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Ride'em, part 1

The crew walked across the stage, setting up the milking pumps, the bridles, the stands, and making sure all the lighting was right. "Ride'em Cowgirl" was set to be shot in a few minutes and everything had to be perfect. All the films that Splatter, Inc. shot usually only got one take. After that, new actors had to be found, because in every film, someone popped. The films were moderately popular among the bursting scene with some regulars showing up in as many as four films before having their turn swirling down a drain.

The director strolled across the set to check things while the crew milled about, having coffee, donuts, or just flipping through a magazine. Trevor Longrod, a tall, beefy bovine stood in one corner wearing a pair of tight-fitting bluejeans, a flannel shirt, and a cowboy hat, his costume for his portion of the show, at least before most of it would come off. He had been in two films already, servicing a thick-hipped beaver in "Dam Her Hole" and then a plump bear in "Bear Back Balloon Mountain." The beaver had whined shrilly as Trevor pounded her and the bear moaned deeply when Trevor slowly entered his ass. In each case, his co-star had cried out in pleasure right before they exploded from Trevor's massive load.

Before that, Trevor had worked in regular porn, doing the rounds where he earned his name, Longrod, for his lengthy dick. He enjoyed the guys and gals both, but he had starred in more gay porn than anything else. At the end of the day, though, he wanted something more exciting, so he signed on with Splatter, Inc., knowing that at some point he'd get his shot at the starring role.

As he looked up to the stage, he watched one of the stagehands putting the finishing touches on an inconspicuous grate off to the side of the stable scene. That would be the final shot of the film, a gooey mess of his mixed partner and cum draining down out of sight. As he looked back to the script, he looked to the name in the starring role: Busty Knockers.

She had made her rounds like he had in the regular porn scenes, though she did most of her roles in settings similar to the current film. Busty was well known for her huge tits and the copious amounts of milk she produced. A hefty bovine gal, Trevor had admired her from afar, watching her videos and imagining himself in one of them. Now was his chance.

Busty wandered onto the set in her own western style get-up, a pair of Daisy-Duke style shorts, a low cut top that only barely contained her breasts, and her own smaller cowboy hat. She looked around, then spying her co-star, walked over to him, chest jiggling with each step she took. Trevor straightened up and met her midway across the stage, standing in their first scene, the guest house.

"Hey there. Busty, right? I'm Trevor." came the deep voice of the bull.

Busty reached out a hand to shake Trevor's offered one and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you, big guy. I saw your last film. Real good job with Grant. I'm not as big as he was, so I'll probably pop sooner."

Trevor let out a slight laugh at that and smiled, looking Busty over. "I gotta admit," he said with a bit of a sheepish hint in his voice, "I've really admired your work. I'm looking forward to being your last partner. Especially since I get to hook you up to that milker." He gestured over his shoulder towards at a machine standing in the stable setting. It had two cups on hoses and a clear container hooked up to it.

Busty looked to where he was pointing and gave a slight nod. It was what usually happened to her in her films, so it was no surprise that the director had set up something similar for her coup de grace.

"Five minutes! Places everyone!" came the shout from the stage manager, and immediately the place burst into movement. Cameras swung around, moving into position, lights swiveled, the director clambored into his chair, and two technicians stood off to the side, one with a hose and another with a large umbrella. The mess crew.

Trevor looked back to Busty with a smile, "Well here we go," and headed behind the counter in the first scene. Busty stepped outside the door, out of camera view. The two waited for their cue, and as the crew finished setting up, the director called out, "Ok! Let's get this right folks! Don't want a screwup like last week where someone fucked up the lighting. We want a good shot of the action and as many good shots of Busty as we can get. Are we ready?"

The snap of a slateboard followed by the director screaming "ACTION!" set things in motion. Busty walked through the door on the set up to the desk and looked to Trevor with a smile. "Hi there! I'm here for my riding lessons! Are you the feller I talk to?" The bad dialogue was par for the course and served only to set things up. The real action would begin soon enough.

Behind the counter, Trevor's dick knew that all too well. Already sporting a semi at the thought of what was to come, he looked up from his faux paperwork and smiled to the cow, "Yessum. Now did you want the regular lessons or..." and as he said this, Trevor flexed slowly, showing the bulge of muscle through his flannel shirt, "the private lesson back in the stable?"

Busty looked up and down the figure on display for her and smiled widely, a knowing look in her eye. "Why I think I'd like the private lesson, especially if it means you show me everything." Saying that, she leaned forward, pushing her arms together and under her chest just enough to make her cleavage pillow out like doughy bread rising in her top. The camera above her swung in for a shot of her tits, showing off the soft, brown fur mottled with white spots here and there, the depths of her cleavage, and the hint of a brown-skinned areola peeking from her top.

