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The Next Party, part 1

It had been almost a month since the last party, and invitations had been sent out to everyone who wasn't left dripping down the walls from the last party. Several other invitations were sent out to the frats and sororities around campus and some special invitations had been left with the management of the local splashing clubs. With winter break in full swing, though, the party was a little more sparse than usual. Hardly even a hundred eager participants had shown up, but those that did were all eager for their share of the fun. Some of the regular voyeurs were in attendance, eager for a show and many of them carrying a video recorder of some sorts, ready to catch the final moments of their fellow party-goers. Many of the party's regular poppers were in attendance, though even some of those would end up part of the night's popped, splashed across the floor and furniture. The frat house's owner always made sure that things were properly protected so that messes were easy to clean up. Everyone else in attendance would end up part of that mess and summarily cleaned up.

Jasper arrived early, like he always did, eager to check out the arrivals so that he could pick out his first partner for the night. The short squirrel had packed his heavy nuts into a loose pair of sweat pants which lightly hugged his otherwise slender frame. An otherwise bland t-shirt hung from his shoulders. His jacket had been left at the door. Unlike some of the other guys in attendance, he intended to leave the party and come back again and again.

Walking around the frat house, the red squirrel looked at the furs who had already arrived. Several sorority girls were already in the kitchen getting drunk, happily drinking up the cheap, free beer as a sort of payment for what was surely going to happen to them later in the evening. Jasper eyed a rather busty bunny standing near the keg. He had seen her last month, which surprised him given that the last time he saw her she was making out with a beefy stallion. Jasper made a mental note to ask her upstairs later in the evening if she was still around. The thought of her breasts expanding and bloating against his face made his small cock stir in his pants.

From the front of the house came a loud, cheering commotion. Likely more guests arriving, but with the thick, masculine sound to it, it was likely the football team. Jasper's ears perked up at the sound, and remembering the promise made to him by Tank at the last party, he swiveled on the balls of his feet and trotted off, pants bouncing wildly in front of him.

A throng of tall, bulky guys pressed in through the front door, all of them wearing a jersey. Nathan, a chestnut stallion led the pack. Already he had a beer in a hand and an arm around one of the cheerleaders. She likely wouldn't be leaving tonight. Behind him strolled Justin, a short but wide bull with thick thighs, arms, and a beer belly to rival his nuts. Jasper watched the big guy staring dumbly around the room. Likely he'd end up getting lucky only because of what he packed in his pants. That was unlike Simon, a pig with perky lips, lush hair, and a sixpack to rival Justin's weeknight indulgences. But behind them strolled Tank with his mop of hair dangling down into his eyes. Unlike the other guys, the big rhino didn't carry a coat, a sight that made Jasper's dick surge. Looks like Tank had remembered, and that was all to Jasper's immense delight. For months he had wanted to burst the big rhino, but only after the big guy's display last party on that pretty vixen did Jasper finally get to hear what he wanted.

With that in mind, Jasper watched Tank walk in and waited until the big guy had a beer in his hand. Finally, the squirrel made his way to stand behind the big rhino. With a hand, Jasper slowly stroked Tank's ass through his pants. "Heeeey there big guy," came Jasper's voice, "You ready for our fun tonight?"

Tank looked around behind him to the much smaller male and gave a slight nod, "M'ready, Jasper. Yer gonna bust me good?"

A shiver ran through Jasper and he let out an audible little moan at Tank's question. Nodding, he pushed against the big rhino and began to dry-hump against him. "Oh yes, Tank. I'm gonna humphumphump you until SPLAT!" The squirrel let out another soft little moan.

Smiling, Tank reached down to pry the eager guy from his leg. With a soft laugh, he said, "Easy there. Don't bust yer pants afore you bust me." Tank's large hand moved up to stroke across Jasper's muzzle while one finger moved to Jasper's lips. "But before you off me like one'a yer used condoms, yer gonna suck my dick one last time." Tank turned more to face Jasper, revealing the heavy bulge in the front of his pants straining it with a tense pulse. He looked to Jasper through his mop of hair hanging over his face, then nodded towards one of the couches in the back of the main living room.

