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Ride 'em, Part 2

Trevor stepped into the Bath House, one of the town's largest gay clubs for guys looking to share a little too much spunk with their partners. The atmosphere was somewhat laid back, though heady rave music pumped through the speakers and the lights remained a soft, low glow of neon and laser. The decor matched the name with tile on the floor, a large bathing tub in the middle of the room large enough for over fifty guys, and Roman decor gracing the walls. The staff walked around in togas that covered only their torsos while the patrons walked around in whatever they wanted. And in the back were a set of rooms designed to look like massive shower stalls. Those were the popping rooms, where anyone could go in and certainly fewer would come out. The whole place was designed to be hosed off if needs be, and needs certainly dictated that it happen on a regular basis.

Trevor himself had already stripped down, though he carried a camera with him. Several guys walking around had the same, likely looking to catch, or be, a show for later watching. As he paced into the establishment, his long, flaccid cock slapped slowly against his thighs. The Friday night crowd had the place packed, as usual, so he would have easy pickings.

Around the room, men walked and talked to each other. Some of them already sported erections and some of the groups sitting around looked like they were already contemplating taking a trip to one of the back rooms. Trevor let his gaze wander the crowd. He needed someone with a good physique and a fat set of balls if he was to ensure his replacement. Most of the crowd looked fairly average, though several looked like they used nut enhancers. Those would be the ones Trevor would avoid. No studio would touch an enhancer. They preferred the natural thing.

A large bull, like Trevor, stood off to one side chatting up a cute little squirrel with massive nuts and a little dick. A skinny fox boy stood idly by, watching with a look of envy in his eyes. Beside them, a thick-chested stallion leaned against a column, nursing a drink and eyeing the room. Other men milled about, but Trevor let his gaze linger on the stallion. The big guy hadn't turned to where Trevor could get a good look at him, so the bull walked around the room, keeping his gaze on the equine. As he moved, Trevor's gaze fell slowly to the stallion's wide hips, and then to the chubby sheath he sported. It stuck out in front of him like a plump tube, fleshy and bunched up at the tip. When Trevor could finally get a good look at the rest of the stallion's goods, he stopped and stared. The reason the horse's fat sheath stuck out in front was because it was being dragged down by a pair of nuts easily the size of melons.

Immediately, Trevor walked through the milling crowd to the stallion. Nuts like those were enough to give him at least a three picture run before he got splattered. Trevor's own were fairly hefty, but nothing like the stallion's. They hung down to his knees.

As Trevor approached, the stallion looked up from his drink, then smiled. "Hey... ain't you Trevor Longrod?" came the deep equine voice. "Yeah you are. I seen you in Dam Her Hole. That was a good 'un. You came here looking for some action?"

The question made Trevor smile widely. It was always nice to meet a fan. He nodded, "Sure am. And yeah... I did. But I'm not looking to pop or get popped." He held up his camera, "I'm doing a little auditioning. Looking for my replacement. You interested?"

The stallion looked to Trevor with wide, disbelieving eyes while a spreading smile crossed his wide muzzle. With a little laugh, he leaned forward to smile at the bull, "Ya mean I get to audition fer a role? Damn right I'm interested." The large equine looked around for just a moment before spotting the skinny fox boy that had been enviously eyeing the bull and the squirrel who were slipping into one of the stalls in the back. The stallion walked over to the young vulpine and slipped an arm around his shoulder. "C'mon, kid. Time ta turn you into a jizz stain" As he said that, he flexed his hips slightly, making his massive nuts bunch up and jiggle for the vulpine.

The fox looked over to the man making the proposition, then down to the weight jutting from his hips. A little shudder ran through the smaller male before he looked up and nodded, huffing out softly, "Mmmf... alright." As he turned to move along with the stallion, his own sheath bunched up, disgorging his ruby red prick into the air, the thought of being bloated up and burst already turning him on.

Trevor followed along behind the two to an empty booth in the back, camera in hand. Spying him, the fox piped up, "Hey... is he coming in too?"

"Sure is, little fella," came the stallion's reply as he opened the door to the stall, "You're gonna help me audition fer a role in them popping movies. Ain't that great?" As he asked that, the stallion closed the door behind the three of them and flipped the occupied lock so others would know that it wasn't available. He looked to the room, space enough for four or five participants to sit or stand around. A few little benches and a table were set in the room, along with a few drains in the floor and a large hose on the back wall for cleaning up afterwards. The stallion walked up beside the fox and gave a slight wiggle of his hips. Already, his ebony cock had begun to push from his sheath, a thick spire of flesh oozing slowly downwards with a bulging flare that had already perked p in anticipation of its fun. The sight of that heavy dick only made the fox's cock buck a little harder while he stared.

Beside them, Trevor looked around the room, then walked over to the little table sitting in the middle of the room. With a nod, he moved around to the other side and looked over at the waiting couple. "Why don't you two do it here? That'll give me a good shot of the action and... uh what's your name by the way?"