A warm smile spread on Trevor's face just as he started to step around from behind the counter. Moving into view, the length of his prick extending down his left pantleg came into view, and as another camera came in for a close-up, he gave it an intentional flex, making the long log shift in his pants. "Yessum. With a private lesson, you get to see every trick I got, but I gotta warn ya. It's real hard when we're in the stable, just you and me, and there's a real good kick to the last 'un. It's a right explosion iffin ya get it right, though."

He stepped forward and slid an arm around Busty's waist, then motioned to another door in the set. "This way ma'm," and led her towards it, the had around her waist moving up to grope at the underside of her hefty chest just as they started to move.

The cameras shifted the moment the two moved through the door and into the stable set, each one positioning to the sides of Trevor and Busty to catch their initial interaction and disrobing. Trevor began by hefting Busty's chest, barely contained in her top, just enough that letting her tits drop managed to pop the top button. With just enough slack in her garments, Busty stretched upwards, grunting playfully at Trevor, and as she did so one tit, then the other rolled slowly outwards from her top to hang heavy from her chest. Each thick titty stood fat and hefty atop her, bobbing and wobbling slowly with each breath, and each fat jug sat capped with a wide, plump brown areola and a thick, nipple grown elongated from consistent milking.

Trevor groaned out softly and leaned forward, grabbing one breast with a hand while his lips descended to the other. Pressing his mouth against her teat, he suckled it inwards into his mouth and drew audibly against it. He suckled, pulling milk from Busty's breast while allowing enough to dribble from his lips and down across his soft, white coat to show the camera that he was drinking from her. That earned a soft moan from Busty and another loud suckle from Trevor. For a few soft moments, all he did was nurse from her, but he knew that couldn't last forever, and that wasn't what he really wanted to do. He wanted to see this cow blow up on his load and pop like the milk filled balloon she was always meant to be.

His attentions at her breast hadn't gone unnoticed by the rest of him, and as he nursed, his dick grew in his pants, all to the delight of the camera pointed straight at it, watching it throb and grow. With a hand dipping from Busty's chest down to his pants, he unbuttoned them, allowing just enough slack in his jeans to show the engorged base of his pink dick. Knowing her role, Busty reached down to push a hand into his pants and began to stroke, pulling slowly and steadily at the hidden meat, but not enough to free it.

With a slip of her hips and a push of her shoulders, she leaned back, pulling her tit slowly away from Trevor's face, enough that when her nipple came free, it did so with a soft pop and a spurt of milk. She knelt down in front of Trevor as he leaned back and spread his legs, putting his hips on display for the camera. Busty wanted to unleash her prize, that plump dick contained in his pants, but before she set it free, she leaned slightly further down, enough to push her face against the shape of the bull's cock through his pantleg. She kissed it, pressed her wide muzzle against it, and allowed her tongue a moment to loll outwards, down along the midsection of Trevor's hidden meat and all the way back up to its base. With that tease, her hands moved up to grip his jeans, and with a gentle tug, pulled them downwards and off of his hips.

Immediately, Trevor's dick sprung free, rising upwards with a loud slap against Busty's breasts before bobbing up into the air beside her head. Eighteen inches of cock had earned Trevor his name, though he wasn't overly thick. Nevertheless, with its length and plump foreskin at the tip, Busty cooed softly while a hand gripped against the base and she pushed her face against the tip breathing in deeply.

Trevor watched with wide eyes and a wide grin. He gave slight snorts that shook his golden nose ring, making it wobble just like Busty's tit had when she first stepped onto the stage. As her lips parted around his crown, he let out a soft moan of breath and shuddered. Soft bovine lips curled around his prick, pulled at it, and dove deep around it, sliding downwards to his base. Busty swallowed, pulling Trevor's cock into her throat, pushing herself lower onto his dick until her lips pulled against the base of his pole. She held there for a moment while Trevor stroked a hand through her hair, enough time for a camera to move in for a close-up shot of Busty's lips spread on his dick and the shape of his cock in her throat.

With a grunt, Busty leaned backwards, letting Trevor's rod slide from her mouth. As it came free, it jerked, spitting a gout of pre like Busty's nipple had, and with her head out of the way and his pants down, the camera took in a shot of Trevor's fat nuts. They distended his sac, strained his leather pouch into a tight caricature of bovine ballsac. Thick veins crossed it while each ovid nut wobbled slowly, each the size and shape of a football. Trevor, like all the guys at the studio who popped had massive nuts.

He leaned down to stroke a hand along Busty's chest and helped her upwards, then turned her to face a post set up in the stable. Pressing against her from behind, his hands slipped around her to grip at her shorts, and pulling on the button and zipper, he quickly opened and thrust them down off of her hips. A sharp moan came from the cow just as she pushed her hips back, helping Trevor to remove the tight shorts and to let them slide down her legs. That put her pussy on display for the camera from behind. Playfully, she flitted her tail against Trevor's cock and let out a slow, lusty little moan of breath, "Give it all to me, cowboy."

