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For the past few months, a new tag had been trending on Twitter, #cumrekt. Everyone was sharing profiles that were using the tag, and everyone who was using it was dropping it into posts talking about getting popped or posts about them about to get popped. It had become popular enough that even a few celebrities had picked up on it and had used it a few times, though none of them had gone through with it.

Jace's profile had a picture of him standing around at one of the Sigma Nu Phi parties, one of the ones where at least a dozen or so participants would end up inside of a wrung out mop-bucket at the end of the night or sloshing down an overworked drain. He'd been to the parties a few times and had watched a few of the big studs pounding some tight ass or pussy until their partner ended up a massive cum bubble. He had taken his picture the night of the big "Used Condom" party when the guys of the frat had given out condoms at the start of the night. They had a little game to see who could collect the most by the end of the evening, with a condom being collected when you popped your partner.

He had been following the tag now on a daily basis, looking through posts, watching those posting about getting #cumrekt ending up just that way. He'd even made a few posts himself about it, stating that at some point he was going to let it happen to him, but so far he hadn't had the courage to accept any offers at the frat party or from the random passerby on the street or on the bus to campus each morning. He'd turned down over a dozen guys so far. But as the popularity of the tag and its associated posts grew, so did Jace's determination.

Each week, he went to watch the football players at practice. The big guys were packed into their outfits, muscles bulging against pads and shirts. A few of the team members were also members of Sigma Nu Phi. Most of them packed enough in their pants that they would have no trouble at a party, member or no. And Jace had been watching a linebacker for weeks now, a massive stallion by the name of Devin. The big guy had chestnut fur, a little stubble on his chin, and a few streaks of white, most notably on the bridge of his muzzle. He was as wide as a truck, with thick, corded muscle in his arms and legs that stuck out against his uniform, showing through the tightly stretched fabric. Like most of the football players, Devin's cup was an extra-large double wide with extra support, and it showed through his pants.

Jace watched the guys as they played and listened to the sounds of violence coming from the field. Every time someone got hit, there was a resounding clap of football pads and muscle that filled the air. The sound made him shiver each time, a little in surprise at the power the guys had. His eyes wandered over the team, taking in their physiques. The only one on the team who never looked impressive in his pads was Lance, but he looked best in those sleek suits he wore around campus. He had the best hair, too. But it was Devon who always caught Jace's eye. The massive stallion slammed into his targets with a heady grunt that echoed across the field, and each time he hit someone, his large arms and hands grappled with them, seeking to control their movement. Jace's mind wandered to the thought of Devon doing that to him, only instead of being tackled, Jace imagined himself getting plowed into by whatever was hiding in Devon's jock.

He had to wait until after practice when everyone was done and had gone off to the locker room before he could get anywhere near the team. The field was off-limits during practice to keep anyone not on the team from being hurt, so Jace waited just on the edge of the locker rooms for the players to leave. When they did, he watched the massive men file out, some of them in suits and some of them in casual wear. When Devon stepped out, he wore a bright red pair of sweats with "The Incredible Hunk" printed on his hoodie. Jace moved up beside him to fall in step next to the big stallion.

Devon looked down to the donkey boy, standing a good foot shorter than him. Jace had soft, light chestnut colored fur and a mop of unkempt hair under his cap. A light-blue tank top shirt did little to conceal his physique, little more than the slightly soft look of a guy who didn't work out too much but did enough to keep himself from getting pudgy. Devon's eyes roamed over the smaller male while Jace looked up at him with a wide smile and rich, hazel eyes.

"C'n I help you?" came Devon's voice, a deep baritone that shook from his chest.

Jace nodded, his smile widening a little more, "Yeah. Devon, right?" Devon nodded to the question. "I've been watching you out on the field and I've got a little request... if you're interested, that is."

Devon cocked his head to the side and stopped mid-stride, letting the rest of the team move away before he spoke again, "What'cha wanna ask me, little man?" He crossed his arms across his chest, causing the thick muscle under there to bulge outwards, straining slightly in his top. Jace looked on with wide eyes and a slight flutter in his voice.

"Are you... interested, maybe, in having a little fun?" As Jace asked this, his eyes wandered down to the front of Devon's sweats. He didn't have his cup on anymore, and from the look of the jiggling shapes hidden by the fabric, he wasn't wearing any boxers, either.

