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Swell Tales of a Coyote's Classmates: Chapter 1

Alex sighed to himself as he cupped his cheek, resting the weight of his head in in his hand rather than writing down the notes that Ms. Abigale was reciting to the classroom. His teenaged hormones were keeping his attention glued to the preppy vixen two seats in front of him, specifically the ways her clothes were tugged around her healthily developed curves. Jennifer was definitely the hottest furre in his grade, and unfortunately for his horny, adolescent mind he was only able to bask in her beauty during History class. The school didn't have any dress code or school-specific attire, but that didn't stop this fox from wearing a tight pink school uniform top with a matching pleated skirt, accented by white thigh highs and some simple brown loafers, close to the colour of her brunette locks. Oh how he adored imagining her sitting that rump on his lap rather than at her desk, pretending time would slow down so he could truly appreciate the way her assets would wobble and bounce from ev-

"Alexander!" the stern looking cheetah at the front of the class announced out loud, demanding the attention of the entire classroom with the sudden interruption of today's lesson... except from the one furre she was attempting to talk to. Noticing the young coyote hadn't quite heard her, she clicked the heels of her stilettos against the floor as she marched up to Alex's desk while the rest of the class watched. The various faces examining the situation displayed various expressions, from amusement to annoyance. To the enjoyment of the furre sitting at the desk beside Alex, Ms. Abigale bent over to lean in nice and close, snapping her fingers a few times directly in Alex's face until he finally snapped out of his erotic daydream. Before a word of apology or excuses could begin forming from his lips, Alex's teacher grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, lifting him from his seat and onto the tips of his footwear.

"What's more important than a lesson on the very battle your own grandmother fought in during the revolution? What are you day dreaming about now?" Her free hand brought up the ruler she always held, almost as if it were glued to her palm. None of the students had ever seen her without it. Its end pressed against his chin, causing him to ache as he was simultaneously held by the skin on the back of his neck and forced to lift his face with the wooden measuring instrument. He was still only half-attentive from how suddenly he was tugged out of his trance.

"Jennn... nngg... Generation of Mecha... it's this video game series I've-" He hoped he covered himself well... he'd rather be embarrassed by that than to let the class know how he was internally drooling over Jennifer's figure. He was sure the last thing that fox needed was an even more inflated ego than she already had, with the way everyone with a penis who wasn't also school faculty was trying to dive right into h-

"Oof!" Alex was dropped back into his seat before feeling a firm grip on his shoulder. He could almost feel his teacher's sharp nails pressing through his shirt and against his skin.

"This will be your final warning. Next time I see you so much as blink longer than a millisecond, I'm dragging you by the ear to the principal's office." Stilettos clicked against the floor once more as the cheetah turned, strolling back towards the front of the classroom. Pairs of eyes started to branch off on what they were focusing on... some watching Alex to enjoy his humiliation, some returning to the chalk board to continue writing down today's lesson, a couple braver ones remaining glued to the teacher's behind. It was then that Alex noticed that the fox two seats ahead of him was looking directly at him, but her eyes rolled with a scoff before she turned to face the front of the class once more, muttering "Loser..." just loud enough for Alex to hear. That bothered him the most out of the entire scene.

Her insult would fester within him for the rest of the class.

Alex dropped his lunch on the cafeteria table before before swinging his legs over the bench, one at a time. Nobody liked the picnic table styled seating arrangement as it really helped to give this school the atmosphere of a prison. None of his friends had History with him, but that didn't stop school rumours from reaching their ears.

"What's 'Generation of Mecha'?" a familiar feline at the table inquired of Alex, after the group had coaxed him into telling the story himself. "I've...never heard of it."

"A video game I made up on the spot..." Alex started to explain, his friends either smirking at how silly the title sounded or looking a little confused. The same cat spoke up before he could continue with his story.

"Why did you have to invent a video game title? There's TONS of actual video games that start with words that sound like 'Jen'."

"Keep it down, will you?" Alex head locked the cat, trying to wrestle with him to keep him piped down without creating too much of a scene. The last thing he needed was to be kicked out of the cafeteria before he could even start eating his sandwich. "I told you the teacher had just woken me up, I was still out of it and couldn't think. I'm lucky I managed that and didn't actually say her name out loud in front of everyone!"

Thinking of her name caused Alex to temporarily glance in Jennifer's direction, making sure that she wasn't watching the mild commotion. Just in time as well, hearing her excuse herself from her group of friends to supposedly head to the washroom. A thought suddenly sparked within his mind and quickly ignited, causing him to feel uncomfortably hot under the collar. As he loosened his grip on his friend, he attempted to raise to his feet. "I'll be right back... I think I have a nervous bladder or something."