One hand grabbed Jasper's shoulder from behind just as its owner, Simon, leaned down to whisper into Jasper's ear, "Pretty boy... make Tank feel good for me. He wouldn't let me pop him 'cause he wanted you to be his last. Maybe you'll let me be yours some party, hm?" Jasper could only grin sheepishly, but did not respond. He allowed Tank to pull him away and through the others in the room. Some of the guys slapped Tank's ass as they walked by while some of the girls shot jealous glances towards Jasper and Tank. Simon walked along behind them with a large empty plastic bottle in hand. Already, the pig was starting to strip down, pulling his shirt up and off to reveal his pink skin stretched tightly over toned, firm muscle. As his shirt came off, his blonde hair cascaded back down in gentle ripples, much like Tank's. Jasper couldn't help to glance towards the pretty pig and imagine him swelling like a football being inflated.

A tug on Jasper's pants brought his attention back to the present and swung his head around in front to find Tank pulling his pants down around his ankles, letting the squirrel's massive balls roll free. The rhino had, while Jasper was distracted, already taken his pants, but not his shirt, off. Sitting on the sofa like he had at the last party, Tank's pendulous grey nuts dangled over the edge, heavy and rolling slightly in their sac. His girthy grey dick stood up, nuzzling against the bent-over male's stomach and already leaking a thin streamer through the rolls of foreskin bunched up around the tip. Jasper grunted playfully at the sight while stepping out of his pants.

Once freed, the squirrel leaned forwards, hands pressing on either side of Tank's thighs while his muzzle moved close to the drooling dick in front of him. Tank leaned back and propped himself up onto the couch, arms spread out to either side while Simon worked to pull Tank's shirt up and off. Jasper's attention was on the plump dick in front of him, and with a groaning little breath, he leaned forward to pull the bulbous, skin covered glans between his lips.

Jasper's tongue lapped out against Tank's cock tip, pushing against the foreskin, feeling the soft give of that loose flesh around Tank's firmed and swollen tip. It opened easily enough, allowing Jasper's tongue to push through and against the turgid tip contained within that fleshy palace. A tender little grunt escaped his spread lips as he dipped down against the bigger male's cock. Warm, heady musk filtered up from Tank's smooth-skinned groin into Jasper's nose to fill his nostrils with the rhino's heady scent. The rich, manly smell spurned Jasper downwards onto Tank. With a rolling tongue, he pulled back the foreskin wrapping Tank's tip and began to suckle against the now exposed tip. He could taste the rich musk emenating from Tank's precum. It coated his tongue and warmed his cheeks with a heady richness that reminded Jasper of a good beer, likely indicative of Tank's diet.

Both of Jasper's hands moved to grip the pendulous nuts dangling beneath Tank's cock. The weighty orbs pressed down against Jasper's fingers, loading them with the weight of so much spunk that on any previous night would have helped one of the partygoers in turning into a carpet-staining cummy mess. Tonight, those balls would get loosed one last time before Jasper went to work on adding Tank to the long list of partiers who got washed up with a bucket and mop. Fingers pulled against the grey sac, dragging Tank's balls slightly downwards to strain and stretch the heavy skin. Jasper could feel the shift of a large vein across the surface of Tank's skin and the pulse of his heartbeat rolling through his groin.

Meanwhile, Simon busied himself making out with Tank to occupy the large rhino. Tank breathed heavily into Simon's mouth and began to pant softly as Jasper worked busily below. The rise and fall of his chest was slow, and the rippling tense moving through him made his muscles stand out in relief against his skin. Steadily, he began to push against Simon with a little gusto, but below, Tank's hips began to twitch and judder, starting to push his dick into Jasper's mouth and against his throat.

The squirrel didn't want to risk his own popping just yet, so he moved with Tank's thrusts. His tongue, though, did most of the work. The lithe little organ danced around Tank's glans, pulling and tugging against it, dipping under the thick foreskin again and again to ride along the edge of Tank's glans. When it pulled back, Jasper drug a heady wad of pre back into his cheeks to let it linger there and build up until he finally had to swallow. The eager squirrel worked Tank onward towards an orgasm with a lashing tongue, pulling the rhino steadily so that he could get into the bigger male. Jasper could feel Tank's shudder, the way his dick twitched in his mouth, but the eager squirrel wanted his fun as soon as possible, so with both hands, he dipped under Tank's sac to push against his perenium and into the hidden girth of his prostate.

