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In The Shower

Eveline stepped into the shower stall, a smooth tile enclosure, and shut the door behind her. Every day after pratice she slipped into the same stall for a shower while the rest of the team went into other stalls, and every day she closed the door behind her. In the stall, the shower head rained water down on her, flowing over her figure, filling the little enclosed space with steam. The water cascaded down her figure, over her budding breasts, down across her wide hips, and over her hanging sac and sheath. The young herm bunny lifted her head into the stream of water to let it cascade down over her ears and along her back, wetting her brown fur all over and warming her pink, exposed skin in the few places that it was. With a warm sigh, she dipped her head and looked down.

The fat dick was already pushing through the hole drilled in the wall. It was the same dick that was there every day for the past week, thick and swollen, mottled pink and black with a puffy flare at the tip. It was either one of the stallions on the football team or it was the big bear on the wrestling team. Either way, she knew why it was there, why it had been there every day. Whoever was on the other end wanted her to slip it inside of her so they could pop her, but every day, Eveline had ignored the fat thing, washing and grooming herself and then stepping out of the shower to leave whoever was on the other end of that cock with fat blue balls. She imagined the guy behind the wall silently pleading that today would be the day that he would get to feel her warm nethers around his dick, pulling tightly against it, allowing him that moment of pleasure before she burst and the shower washed her liquefied remains and all the cum that splattered her down the drain, but so far all he got was a painful erection and her slight laughter as she walked away.

She lathered her little washcloth up, dipping it into the body soap she had brought with her, and began to stroke it along her figure. Down across her chest, over her smallish breasts and the dimply, puffy areola capping them. They firmed just slightly at the attention, the sensitive nubs perking up and pushing slightly out from the creamy brown fur tucked lightly against them. A tender, shivering little groan of breath slipped from her lips, and from behind the wall there was a sudden little whimper, almost pleading in nature. She looked down at the cock sitting bobbing there in front of her, between the two faucet handles, and watches the flare bulk up a little before receding again as a drool of pre oozed slowly from the tip. It dribbled in a single long strand all the way to the shower floor before finally snapping. That earned a little smile from her. Whoever he was, he likely had particularly thick cum.

The bunny continued to clean herself, though, allowing her little cloth to stroke through her fur, down over her trim tummy, enough so that the stroke of the little towel and the soap pressed the fur of her belly against her abdomen, making the shape of her stomach momentarily visible before her soft fur sprang back into place. The towel dipped down to caress across her sheath. It hung plump and slightly swollen between her legs, the result of practice with the other cheerleaders and watching them in their own tight little outfits. With the caress of the cloth down along the fuzzy tube, her tip peekd out just slightly, greeting her with its own pink glistening shape before her cloth dipped down to caress lightly against her balls. She wasn't as generously endowed as some of the other herms at school, so she wouldn't be popping anyone until she hit a growth spurt or took some supplements, but she fantasized about it like most of the other kids in school.

She was there when Tabitha was burst by the captain of the wrestling team, a wide-shouldered and barrel chested mouse who had spent most of his life training. Tabitha had let him inside of her the moment he pulled his dick out and asked to pop her, and a few minutes later, the puddle she turned into was rapidly spreading out across the floor. Three weeks later, he lost a bet to the captain of the cheer squad, so the large, herm canine popped him behind the movie theater. She hadn't seen him go, but she heard about it from a friend of hers. The thought of him taking a fat canine cock up his ass while tits bounced against his bloating belly made her cock surge from her sheath and plump upwards just a little. As it did, it brushed against the fat, flared cock in front of her, and immediately, the large thing gave an expectant jump and a little groan came through the wall once more.

That earned a little huff of breath from Eveline, but she smiled, watching the strain running through the fat pole, the jiggle and bobble of the huge member in front of her. If she let it in her, she wouldn't ever be popping anyone. Her life would end with a blast of pleasure and then a thick, gurgling sound.

