and a beaming, toothy grin blossomed on his muzzle while a throb rolled through his pants. "Really?" he asked with a hint of glee in his voice, "Definitely!"

Khen slipped a hand out to curl against Gehart's crotch, fingers pushing into the hidden half-chub the big buck was sporting. The caress only made Gehart more eager. He was excited to pop the smaller buck.

Turning, Khen walked through the common rooms, Gehart following behind him, staring at the smaller guy's ass, imagining it spread on his dick, the other male moaning and begging him as he bloated up on Gehart's load. He looked up for a moment and caught the eye of the stallion who had been propositioning him earlier. The stallion looked to Khen, then back to Gehart, and Gehart shrugged with a sheepish little smile. The stallion only smirked and winked at him as if giving his approval for what Gehart was about to do.

The stairs leading to the upper floors were empty, though never for long. Gehart had watched couples go up all night long and only ever seen one of the pair descending again. The upstairs was special built for this sort of activity, with each room equipped with a sturdy drain to make cleanup easy afterwards. Khen led them both down a hallway, past closed door from which sounds of heated sex came. Heady moans and whines rose from them as the occupants busily pressed against each other. A heated creaking sound came from another door as they passed, and just a few seconds later came the thick, syrupy splack of fluid hitting a wall. The sound of a pop that close to him made Gehart shudder and a little wet spot appear on the front of his shorts. The thought of what was to come swam through his mind, his heart racing in anticipation that he was finally going to do it.

He followed Khen into an open room that had a fairly spartan bed in the middle, wrapped in some sort of plastic or rubber so that it would be comfortable and cleanable. And there in the middle of the floor was a wide drain. The sight made Gehart shiver with pleasured anticipation. He passed Khen, stepping into the room and immediately began to strip.

Behind him, Khen closed the door with a soft little click, then turned to face his partner. "Damn you're hot. You're going to be the biggest guy I've popped yet."

The statement caught Gehart by surprise, and he stood there in his underwear, hands on the boxers as if ready to pull them off. He looked to Khen and his wide smile for a moment, not saying anything, then huffed out just slightly, "I ah... think you'd look much better as the one getting popped, not the one DOING the popping."

Eyebrows shot up, Khen also taken a little by surprise, but a laugh soon lifted from his muzzle, "Is that a fact, big boy? Well how about this... why don't you lie back on that bed and let me fuck that ass of yours, and if I don't end up popping you, somehow, you can give yourself a try at popping me. How 'bout that?" As if to punctuate his offer, Khen reached down and shoved his pants off, the garment easily sliding from his hips and falling to the ground to revel his own straining erection and plump nuts. A strong scent of heated musk rose from the buck, the scent flooding into the room and swimming through Gehart's senses. He stared at Khen's throbbing dick as it bobbed slightly, slapping against the underside of his belly.

It was all a bit much for him, and in the heated stupor of the moment with hormones racing through him and making him far too horny to think straight, Gehart gave a stupid nod and rolled back onto the bed, spreading his legs. He reached up and gave his groin a stroke from around his belly, the big buck's loins still hidden by the boxers, though the tent in them gave away his eagerness. "Why don't you finish stripping me, then?" came his reply.

Khen beamed widely at the buck's reply, the sight of him reclining back on the bed all the more delicious by the presented opportunity. He had made the same deal before with other guys who thought that their first time at a party would end up with them bursting someone but ended up being burst themselves by the short buck. This time would be no different, he thought, as he walked up to Gehart's reclining figure and looked down between his legs at the thick bulge in his boxers. "Don't mind if I do, big guy," came Khen's eager voice as fingers slid up to grip the edge of his boxers. A little tug was all they needed to begin sliding off of Gehart's waist, and as the elastic band came down, it put pressure on the chubby buck's bloated erection. A second tug caused his fat deer dick to bend and then pop up from the waistband, greeting Khen with a pink dick as thick as his wrist. Khen whistled softly, then leaned in to get a whiff of his partner's cock before nodding, "Nice dick. Nice and fat. If you get a chance to put it in me, it'll give me a nice stretch."

That earned a little laugh from Gehart, "If? I'm definitely going to be the one doing the popping tonight, not getting popped."