"Bullshit." one of his friends muttered, though he didn't notice who. Alex didn't exactly have the mind to pay attention to more than one thing at a time. Once his grip was loose enough, his feline friend pushed a paw against the coyote's face for revenge, causing Alex to growl but then let go. He headed out of the cafeteria to follow the now lone vixen, leaving his friends to bargain over who got to eat what from the coyote's abandoned lunch bag.

"Where is she going... to a different set of washrooms for some reason...?" Alex thought to himself as he stayed back, not wanting to be caught as he stalked the fox and her large, swaying, bushy tail. That darn thing was blocking his view of the back of her skirt, which was tightly wrapped around her unusually plush and plump rear end. Oh, how he dreamed of seeing Jennifer's bare ass in all of its bouncy glory~ And those breasts! She didn't even wear a bra and despite their size, they had such a wonderfully round, perky shape! Puberty wasn't known for being a very generous deity of nature, but it certainly seemed like this fox girl was its personal favourite.

The young vixen had already strolled right past two sets of washrooms. There was no way she was actually headed towards one as she told her friends... And her locker was at a completely other end of the school. What could she have been up to? Alex was growing more curious by the moment, only losing concentration when he could catch a glimpse of her uniform-covered side-boob due to just how large and round her breasts were on her otherwise average frame. His curiosity would soon be relieved, but not before it was suddenly heightened by the sight of her cautiously slipping into the school's gymnasium. The coyote was deeply puzzled.

He waited a moment so that she wouldn't hear him open the same set of doors that she had just passed through, peeking around the empty room from where he stood. He couldn't tell where she had gone until he heard the metal latch of the equipment room shut, encouraging him to make a quick jont towards it. He tried his best to carefully turn the heavy metal door's knob so that he could enter, but the sound of the latch opening was just as loud as it was when it shut. Alex's jaw dropped as he caught Jennifer in the act.

The coyote wasn't the only one with a fallen jaw. The fox's worried eyes darted back and forth between Alex's, which were wide with surprise. He had just walked in on her, exposing her secret; Jennifer had been using the school's gym equipment to artificially inflate her body into a more curvier, juicy figure. She had just enough time before Alex had peeked within to properly attach her currently exposed breasts to the air tanks which were normally used to reflate the basket and soccer balls, her hand on the nozzle, ready to turn it. But now she was frozen in place, standing there with her knees locked together, mouth shaking as she tried to muster a response.

After what felt like an eternity, Alex couldn't handle the tension an instant longer. He slipped the rest of his body into the equipment room before letting the heavy latch of the door close again, shutting the only means of escaping the room. The coyote taking the initiative to move first helped the fox girl to finally speak up.

"You can't let anyone know..." she started, using a threatening but shakey tone.

"So this is why you don't wear a bra..."

"You can't let ANYONE know!!" She slightly turned her body towards him, her typically erect fox ears flopping down submissively. She was starting to tremble, Alex knew her secret. It all made sense now... Jennifer was never exactly the most budding of beauties at the school until recently, and everyone had just assumed that it was an usually late puberty that over-compensated her for taking so damn long. But the truth was she had already gone through it at an earlier age and was overly jealous of the other girls, tired of feeling inadequate and ignored. The idea came to her after Gym class one day when it was her turn to make sure all of the sports equipment was full and proper, since nobody wanted to start a class and have to wait for the softer equipment to be fixed before they could begin. After successfully filling a basketball until it was nice and taught as she concerned herself with the inevitable shower she would have to take with her female classmates, being exposed to their more developed bodies, she couldn't get the idea out of her mind... "If only my body could be inflated like this equipment..." she told herself before making her first attempt to do just that. She was smart about it, however, realizing she couldn't just pump up her breasts and ass to the size she wanted, everyone would know and her flesh wouldn't have enough time to adjust to the air, causing them to look unnaturally round. She had been doing this for weeks until she was content with her size, only returning to the equipment room to top herself off whenever she was feeling a wee bit low on air.

Alex eased closer, his cheeks flushed as he couldn't take his eyes off of her bare breasts, so round and firm... Her nipples were like puffy marshmallows, sitting on the ends of her breasts, erect from both the pressure and from having the needle-like hose appendages stuffed into them. A smirk creeped along his face.

"Oh, Jen... why shouldn't I tell the entire school? They would love the gossip about what a loser you are..." There was venom behind those words. He wanted to hurt her like she hurt him earlier, and it helped him feel empowered.