Devon caught the obvious direction that Jace had pointed his gaze and looked down himself to watch the bulge in his pants shift as he shifted on his hooved feet. Devon watched Jace for a moment, not saying anything, then shifted again to watch Jace's eyes follow the hanging bulge of his flaccid dick slapping around in a pant leg. As Devon moved again, he piped up, "I could be. But if you wanna get fucked, you oughta know that I don't fuck someone unless I'm gonna pop 'em. I don't like pulling out, so I don't."

Those words made Jace's eyes widen and his heart flutter a little. He nodded, slowly, his breath coming a little shorter and faster now, "I... was actually hoping you'd want to pop me."

Devon's brows lifted slightly, not having expected such a forward statement, but a wide, cocky smile spread across his muzzle. "Oh. Well in that case, sure. I'd love to have some fun." He turned and started to walk back towards the locker room he had just left, a large hand motioning for Jace to follow him. "Let's do it back in here. They always hose it down after a practice, anyway, just in case someone brings a fan back for a little fun. No sense splatterin' you where there'll be a pain in the ass mess to clean up." He sounded like he had done this a few times before.

The locker room looked pretty standard, with lockers lining a wall and two rows of them standing perpendicular to that. The floor was tile, slightly grooved to keep anyone from slipping. Off to one side stood a line of showers against the wall, all open with no dividers. There were towels strewn about the room and it smelled strongly of masculine sweat and musk. Over in one corner of the showers, a large white mass of spunk drooled down a wall and across the smooth tiles, oozing through the little water left there towards one of the many drains. Jace looked to the huge stain and back to Devon. "Who was that?" he piped up.

Devon shrugged as he glanced at the mess, "No idea. Some chick with big tits who wanted to fuck Cree, the kicker. Don't even think anyone asked who she was." He walked towards a set of lockers and sat down on a bench in front of them, a hand going down to start working his pants down. The sweats came off easily, exposing the massive, wrinkly black length of horse dick to the air. It had a mottled pink middle around his medial ring, a few stray strands of stubbly brown hair near the base of his dick, and smooth, shiny ebony balls. Devon tossed the sweats back into a locker and stretched back a little, propping himself up against the bench with a hand while the other squeezed the base of his dick, rolling over the folds of skin there. He lifted his cock and pointed it slightly at Jace. "Get me hard, would ya?" he asked in a straightforward manner.

Without waiting, Jace marched forward and kneeled down in front of Devon, hands moving to grasp the massive cock. It was easily as big as Jace's forearm with a crown as big as his fist and the whole thing was already swelling. The donkey boy leaned in, breathing in Devon's thick scent, and though he had a shower and cleaned up, Jace could already smell the hints of nutty musk rising from that exposed package. With each pulse of Devon's heart, his cock lifted upwards a little more, rising and stretching, bloating larger and fatter. Veins began to pop along the surface of that huge cock and his glans began to puff up a little more, growing more rounded.

As Jace handled the huge cock, Devon leaned back a little, grunting with delight as he watched. The big cock had a curve to it, bending down and slightly to the left. As it rose upwards, reaching all the way to Devon's pecks, the huge thing gave a jump and a bubble of milky white oozed from his gaping slit. Devon let out a slight groan of breath, "Fuck... I'm pretty backed up."

Jace watched with wide eyes as the rivulet of white rolled down Devon's dick and oozed to puddle against his balls. A slight groan slipped from his lips, "Man this thing is REALLY going to stretch me out..." He took a sharp breath and leaned in, dragging his tongue up the side of the massive member, getting a taste of it and the leaking jizz oozing from Devon's crown. That earned another soft groan from the massive stallion. With hi face pressed against the huge cock, Jace fished his phone out, held it up, and took a selfie of him and the huge member. He pressed a few buttons on his phone, throwing open Twitter and dropping the pic into his feed, along with a short message: "About to get #cumrekt by this monster."

At the sound of the phone's camera, Devon looked down to watch Jace for a moment, letting him snap the picture and make his post before he reached down and took the phone out of the donkey's hands. He looked at it for a moment, lips pursing in thought, then opened his locker and set the phone atop his sweat bottoms. The stallion closed the locker and looked back to the donkey, "What's your pass? I'll put up an after shot."

The statement made Jace's ears lift up and his eyes go wide. "Uh... 7795. And thanks."

Devon gave a slight nod, then patted the bench next to him, "Strip down and lie back, legs in the air. I like to make out with whoever I'm popping."