The stallion grabbed the fox by the ass and hoisted him into his strong arms, walking right over to the table. "Name's Rich. Nice ta meet ya," came the stallion's reply, and as the fox started to speak, Rich laid a finger against the boy's lips, "Yer name's cumstain." With that, he pushed the vulpine backwards onto the table to lay flat against it on his back, dick jutting into the air and his ass hanging off of the edge.

Trevor grinned and took up position beside the two just as Rich took hold of his dick, now a few inches thick, and wedged the tip against the fox's rear. With a tender little whinny, he pushed forward, starting to pry the fox open. That earned a sharp little groan from the fox and a little buck of his hips. Rich eased forward a little more slowly, taking his time to work the fox open more properly, but more so that his dick could continue to bloat. By the time it was completely hard, Rich was almost buried inside the fox who had developed a bulge in his abdomen in the faint shape of the equine's cock. With a lick of his lips, Rich turned to look at the camera and smiled, "Now yer gonna see me make this here fox into a fat splat of cum."

Rich looked down to the fox with a smile, grabbed his hips, and with a practiced roll of his hips, began to thrust. The motion slid his fat equine cock backwards, exposing the pulsing veins along its length to the air and the underbelly bulging with a pent-up load of pre already leaking into the waiting fox-condom. Trevor focused the camera on the action, getting a good picture of the stallion's cock and the weight of his two massive nuts lazily swinging between his thighs. Those were the sort of fat cum pumps that would earn the stallion a quick following for however long he lasted.

Against the thrusting stallion, the fox whined softly, legs lifted up and into the air to put himself on display. His cock bobbed between his thighs, angrily red with arousal, already spitting and leaking pre across his belly, painting the bulge sliding beneath his fur. With each thrust, his hips jerked and shook and another watery spurt of his canine pre splattered against his body. Although the camera wasn't focused on him, the fox tried to put on a show, moaning softly, happily, allowing each pre-orgasmic ripple that ran through him to reflect back into Rich's thrusts.

Those thrusts remained constant, even as Rich groaned out to his partner, looming over him. He had been a good two feet taller than the fox, and a good foot wider, so that meant his dick was far bigger than most. And it showed. The fox's asshole was stretched wide around Rich's prick, and the bulge in the vupline's belly hinted at how much meat was packed inside, crammed full in the fox's belly. Rich watched down at his partner enjoying the pleasure he was giving him, the last he would get to experience before ending up just as the stallion had named him, a cum stain. He looked over to Trevor with a wide grin and gave a slight wink, "Nnf... gimme just a second more... I'm gonna make this a quickie." He flexed his pecs, making thick muscle bulge and strain behind his pelt, but in the light of the popping booth, it served to show off and highlight the stronge ridges of muscle, the defining shape of Rich's physique.

Below, with the leaking cock buried in the fox, his physique was beginning to show off as well. Already, there was a sloshing, jiggling bulge in the fox, a built up backwash of precum trapped inside of him and hinting at the sheer bulk of stallion spunk waiting to go flooding inwards. Trevor panned the camera upwards to catch that sloshing jiggle, making sure to focus in on the moment that Rich's cock flexed and the bulge grew just slightly as another burst of pre splattered into the fox's belly. "Damn," came Trevor's voice, "at this rate you might be able to get a double-header film. That'd really be something."

Rich let out a sharp whinny of breath and arched his hips upwards, "Naw... THIS... is SOMEthing..." He whinnied again, and as he did so, the bulge in the fox's belly suddenly grew out into the distinct shape of an equine flare, but it was significantly more massive than anything Trevor had ever seen, earning a "Holy fuck..." from the bull. As he said that, the equine shoved forward again, groaning out sharply, "H..here... it comes..."

Both Trevor and the fox looked down with wide-eyed anticipation at the flare, waiting for that moment, and when it came, both let out a slow groan of breath. Rich's flare bucked slightly before a visible eruption of cum surged into the fox's belly, bloating it outwards on the first blast. The little jiggling reservoir of precum dissapeared as the fox's belly bulged outwards, rounding and inflating sharply and rapidly. He gasped sharply and grabbed at his growing gut, shuddering at the feeling oh starting to stretch and strain around such a massive load of cum.

"That's it... condom... gonna fill you up nice... gonna make ya splat," came Rich's voice as he stood above the fox, arms on his hips, flexing just slightly and jerking his hips back and forth, enough to make the growing and swelling boy beneath him jiggle and shake about. Already, his belly had rounded upwards, swelling and stretching rapidly before the rest of his torso got into the act. His chest started to swell and puff, and his sides started to push outwards, his figure beginning to grow more and more rounded. With gasping huffs and moans, the fox boy grabbed and stroked at his belly, working it, feeling the straining flesh under assault from the huge waves of semen pumping into him. He looked over to Trevor and the camera and let out a groaning whine of breath, "H..he's gonna pop me!" Each pulse of Rich's balls made a visible pulse run through the fox boy, plumping and straining his belly, starting to round his chest outwards and making it rise upwards to begin to meet his bloating belly.

