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The Party

Rock walked into the party with a slight swagger to his gait. Invitations had been sent out to all the cool kids, the football team, the basketball team, the cheerleaders, and anyone really who had shown interest in attending. One of the frat houses on campus hosted the event, and they had taken great pains to make sure that everyone in attendance knew the rules. Beer was free, the pool needed to stay clean, everyone was fair game, and if you got fucked, you got popped. Of course, everyone who showed up already knew the rules and were there for the fun, not for being seen. By morning, at least five of the partygoers were left dripping down the walls or flowing down a drain. Cleanup was always messy with that much cum.

Rock had been to the party last month and enjoyed himself in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It had a hole in the wall that led to a shower on the other side. The frat had set it up as an anonymous popping booth that was easy to clean up, and Rock had seen to it that whoever was on the other side ended up a huge puddle. He came to the party tonight looking for some fun of the same sort, but with a party like this, if one of the other guys took an interest in him, it might be Rock who ended up swirling down the shower drain. But that was why he came: for the thrill of who he might fuck and who might fuck him.

The big bull wore a tight-fitting tank-top after his workout that he had pulled a loose, open-buttoned shirt on top of. Below, he wore a pair of simple jeans, enough to keep his hefty package contained and hidden until time to put it to use. Behind the outfit, his muscles bulged against the fabric as did the heft of his slight gut and the weight of his thick nuts. All around, he was fairly average in terms of output of those who attended these kinds of parties. He was certainly no Jasper. The squirrel had a little dick, only four inches, but his nuts were easily the size of bowling balls and easily twice as dense. The little guy popped someone at every party he went to.

The main common room of the frat was packed. Furs of every species and size milled about, talking to each other, laughing, making out, and some even fondling each other, a precursor to one of them ending up burst. Rock strolled into the crowd, listening to the music. The heady base put his heart to pumping and made him all that more eager to have some fun. As he moved through the crowd towards the kitchen where the beer would be waiting, a hand slipped against his ass to give it a squeeze, then a smaller body pressed against him from behind.

"Tonight gonna be the night I pound this big bull ass of yours, Rock?" Jaspers voice floated up all eager and full of energy. Turning, Rock looked down at the shorter guy and smiled to him, a laugh rising from his throat.

"Not if I pound yours first, Jasp. Maybe I'll let you pop me tonight, huh? Maybe you'll wait another month." Rock smiled wider as he said that, but Jasper only gave him a slight pout, then turned and walked off to begin feeling up one of the cheerleaders by the couch.

Working his way past more and more gropes, Rock made it to the kitchen where he grabbed one of the red plastic cups. He filled it from a keg, immediately taking a long swig from the cup before topping it off and heading back into the party. Most of the attendees were in the common room still, all of them eagerly chatting away. A few had moved out back already and were busily making out. A fox and a mare were headed upstairs, the fox's dick very obviously straining his pants and the mare teasing him. Later, only the fox would come down again. Rock smirked to himself, imagining the mare riding the vulpine dick, her belly and tits ballooning outwards while she moaned and begged for more. The thought sent his own dick surging down his pant leg to a rapid and slightly painful erection. He would need to tend to his own nuts soon enough.

Looking around the room for a potential partner, he sauntered towards the heavy weasel hanging out against a wall. Standing a good six inches shorter than Rock, the weasel was somewhat plump with a belly and thick arms. He had come to the party in a loose shirt and loose pants, though, and wasn't putting himself on display for anyone. A guy like that looked nervous and eager all at the same time, so Rock took it upon himself to at least speak up to the guy.

He leaned against the wall near the weasel and spoke up, "Hey man. First popping party?"

The weasel looked over to Rock and gave a sheepish little nod. "Yeah. It is," he said, "I was a little nervous, though, but the beer's good and the view's nice." The weasel turned to face Rock, then looked down over him and smiled just a little, "So uh... I'm Frank."

Rock held out a hand, which Frank took and shook. "I'm Rock. Nice to meet you. So you wanna see what these parties are all about?" The big bull beamed a confident smile down at Frank, but more than that, he flexed the hidden dick in his pants, making the outline strain slightly in his pants. He watched while Frank's gaze flitted down to it, then nervously back up.

Without waiting for a reply, Rock leaned in against Frank, dropped one of his large hands down to grope the weasel's package, then winked. Hidden in those pants was a package that might pop someone at the party, but given how timid and nervous Frank seemed, Rock decided that the weasel was here to get burst, not do the bursting. With his hand still gripping Frank's junk, Rock turned and started to pull the other male along with him. Frank hesitated for only a brief moment before walking along with Rock.