The situation causes tears to begin swelling up in the corners of her eyes, her lower lip trembling again. "You've got me, Alex. I'm completely vulnerable... I'm at your mercy..." The coyote could see those little marshmallow nubs stiffen, only because his eyes had been fixated on them almost this entire time. Jennifer gasped slightly under her breath when she felt his hand place itself on her hip, slightly tilting her chin down, causing brunette bangs to fall over her eyes as a result.

"I've...got you? You're mine?" His tongue cleaned the drool from his lips before any of it could run down his chin, his palm on her side a tad sweaty from the adrenaline that was rushing through his body. He was alone with the supposedly hottest furre in his grade, and she was starting to submit to him. A situation that would make any adolescent coyote rock hard within his jeans.

"That'sss..." she hissed lightly as she started this sentence, not wanting to admit it again, but she didn't feel she had a choice right now to act like her typically catty self. "....That's right. I'm yours. I'll be your girlfriend, whatever you want. You just can't tell anyone about this, alright? Not one person!"

Alex had by now adjusted himself in front of her, massaging the hip in his hand, taking in the view of this artificially voluptuous vixen as she nervously breathed in front of him, causing those chest balloons of hers to wobble as they rose and fell with each breath. He had to lick his lips again. Alex wasn't just feeling lust for Jennifer and her ballooned bits, oh no... Memories of when they were younger, and much closer, flickered through his easily distracted mind. He had always had a crush on Jen, and those feelings never left him even when they first started high school and she began distancing herself from him. He now had a means of being part of her life again, what he always wanted. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, then placed his hand on top of the vixen's paw that had been holding onto the air tank's nozzle this entire time. Her eyes widen brightly as she felt his grip, looking towards it before looking back at him through her bangs.

"Wait..." was all she could get out before she suddenly found herself in a lip lock. Alex had far too many pent up emotions to keep them concealed any longer, and just as her mouth was muffled by his kiss she felt him turning her paw, cauing the air to hiss through the hoses she had attached to herself. Her eyes rolled back in her head, this time in pleasure rather than conceit, feeling her breasts begin to swell with air, growing larger than her classmates had typically seen them these past few months.

The coyote eased his new girlfriend down onto a pile of nearby gym mats, using it as a bed while keeping the kiss going. He'd never kissed a girl before, and to be now enjoying one with his life-long crush was positively amazing for him. The front of his bulging denim pressed right against Jennifer's panty-covered-crotch, causing her to let out a surprised gasp. A hard length pressing to her groin, her swollen breasts slowly expanding larger, her nipples dragging against the front of his shirt, she was quickly becoming washed over with lust. She was no virgin after this past semester, but she had never felt the sensation of making out with a guy while she was expanding herself. It was easy to confuse this feeling of sudden overwhelming lust with love... but Jennifer was no longer the sweet little girl she once was years ago, love was an emotion that was long since set aside for things such as gossip and schemes to keep herself rated as the most attractive furre in their grade.

Alex broke the kiss so that he could stand up on his knees upon the bed-of-mats, tugging his shirt off of himself and tossing it aside before he started undoing his fly. Jennifer sat up a bit, reclining on her arms as she watched, her chest feeling tight as it continued to swell. The coyote's tongue hang from the edge of his panting mouth, realizing the vixen's breasts now looked like a pair of fluffy, cream coloured balloons, no longer resembling perky, large breasts. Whipping his erection out he dove back in, kissing Jennifer as she hungerly kissed him back, groaning adorably from how badly she wanted to be fucked as she expanded. Within the moment, Alex had her panties tugged aside, the tip of his length pressing firmly against her puffy pussy lips.

"Oh gawd~" Jennifer let out, having to break the tasty kiss with Alex when she felt that cock of his preparing to stuff itself inside of her. She brought up her knees, bending her legs as her toes curled within her shoes, her hot breath panting heavily against the coyote's face. With a sharp inhale followed by a long, drawn out moan, Alex forfeited his virginity inside of Jennifer's body, feeling her walls pulse and squeeze around him once he had hilt within.

"Fuck me!" Jennifer called out, reaching to grab the back of his neck for support. Alex planted his hands on either side of her, too horny to not all out buck his hips into her. He wasn't sure if he was being too rough, feeling her damp sex lips squish between their pelvises every time he thrust inward, but her repeated moans encouraged him to keep it up. The claw marks Alex was creating within the blue tarp-like material that covered each mat were nothing in comparison to the long, shredding claw marks Jennifer's free hand was digging into it. Plenty of evidence that a pair of students had been fucking in the equipment room.

"My...my ass~ Put one in my ass...!!" Alex hesitated for a split second as he heard the ridiculously busty vixen's command before realizing what she meant, stopping his thrusts long enough to lean aside and reach for another hose. Jennifer chewed on her bottom lip while squinting her face, looking uncomfortable as Alex began forcing the end of the hose right up her rear end, sinking it in a good five or so inches before turning the second air tank's nozzle on. A sharp, high pitched cry left Jennifer's lips before she hugged Alex tightly against herself, though her expanding chest balloons forced their torsos to remain at least a foot apart. Alex continued to pound her with his length.