Khen just continued to smile while he disrobed. He had a heft to him, though not as much as Gehart did, with a chubby gut and some plump thighs. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in a pile opposite Gehart's clothing, then worked his shorts open. Already, his dick was straining to get free, and he had come to the party without any underwear on, so as his shorts came open, his prick sprung free into the air. It was longer than Gehart's, but the other buck's cock was significantly fatter. Both cocks bobbed on their respective owners, eager for the fun to begin, and Khen was not one to keep a willing partner waiting for their demise.

With a little groan, the smaller buck slipped up against Gehart and nudged the tip of his cock against the other man's pudgy ass. It sent a shiver up through his spine to know what was going to happen next, a same shudder shared by Gehart. A push eased his tip between the buck's cheeks and against his pucker, and another served to begin spreading Gehart open around that spire. The other buck let out a low little groan of breath and clenched slightly in anticipation, the squeeze earning a slight grunt from Khen. "Relax there, big guy. You're just gonna get popped. Nothing to worry about." Khen's voice was calm and reassuring, and Gehart relaxed enough that Khen could continue his push upwards and into him. Just as his tip slipped fully into Gehart's ass, he sighed out happily, "That's it... now let's get busy."

He pushed forward again, arms sliding up to stroke along Gehart's belly, feeling it wobble just slightly. Gehart's ass gobbled up Khen's cock, squeezing slowly around it as the smaller buck thrust into his partner, sinking slowly into his backside. The warm embrace of a tight ass around his dick made him shiver just a little. It was always a welcome embrace that he looked forward to, one that he relished in knowing for however short a time his partners lasted.

Gehart felt the cock spreading him opened and relaxed against the push, arms stretching up and behind his head as he arched his back a little, pushing down against Khen's groin. When he felt the other buck's lap pressing to his rear and felt the warm, twitching pulse of cock inside of him, he let out a delighted little moan of breath, "Fuck me, dude... don't hold back."

Such a request was the sort of thing that Khen always wanted to hear. An eager partner always got him to cum faster, and this eager, big buck was going to do the trick. He pulled back, dragging his dick from Gehart's body before thrusting in once more, spearing the big buck's ass with his meat once more. His thrust forward sent a meaty smack of flesh against flesh into the air, then another thrust did the same. It was that pleasant sound that resounded through the house on a regular basis, signaling that yet another partygoer would end up a gooey paste on the floor.

Both bucks breathed heavily as Khen set to thrusting and Gehart rolled his body, rocking against Khen's every motion. The combined efforts set Gehart's big belly wobbling, his plump chest jiggling, and his thick thighs spread lightly against Khen's sides to shaking. The combined motion wobbled back and forth against Gehart's figure, thumping down onto Khen with each thrust and roll of his body. It was met by Khen's own plump gut jiggling against Gehart's. With every thrust, both buck's bloated balls bounced against one another, the pair of nuts lightly bouncing off each other every time Khen thrust into the heated guy beneath him. The sound of a little clap rose up each time.

The sensation of the wobbling rolling through his body made Gehart shudders and whine out just slightly before fingers came up to begin tweaking and teasing at his sensitive nipples made hard from Khen's love-making. The smaller buck looked up, tearing his attention from the fatter buck's wobbling gut to watch him toy with himself, and Khen, not wanting to miss out on helping his partner have some fun, slid one hand up to grip at one of Gehart's nipples while the other slid between their collective bellies to wrap around Gehart's cock. The hand on his nipples stroked and squeezed, each tug at the plump nubs earning a sharp groan from Gehart and another rolling thrust of his hips down against Khen's own. Gehart's dick had been wedged between the two bellies, rolling through a mess of fur and pre and thrusting like it was between a fat set of tits, but Khen's added hand stroking around the base of that cock spurned Gehart's motions onwards, encouraging him to continue his upwards thrust, the roll of his hips downwards into Khen's crotch, and a continued, pulsing squeeze from his ass.

The sensation of muscle rolled along Khen's cock, milking at it like only a fat boy could with a plushness and a tenderness that hinted at a deep desire for the other male to do just what he had promised he would do to Gehart. The steady pulsing pull of ass against Khen's cock made it pulse and throb all the harder. It wouldn't take long for that motion to work him to a heavy orgasm.

With a little groan of breath, Khen leaned up against Gehart's belly, up and towards his muzzle, motioning him upwards for a kiss. Gehart responded by easing up, sliding his neck forward so that he could push his lips against Khen's in a slow, warm kiss. Lips stroked against one another while the two bucks moaned in their collective passion, spit drooling slightly between them like Khen's dick drooling into Gehart's fat ass.

