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Saw: Inflation

I wake up, naked except for a very tight pair for panties, with a mask on my face that has a hose coming out of it to the ceiling. I get up, trying to figure out what’s going on, when a loud hissing noise begins. Quickly, I realised that the hiss was from tons and tons of air being pumped into me from the tube.

Across the room, hanging from the ceiling, is a key. I quickly run over, looking up at it as the air starts to effect my body. I look down in shock to find my stomach starting to bloat outwards. I give it a rub as I look up at the key. Out of no where, I hear a loud robotic voice saying “30 seconds remaining.” I panic, jumping for the key. My body lets out a rumble as my stomach extends more and more. I look about 18 months pregnant. I stomach is comically large. It creaks and squeaks as I realise something. There is a lock on my mask. That key must unlock my mask and stop me from… p-popping!

“25 seconds remaining.”

Suddenly, my body creaks as my limbs start to expand too. My plump butt has grown out into two huge balloons, my arms and legs have expanded to, my panties tight around my wet groin. My arms squeaks as they start to expand too. How can I reach that key?

I return my attention back to my body as I’m forced to lean against my stomach as my over-inflated butt pushes me forward. That’s when I realise something once again. I’m getting bigger, but… lighter? This isn’t air! It’s helium!

“20 seconds remaining.”

I jump upwards with my now obscenely over-inflated legs as my panties tear off, now just shreds of red material floating to the ground. Despite how pathetic my jump attempt was, I still get quite high! The helium has helped my jump higher! I go to jump again, but I realise I can’t reach the ground, as my body is starting to round out!

“15 seconds remaining.”

Now that I can’t move, I have to just let myself inflate, and wait until I just naturally float up. I wiggle my hands and bare feet that are dwarfed by my incredible blimp of a body. I bite my lip, letting a soft squeak slip out from my mouth. There’s no way that this actually feels… nice?

“10 seconds remaining”

I snap out of my inflated trance as I realise that I’m starting to float upwards. I look up - The key is so close to me. I float up more and more. Almost there now. I reach out, bending my arm as much as I can despite how inflated they are. The key is right in front of me… But, I don’t grab it.

“5 seconds remaining.”

I’m a balloon. Up until now I didn’t realise but I know it now. I’m a huge creaking rubbery balloon. I’m so big, and yet to light. I am a balloon. And, balloons pop…

“4 seconds remaining.”

I float past the key. My back hits the ceiling with a soft bounce. I bite my lip in pleasure.

“3 seconds remaining.”

I tilt my head back in pleasure as my body lets out lond high-pitched creaking and squeaking noises. Moaning and groaning.

“2 seconds remaining.”

I climax as I feel my skin thinning. Tighter and tighter. Becoming almost transparent.

“1 seconds remaining.”

This is it. I brace myself. I’m going to burst!

“0 seconds re-”