She gave her lips a slight lick and reached down between her legs, pushing her fingers under her balls to trace them along her pink folds. She found them swollen and puffy, distended slightly with her arousal and slippery and wet. She hadn't applied soap there, yet, and under the water, where she had already washed, the soap was rapidly washing away. With a tender little huff of breath too silent for the guy on the other side of the wall to hear, she pushed her fingers into herself, spreading her folds open to begin to tease at ther warm tunnel. She had been fucked before by one of the freshman nerds in science club, a cute little snake boy with a double dick. The little guy had teased at both of her holes with his cocks before pushing one in each and pounding away at her. He didn't last too long and his load wasn't big enough to pop her, but afterwards he knelt down and suckled the cum from both of her holes. That had really turned her own.

Again, the thought of Tabitha swelling up, her body bloating and straining before she burst swam through her mind, and Eveline shook her head, getting rid of the thought once more. It had been her favorite masturbation memory since it had happened. The way that Tabitha's modest tits had swollen outwards before she popped made Eveline shudder just slightly as a warm splash of her juices rolled down her fingers and her dick gave a shuddering pule, a spurt of pre spraying from her tip. With a heavy breath, she looked down at he dick bobbing in front of her, still straining and hard as it stuck through the hole. A cock that big likely had massive balls on the other side, enough to pop her, too. She thought briefly about how big her tits might swell before she splattered across the walls.

Again, she had to shake her head to chase the thought of her little tits swelling into large, luscious mounds out of her head. It was enough to break her concentration on her own gentle ministrations against her pussy and make her look back up to the shower head. She watched the water flowing for a moment before looking down to find her areola puffy and her nipples still thick and swollen. She bit her lower lip and let out a warm huff of breath. The idea swam through her mind once more.

"Fuck it," she muttered out, "Someone was gonna snuff me sooner or later anyway... might as well be you."

The dick jumped, a spasm of excitement running through it and another little swell coming to the fat flare. Eveline smiled slightly as the cock danced in front of her, obviously eager for this somewhat anonymous treat it was about to get.

She turned around to face the stall door, then reached one hand down between her legs to take hold of her puffy labia, spreading them while the other hand reached back to take hold of the swollen cock head. It jerked again at her touch, causing her to grip down on it to keep control of it, and with a little maneuvering, she guided it against her nethers and pushed backwards, sinking herself onto it.

The heavy thing stretched her open and began to jerk slightly inside of her as it flexed, causing her to let out a shuddering little moan of breath. Her own cock did the same, dancing slightly in front of her to mimic each pulse and jerk of the cock she was sinking herself onto. She slid backwards slowly, taking her time and allowing her warm cunt to get spread and stretched around the cock invading her. It was large enough to make her vaginal walls ache with a slightly dull throb matched by the pulse of her heartbeat and her bouncing, twitching bunny cock between her legs. The steady pulse of her loins pulled gently and steadily around the cock continuing to slide deeper and deeper into her body, and soon, her hips pushed back fat enough that her plump ass nuzzled against the shower faucets. Unable to push the last few inches of shaft into herself, she took a moment to breathe heavily and relax her muscles.

Without any movement from her, the shaft gave a slight tug backwards before nudging forward once more, pushing hard against her inner walls. She gasped at that movement and pulled forward, sliding off of the cock now lubed with the warm fluids dripping from her nethers. She was wet enough to make the few inches she pulled forward and easy little trip, and with the sound of the shower still running, the wet squelch of her pussy sliding along that cock was quite thoroughly muffled. From behind the wall came a slightly muffled little groan, the sound cut by the wall and the noise of the shower itself.

Eveline slapped a fist back against the wall, thumping lightly at it. "Ah! Nnnf... don't you DARE go bragging that I let you pop me!" A thump sounded back against the wall at what she said, and she nodded her assent, then pushed back once more, sinking herself back onto the large shaft. It remained still, save for the steady pulse and throb of excitement running through it. The ball was in her court, now, to make sure that huge cock got off and ended her life in a heavy splatter of cum.