"Keep it up, big boy," came Khen's voice mumbling into the kiss, "and I'm not going to last much longer. I've got a huge load in me and I'm ready to dump it all into you... watch you bloat up like the fat fucking condom you are. I'm gonna splatter you real good."

That earned a playful groan of breath from Gehart and a wide smile, then another short kiss. He breathed out sharply against Khen's muzzle, tongue lapping out against his lips, "Nnnf... not a chance. I'm gonna splatter you after you blow your load and I don't pop at all. I'm way too big for you to pop."

Khen's eyes twinkled slightly and he winked. "You've never seen Jasper fuck and pop three dudes twice his size in one night. That little squirrel's got nuts that could and probably will snuff us all at some point."

Gehart rolled his head back with a hearty laugh, "You mean that short little twink with the nuts like fucking watermelons swinging between his thighs? He walked right up to me when I walked in..."

A short, sharp inhale of breath rolled through Khen, "Getting close... yeah... glad you didn't take him up on it. I wanted to pop you the moment I saw you..."

Gehart nodded to Khen and pushed down once more, grinding his ass against the buck's groin with a rolling wobble of his belly and an upwards thrust once more to push his dick into Khen's fingers. "Do it... cum in me, little guy... let's see if you've got nuts like Jasper does."

His words made Khen's ears perk up and his eyes go wide. A happy laugh slipped from his muzzle and he thrust forward once more, grinding hard into Khen's ass. "If you insist... get ready to get popped!" He rolled upwards, thrusting against Gehart, body shining with a slight sheen of sweat with the effort of fucking another fat guy, but it was paying off. He could feel the growing, twitching pulse at the base of his shaft, could feel his balls tensing and twitching and jerking in his sac, and could feel the rising pulse of pleasure through his groin. It wouldn't be long before the buck was bloating up beneath him.

Warm drops of sweat beaded up on Khen's brow as he thrust, pushing himself slowly closer and closer to his orgasm. The sight of this big, pudgy buck lying in front of him, ass spread around his long dick, and Gehart's own fat cock bobbing between their bellies made Khen groan out sharply. He wanted to see this fat boy swell up and paint the room in a thick white paste, and the heady pulse at the base of his shaft told him that he was going to get what he wanted.

With a sharp grunt of breath, Khen arched up against Gehart, leaning over to kiss him once more. Doing so, his lips pushed to the other male's, twining slowly as his hips picked up the pace, pounding harder and faster in short, rapid-fire thrusts against Gehart's plump ass. The sudden increase in speed and force of impact from Khen's hips set Gehart wobbling around beneath him. As Khen's tongue lapped out against Gehart's, tugging back at the other buck's own tongue, he groaned out into the kiss and pushed forward as hard as he could, wedging his cock deeply into Gehart's backside.

The twitching pulse at the base of Khen's dick grew in intensity, then with a shuddering shove upwards with his hips, Khen's cock began to pulse harder, its underbelly expanding with the heated cum flowing up through it, and the tip swelling just a little more as his heady orgasm rolled through him and into the eager guy beneath him. Khen's heated load erupted from his cock with a pulsing force that punched up into Gehart's guts, packing hard and deep into the big buck, flowing with a force that began to swell his guts out. Gehart felt the blast with a shudder of pleasure and pushed down against Khen, mimicking the effort to keep ass against crotch while the cum flowed. It pulsed with heated waves up through Khen, in almost audible spurts and swelling gouts.

Gehart's already big belly took a moment of those heated pulses of hot deer jizz before it started to swell, but when it did, it gave a slow, gurgling pulse upwards and began to rise against Khen. The sight of his belly expanding made Gehart let out a tender gasp of breath followed by a low, lusty moan. Both hands moved to push against his belly, feeling the pulse of cum running through him, packing his fat stomach all the fatter. Khen let out a happy laugh, "Yeah... that's it... like how it feels, big guy?"

"Fuck," came Gehart's reply, "feels great. Like a way too big meal in that good kind of strain." His fingers pushed against his gut as it expanded, his hide growing slowly doughier in response. Khen's load wasn't stopping, though, and as Gehart's belly expanded and Khen's load continued to flow, Gehart's already plump sides began to expand, too, then his already hefty chest. With a low, playful growl, he reached up to grab at his barrel chest, feeling the swelling expanse of spunk flowing up through there. Both bucks watched as Gehart's pecs puffed up, growing first like a pair of over-inflated muscles, then sagging like a fresh pair of fat tits. Khen immediately latched onto them with both hands, squeezing them as they too puffed up against his fingers. It was a sensation like no other for Gehart, and it made him shudder once more, crying out in pleasure. Where before he had simply wobbled due to his fat, this time he practically jiggled like a bowl of gelatin thanks to the growing load pushing into him.