Eager to comply, Trevor eased his hips back, just enough to nuzzle the tip of his dick against her labia, then pushed forward, spearing his cock into her body. Busty moaned out as much in delight as for the camera, but the dribble of feminine juices from her folds hinted at her arousal. For his own part, Trevor continued to push forward, sinking his dick deep down into Busty's waiting cunt. He moved until his hips hilted with hers, and once there, moved his hands to grip her hips. With a firm hold, he began to thrust.

The shifting of his hips made his nuts sway between his legs and made Busty's tits jiggle and wobble in front of her. Each thrust forward was accompanied bet a loud, wet smack of flesh against flesh, and each time Trevor's hips met Busty's, she let out a loud, lowing moan of breath. Trevor moved in slow, practiced strokes, in and out of her, enough to pace himself not to blow too quickly. He wanted to luxuriate in this luscious cow's pussy before he snuffed her. So his hips moved steadily, pulling half of his dick out before easing it back into her body. The whole time the cameras were fixed on his thrusting hips of her wobbling tits.

After a few, long moments of this teasing, achingly slow pace, Trevor reached over to the milking machine and grabbed the two suction cups. Switching the machine on, he moved his hands and the cups around in front of Busty, and one by one attached them to her milky knockers. Immediately, as the suction applied to each breast, a gout of creamy white milk erupted, filling the cup halfway before draining down the tube and into the milking container. The sensation made Busty shiver and set her low moans into sharp, stacatto gasps of pleasure each time the machine pulled at her teats and Trevor thrust back into her. Her nipples swelled and her areola puffed up, making her breasts look more like udders. The whole time, Trevor continued to thrust, but once the cups were attached, he started to thrust harder, faster, working himself inside of her. He pushed slightly against her back and bent her forward against the post, enough that her tits dangled downwards and the spurts of milk from her knockers were prominently on display.

With hefty groans and pants, Trevor finally spoke up in the scene, 'Ohhh... fuck ma'm. You got the best pussy in these here parts. I don't know how much longer I can hold it. I might cum the best I ever cum." He accentuated that statement with a slap to one of Busty's ass cheeks, making it wobble just slightly.

Busty looked back with slightly glazed eyes and a look of lust on her face. "Ohhh do it you stud. Gimme everything you got."

Trevor grinned widely, then reached up and tipped his hat back just slightly. It served to show off his horns that were confined inside of it. "You ah... you want that EXPLOSIVE ending, ma'm? Mmmf... I'm pretty sure you done good enough in yer lesson to get it!" He continued to thrust into Busty as he spoke, speaking between the loud, meaty smacks of his hips against her own.

Again, Busty moaned out with that lusty look her her face. "Gods yes. I want the biggest, best ending you can give me, handsome!" As she said that, she arched up slightly, shoving herself against the post. The motion made her huge tits flop upwards before they fell back to slap against each other with as meaty a clap as her hips and Trevor's were making.

The grin on Trevor's face turned into a toothy smile, "Well yessum! I reckon I can bust you real good! Just... a little more and..." he inhaled sharply, looking down at his groin just as his thrusts slightly faltered, his hips showing a slight stutter to their rhythm, "and you're gonna be f..fit to BURST!" He swallowed hard and thrust once more as his breathing grew more and more ragged, more heavy.

The cameras moved once again, the obvious coming climax needing to be recorded, needing to get every inch of Busty as she expanded outwards.

Busty, meanwhile, put herself more on display, pressing her chest forward and her ass backwards. Her tail lifted upwards, putting her plump cheeks on display, and her hands lifted to her chest, hefting her tits high for the cameras to get a good shot of. And behind her, as she showed off one last time, Trevor groaned out sharply and roughly thrust forward, slamming his hips into Busty's. "Ah!" he cried out, "Here it comes!"

The camera behind him took in the way his balls twitched and jerked, then drew up, pulling tight in his sac. As that happened, Busty cried out sharply, "Awww gods! Yeah!" The first pulse through Trevor's dick filled her, but the second pulse pumped his spunk beyond her womb's limits, beginning to fill the rest of her.

Below, a camera zoomed in on Busty's stomach, watching as it jerked outwards with Trevor's load, swelling her once trim gut with each pulse. The first bloated it slightly, but the next and the next pushed it outwards more and more, starting to round it like she was rapidly growing pregnant. Meanwhile, a camera focused on her ass captured a similar scene of her cheeks puffing and plumping upwards against her tail and Trevor's abs. As her cheeks rounded and swelled, her tail thickened, bloating like Trevor's dick did in his pants.