Jace gave another nod and stood up, hands going to pull his shirt off, tossing it to the side along with his hat. He then pulled off his pants and boxers. Out flopped his own thick cock, though nothing like Devon's. It stood erect, pink with a few mottled grey spots, bobbing in front of him. He had a pair of fat balls that jiggled as he moved.

Devon reached down to palm Jace's package, rolling his nuts in one of his hands. One of them barely fit into Devon's palm. "Looks like you should be popping someone, not getting popped," came the stallion's voice, a little chuckle coming afterwards. "I love seeing fat nuts like yours bloat up and explode." That hand moved up to wrap around Jace's cock and stroked it a few times while Devon's other large hand pulled Jace towards the bench. He helped the donkey boy get situated, legs spread on either wide of the bench. The stallion's hand moved back down to Jace's nuts and lifted them upwards, holding them tightly aloft against his dick's underbelly, enough to expose his perky little ass.

With a shift, Devon lifted a leg and slid it up and over the bench, straddling it and planting his massive cock along its length and pointing right at Jace's asshole. He moved forward, pushing the crown against the furry, brown cheeks. The hand holding the donkey boy's balls aloft remained there while the other moved down to grab at Jace's ass, and with a firm grip, Devon spread the donkey boy's cheeks, immediately wedging his cock head between them and against his asshole. The huge tip barely fit between Jace's cheeks, earning a slight grunt from the stallion. He let go and reached back into his locker, pulling out a bottle of lube. Without a word, he jammed it into Jace's rear and gave a good, hard squeeze of the bottle, filling his crack and coating his hole in the thick lubricant. Devon tossed the bottle back into the locker and reached down again, holding tightly behind his flare and starting to work it back and forth.

Jace grunted out softly, relaxing as Devon worked his tip inwards into his hole, slowly opening him up. It took a moment due to Devon's size, and once the huge crown popped in, Jace let out a little cry of pleasure. The sound of that tip popping in earned a little approving grunt from Devon. With that, both of the stallion's hands moved to grab around Jace's hips, and with another soft grunt, Devon began to push forward. The huge length moved slowly upwards and into Jace's body, stretching him, a soft sound of slick flesh sliding filling the air as the huge pole pushed up through Jace's guts. It bulged his groin outwards, then his belly in the shape of the huge cock. It was enough to make a significant impression in Jace's abdomen.

Devon continued to ease forward until about half of his length was pressed firmly into Jace and hit against the donkey's limits. He gasped sharply and looked down, watching the bulge reach almost to his sternum. It earned another soft groan of breath from him. Meanwhile, Devon had said nothing and was instead holding steady, letting the donkey get accustomed to so much cock in him. After a few moments of letting his member twitch and jerk slightly inside of Jace, it jumped a lot more roughly and Jace felt a blooming warmth inside of him as another heady shot of that milky white drool pulsed from Devon's member. The massive stallion shuddered as his eyes rolled back into his head, "Goddamnit... nnf... hope you're okay with a quickie."

Without waiting for a reply, he leaned down over Jace and pushed his large muzzle against the smaller donkey's, kissing him. The stallion's large lips eclipsed Jace's, taking them and urging them open just as Devon's tongue invaded Jace's mouth. It was Jace's turn to roll his eyes back and shudder at the intensity of the kiss, but it was the sudden drag backwards and thrust of Devon's hips that made him go completely and breathlessly silent, suckling on Devon's tongue as he did so.

The stallion's hips thrust forward, pounding upwards into Jace's body, still only ever hilting half of that massive horse cock into the boy's body, but it was more than enough to set the donkey shuddering in pleasure. His lips rolled into the kiss as Devon's hips rolled into his, thrusting again and again in a sudden and eager pace. The thrusts were like someone working to an orgasm in their intensity, and hte motion set Jace's balls to jiggling and bouncing around Devon's cock. His medial ring popped back and forth against the donkey's pink-skinned balls, pulling and tugging at the skin, rolling the fat nuts in their sac. Devon's own massive balls rolled back and forth between his thighs and along the bench, almost straddling it as his thighs did.

Powerful muscles rippled along Devon's neck and thick thighs as he thrust into Jace, pounding at him, using the donkey to get off in a quick burst of speed, but for all the roughness of it, Jace didn't seem to care. Instead, he pushed into the kiss, lavishing in the exchange of saliva, letting Devon's tongue roll around in his mouth and fill his cheeks with each slam of his hips mirrored by his tongue. It was like he was being fucked from both ends.