Tank let out a heated snort of breath and arched upwards against Jasper's jaw as the shuddering pulse of his hips increased. The touch of Jasper's fingers pressing against his prostate made the rhino ache inside for his release, and it was coming quickly. His balls gave a heavy twitch and jerked upwards while he moaned into Simon's mouth. In Jasper's muzzle, the rhino's dick tip gave a surge upwards and thickened slightly, growing weighty against the squirrel's cheeks. With another sharp snort, Tank muttered out, "M'cummin," into Simon's lips just as his prick began to fountain thick, heated jizz into Jasper's mouth. The squirrel felt it coming, so he held just Tank's tip between his lips, and knowing that the rhino had more than enough of weight in his balls to pop anyone in attendance, Jasper let the first pulse fill his cheeks before backing off to hold the gooey load in his mouth while the rest arced up into the air and across his face and head. Above, Tank continued to grunt and groan into Simon's mouth.

Jasper, though, with several swallows to clear his mouth, stood up between Tanks legs, and gathering a handful of the rhino's spent spunk, slathered up his small squirrel dick. As Tank's orgasm continued, the large rhino reached down to grab and heft his own nuts into the air, exposing the rounded cheeks of his plump ass. Jasper knew an invitation when he saw one, so with a delighted little yelp, he pushed forward, shoving his lubed up cock between Tank's cheeks. With a little probing and the help of a hand, Jasper found Tank's pucker and pushed inside, gasping sharply as he did so.

"I'm in you, Tank! I'm in you!" cried Jasper as he pushed forward into the waiting rhino ass, "You're gonna make SUCH a great mess when I pop you!" He shuffled forward, eagerly pushing himself into Tank's crotch and still spasming dick. Jasper buried his face against the underside of the grey rod jerking and pulsing against his face. It slapped against his muzzle while it continued to pulse a massive load upwards into the air only for the heated semen to land mostly back atop Jasper, coating his fur and slicking him down. The squirrel didn't care, though. He had begun to rapidly hump into Tank, eager for his own release, one of many more to come for him, and eager to see his temporary lover turned into a bloated grey rubber.

With Jasper's cry of pleasure, Simon leaned back from Tank's embrace and finished stripping down. The pig had a long dick, easily eighteen inches, though it was only a few inches thick, making it look very slender. The pink pole jerked upwards against his abs as he stripped down and leaned back to watch the show. One hand still held his bottle. Just as he began to stroke himself, he groaned out, "Tank, when you pop I'm gonna get coated in you. Gonna save some of it riiiight here," he said as he lifted the bottle upwards, "and if I get lucky, I'll lube my dick with you when I pop Jasper." Hearing that made the squirrel blush slightly, but it had no effect on the rapid pace of his hips.

Everyone at the party knew that Jasper had a short fuse, and tonight was no exception. Already, he had started to huff and whine, and behind him, a small crowd had gathered, all of them eager and ready to see Tank explode. Jasper's hips pounded forward, jamming against Tank's ass again and again while he worked towards his orgasm, but it began to build in him, that growing pressure that would soon turn into an eruption of pleasure. He huffed out in his high-pitched voice, "Tank! I'm gonna cum real soon!"

The big rhino looked down past his still gushing cock to his eager partner and smiled widely. "M'last party. G'wan, Jasper. Pop me." Tank stretched back to wait for Jasper's load, thinking of all the furs he had popped before. Jana at the last party had swelled up slowly under his pendulous orgasm, and before her, Aiden, the rat with the fat dick had puffed up nice and thick. There were almost a dozen others he had snuffed with his huge loads, and now it was his turn. The thought made him groan out slightly and made the surge of his spunk pulsing from his cock grow a little stronger. The thought of watching himself, however briefly, bloating and swelling like all the others raced through his mind. And beneath him, Jasper cried out sharply just as his orgasm hit and jizz began to surge from the squirrel into Tank.

The heated spunk flowed rapidly from the squirrel, far less lazily than it flowed from Tank's dick. It surged into the rhino's guts, filling them at a rapid pace and starting to bloat the big guy. Tank felt the heat filling through him, spreading through his insides. Both of his hands dropped to his slightly rounded stomach to grip it at the initial surge. "Ahhh! It's so hot, Jasper!"