The bull led his new find upstairs and down the first hallway. He stopped outside a closed door from which there was a heavy moaning and whinnying coming. Leaning against the door, Rock looked to Frank again, "So here's the deal. There's some hot chick in there getting fucked. And when the guy fucking her busts his nut, she's going to bust. Then he'll head back downstairs and look for someone else to have some fun with." Rock reached his free hand out to run a finger down across the weasel's chest, feeling Frank's girth behind the shirt, "And I'd loooove to do that to you. What'cha say, fat boy?"

Frank's eyes were wide already, especially from the teasing strokes that had been applied to his crotch, causing the weasel to work up quite the chub, but Rock's forwardness and the moans from the bathroom made him shiver with anticipation. He started to speak, but a sudden BLORT from within the bathroom and the sudden silencing of the whinnies made him swallow his words. Instead, he just nodded to Rock and kept his mouth shut. Rock smiled in response and nodded, "Awesome. You're gonna love this. But let's find another room. This one's gotta drain for a little bit.

Rock grabbed Frank's hand and pulled the silent weasel along behind him. Already, Rock's pants were straining with the girth of his swollen erection, and Frank's were doing the same. The bull walked past two more rooms that had gentle moaning coming from them, other couples getting ready to reduce the number of party-goers just like Rock was looking to do with Frank. The third room stood open, the door ajar, so Rock pulled Frank inside and shut the door behind them.

Inside, the room had been stripped bare, save for the plastic sheet covered bed in the middle. Off to the side stood a drain to make for easier cleanup. When the party wasn't going on, this would have been someone's room, but for now, it had been refitted to serve as one of the popping rooms. As Frank walked towards the bed, he heard the shuffle of Rock stripping down behind him. When he turned to face the bull, Rock stood already half-nude. His shirt was off, and he was unbuttoning his pants. As they came open, the thick, fourteen inch cock sprung up and into the air to slap at his slight gut and to bob heavily in front of him. The head was covered in a thick, drooping foreskin, and as Rock dropped his pants, his thick nuts swung free. Rock shifted a hand down to stroke his fingers along the dark brown hair that coated his balls.

"Go on, dude. Strip down," he said as he eyed Frank.

The weasel looked down at the bull's fat dick and flushed in his ears before reaching down and sheepishly starting to pull his shirt up. A thick belly rolled slightly outwards, larger than Rock's, followed by a heavy set of man boobs. Frank tossed his shirt aside, then began to work on his pants. He unzipped them, letting his own nine inch dick slip free, followed by his own thick set of nuts. Heavy thighs framed his crotch, and when he bent over to push his pants down, Rock got a good look at his partner's plush ass. That sight made his cock thicken just a little more, veins popping along its size.

Rock moved forward and reached out to palm one of Frank's tits, and as he moved in close to do so, he pushed his hips forward to grind his dick along Frank's. Rock stood there, stroking his body against Frank's for a moment. "When I blow my load, these are gonna get bigger. You're gonna have a set of D-cups before you pop, but don't worry," Rock said, leaning in close to whisper to Frank, "I'm gonna milk 'em like you're a fat-tittied girl, just so you know what it feels like."

A warm flush spread over Frank's ears as Rock spoke to him. The teasing at his chest and what Rock was saying he was going to do just made Frank all the more eager. With a little swallow of nervousness, he turned around and moved towards the bed, then slipped down onto it and thrust his ass into the air. That made Rock let out a loud laugh, "Hell yeah! Eager!" And with that, the bull stepped up onto the bed and moved in behind Frank.

The bull grabbed at Frank's ass, palming the fat cheeks to spread them apart and expose his plump pink pucker. With a grind forward, Rock pushed his dick between Frank's cheeks, then let go of one cheek to reach in and grab at his glans. The big bull positioned his prick against Frank's hole and pushed, starting to sink himself into the weasel. A loud groan escaped Frank's throat as he felt the dick starting to slide into him and spread him open. Rock's hefty black shaft dipped deeper and deeper into Frank's body as the bull kept up the pressure. He moved with steady, tiny little thrusts that slipped more and more of his prick into Frank's ass, until finally, Rock's thick nuts nuzzled up against Frank's thighs.