Even Gehart's nipples had puffed up by the time he looked up once more. Each of his fat pink tips had swollen up, thick and rounded and puffy from his chest. The sight of them made him laugh, "Oh... my.. god... I look ridiculous!"

Khen only smiled and pushed harder, dick still pulsing, cum still flowing into Gehart. "No... you look like you're gonna make a great pop."

That earned another shuddering sigh of breath from Gehart, who leaned back and relaxed, letting it happen. He could feel Khen's cum rushing through him, all of him, and as his belly expanded, he started to lose sight of the young buck eagerly sending him to his gooey fate, but what he wanted was to feel more of that heart rushing through him, suffusing his limbs, making his arms begin to puff a little, his fingers tingle and feel fat, his already bubble butt expand upwards a little and grow chubbier. The sensation felt like he was in a hot bath, but the bath was flowing through him. It felt like he had eaten too much and had that good, full stretch, only all over his entire body. Even his dick felt bigger, and could he see it, he'd know that it was.

Khen, on the other hand, lapped his lips and leaned down to lick at Gehart's already fat cock, pushing his lips playfully against it as it gave a slow, swelling pulse up against his lips. The buck's cock had bloated only slightly larger, but it looked strained and ready to burst. Khen, however, could already feel his orgasm waning, and with a warm groan of breath, he pushed forward once more, trying to empty out more of his spunk into Gehart, trying desperately to make the big buck explode.

When his flow tapered off and he pushed up against Gehart's belly, huffing hard, breathing in sharp gasps through both mouth and nose. Gehart let out a happy sigh of breath, "Oooh.. feels like... I might get my chance to pop you after all."

A short, sharp chuckle slipped from Khen's lips. He had to slip slightly to the side, leaning around Gehart's bloated belly to get a look at his face, at his slightly puffed up cheeks. It made the big, bloated buck look all the more fat and jolly.

"Looks like it, big boy. Mmmf. You're the first one I haven't popped..."

Gehart reached his thickened hands down to grab at Khen, pulling him upwards against his big belly, dragging the smaller buck out of his ass and up and onto his bloated gut. Looking up at him, Gehart let out a little groan of breath, "Fuck... feel all that pressure in me. Ah... I kinda like it." One hand moved down to grope slowly along Khen's ass, allowing the smaller buck a chance to wiggle, his still hard dick bobbing in front of him, though it was starting to flag, clearly spent from his effort fucking Gehart.

"How about it?" Gehart asked. "How about I let you slip off for now and you give it another try at the next party?" He gave Khen a little wink, but the smaller buck bit his lower lip and shook his head.

"Not a chance, tubby," came his reply just before he shifted his hips backwards and slid just a little down against Gehart's belly. It was enough to push his ass right against Gehart's thickened tip bloated fat on Khen's cum. The touch of the smaller buck's fur against his exposed and frankly electric cock made Gehart thrust upwards in response, and as if expecting it, Khen pushed back, spreading his cheeks open around Gehart's tip and then his pucker.

The already thick cock made thicker with the jizz expanding it made Khen's asshole stretch open wider than it had been before, and the feeling of another buck stretching him so roughly open made Khen let out a sharp cry of breath, "AHH! Fuck! Goddamn I knew you were huge, but this thing feels like you're fucking me with your arm!"

Gehart took that as a compliment and thrust upwards again, his big belly and fattened tits rolling backwards up against him as he did so. The thrust shoved his dick more forcefully into Khen's squeezing ass and splattered the buck's cheeks and insides both with a heady gout of pre. Already, Gehart could feel the twinges of an orgasm pulsing through his cock, threatening to set him off in little time at all, but he wanted at least to be all the way inside of Khen before that happened, so he gripped down tightly against Khen's hips and thrust once more.

