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The Party, part 2

Jasper strolled down the stairs, still nude and still sporting an erection. The thick, stringy, gooey mess that used to be Rock clung to his fur and oozed in thick strands from his bloated balls to hang in sticky strings slopping between his thighs. As he entered the main room of the frat house, several of the party-goers looked over, spotted the mess that Jasper wore like a medal of honor, and cheered. Immediately, they turned back to their revelries. Jasper stood at the bottom of the stairs with a smile on his face. Everyone in the party was busily enjoying themselves in varying fashions. A stallion was over in a corner making out with a mare. One of the bustier squirrel sorority girls was making out with a bunny over by the kitchen.

On a sofa off to the side, a small circle of people stood tightly packed, watching something. Jasper walked over and knelt down to look between a particularly large mouse's legs. Sitting on the sofa was one of the football players, a large rhinoceros named Tank. He was tall, but he was also wide. Tank's shoulders were broad, his chest heavily muscled, his arms thick with muscle, and his neck thick with the strain of weight lifting. He sat on the sofa wearing only his jersey as his pants were around his ankles. Dangling between his legs were a pair of fat, grey testicles, but his dick was mostly hidden by the vixen bouncing in his lap, impaled on the defensive back's bloated pole. Jasper didn't recognize her, but her hair was styled like squirrel making out on the other side of the room. Her legs were spread and the pink of her vulva was stretched tightly around Tank's heavily veined grey dick. While she rode him, Tank remained reclined back against the sofa, breathing steadily and heavily. His eyes were hidden under a mass of blonde curls. The vixen, though, was on full display, and the pleasure of fucking the big hunk was visible on her face.

With each roll of her hips upwards, her plump breasts rose high into the air, and each time she came down, they slapped heavily against each other. Her heavy breasts were white furred, though matted slightly with sweat, and capped with heavy pink nipples swollen with pleasure from the fucking. Her face was scrunched up in concentration while she attempted to retain her composure and stay upright on the huge dick inside of her. It made the white fur of her tummy bulge out just slightly each time she fell down against Tank's lap. The rest of her fur, a rich orange, shined with the sweat of her exertion and pleasure.

From the crowd, a voice piped up. "You really gonna fuck him until he blows, Jana?" The vixen nodded in response while a breathy little moan escaped her spread lips.

Another voice came. "Dude that's so hot. I love it when someone fucks themselves into a cum bubble. You think she'll cum before she snuffs it?"

The first voice spoke up again. "Look at her. She's ready to pop, alright. Come on, Tank! Squeeze her tit and make her cum so we can get on with the show!"

Jana shook her head and let out a sudden gasp of breath, "Nno! I wanna... wanna make him bust me... without doing anything!" She continued to ride Tank, bouncing against his hips. Each stroke against him made a soft squelch fill the air, the sound of her cunt working and squeezing against his titanic erection. Tank snorted and huffed in his agreement but remained silent and still. So onward Jana continued to work. Her pace was steady, rising and falling in a consistent rhythm. The crowd continued to watch, knowing what would happen when Jana finally got Tank's rocks off.

The vixen leaned back just slightly against the rhino and lifted her head into the air. The position served to make her heavy tits rise and fall just a little more. The soft mounds moved in a heavily rolling pulse, and with each thrust, they slapped down against her chest with a jiggle. Each time her tits slapped together, a soft smack accompanied the gentle slurp from the fucking below. The steady pulse of her hips against Tank's crotch elicited heavy quivers from her labia, making them stretch and shudder around the heavy dick plugging up the Jana's hole. Her soft, pink vagina stretched slightly outwards with each lift of her hips, causing her labia to stretch even more, and at the apex of each roll of her hips, her engorged clit pushed free to jiggle slightly at the watching crowd before, with a thrust of her hips, it disappeared again to press down against Tank's pole.

The crowd watched with rapt attention, waiting for the moment when Tank would reach his peak and Jana would begin to swell, moving her towards that inevitable last moment of her life when she'd feel the stretch pushing and straining through her body right before she exploded. Everyone there had seen it happen before or had done it to someone, and everyone in the crowd was waiting for Jana's last moment. Tank let them know it was coming when he let out a sudden, snorting grunt and inhaled sharply, then blew out hard through his nose with a loud snort. He inhaled again, then muttered out a groaning breath, "'M cummin." The crowd leaned in to watch just as Tank's balls jerked upwards, twitched, and drew tight in their sac. The heavy, almost melon sized nuts twitched and jerked hard in their grey pouch before the underside of Tank's dick bulged outwards, a slow and steady pulse of his semen traveling up and along the length of his dick. It pushed up through him and into Jana, much to the crowd's delight.

"Here we go!" came one voice "Man I've wanted to see you get cumsnuffed for a long time, Jana."

The shuddering, moaning vixen could only reply with a heavy cry of pleasure when she felt the warm semen begin to pump up and into her. The flow came slowly and in a steady stream, almost oozing into her, and it took several long seconds before her belly began to show the flood pouring into her heated cunt, but the crowd didn't have to wait long. Just as Jana came down against Tank one last time, she cried out in an orgasm. At the same time, her white furred, trim tummy began to push outwards, starting to dome like a gently inflating basketball, but the growth remained steady, and after a few more seconds, she started to look pregnant. Her belly began to dome, growing thick and heavy against her, pushing and swelling steadily. With an audible little POP, her belly button snapped out and thickened, swelling like a miniature version of her belly. The vixen cried out in delight and reached down to feel the stretching strain of her stomach and the churn of Tank's seed inside of her.