Devon, though, seemed more focused on his orgasm, because his pace remained steady and rough, at least until a shudder ran up through him and his flare began to bloat outwards, a growing mushroom in Jace's belly. The donkey could feel that tip expanding, hinting that the quickie would be really quick and that his demise was rapidly approaching, but he doubled down into the kiss, pulling harder against Devon's mouth. That earned a little grunt of breath from the thrusting stallion, an eager one that accompanied the sudden surge upwards through his cock, the sudden fattening of hi flare, and the sudden and incessant jerking in his balls.

Devon felt the orgasm first, but Jace felt it immediately after as the stallion's huge load punched up and into Jace's body, slamming into his belly. The thick, heated jelly flooded out of the stallion, swelling the donkey boy's stomach outwards and up into the space between him and the big male sending him on his way to becoming a cum slick. The kiss remained rough, heavy, but it was filled with Jace's cries and moans of pleasure at the feeling of being bloated up.

The swelling pressed through him, pushing the donkey's chest upwards, cramming it against Devon's still clothed pecs. As his torso swelled outwards, it forced a break in the kiss, making Devon lean back up to look down and admire his dick's handy work in snuffing the eager donkey. Devon's eyes roamed along Jace's figure, watching as his pecs puffed upwards towards him, rising and thickening. The donkey's ass did the same, plumping downwards to lift him slightly from the bench and squeeze around Devon's dick. But it was the way that Jace's dick and balls were swelling that had Devon's attention. The stallion watched the donkey's nuts inflate, puffing up like balloons while the pink skin grew tight and shiny. They rapidly approached the huge stallion's size, then swelled beyond, filling up the space between Jace's legs. Meanwhile, the donkey's cock did the same, growing and stretching as it did so to rapidly become as thick as Devon's, a fat log lying twitching and stretching atop Jace's bloated belly.

Devon's hands moved quickly to grab Jace's swelling sac, feeling the donkey's testicles bloating and straining in his digits. "Aw yeah... this is what I love to see. Two fatass cum balloons ready to pop." He gave those balls a slightly rough squeeze, fingers dimpling into their deformed shape made soft by all the stallion cum flowing through them. Devon looked up in time to watch as Jace's cheeks began to puff outwards, his lips thickening up a little, "Looks like you're about ready ta pop, too. Damn I really needed ta get my nuts off. I could use another couple'a snuff sluts like you ta really empty out."

Jace replied with a soft, gurgling little moan through his bloated cheeks and puffy lips. He could feel the strain running through him and watched as his cock head stretched more into a mock flare, sans orgasm. Both of his fattened hands grabbed at his pole, the swollen mitts of his palms and sausage-like fingers tried to wrap around the spongy tip and squeeze at it, but they were too swollen up at this point. Jace let out another tender groan of breath as the rest of his head started to thicken and expand.

"Any second now..." said Devon, staring at his partner reaching his end, "Aw fuck... your balls are hard... feel that? Feel that?" he said, palming and stroking the straining flesh in his fingers, the two huge, pressurized donkey balls, "You're about to pop!" Devon's gaze rested on the two swollen pink orbs in his hands, staring intently. His eagerness was rewarded when, with a thick SPLORT, Jace exploded. Those fat orbs in his hands burst suddenly into a huge spray of white, leaving Devon's fingers empty and coated in spunk while the massive wave of jizz and what used to be Jace spread out across the floor and bench. The explosion sprayed a thick paste of cum up Devon's front, slicking him down and splashed down onto his legs and hooves. With Jace's explosion, the stallion's huge cock, still spraying cum, slapped down onto the bench into the puddle he made. A groan came from the stallion and he smiled, flicking his fingers to sling the cum slop from them.

It took him a few moments to finally come down, adding more spunk to the huge puddle, but when he did, he took a slow, shaking breath and reached back into his locker. Taking Jace's phone, opening it, and opening the camera, he pulled back to take a shot of his fat, still flared cock lying in the huge cum and donkey puddle. He flicked to Twitter, and posted the pick up with the tag #cumrekt, then tossed the phone over into a trash can.

The stallion had to take another shower and use a different shirt, tossing the stained one into the laundry with the other cum coated garments the players usually had after their fun. Once he had cleaned up, Devon turned off the lights, leaving the results of his fun oozing across the locker room floor to be washed up by the cleaning staff, just another nameless puddle.