The other buck reciprocated the motion, thrusting down against Gehart's cock. It wasn't something he usually felt, what with him being on the popping end of the party's inhabitants. Sometimes he would let a guy who obviously couldn't pop someone else shove into his backside and enjoy a good fuck before he had his turn and painted them on the walls, but this time, he felt like things might be a little different. Gehart was clearly a buck with balls big enough to pop someone, and though Khen was too, he was significantly smaller than Gehart was. It would take a lot less to make him explode than it would take to turn Gehart into a syrupy stain. With that knowledge in mind, Khen prepared himself for what might be his own last party, but it wasn't something he wasn't looking forward to. Instead, as he thrust backwards, he imagined what Gehart felt while he was being bloated out on that huge load Khen dumped so eagerly into him. He imagined what it felt like to swell and bloat up, to stretch and strain all over, to feel the rush of another man's hot, gooey spunk flowing through him, ready to reduce him to yet another gooey stain on the walls and floors and running down one of the convenient drains spread all through the house. The thought of it all made his cock flag back to life and his ass clench down against Gehart's cock. The buck's cheeks and anal muscles began to milk along Gehart's prick, pulling against it as he rode downwards onto the buck's shaft, sliding further towards his crotch.

By the time Khen's ass hit Gehart's groin and his tail flicked back and forth across Gehart's balls, Khen was blushing in his ears, moaning just slightly, and Gehart was looking up at his reaction with a wide, eager smile. "Al..most there... How's it feel, Khen? Knowing I'm gonna pop you instead of you popping me?" His hands gripped a little harder on Khen's ass just as his hips gave a shove upwards, then back, then up again, starting a short thrusting motion to pound his hips hard against Khen, "Nnnf... feels like your ass really likes the idea... you're milking me like a prom queen milks a quarterback."

Khen bit back a howl of lust and instead rolled his hips forward enough to slide up and off of Gehart's dick a few inches before thrusting back down again, timing his motion to meet the other buck's thrusting hips. A wet, syrupy, pre-filled smack filled the air. "F..fuck... feels.. good... you... ready to do it big boy? Gonna have your first pop at your first party?"

Gehart's ears perked up and his eyes widened, the teasing comment earning a pulse of his dick and a hard buck of his hips. "Fuck yeah!" he shouted upwards at Khen and pushed up hard once more. The already burning sensation at the base of his cock was growing, racing up through his engorged dick, making it jerk harder inside of Khen. Had it not already been swollen with Khen's spunk, it would have thickened all the more, but the bloated pulse of jizz that the smaller buck had sent into him earlier had packed Gehart's cock to its limits already. It only served to enhance the sensation, one that Gehart relished like the oncoming of no other orgasm he had ever experienced before. This beat the hell out of his hand.

With a sharp cry of breath, Gehart thrust upwards once more, burying his meat hard inside of Khen and holding there. "Here it comes! Get ready to pop!" he cried out once more. The big buck's already bloated nuts pulled up hard against his groin, and unlike the slow rolling pulse of Khen's orgasm, Gehart's burst from his dick with a needy force that punched upwards into Khen's gut and made it wobble forward almost immediately. Gehart stared down over his own cum bloated belly as the other buck's gut wobbled forwards with the visible pulse of spunk rushing into it, then again as his dick pulsed once more, pumping another heated wave into the smaller buck.

Khen stared on in awe as well, watching his hide distend outwards, growing fat and heavy like Gehart's was before his gut swelled up with cum, and soon, as more of the big buck's load pulsed unrelentingly into Khen's body, the swelling smaller buck's bloated belly pushed upwards and outwards like Gehart's had, rising in thickness and girth to meet the expansion he had contributed earlier.

Both bucks pressed their hands against Khen's fat belly to feel the pulse of cum flowing into it, stretching the smaller buck's hide out. Each bubbling gout flooding from Gehart's dick made Khen's hide wobble and his belly jiggle, then with a little spop, Khen's belly button popped out. The sight made Gehart laugh and Khen flush just slightly.

But Gehart's orgasm wasn't slowing, and neither was Khen's bloating. As both bucks continue to stroke Khen's swelling belly, the smaller buck's chest gave a little wobble, then a swell. Gehart's pecs had first swollen before sagging, but Khen's chest immediately puffed out like he had tits, swelling fat and thick with nipples bloating and puffing upwards. Gehart's hands immediately went to those swelling boy tits and began to squeeze and stroke, fingers pushing into the growing moobs to feel their heft, the weight of hot cum stretching them out, and the press of swollen nipples into his palms. Khen let out a sharp moan at the sudden pressure in his chest and the sensation of Gehart's hands stroking over his growing moobs.