The mouse whose legs Jasper was looking through called out, "C'mon, Jana! Give us a play-by-play. Let us know how much you wanna be burst!"

Jana looked up with slightly lidded eyes and tongue lolling from her muzzle. "It's... so tight... I can feel it filling me up. Ohhh gods it's... it's spreading now! I can feel his cum spreading in me!" As she said that, her sides started to push outwards, going from the curvaceous, nearly hourglass shape she once sported to a more rounded shape that rapidly melded in with the growing bulge of her stomach. She moved her hands, lifting them to press against her tits, and cried out again, "Th..there! It's in my tits now!" Her already large breasts, at least a C-cup, gave a sudden jiggle as if to hint at what she was saying. The following bulge in them gave away the reality of the situation. Her heavy, white-furred tits began to swell as well, starting to thicken and droop slightly with the growing weight of cum inside of them. As they swelled, growing easily in a few short moments from their modest C, past a D, and onwards to an F, her areola started to stretch and thicken, growing to the size of saucers, and then nearly plate-sized atop her cum fattened juggs. The one-petite nipples capping them thickened and swelled as well, and by the time her breasts came to rest against her stomach, all still swelling, her nipples looked like fat thumbs atop her tits. Little white gooey droplets of cum started to ooze from them.

The mouse stepped forward, giving Jasper a better view and a chance to stand, and leaned forward to suck one of Jana's nipples into his mouth. He gave a slow pull with his lips, a suckle that pulled what was inside from her, and then leaned back as he swallowed. "That's Tank's nut alright." The crowd let out an appreciative cheer.

Jana, meanwhile, had started to thicken elsewhere. Already, her once trim pussy had started to swell downwards, growing to fatter and fatter proportions that cushioned around Tank's dick and snuggled against his bloated nuts still twitching and loosing their lethal load upwards into his partner. Her swelling ass had pushed her slightly forward, away from Tank's chest, so that she sat upright, a growing, bloated version of her former self. When her arms began to thicken, growing at a steadily slow pace, Jana reached up to run her fingers along her face. She bit her lower lip and held it for a moment, but when she opened her mouth again, a thin rivulet of spunk oozed down her muzzle. Slowly fattening fingers pushed against her lips as they too started to swell, thickening at a slower pace than her arms and hands were. Jana moaned in delight at the sensation, then let her sausage-like fingers drop down to grip at her tits. With a squeeze, a huge streamer of Tank's spunk spurted from each nipple, and with the flow started, it continued onwards while Jana's hands dropped once more to grip at her belly. She let out a tender whine of breath, "I'm getting so tight... He's gonna pop me. I can feel it. I'm gonna be popped!"

The crowd cheered again. Another watcher spoke up, saying, "Fuck you look good, Jana. I bet you'll be the biggest splatter tonight. C'mon Tank! Pop her! Pop! Pop! Pop!" And with that, the rest of the crowd chimed in, all chanting, "Pop! Pop! Pop!"

Meanwhile, Jana's legs and feet, pressed to either side of Tank, had bloated outwards, swelling and lifting her off of Tank's dick enough to give everyone a good sight of his still fattened cum vein pulsing his steady stream of spunk upwards and into the growing cumbubble of a vixen. She sputtered and gurgled while her face fattened, swelling outwards and puffing up. Cum began to leak from between her lips at a more steady pace, then from her rounding little black nose. As her eyes bulged, then puffed up in their sockets, streamers of jizz leaked out from around them. Finally, her little pointed ears began to puff and round outwards.

What was once Jana sat there jiggling and heavy, the fattened vixen cum bubble moaned once more, huffing softly through thickened lips and tongue, "Feel it... G..gonna pop... thoon... tho much cum... I... wanna... thplat so baaa." Her voice was cut off as with a sudden SPLORT, she burst, splashing a huge wave of mixed spunk and vixen out against Tank and the crowd. The massive wave of mixed slime spread out across the couch and the floor, flowing in all directions while the crowd was coated in the mixed mess. Immediately, they all let out a loud cheer. Tank remained seated while his dick continued to fountain up into the air, adding to the mess, a streamer of cum that arced a few inches into the air and as thick as two fingers put together.

Jasper got hit with a huge wave of the spunk and vixen mess to coat his entire body. With hands wiping his face off to clear his vision and tongue lapping up the heated, gooey treat from his muzzle, he looked up at Tank reclining there, smiling in blissful release.

The big rhino reached a cum covered hand down to palm his fat nuts, lifted them to reveal a tight, pink little pucker, then snorted out playfully, "Next party," much to Jasper's immediate disappointment. Still, the little squirrel walked right up to Tank, leaned in, grabbed the rhino's massive, still spurting cock, and pulled it down against his face. The squirrel began to drink down the heated flow of cum, swallowing mouthfull after mouthfull, until with a little grunt, he leaned in and wrapped his lips around Tank's glans. Jasper let the big male's spunk fill his cheeks, stretching them out larger and larger, until he leaned back off of Tank's cock head with a soft pop, cheeks bloated out to look like he had each of Tank's nuts stuffed in them. With several long swallows, Jasper drained his cheeks and let out a huff of breath, "Next party."