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The Broken Condom

The Broken Condom was a club on the seedier side of town. It opened its doors three months ago, and since then, it was packed every single night with eager and horny furs, all happy to sign the waiver and walk through the doors. The club was serious about its premise, and signs posted outside and in the waiting reception area all displayed warnings and notifications of the club's purpose and its patrons' fates. Large bold letter stood above the door leading to the club's interior party room, reading, "WARNING! By passing through these doors, you give your consent to any person within that they may pop you at any point without asking. You agree that you will not turn down any advance from a patron, whether you are getting popped or doing the popping. Violation of these rules means you will be popped by a member of staff." A worker sat at the desk beside the door with a stack of paperwork and a large pile of bins for clothing and personal effects. As patrons were allowed inside by the bouncers outside, the receptionist had them sign the form indicating that they knew they may die inside and that they were ok with it. They left their belongings in a bin and headed inside.

Tim heard of the club when it opened, but he was far too nervous to go. He had been to several of Sigma Nu Phi's popping parties and had watched his share of folks being burst on massive erections and small dicks alike. Jasper was always good for a bust or two. Everyone else seemed to be a rotating carousel of faces that would eventually bloat until they burst.

But tonight, Tim stood outside of The Broken Condom, watching the short line in front of him getting shorter. Every now and then, someone would walk out of the club a cummy mess, but far more entered into its doors than came out. He knew what was going on inside by reputation, but he hadn't had the courage to go inside and let it happen to him yet. As the line wound closer to the door, Tim grew slightly more and more nervous, but soon the buff skunk standing beside the large doors met him and held out a paw.

"ID, please," the large male said, eyeing Tim. A trim red fox, Tim fished his ID from his pocket and handed it over. At only 20, he was still a little immature and underdeveloped, but he was legal. The skunk eyed the name, the date of birth, then handed the card back and pulled aside the rope stretched in front of the door. "Enjoy yourself, however long you last," he said with a leering grin at the red fox while Tim walked inside.

The inside of the waiting room was lavishly decorated. The owners had spared no expense. And on every surface was the same warning about the club's purpose and rules. Behind the large desk by a set of double-doors, another skunk sat smiling, this one female. As Tim approached, she lifted up a clip-board with a sheet of paper on it. "Hi there," came her bubbly voice, "and welcome to The Broken Condom! Please read and sign the rules, place all personal effects and clothing in a bin, and since you're a guy, drink up a bottle of NutUp! to make sure you can pop someone if they ask you to. Once you've done all that, you're free to head inside." She passed over a plastic bin and the clip-board along with a small bottle of the drink.

Tim had heard of the stuff from its ads on the seedier websites he visited. While it promised to improve sexual performance, the real reason it was selling so well was that it guaranteed enough jizz production in the balls to be able to burst someone twice your size. Tim looked to the bottle, then the clip board, and with a cursury glance along the rules, he scribbled his name at the bottom and passed it back across the counter. With a huff, he started to disrobe. Off came his white-collar button up shirt, the sort of thing he'd wear to his dull little office job. It revealed his rich red fur over toned musculature. Though he was a desk jockey, Tim at least went to the gym to stay in shape. Of course after tonight, it would all be for nothing. Next, his slacks came off, revealing a chubby but short sheath and a pair of fuzzy little nuts. Without the bottle in front of him, Tim would never stand a chance of bursting anyone, but with a steady little steeling of himself, Tim reached up and picked up the bottle, cracked it open, and chugged it down.

Setting everything in the plastic bin he was given, Tim slid them back towards the receptionist. She smiled and gave a polite nod, "Everything's in order. Go on in, cutie." Tim gave a smile and a little nod and turned towards the double doors. Behind him, the club's entrance opened and a pair of minks walked inside, both of them stark white with blonde hair. The female was playfully groping the male's ass and they both looked like they were much more sure than he was. Tim looked back to the double doors, and with another huff, walked inside.