Rich let out a husky laugh, "Unnnh.... yeah... you're not one'a the growin fat types... you're one'a the condom types. Love you the best. Mmmf... get so round... before..." Rich held up his hands together in a double-fist, then pulled them apart, fingers expanding as he made a mock "blort" sound. That just earned a heady whine of breath and an eager nod from the fox.

Trevor moved around beside Rich to get the view from his perspective. The camera got a good shot of the fox's spread asshole and bloating asscheeks lifting his hips upwards as they puffed and grew heavier around Rich's pulsing pole. The equine meat buried in the fox jumped and spat over and over again with an audible gurgle. The fox's cock jumped in the same manner, his knot fattening and inflating, not in an orgasm but as Rich's load invaded there and made the vulpine's red dick balloon outwards, rounding up like a rube-red balloon, the tip fountaining a steady streamer of equine spunk into the air and across the fox's rounding belly. He let out a cry of pleasure at the sight of his leak and tried to reach up to play his fingers into it, only to find that they had rounded up as well, blowing outwards into bubble shapes of their own. His arms and legs rapidly followed suit, pushing out and thickening on the stallion's lethal load. Seeing that, the fox cried out, "Ahhh fuck! I really AM a condom!Pop me big guy! Finish me off!"

Rich had both hands wrapped around the base of his dick, stroking, gently working it, feeling the way his urethra pulsed and stretched on each wave of cum flooding from him into his temporary partner. The big stallion groaned out in response, "Al... most... there..." With a low whinny of breath, he flexed again, and as he did so, his urethra bulged once more. "Get ready to pop, condom!"

Trevor moved the camera up to watch the fox-condom's reaction as the wave of spunk blasted into him, bloating his lips, his muzzle, his cheeks, and every last part of him that hadn't already rounded outwards with the stallion's massive load. The fox cried out sharply, gasping for breath as his body strained to stay whole, creaking and groaning as it began to reach its limit. "I can feel it!" he cried out, eyes wide and bulging, swelling some themselves, "I'm gonna pop!" Rich groaned and nodded, watching as the fox beneath him shook and wobbled, and with a heavy BLOOF exploded, his body giving out and pulping, spraying a huge wave of cum across both Trevor and Rich and sending a massive wave crashing to the floor.

Freed, Rich's dick lept into the air, bobbing hard and heavy, his flare swollen as large as his muscular bicep. It jerked in the air, hosing a steady stream of cum upwards over both his head and Trevor's before crashing down in thick puddles in the mess that used to be a fox. Rich looked over to Trevor with a wide grin, "How'd my audition go?"

Trevor leaned back and slowly shut the camera off while staring at the stallion's dick, the heavy thing still bobbing though the flow of cum starting to taper off just slightly. He huffed and shook his head, "Amazing. You're gonna do great in the industry. Fuck... I can't wait to take that thing for myself."

Hearing that, Rich beamed a smile, "You mean you were lookin for your replacement AND your co-star fer yer pop?" His chest puffed out a little and he turned to slap a cum-covered hand onto Trevor's ass, "I'd love to pop ya, stud."

Trevor gave Rich a smile, "Glad to hear it. Let's get hosed off. I'll get your number and give it to the casting crew. Also your tape." He held up the camera with a smile. Walking over to the opposite end of the room where the hoses were on the wall, he picked one up and began to clean himself and Rich off, hosing off the mess that the big stallion made. The drains in the room let out satisfying gurgles and glurps as the mess washed away. After hosing each other down, Trevor finished cleaning off the rest of the room, leaving it presentable for the next group to go in. With that, he headed out, Rich in tow.

Out in the middle of the club, Trevor spied the little squirrel that had gone into the booth with the large bull, only this time the little guy was coated from head to toe in jizz. Looking over to Rich, he pointed at the little guy, "Am I seeing things right, or did that little guy over there pop that massive bull?"

Rich looked over at the squirrel and smiled, "Oh that's Jasper. Always wanted to suck his dick or let him fuck me, but everyone that dick goes into gets popped. Naw. You're thinking right.Little fella would put you out of a job if he ever went into making movies of his own."

Trevor stared for a moment longer as the little squirrel with the little dick started dragging a slim mink girl off towards the room he had just been in, obviously wanting to add another person to his belt for the night. Trevor just laughed and headed out, "What a guy. I'll give you a call soon, Rich. Though think on that name. Needs to be something better for porn..."

"How 'bout Dick Flare? Richard's my full name." Trevor looked back to Rich, smiling, as the stallion stuck two fingers into his still flared cock head.

"Sounds perfect, Flare. See you soon."