Busty cried out with a voice thick with pleasure, "Oh gods you're filling me up!" She held her position arched against the post while the bloating spread through her, and the camera focused on the milking suction cups caught the first signs of the spreading load through her. The creamy milk turned thicker and slimier as Trevor's spunk mixed into Busty's body, and as the pressure grew, the suction cups began to fill more and more as the streams coming from her nipples grew in intensity. The machine managed to stave off her growth for a moment, but soon enough Trevor's loads caught up with its capacity and Busty's tits began to swell much like her belly. Grunting and huffing happily, she pawed and worked at her tits, almost mauling them to feel the stretch and strain as they grew more and more massive.

Behind her, Trevor grabbed her ass cheeks and began to knead them like so much dough in his pants, stroking and massaging them as they continued to swell with each pumping pulse of his long prick. Breathing sharply, he huffed out, "Ohhhh ma'm! I'm gon' pop you real good!" He let go of her ass cheeks and pushed his hands down into her back, swelling and bloating like the rest of her to leave momentary handprints in her hide. "Just a big 'ol cowhide condom for my spunk!"

Busty looked up to one of the cameras so that it could catch her lips and cheeks as they began to puff and grow, swelling slightly. She moaned out, a dribble of cum leaking from her mouth, "Yes! Just a condom! Nut in me and use me up!" Crying out her pleasure, she stroked her thickening hands along her hide, showing the way it rippled and shook, the huge backed up load of jizz inside of her ready to turn her into a huge wave of mingled spunk and cow. She pulled at her tits with fingers that had bloated like her tail and hands that had become like gloves, but still she worked herself. Below, the camera focused on her belly got the shot of her belly button popping outwards and a thin, pressurized streamer of spunk beginning to spray downwards from it. From behind, the camera focused on Trevor's nuts zoomed outwards to catch the scene of Busty's legs beginning to bloat and thicken, growing as heavy as Trevor's and then larger.

The bloated bovine looked up to the camera above her with her puffed up face, cheeks swollen, mouth fat, head thickening more and more as Trevor's cum dumped into her. She groaned again, opening her mouth wide to show the way her already wide tongue had begun to round outwards and the way her features were distorting to become rounded. The real moneyshot was when she moaned out in her thick, fake western accent, "I wanna pop for you! Pop me, baby! I'm almost there... I can feel it! I'm getting real tight!"

To show that, Trevor grabbed her ass again, but instead of his fingers sinking in, they hung onto a strained hide, pulled tight by the heated load inside of her. Trevor looked down with a wide smile and a nod, "I... recon you're r..right! Been a fun fuck ma'm, but it's time... fer you to burst!" He pulled back, ever so slightly, enough to wrap a hand around the base of his still jerking dick. Grunting sharply, he held himself there, cock spasming in his hand and his urethra swelling dangerously. Groaning and grunting, he let the camera get a good shot of the veins standing out in relief on his strained skin as he built up one last load to make sure Busty's burst was truly phenomenal. "Here... it.... COMES!"

When Trevor let go, the pent-up load surged upwards into Busty, cramming her full of the bull's spunk. She cried out sharply as her features distorted, bulging in places. The cameras caught her face puffing up comically, her eyes bulging outwards, all in slow-motion, while her fingers and toes suddenly rounded. Streamers of jizz erupted from the corners of her mouth and navel and the overfilled suction cups rocketed off of her gushing nipples followed by a heavy BLORT as she exploded, liquefying in a massive spray of cum and cow paste that splashed down onto the floor and across Trevor's lap and chest. The huge mess spread rapidly across the stable set's floor, but most of it angled right into the grate set off to the side. One of the cameras moved in slowly to watch what was left of Busty go oozing through the grates while Trevor switched off the milking machine and wrote "Milk: Extra Protein" on the side of the canister.

"CUT!" came the director's scream, and almost immediately, as lights went off, the hose turned on to start cleaning up the set and cleaning off the thick mess covering the floor and Trevor. As he stood there, getting the gunk hosed off, the director called out to him, "Good work, Longrod! I hope you look as good as she did when you get popped! That was one hell of a performance!"

Trevor let out a shivering laugh from the cold water, 'Thanks! I was thinking of going out to The Bath House this weekend to see if I could find someone to get into the industry. Let 'em be my replacement."

"Just make sure they got a big dick and can do the job, kid, but don't go and get yourself popped! We want that on camera!"

Trevor laughed again and reached down to work his dick just slightly while his other hand removed the canister from the milking machine. Taking a long, slow sip of it, he hummed slightly, "Mmph. She tastes good like this. Shoulda done her at Juicy's. Then I could've at least had a Busty flavored smoothie."