She rolled her hips in slow, short thrusts, sliding and gliding her labia up and down along the large member inside of her. She could feel its ridges, the bulges along its underbelly every time an oozing wad of pre slid up the length of it and pushed into her. The sensation made her shudder each time. It was enough to earn another little whimper of breath from her.

One hand slid back down to her shaft to grip at it and begin to stroke, working her modest pink bunny prick in slow little strokes while her hips worked. Her fingers rolled along her cock head, feeling it and caressing it, flicking slightly against the tip to make a burst of pleasure run through her body. It was almost as good as flicking her clit, but with the dick spreading her labia, each thrust backwards ground her little nub along the dick's ridges, so this way she was getting it from both ends. Her other hand moved up to push against her puffy areola and pinch at them, teasing them to a slightly thicker and puffier state. She shuddered once more and looked down at her chest, muttering out, "You'd better give me BIG titties before I burst." Her fingers circled slowly around her teats, teasing lightly against her thick nipples. They perked up against her probing digits at the same time her shaft twitched hard between her fingers at a particularly rough flick against her tip and a roll of her hips that snapped her clit along a particularly thick ridge along the edge of the heavy cock inside of her.

A playful little laugh slipped from her lips, mixed with the shuddering timbre of her pleasure, "Can't believe I'm doing this... letting I don't even know WHO just fucking snuff me..." She groaned once more as her hips arched forward once more, and inside, the heavy dick's flare suddenly bloated outwards, swelling and inflating into a thick mushroom tip that bulged against her inner walls with a heavy weight. She could feel it straining against the back of her vaginal passage just as it began to jump and buck, signaling that her partner had hit his peak and was about to unload into her, signaling her coming demise. Her eyes snapped open and she slammed her fist back against the wall once more, "H..hey! I didn't cum yet! Are you seriously gonna," she shouted as the cock's underbelly bloated outwards, racing up its length before a wave of cum exploded up and into her, pumping heated sperm directly into her belly. She gasped sharply, inhaling deeply at the sudden punch to her guts from the wave of spunk. "Cum already?" came her voice coupled with the hint of a shuddering little orgasmic whimper.

She straightened up just slightly as she stared down at herself, watching her stomach start to stretch and expand in an almost ponderous manner. The orgasm inside of her was pumping a copious amount of cum into her body, dumping it in an almost steady streamer of jizz, not like the unrelenting torrents like some of the football players could pump. This was going to take more than a few moments, so she would get to enjoy the experience. Her stomach grew slowly and steadily, and at the same time, her modest shaft gave a twitching spasm of its own before it thickened slightly, her cock head distending and slowly starting to round outwards as her shaft strained and bulged. Between her legs, her plump bunny balls stretched and rounded outwards as well, her sac packing out between her thighs. She groaned at the sight, watching it before her belly obscured the vire, but with her hand still wrapped around her shaft she could still feel the way it grew and strained.

Eveline listened to the rushing sound of the water and the almost gurgling squelch of cum flooding into her body, both sounds filling her ears, one from outside of her and the other from inside of her. As the cum continued to flow unheeded into her body, she felt it spreading, rising through her torso and pushing down into her legs and ass. With her rump pushed against the faucets, she could feel the way her cheeks started to expand and grow, plumping up and bloating back against the cool metal to begin to engulf the handles. Each tan covered cheek strained backwards, jiggling more and more as they filled with cum, the bunny's flesh straining on the huge load. Above, her sides pushed outwards, rounding a little to match her belly while her hips matched her ass, puffing up more and more. The heated spunk rose through her, filling her with a deep warmth that the shower's water could never achieve, and the sensation earned another little moan from her.

Both of her hands moved from her body to press against the tile wall, holding tightly against it as a shivering pulse ran through her. The stretching strain of the flared cock jerking and hosing her with its cum and the way her dick continued to stretch pulled a last orgasm from her, causing her pussy to tighten just a little around the member stretching her so wide. Below, her dick gave jerks and bobs as lazy splatters of cum surged from it, first in little splurts, then in thicker and thicker pulses until the bunny's cock leaked a steady streamer of cum, likely the cum that was filling her so steadily.