His lover nodded eagerly before looking up at him, moaning out in his orgasm, "That's right, Tank! It's all my cum just for you and you're gonna SPLASH! SPLAT! SPLOOSH! Nothing left!" His eyes wandered over Tank's belly and chest as they began to rise in unison, first gut and then pecs starting to puff outwards. Tank's already rounded belly swelled up before Jasper's eyes, rising like dough while his pecs pushed outwards, growing more and more rounded as the moments passed. Tank's fingers sank slightly against his growing girth, hinting at how soft he was becoming from all the cum being pumped into him.

Against Jasper's chest, though, Tank's nuts began to swell, distending with squirrel cum pumping into them like a mockery of the jock going weeks without cumming. Jasper cried out in sheer delight and buried his face against the swelling sac and orbs, feeling the way they roiled beneath the surface and pushed back against him. His orgasm rolled continuously into Tank, soon causing the large rhino's dick to engorge and bulge outwards. Veins popped along its surface while the heavy foreskin grew fat and puffy like a pair of swollen labia around his ballooning cock tip. And against his belly, Tank's fingers began to get into the act, swelling and thickening like his already thick cock.

With another labored groan of breath, Tank muttered out, "Don't stop Jasper... I wanna... I wanna pop fer you. I wanna be yer cum." His voice had started to become somewhat thick as his cheeks swelled with the thick load ruining his body and speeding him towards his gooey demise. For Tank, though, the feeling and the sight of his body inflating and growing on the little guy's load only made him hornier. The orgasm already surging through him when Jasper popped his load continued, unabated, and was increased somewhat by the lethal heat shared by his little lover. He could taste the cum, smell it, and even hear it rushing through him.

The swelling spread rapidly, puffing Tank's arms outwards, but it took some time to reach the rhino's legs. When they began to stretch and bloat, they pushed against Jasper, trapping him in a growing expanse of cum-fueled rhino flesh, not that Jasper wanted to go anywhere. He was too busy breathing in the scent of rhino dick while he could. Tank's body grew more and more, filling Jasper's vision, eclipsing his world. Tank's belly and chest had somewhat merged, forming an almost comically rounded torso on the once buff athlete. At the sight of all that grey stretched and strained on his load, Jasper cried out, "Here it comes, Tank! Here it comes! You're gonna die! You're gonna be a glorious splatter and then I'm gonna pop someone else and forget all about you! You're my cum! You're JUST my cum!" He cried out again and shoved himself forward against the huge body in front of him, feeling it starting to grow tense, a sure sign that the end was coming.

Tank's entire body was nearly bloated and strained. As his head started to round outwards with his face fattening up and his eyes pushing up and out to bulge from their sockets, he snorted once, then again, though on the second time instead of air, a huge gout of jizz erupted from his nostrils. He managed to mutter out through his bloated cheeks and massive lips, "M'cum. Just cum. M'just... cum." He snorted cum again, splattering the gooey white load across his rounded chest. Just as his eyes started to push upwards and lift his bangs up, finally, Tank exploded, erupting outwards in a massive explosion of cum and pulped rhino with a heady GA-BLORT. His horn rocketed off his snout as his head exploded and impaled itself in the ceiling to hang there while the rest of him and Jasper's load flooded the little guy and Simon both, coating them in Tank's remains and Jasper's spunk. The explosion earned a squealing, "CUM!" from Jasper and a tender moan from Simon.

For a moment, everyone watching stood in stunned silence, then began to cheer. Tank's last moments were caught on video and everyone seemed to appreciate the show. "Good job, Jasper!" "You really popped him good!" "Wow! I can't believe Tank could hold that much pressure!" "Whoever he was, I hope I go out that big!" and other compliments floated over Jasper. Simon sat on the couch scooping some of the mess into his jar with one hand while the other worked his now slime-lubed dick. He looked down to Jasper with a smile through ropes of Tank and cum. "Mmmm Jasper... maybe some day you'll let me do that to you..."

"Maybe! But not today!" came Jasper's reply. He stood up and licked up some of the gooey leavings before wandering off towards the kitchen. He still had a bunny to pop, after all, and there was no sense in wasting all this good lube. As he licked a finger clean, he muttered out softly to himself, "Just cum."