The club's interior was very different than the waiting room. While the waiting room was lavish and posh, the inside had a modern design to it. The floor was a polished black stone and grates were set into it every few meters. The walls were a soft blue in color and looked like they were simply painted. The furniture spread around was all made of vinyl, easily sealed and cleaned, and most of it was simply seating, ottomans and stools and padded benches. What few sofas that were around were spartan and had little decoration beyond their obvious function that would serve as a place for someone to get fucked. There was even a bar, but even that had a simplistic design to it. The most decorative thing in the entire place looked like the liquor rack behind the bar.

Tim's gaze wandered around the club, moving over the patrons enjoying themselves. Some were on a small dance floor, enjoying the music. Others were making out on the seating. Some were busily getting their brains fucked out. The raccoon girl over by the bar was swelling up, tits bouncing atop her bloating belly while she cried out in pleasure, begging the feline behind her to make her explode. Tim watched as her arms and legs bloated outwards suddenly as with a sudden SPLORT she exploded, spraying a mess of cum across the feline who had been humping her. Reduced to a staining puddle of cum, the once raccoon oozed slowly across the floor and down one of the drains.

Both minks walked past Tim into the throng, the male fondling the fox's ass as he walked by. The touch finally snapped Tim out of his aroused stupor and made him turn his attention back to the obviously fatal party at hand. With another little huff, he walked towards the lounging figures on the seating. A mare had caught his attention, and Tim wanted to talk to her for at least a moment before asking if he could burst her. Walking over, he felt the tingle in his loins of his own arousal and the bottle of NutUp! doing its work. As he walked, his nuts began to bloat and sag, growing to much larger portions than he ever had before, enough to match all the other males and herms in the room. By the time he reached the mare, he was sporting two basketballs for nuts that slapped meatily against his thighs.

She looked up to him, catching his eye as he approached. "Howdy," she said in a soft, southern drawl. A hand reached out for Tim to shake, which he took with a firm, welcome pump of his hand. "Ah'm Caroline. What's your name, fella?"

"Tim," came the fox's voice, a slight timbre in it with his rising confidence, "It's nice to meet you. Come here often?" He asked that with a slightly sheepish smile, knowing all too well that the answer was that this was likely her first time. For the fox, she looked amazing. She was slim, almost skinny, all the way down her lithe figure. Legs that were long, arms that were trim, and a small chest sitting budding and perky atop her chest. Puffy pink areola rested atop her tits, surrounded by her golden, cream colored fur. Little spots were spread over her figure like freckles, though not nearly as numerous. Bright, purple eyes shone twinklingly at the vulpine.

She just shook her head, "Nope. First time here. I 'spect it'll be mah last, what with all tha eyein' I been gettin' from tha bull over by the bar." She nodded her head backwards towards a tall, well built bull leaning against the bar who was busily scanning the room. Tim looked to him and gave a little nod. The other male was much larger, bulkier, and had much heavier looking genitals. But like everyone in the club, he was just as poppable as Tim and Caroline were.

The fox looked back to Caroline and smiled again, "Well ah... it's my first time here, too, though I hope it's not my last. I've been thinking of coming here for a long time now. Give popping a real try, and, you know, eventually get popped myself." As he spoke, his dick was already swelling from his sheath, a growing angry red cock that pushed upwards, the pointed tip already leaking pre at the thought of his or his partner's demise. Caroline spotted his swelling shaft and reached out to stroke a finger along the pointed tip, teasingly. That earned a shudder from Tim. "Mmmph... I'd love to get to know you a little, first, and then if you want, I'd love to pop you, too."

Caroline beamed at his words and nodded, sitting up a little more to face the vulpine, "Why that's so sweet of you, darlin! I figured some fella woulda just walked up and shoved into me without so much as a hello." She leaned forward, towards the still standing fox and ran a hand down along his chest, "Well ah'm from the town next door. Small city, but good people. Never find any sort of club like this, and certainly one of the sort of folks ya find here. This town's lots more fun." As she spoke, her fingers continued to trail along Tim's shaft, feeling it throb and pulse against her digits. They slipped down to trace along the underside of one of Tim's bloated balls, feeling the heft of spunk inside of them, the way they sloshed and jiggled with their new weight. The steady caressing earned steady, gasping pants of breath from the fox, and the stroke against his balls made his hips jutter forward as a gout of pre fired from his tip.