The buck's thick moan was cut off by the sound of the door to their private room opening and then shutting. Both bucks looked past their swollen figures to find a large stallion walking into the room and towards them, the same stallion that Gehart had met earlier in the night who had propositioned him before Khen had. The big guy stood near the door, a wide, toothy smile on his face and a bobbing erection between his legs. He let out a sharp whistle, looking over both bucks as he did so. The stallion's eyes roamed across Khen's and Gehart's figures to take in their swollen and swelling figures. He stood by the door a moment just as Khen's ass swelled down against Gehart's crotch. It puffed and thickened, cushioning down to hide the way Gehart's cock was stuffed firmly up his backside and steadily pumping cum up and into him.

Gehart looked to the stallion with a wide smile and gave him a wave just as Khen let out a gasping moan of breath, "Wh..what'cha want, big guy?" came Khen's question, tinged with the heady, throbbing pulse of pleasure rippling upwards through him thanks to Gehart's still thrusting hips and spasming cock.

The large stallion motioned towards Khen as his arms started to thicken, "You're looking nice and big there, Khen. Looks like you're finally going to get popped." He looked back to Gehart just as he strode over, hooves impacting against the smooth floor. "Mmm... pretty sloppy job you did trying to pop this big boy. Guess he was too big for you, huh?" Asking that, he reached out to stroke a hand down and along one of Gehart's thick thighs then up and against Khen's fat ass. His hands stroked against both bucks, feeling the heated waves of cum packing into and stretching them both.

Gehart let out a sharp groan of breath and arched up against Khen as the stallion's hands roamed across both bucks. He looked up to the stallion with a wide smile, "Ahhh... you're pretty big yourself. Think you could've done a better job of it?"

The stallion snorted and turned a little, giving a thrust with his hips to push his still very visibly swollen cock into the air and against Gehart's swollen belly, "You're damn right I could've done a better job! Look at this thing!" He motioned towards his fat dick. A visible pulse ran up through his rod and splattered a gout of heated pre right across Gehart's belly and Khen's side, leaving a slick, gooey trail of slime linking both bucks. Khen gasped out sharply, arching again and reaching his hands down to stroke his fingers through the thick mess on his still swelling belly. Already, his fingers had plumped up like thick sausages, so he slicked them up as best he could.

With a heft of his belly to make Khen roll forward just slightly against him, Gehart gave his lips a slow little lick, eyes firmly locked on the stallion's fat dick, the ridges running along it from thick veins, and the bloated mushroom tip. "Why don't you finish me off, then?" he asked while looking back up to the big stallion with a wide smile.

The stallion let out a sharp snort of breath, and without replying, walked down to stand between Gehart's legs. He grabbed Khen's ass and hefted upwards, lifting the buck up enough that he could shove his fat equine cock between Gehart's ass and against the already slicked up pucker that Khen had been dumping his load into earlier. With a little grunt, the stallion shoved forward, bowing Gehart's pucker inwards before his tip popped inside the buck, stretching him open far more than Khen had. He shoved forward, bearing down against Gehart's ass and leaning forward to sandwich the still expanding Khen in between them.

A groan immediately slipped from both his lips and Gehart's as he thrust forward again, battling down into the buck beneath him and putting a little more weight onto Khen. The smaller buck let out a heated groan of his own just as his entire form gave a thick wobble. The stallion bit his lower lip as he thrust. His hips pounded forward, slapping against Gehart's ass and then again. Again, he snorted sharply, grunting out, "Won't... last long... been edging all night and just seeing you two like this. Gonna make you both pop!"

Both bucks let out a sharp cry of pleasure as the stallion thrust against them, fucking Gehart and using Khen like a cushion for leaning into. The extra pressure against the smaller buck made him begin to leak. Both his fattened nipples began to ooze thin rivulets of Gehart's cum, and every time the stallion thrust forward, the thin rivulets turned into streamers that spurted against Gehart's own fattened tits.

The stallion's orgasm hit him with a sharp pulse and hit Gehart with a huge blast of spunk. His flare fattened, bloating out just as his balls pulled up hard against his crotch. A heated nicker slipped from his lips as he arched up hard against the already bloated buck. The first wave of spunk flooding into Gehart made him puff up anew once more, though unlike Khen's orgasm which was slow and ponderous, the stallion's explosive orgasm was immediate and sudden. Gehart's belly surged upwards, sandwiching Khen hard between the both of them, making his arms thicken like Khen's had, and making both of his already fat legs pack in tightly against the stallion's thick, muscled thighs.

