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Supplemental Inflation

Terry walked into his room, a bag in one hand. He stepped over to his computer, loaded up his stream, and hit the button to start. There were already over fifty people waiting in his stream, eager for today's show as they had been for a few months now. And for all that time, Terry had been bringing home partners, handsome guys, buxom gals, nerdy ones and fat ones and shy ones, too. He'd brought all of them back to his place after telling them about his little show. A stream for anyone who wanted to watch him fuck and then pop whoever he brought home that day. His viewers commented on the show in a sidebar, and Terry entertained his partners by reading off some of it. He'd tease them with his audience's calls for a quick pop or a slow one. He'd play with his partner at his audience's request as they swelled up. At the end, he'd always ask for a smile, though most of his partners were too bloated to be able to manage even that, as their last hurrah before their end. And all of them ended up painted across the room, burst into heady waves of thick, greasy rat spunk. The doe with the fat ass had been the biggest when she burst, practically painting the entire room white. A perky, athletic mouse boy had gone the fastest, squeaking delightfully until he exploded. The audience loved them all the same, though, and Terry got fanmail. Some of them asked who would be next. Others asked if they could be next. But today, Terry had a plan for a show they were all sure to love.

He leaned back into his chair and looked into his webcam, smiling, and piped up, "Afternoon, everyone. Welcome to this week's episode of 'Get Popped With Terry.' I'm your host, Terry. On today's show, I've got a special treat for you. As you might have noticed, I don't have anyone with me. Well, that's because today is my last show. 'Cause today... I'm popping myself." The rat leaned forward with a slightly toothy grin, "You head that right. And I'll bet you're wondering how I'm going to do it." Already the chat bar was alight with pleas for him not to so that the show could go on, calls for him to suck himself off and pop himself that way, and others simply questioning how he would do it.

Terry reached over to the bag he had brought in and pulled out three identical bottles. Setting them all in front of himself, he looked back into the camera. "You've all heard me talk about the amazing effects of NutUp! testicular enhancer. One bottle's enough to boost your output for twenty four hours that you'll bloat your partner pretty tight. One and a half, and your partner's a guaranteed cum stain dripping down the walls. But," he picked up a bottle and turned it around, holding it up for the camera, "if you'll notice the warning... don't take more than ten doses in a 24 hour period. Well one bottle is six. So nine doses and ya pop someone. But what happens when you take more than ten?" Terry smiled again and leaned back into his chair. He reached into his shorts, the only thing he had on at the moment, and fished around, digging his already massive balls out to plop them onto his desk. He gave them a little pat, then groaned slightly, "Well these babies just get too productive. You start gushing spunk as your dick tries to get rid of it all. But if you go a LOT more than ten... well it starts to back up into you and..." Terry blew his cheeks out in a mockery of what his partners looked like before they all burst. He smiled once more and cracked the first bottle open.

Standing up, he took a few steps back, then started to drink. He swallowed slowly, and as he did so, he pushed his shorts down and off, letting his plump black rat dick flop free to rest atop his balls. Thick, ovoids hung heavy in his sac, bloated fat from the months of supplement he had been taking. His dick had grown some too with his shaft growing slowly fatter and his glans starting to bulge. Over the months, his audience had seen his package grow, but today they'd see it really bulk up. He let out a slight belch as he finished the first bottle. "It takes a few minutes to kick in. So sit tight." Smiling, he picked up the next bottle, opened it, and began to drink it down. Standing there, he was in full view for the camera. Terry didn't have an amazing physique, not like the bulky, muscly canine stud he brought back two weeks ago. That guy had practically begged for Terry to snuff him on camera, and Terry was happy to oblige. The dog's muscles had bulged outwards while he was swelling, making for quite the different show than the normal more rounded swelling that others experienced in their final moments.