In the throes of her orgasm, she looked down at herself, mind swimming, just in time to watch her areola swelling and puffing more more, growing more and more rounded atop her chest. She cried out softly again, "Here they come... nnnf... come on breasts... grow..." Even as she begged her own body to swell and stretch, her budding breasts did just that, thickening and sagging a little while they grew more and more rounded. They bulged outwards, bobbing downwards to slap and bob against her belly as they inflated like twin balloons. She cried out sharply, happily, "Oh yeah... I've got big tits now... unh... just in time to pop..." That statement earned another soft groan from behind the wall and a jerk of the cock inside of her.

She lifted her hands back to herself, pushing them against her tits and sinking her digits into her expanding flesh like soft, rising dough. As she did that, her little lithe thingers each began to stretch outwards, growing thick like her nipples. All along her arms, they too began to bloat. She stared, transfixed at her own body distending, bloating and straining on this stranger's cum. Both hands slammed back to the sides of the shower stall, supporting her as they spread outwards, rounding and puffing up with gentle little glorps of weight every passing moment. She could see them as they grew into fat sausages, and in front of her, she watched her nipples doing the same, the pink nubs growing as big as her thumbs before they sprang leaks like her dick had moments before.

With a shuddering, almost whining gasp of breath, she groaned out, "I'm almost there... just a little more and I'm gonna pop... Keep going, stud. I'm about to be a used up condom for you." Her words were met with a heady groan from behind the wall, thick and masculine. She still had no idea who the dick belonged to, and as her little feet stretched and strained, starting to fill into the space of the shower's floor, the chances that she ever would grew more and more slim. She could taste his cum on her tongue now, the rising heat, the salt, the headiness of masculinity invading her and promising her death. The flavor lapped against the back of her throat and she swallowed, only to feel her neck bulging outwards and pushing up against her expanding chin.

The heat of cum rose through her, pushing into the last placed where it could fill, and she moaned out once more, lips growing thick and puffy, cheeks filling outwards as more and more spunk dribbled from her lips. Behind, the bunny's fattened ass cheeks pressed firmly against the wall, and her stretched and strained pucker began to leak spunk, oozing cum from between her cheeks just as jizz began to seep from between her lips. She could feel it rising up through her features, bloating and straining them, puffing her face outwards. She squeezed back against it, trying to hold all the cum inside of her even as her ears started to round outwards.

"I can feel it. I'm about to pop!" She whimpered that out, her voice thick and gurgling on all the cum flowing up through her throat. Eveline looked down one last time, her vision swimming and white with cum packed even into her eyes, to see the bobbing sway of two massively fat and rounded bunny breasts bobbing in front of her. "Finally got big tits... do it! Finish me off and pop me!" As she cried out that last pleasured moan, begging for her own bursting, the cock inside of her gave another heady buck upwards, digging into her and jerking once more. The shaft spat out its heavy load, and Eveline exploded with a thick, syrupy SPLORT, spraying outwards, her body liquefying into the mess of cum that had just stretched her body outwards.

Released from its pleasure prison, the dick bobbed and rose into the air as the heady mess that used to be Eveline crashed into the walls of the stall and flooded down onto the floor, half-filling the enclosure with a gooey white mess, all that was left of the bunny. The dick hung in the air as thick streamers of cum continued to pour from its tip and a wave of bunny and cum oozed from its length. Slowly, the dick ceased to twitch and the wave of cum pouring from it slowed. It hung in the air, flare slowly starting to recede, and by the time it had completely shrunk, the huge cock had flagged downwards, slopping the tip into the huge pool of Eveline's remains and the load it had just pumped into her.

With a slightly wet slurp, it withdrew from the hole, its owner pulling back, his work done. And in the stall, the thick, gurgling sound of an overly thick fluid mixing poorly with water began to fill the air as what was left of the bunny ran slowly down the drain in squelching glorps. The occasional burp of air rose through the mess, breaking the surface while water flowed on it, and outside, the other cheerleaders went about their business, one fewer.