Gehart cried out suddenly, "Ahhh! I'm going to pop!" but the stallion just snorted loudly while smiling and still grinding, "Not... yet!"

Between them, though, Khen's lips and cheeks were puffing up while his face distended and swelled outwards, rounding more and more. His figure had started to creak and gurgle, a visible strain running through him. Not a bit of him hadn't started to swell, and where he had been previously lightly leaking was now spurting steady streamers of Gehart's cum. The buck's cock stuck out in front of him, fattened to the girth of an arm and arced a steady stream of cum down onto Gehart. Heated spunk sprayed from his nipples. It drooled from his lips and his nose. The buck gurgled loudly once more as the creaking sound grew in the air. Both Gehart's and the stallion's attention turned to the once small buck, both watching, eager for the coming moment they both knew he would burst.

Just as Gehart's already thick neck puffed up and his cheeks swelled out more, Khen exploded, spraying outwards with a thick SPLORP as he disintegrated into a huge wave of jizz and pulped buck. The massive mess sprayed across the stallion and Gehart, coating them as a huge wave of what used to be the buck washed out across the floor with a thick, syrupy splat. Gehart cried out happily while the stallion leaned in more fully against him, grinding hard, bucking all the more.

"I got my first pop!" cried out Gehart, his cheeks swelling out more and beginning to jiggle just as his head got into the act, swelling and puffing and rounding outwards. His belly surged up without Khen's cum bubble weight resting down on it, making his entire figure jiggle and wobble around.

The stallion wiped cum from his eyes and moaned out, "Damn right! Last one, too! You're 'bout to join him!"

Gehart grabbed his massive belly with one hand thickened like a mitt and one of his tits with the other and began to stroke at both. He could feel a tightness starting to run through him, stretching him, packing every inch of his figure as tightly as it could be packed with a mixture of both buck and stallion cum. He looked up through thick eyes, heavy with lust and pleasure, slightly clouded with the desire for his own end. "Ahhh... do it! I want to pop! Burst me like your condom!"

The creaking sound grew as Gehart grew more and more rounded, his face puffing up more, lips fattening, and body wobbling slightly higher. His creaking figure pushed tightly around the stallion, but it never stopped the big equine who just pushed harder against Gehart's bloated figure, determined to add him to the heavy mess already running down the drain in the center of the room. With a last, sharp cry of pleasure, Gehart's figure gave a rumbling quiver, then separated as he flew apart, bursting with his own heady BLORT in a huge spray of cum that reduced him to little more than that.

The stallion fell forward into the soupy mess rushing across the bed Gehart had been on just moment's before. His dick stuck out in front of him, still fountaining cum from his massive flare, his balls nowhere near empty. Over and over his cock pulled upwards into the air as a stream of cum an inch thick launched out in front of him to splatter against the far wall. It ran down to join the mingling muck all around him, oozing and flowing down towards that sputtering drain in the floor.

Ten minutes later, after both what used to be two bucks had mostly drained away and the stallion's cock began to flag, he straightened up with a gasp of breath and began to wipe still dripping ropes of cum from him. Slowly, he made his way to the door and stepped out into the hallway, leaving a trail of cum coated hoofprints as he moved. The house had showers for those who wanted to get clean after their fun, and he went into one of them. Others were occupied already with patrons wanting to get clean or wanting to get cleaned away after the too popped.

He took a slow moment to wash himself clean, scrubbing away the last dregs of spunk from his smooth coat. Towles were provided and he dried off, then walked down the hall, passing the room he just had his fun in. With a little wave as he passed by, he called out, "Hope you enjoyed your first party, fat boy. I know I enjoyed your first party. You made one hell of a condom." A little nicker slipped from his lips to match his wide smile as he descended the staircase down to the main room of the party once more. Jasper was in a corner busily humping into a pudgy soon to be ex-hippo girl, the date the stallion had brought to the party. He looked on with a wide grin. "Totally worth losing out on popping her. Those two were way too eager to get turned into cumstains. I should really get into threesomes more often..."

By the time he reached the kitchen and filled up a plastic cup with beer, the sound of his date exploding and the crowd cheering at her burst filled the air. He smiled once more and headed back into the main room, looking around to see if he could find another partner for the night, a smaller one, though. Gehart took two guys to pop, after all, and he didn't want to end up on the burst balloon side of a bet like Khen had. At least not yet.