A warm huff of breath slipped from Rock's mouth. Both hands moved, this time to Frank's hips, and getting a firm grip there, Rock pulled backwards, dragging his dick out of Frank's asshole, only to thrust back in again after only a few inches. The thrust made Frank yelp just slightly. The force of the push set his plump figure to lightly shaking, but more than that, it set him to moaning. As the bull settled in behind him, Frank slipped down to rest his shoulders on the mattress, gasping with each thrust that spread him open.

Meanwhile, Rock kept his grip tight on Frank's hips, his own hips working back and forth in a steady rhythm. This would be his first conquest of the night, he thought, imagining what the weasel would look like right before he burst. The thought of the already plump guy beneath him swelling up, straining on his load of cum just made Rock thrust harder. His nuts wobbled back and forth with each thrust, slapping against Frank's thighs each time he hilted deep in the boy's ass. And each time he pulled back, Rock's dick gave a spurt of pre in Frank, helping to keep him lubed up and pleasantly fuckable.

The sound of sex filled the air as Rock fucked his new and temporary partner, the sounds of slowly growing sloppy flesh on flesh, the slapping of hips and nuts together, and the sound of both guys grunting and moaning to each other. In the sex-filled air, Rock moaned out, "Ohhh fuck man... I'm gonna burst you like a used condom... you're gonna splatter real good."

"Ohh... oh god! F..fuck me, Rock!" Frank whined into the air, "Fuck me and pop me!"

Rock's fuse had worked itself short from the teasing and the plump ass wrapped around his cock. So as he felt his orgasm starting to build, he lifted a leg onto the bed to prop himself up and give himself more of an angle to thrust. Like that, he bent down over Frank and started to hammer at his ass, pounding against him. His mouth hung open and he moaned steadily, groaning out his pleasure. "Yeah man... yeah! Tell me you want me to pop you!"

Frank looked back at Rock to watch the bull humping away at him, promising to end him in a huge splatter of cum. The bull's eager face, wide eyes, and flopping tongue made Frank flush again, but he whined out, "I want you to pop me, Rock! I wanna burst for you!"

Frank's words made Rock let out a heavy moan of breath and hump forwards, that statement enough to set the big bull off. His dick surged inside of Frank, then swelled and began to fountain thick bull semen. It came in a huge wave that pressed into Frank's belly, swelling his guts and starting to bloat him outwards. Rock looked down to watch the show.

Frank felt the blast of semen inside of him, enough spunk in a single moment to bloat and stretch his already fat belly, but the weight of the load inside of him made his soft gut go taught with the load. Rapidly, Rock's huge wave of spunk began to spread beyond Frank's belly. Almost immediately, his ass pushed backwards, cupping against Rock's crotch. The plush cheeks swelled larger and fatter, getting more rounded and starting to jiggle even more. Frank cried out in pleasure as he felt himself starting to swell. Hands went to his bloating belly, feeling it sag down and inflate against the mattress. "What's... what's happening?" came his voice, shocked but filled with the sound of pleasure.

Rock leaned down over Frank, sliding his hands under Frank's chest to push them against his plump tits. With a squeeze and a moan, he felt them, waiting for them to start growing. Like that, he moaned into Frank's ear, "You're getting bloated, filled fulla cum. And when your fat hide can't take anymore... POP! No more Frank." He gasped out sharply as Frank's fat chest began to swell down into the bull's fingers, growing as promised thanks to the bull's jizz. Almost immediately, Rock began to tug and work at Frank's tits, milking them like he promised.

The swelling spread as Frank grew more and more. Arms and legs thickened, growing heavy with Rock's jizz. Frank's fingers each bloated suddenly like sausages. And the whole time he continued to moan and whimper, feeling himself straining and growing. The hefty swell raced through his body, even causing his nuts to bloat, growing them soon to be larger than Rock's. "I feel so... full..." came Frank's voice, already thick with the cum behind it, "Is this... is this when I pop?"

Rock tugged harder and harder at Frank's tits as they thickened, and soon enough, every tug milked a thin streamer of gooey, oozing spunk from Frank's nipples. As the plump weasel rounded out more, Rock straightened up, gasping, "Just a little more... a little more and you'll splatter, man. Ohhh fuck I love this part!"

From behind him, Rock heard the door open and shut, and a small voice moan out, "Ohhh I love this part too, Rock! Pop him and then let me pop you!" Jasper's voice filled the air, causing Rock to look behind him with wide eyes and a wide grin. The squirrel stood at the door, naked, with his little dick standing at attention and his massive balls sagging his sac downwards. He looked back to Frank just as the weasel's head expanded, bloating like the filled tip of a condom. Rock watched the guy beneath him stretching and straining, his body getting more and more distorted. Soon, a gentle creaking began to fill the air. Frank moaned out a soft, "F..full... gonna" and exploded with a heavy SPLORT, bursting into a thick wave of spunk that splattered onto Rock and splashed down off of the bed to spread across the floor.