With a swallow, Tim looked back to her, watched the way her pelt shifted over her slim figure. It made his cheeks hot and his dick strain all the harder against his sheath. Already, his knot was starting to thicken. "Well yeah! I mean it's a big city with a couple of universities. Lots of industry and business, so you're gonna find lots of folks here who enjoy different things. If you were going to last past tonight, I'd tell you to go to one of the Sigma Nu Phi frat parties. They're always a blast." He said that with a knowing little wink. The fox moved forward, just a little, and reached out a hand to stroke along one of Caroline's perky little nipples to feel it roll against his finger. He breathed out a shuddering sigh of pleasure.

The touch made Caroline shiver and she looked up to Tim with a smile, but her eyes drifted suddenly over his shoulder and a little smirk spread on her muzzle. Tim felt a pair of hands grab his hips and something stiff push in under his tail and against his rump. With a surprised gasp of breath, he turned his head to see who was behind him. Standing there was a different bull, this one as cream colored as Caroline, but with a head of shaggy brown hair. The bull looked down at Tim with a sheepish little grin as he pushed forward, easing his dick into the fox's ass. "Sorry, dude," came his deep voice, "I know you're tryin' ta get your nut with this gal, but I saw that ass and couldn't resist splattering it." He pushed forward, opening Tim up more and sinking more of his meaty pole into the fox's bowels, earning a tender groan of breath from Tim.

The bull arched slightly over Tim, pushing him lightly towards the bench that Caroline was sitting on, enough that he could properly begin to fuck the todd. Tim let himself get bent forward without protest, knowing that this was what he signed up for, but he hadn't expected that it would happen so suddenly. Caroline looked down at him with a little giggle, then leaned down to plant a little kiss on his lips. "Looks like you're occupied, darlin. Have fun. I hear it's a blast." She gave him a wink and stood up, then walked off towards the bar, her ass swaying as she moved. Tim watched her walk off with a tender groan of breath, knowing that his bloated blue-balls would go unreleased.

But he was determined to enjoy his last fuck, so as the bull bore down over him, holding his tail up and humping forward, sinking his dick into the fox up to the hilt, Tim thrust backwards, grinding his ass in against the bull's groin. Breathing in the thick scent of the male atop him, Tim looked back to watch his partner rutting into him, making sure that his first visit to the club would be his last. With a low little moan of breath, Tim blew a kiss towards the bull, "Enjoy me while you can, big guy."

The bull snorted softly, hips slapping back and forth against Tim, his equally bloated balls slapping at the fox's groin. Each roll of his hips jostled Tim against the bench, earning another groan from the fox and a jerking shudder from his dick, each of which gouted pre across the floor. As the bull settled into a quick rhythm, wasting no time in working towards his own orgasm, he stroked a hand up and along Tim's back, feeling his soft fur. "Don't worry, dude. This is awesome... I love snuffing cute guys like you."

Tim's ears flushed just slightly and he nodded, reaching down between his legs to grab at his dick and start to work at it. The heavy meat throbbed between his fingers, sliming them with its thick pre. The tender touch made Tim's body shudder and shake, matching the pleasuring thrusts from the bull. Soon, the vulpine's ass was gripping and milking along the bull's veiny cock, pulling against it, almost begging for the coming in, which with the way the bull was humping, wasn't too far.

A gasping moan came from the bull as he pulled up against Tim and straightened up, his hips moving from long thrusts to much shorter ones, pounding against the fox. "Oh fuck, dude... here it comes... I'm about to nut, man. You ready ta die?'" he asked, mouth agape and tongue hanging out the side of his long muzzle. The bull didn't wait for an answer, though, and with a sudden thrust forward, moaned out loudly as his nuts pulled up between his legs and his dick bloated out with a stream of cum pumping through it.