Terry dropped the second bottle with a slight groan of breath, looking to the camera. "That's twelve doses. If nothing else, at this point, my dick would end up painfully strained and swollen, practically fountaining spunk, even without me working to an orgasm." He picked up the third bottle and held it up, cracking the seal on the cap. "THIS bottle, however, is gonna guarantee I'm gonna be joining all my playmates in cum stain city." He smiled once more and started drinking, this time more slowly than the other bottles, but as he finished and dropped the bottle, he grunted softly, "Ahhh... I can feel it tingling... getting to work. Here we go. Get your dicks and pussies out and get ready to enjoy the show!"

He took a few steps back so that he was in full view of the camera and began to pose for everyone to see. He had some muscular definition, but more like someone who went to the gym a few times a week. He wasn't fat by any stretch, and his grey fur did a good enough job of showing off what little tone he did have. His long, pink tail curled and flicked behind him while in front his fat sac shifted and jiggled slightly. Resting atop it, his plump black dick twitched as well as a thin dribble of his pre oozed outwards and across the fur on his sac.

With a sudden jiggle in his balls and a slight bulge in his sac, Terry groaned out softly, "Ohhh fuck... here we go. No stopping it now!" He looked down to himself to watch it happen, watch his balls kick into gear and start to produce so much spunk that he was going to splatter. Below, his nuts thickened, heaving in their sac, before they started to swell slowly outwards. They grew thick and heavy, at first filling and then beginning to strain his sac. In moments, his nuts swelled from plump grapefruits to melons to basketballs. As they grew, his sac grew more and more strained, heaving with the weight contained within it. It thickened as well, though, to contain the massively building load, and across its surface a vein pulsed, hinting at the strain it was under. Terry reached a hand down to stroke across his bulging groin, feeling the way his nuts were bloating with spunk. It sent a shiver through him and made him cry out in pleasure, sharply enough that a little squeak came from his voice.

But those bloating rat balls were nowhere near finished. They strained his sac more, pushing against the skin to show their outline, the criss-cross of the tubes inside, and they pulumped too, as his production grew more and more thanks to the supplement he drank. Soon, his dick began to bulge, the underside swelling and thickening as if he were cumming, and as a heated drizzle of spunk began to leak from his tip, it would seem that way, but Terry's dick was still soft. "Fuck... there it goes... leaking since I'm making too much. Ohhh fuck it won't be long now. I'm gonna swell up huge and burst!" He gasped once more, still stroking his fingers against his sac, feeling the way his nuts angrily shifted and squirmed within. His dick gave another jiggle just as it began to swell, plumping suddenly and starting to grow. The flow from his tip grew as well, growing from a thin streamer to a constant spout, pouring out in front of him. The stream of thick, gooey white jizz grew and started to push out further as the pressure grew, the flow turning into a stream arcing away from his tip. Already, the pool on the floor was spreading, coating his feet in a layer of the rat's heady nut butter.

With a gurgle, Terry's hips suddenly gave a twitch as they started to puff, his groin getting into the act first from the localized spunk release before his hips followed suit. They pushed out, rounding slowly. Terry looked to the camera with a sheepish grin, then turned in profile, showing both front and back. The audience was treated to the sight of the rat's fat ass getting fatter, bulging outwards and thickening up. The base of his tail had already started to swell, bulging slowly downwards like a balloon being inflated. Terry looked back to the camera and spoke up again, "Unnnh... see that? I'm just a big 'ol rat condom getting fulla my cum. Goddamn does this feel hot..."

In front, as his tail bloated, Terry's belly began to get into the show, stretching and growing a slight dome, then bulging out more to make it look like Terry had never been to the gym. His fingers moved from his balls to his belly, stroking over it as it grew. The heavy weight behind it pushed Terry's gut outwards, doming it and then turning it into a massive beer belly. With a groan and whine of breath, Terry slapped his gut, making it jiggle and bounce with a deep, full thump. And below, his dick had swollen more than the audience had ever seen it. Terry's cock, which usually stopped at a good foot, was a few inches longer, but what was normally as thick as a can was now almost double that. The hugely thick prick had thickened more, going glossy and shiny as his skin stretched and strained to contain his self-popping load. Veins bulged across its surface, straining with the load of spunk likely flowing through them, and his tip was spouting a heavy streamer of spunk straight ahead nearly three feet. The scrolling chat in the stream was moving rapidly, audience calls for the show to go on and calls for Terry to try and get some spunk all over himself before he blew.