Rock fell forward, his dick still twitching and spurting cum, though now without someone to spray it into. He rested there on hand and knee, panting just slightly. Jasper, though, had already started to walk forward, and scooping up some of the gooey puddle that was all that remained of Frank, he slathered it across his dick, lubing it up.

Walking up to the bed and climbing up onto it, Jasper leaned in to plant a warm kiss against Rock's ass. Groaning softly, he muttered out, "Ohhh I've wanted to pop you for a long time, Rock. Let me add you to the mess in this room. Make you a part of the guy you just burst." Without waiting for a reply, Jasper straightened up and pushed his dick against Rock's rounded ass, teasing against the bull's cheeks. Jasper moaned out softly, hotdogging his small cock, "I'm gonna do it Rock. I'm gonna do it. Oooooh..."

Rock finally managed to catch his breath and let out a soft, "Do it," just as Jasper thrust forward, sinking his dick easily into Rock's ass. Rock let out a slight grunt at the feeling of being penetrated, but Jasper let out a thick voiced, high-pitched squeal and immediately started to thrust rapidly against Rock's body.

Rock's balls were big, but Jasper's were massive, and the sudden and loud clapping sound they made as they bounced against Rock's thick thighs made him wince just slightly. He knew that when Jasper came that he would last much less time than Frank did. Their weight alone hinted at how much compressed spunk hid inside of them. If not for his massive loads, Jasper would have joined Frank's ranks a long time ago. Instead, he was a little star at these parties, always eager to help someone go out with a bang.

So onwards Jasper humped against Rock, his dick plugging in and out at a rapid pace. Unlike Rock's big dick, Jasper's smaller one meant that his short thrusts worked more rapidly to pull him towards an orgasm. Only a few minutes in, Jasper whined out happily, "Rock! Oh Rock I'm gonna cum and you're gonna pop!"

Immediately as he said that, the squirrel humped forward and grabbed hard against Rock's thighs. The sensation of Jasper's orgasm bursting inside of Rock took the bull's breath away. It was like being punched in the gut. The wave of spunk flooding from the little guy must have been more than a gallon a second, because as it flooded into Rock, he suddenly began to inflate, but unlike Jasper who grew gradually, Rock began to grow all at once.

As his belly sagged downwards, his chest puffed up, his arms thickened, his legs swelled, and even his cheeks started to sag. Rock gasped sharply as he stretched and bloated, feeling his entire figure distort and grow, what Frank had felt moments before. Jasper, meanwhile, continued to make little thrusting humps against Rock's continually growing ass. Heavy waves of spunk rolled through the bull, causing his entire torso to sag downwards against the cum and weasel coated mattress. His fingers fattened with a sudden FOOMP while his face pushed outwards, eyes bulging with the bloat filling them. He let out a tender moan of breath, then a sudden gurgle as cum began to pour from his lips.

Looking down to his handiwork, Jasper squealed again and gave Rock's side a slap, setting the cum bloated bull to quivering and jiggling. "Pop... pop! POP! You're a condom bull for me to POP!" Jasper's delighted laughs and moans filled the air, mingling with the rapidly growing sound of Rock's body straining to contain the huge load filling it. He managed to clear his mouth long enough to splutter out, "Pthank oo Jathper... popping me," along with more thick blobs of cum. Jasper watched as the bull's head swelled more and more until it resembled a beachball, and then stopped. Rock stopped growing all over, eliciting a gasp from Jasper, "Oh fuck yes! I thought you could take a good pressuring!" He leaned over his fuck bubble and grunted, feeling the way Rock's cum inflated figure had gone hard. The creaking grew in intensity, growing from a strained squeal to a shrill whine. Rock's body shuddered, straining to contain the load, but Jasper just had too much cum to give. With a sudden and room-shaking BOOM, Rock exploded, spraying a massive cum wave across the room and Jasper, blasting the squirrel back and onto the floor and completely soaking his body.

Jasper landed with a loud, happy laugh and immediately began to lick the gooey mess that remained of Rock from his face, lapping up the mixture of spunk and bull. As soon as he could see again, he stood up and began to wipe himself down. "One down. Three more to go!"