The heavy blasts sprayed into Tim, causing him to gasp out in surprise again, not having expected it to come so suddenly, but the bull was pumping him full of spunk, and the fox began to expand with it. As the heady weight settled down into his belly, starting it to expand onto the bench, Tim let go of his cock and planted both hands on the piece of furniture, gripping it tightly. It was all so sudden, but there was no going back now. He wasn't just going to be popped: he was getting popped right now, and he could feel every moment of it. As his belly stretched and expanded, he could feel the cum racing through him, spreading through his body, pushing through under his skin into every limb. The heat was overwhelming, but the pleasure that it brought with it was mind-numbing. Tim felt on fire, like his whole body was in orgasmic bliss.

The bull watched as his partner swelled against the bench, watched as the fox's ass grew rounded and plush, the way his arms and hands thickened against the bench. Groaning and lowing happily, he held tightly onto Tim, blowing his nut batter up the fox's backside and ensuring that in just a few moments the club would be minus one fox. The hand on Tim's back stroked slowly, feeling the way the fox's hide grew softer as it stretched, began to slosh and jiggle. The bull moaned out happily, "Ohhhh fuck yeah, dude... y'feel it? You're getting hot... big... ohhh goddamn you're a broken condom, man!"

Tim nodded just slightly, though his cheeks sagged and he felt heavy all over. The bull's cum had rapidly spread through him, not like the bloat jobs at the parties he had been to where bellies and chest swelled first. The fox bloated all over, growing evenly throughout. As his tail inflated, so did his face and feet, all of his puffing up and swelling outwards. It made his head swim, the way he was distending and engorging, much like the condom the bull just called him. With his heady, thickening tongue, Tim moaned out, "I can feel it... I'm really gonna pop! Do it! I wanna pop!" Tim watched his fingers go from thickened tubes to bloated, rounding outwards inflating condoms, his paws puffed up and rounded. He felt his dick brushing at the floor, bloated and heavy and sagging with the unknown bull's load. Tim had never even learned his name or given his to the bull. That thought flooded through Tim's mind only to get erased by a sudden wave of pleasure sweeping through him. He gasped sharply, bulging, straining eyes wide, mouth agape and leaking cum, "I... I think... gonnnn" BLOOSH! Tim exploded mid-sentence, spraying outwards in a heady blast of cum that pulped what remained of him and added it to the mess of cum that washed out across the bull and his still spraying dick. The heady mess spread out across the floor, oozing down across the smooth surface, between feet and towards a drain.

Across the room, the ebony bull snorted playfully to Caroline, "Looks like that fox you were talking to just burst." He looked to the mare, her belly bloated and pusheing outwards, her fat, puffy areola swelling up like small tits atop her bloating breasts, now much larger than the little bumps they were before. He grunted out happily, looking her over, "Mmmmph... almost your time, too babe. Glad you came to me instead of letting him pop ya." Caroline nodded, gasping and drooling the bull's cum as he neck swelled and thickened upwards. She had seen Tim explode and now was rapidly on her way to join him. The big bull had wasted no time in hoisting her into his lap and snuggling his dick into her waiting pussy. Now, as he thrust beneath her, she bloated on his load. The mare looked to the bull with a dopey little grin on her puffed up lips, "Ah knew ah'd get popped tonight. Thanks, stud." Her puffed up teats suddenly sprouted leaks, jetting twin gouts of her spunk across the bull's chest. He reached up to fondle her wobbling, jiggling tits and moaned out softly to her, "Not long now. You're about to join your fox friend. Say goodbye, babe. You're a cumstain." The bull leaned forward and pushed a kiss against Caroline's mouth as she moaned out a tender little "Bye bye, handsome" into his lips. As the bull held tightly onto her, making out with her, the mare's figure grew tight, heated more and more in his arms. Her thighs thickened suddenly, then her little hooves bulged against her bloated calves. A creak spread through her, and with a shudder, she exploded, bursting outwards from the bull's embrace and splashing down to coat his crotch and chest. Watching the mess that once was Caroline spread out around him on the floor, the bull leaned back against the bar top with a happy little sigh, "I love this place."