Terry was busy with himself, though, stroking and playing with his belly while his chest started to puff up. Some guys he fucked grew tits when they started to bloat. Some just rounded outwards. As Terry's chest swelled, his torso stretching to match his belly, he fell into the latter category with his pecs stretching and straining, little masculine nipples starting to leak for the first and last time ever. Terry gasped at the sensation of spunk running down his front, then stuck his fingers into the flow, feeling the way he started to ooze his own load. Below, his legs were already thickening, turning into logs, though with the way he swelled came a loss of strength, so as his legs slightly gave way, Terry flopped down onto his bed, sitting there with legs spread for everyone to watch.

The rat huffed and moaned, lost in the sensation of his final show like all of his partners had been. They had all come willingly, eager to be bloated and burst like a cheap, disposable condom. Some of them playfully begged for the camera. Others just moaned softly. Terry moaned steadily while he grew, hands playing with his chest and belly, feeling the way he stretched and strained. With a bit of a high-pitched whine, he looked up at the camera, "F..fuck... I've always wanted to get popped, but could never find anyone I wanted to. Oh my god I'm perfect for me, though. Unnnnh... I'm... halfway there. I'm gonna pop soon." As he said that, his neck thickened, swelling like the underside of his dick in a visible display of spunk travelling up his trunk and into his head. Terry cried out sharply just as a heated, heavy rivulet of gooey spunk oozed from between his lips.

Both hands came up to push against his face, showing the audience the way his fingers had bloated, turning from their normal lithe selves into plump little sausages. He worked them across his face, feeling the shape of his muzzle as it began to puff, his lips as they thickened and swelled, then the sides of his head as it bloated, growing like a beachball. Terry whined through thick lips and a swelling tongue, "Fuck... not much longer... I can feel it. I'm getting tight." He swallowed sharply, then dropped his hands to his sides swollen out to make him look massive. The movement sent a ripple through his body, jiggling and shaking his entire form.

As he continued to grow unabated, the rat looked to the camera, huffing as best he could, eyes wide with the pressure behind and inside them. Then the creaking began. His body started to strain, growing slowly more and more tight. His audience knew that sound all too well; it was the sound someone started to make when they had reached their limits, when they were about to disintegrate into a bubble of spunk that would spray and crash everywhere, their final moments caught on camera. An ending that dozens of viewers would cum to, the sight of some stranger being snuffed on Terry's massive load. And now it was Terry's turn.

He huffed and whined, muttering out, "F..full.. gonna burtht... Latht thow... hope... enjoyed... can't... wait... thplat." Terry's tongue finally bloated enough to fill his mouth, keeping him from speaking, but the growing sound of the creaking would have drowned out anything he said. The camera remained on him as he stretched what last little he could. The streamer from his dick was like an open faucet, gushing a torrent of spunk, and his nipples had gotten into the show, spraying streamers straight out in front of him. His nose started to leak, then thin rivulets formed from his eyes, the pressure finally reaching its limits. Terry shook, shuddered, and strained as a heady CREEEAK filled the air, almost rubbery in nature. It stopped, momentarily, then with a sudden, sharp BLAT, Terry exploded, his body giving out, snuffing the rat like he had wanted into a massive explosion of spunk that sprayed across his room. A wave crashed across his bed while streamers sprayed the wall and ceiling. The audience watched as the huge oozing mess flowed off of Terry's bed and onto the floor while thick white globs oozed down from the ceiling and rolled down the walls.

Ten minutes later, when there was no more movement on the camera, the stream automatically ended, for the last time.