Over time, Jennifer's moans were starting to become drowned out by other parts of her body, her moist lips unable to shout out over the noise her breasts and rear end were beginning to emit. Ripping was heard as her uniform top suddenly burst to shreds, soon followed by her skirt. Even her thighs were looking more shapely at this point, the fox's body looking like some sort of comical, over-exaggerated sex doll rather than a budding high school student. It also wasn't helping that Alex was now steadily leaking precum, pent up from taking a few extra years to finally nut himself within someone. The fox's stomach was swelling too, except it was sloshing back and forth with every impact from Alex's pumping prick due to filling with warm, gooey semen rather than air. Jennifer squinted her eyes, trying to speak up over her gasps and pants.

"Alecch...a-Alex...I'm...getting so full~" she muttered, but Alex couldn't heard her. His limited attention span was entirely focused on fucking her and how wonderful she felt. He had been longing for her for so many years, and now that he was finally with her, he couldn't believe how wonderful she felt. Sex with Jen... sex in general... was positively amazing~

Jennifer's hands finally slipped off of him, her arms dropping to the sides of her head, her body starting to feel weaker as it was pinched by the building up pressure within it. She groaned out, arching her back, and finally came~ Unfortunately, though... with how tight her body had become from being so swollen, Alex's pumping length was effectively a cork within her, preventing much (if any) of her climatic feminine fluids from ecaping her body. She groaned in surprise, her middle swelling that much further as she came on his cock, feeling his length starting to spasm violently within her as his precum splurted in thicker loads.

"Al...Alex...! I'm so full, I'm so full!" was all she could yell out, trying to warn him that she was getting too full without being able to clearly express it. He was completely unaware of the peril that was building by the moment. He finally slammed his hips against the ballooned body of the fox girl and howled, his length pulsating as his orgasm shot through him and directly into her, regardless of whether she had room for it or not. Most furres her age would be concerned over not using a condom at this point, but Jennifer had more pressing issues than potentially being knocked up, finding it difficult to breathe now due to how strained her skin was becoming. Alex, not paying much attention, wrongly assumed Jennifer was moaning and gasping in pleasure.

Jennifer's breaths were short and quick as she started to panic, claws shredding the mat beneath her as she tried to grip onto anything for support. Alex was still cumming inside of her, and she didn't have much room for it left! She arched her back again with a sharp groan, her navel suddenly swelling outward to the size of a golf ball, the flesh visibly red under the parted fur. Her heart was racing as fast as her breaths, doing her best to hold together with no relief in sight. The coyote's cum started to lessen in loads, splurting out in shorter, but still thick gobs. Every pulse of his length deposited one more shot of cum into her, and she knew she couldn't endure much more of them. With one finally grunt, Alex bucked his dick in firmly, draining the last of his balls into the taut, tight fox girl, who was now struggling to hold together at the edge of her limits.

Alex panted hard, even though her could feel her drum-tight surface pressing up against his body, he wasn't aware of the danger she was in. She couldn't even speak at this point, whimpering pathetically as her eyes looked at Alex with terror. Even though his orgasm had passed, the three hoses connected to her were still dispensing air into her body, which squeaked like a balloon from any amount of friction against it. A panic muffle came from somewhere within her, trying to tell Alex to pull the hoses out of her, but he was completely washed over with afterglow. Every time even a bead of sweat dripped from his fur and landed onto her strained stomach, the sensation was amplified by how extreme the steadily building pressure had become, making her panic and twitch beneath him. Alex soon remembered where he was and what he was doing, seeing a cream and orange coloured balloon underneath him literally vibrating from the pressure. His length, despite being spent, throbbed from how arousing his first sexual experience was.

"Jen...ha...haa...I-" Alex leaned against her, wanting to see her currently-blocked-by-balloon-breasts face as he confessed his love for her, causing her to panic as the pressure became far too much. A combination of those three hoses persistently hissing more air into her, Alex's weight now leaning against her too-taut-tummy, and that throbbing dick that was deep inside of her inching it just a teensy bit more from his stance, Jennifer attempted to open her mouth to let out a scream and was interrupted by a deafening


Alex opened his eyes, realizing he was now laying on his side, a few feet away from the pile of mats he could have sworn he was just on. He blinked, looking around for Jennifer, remembering the amazing fuck he just had, but all he could see as he painfully sat up were shreds of her pink school uniform and her shoes seemingly discarded about the equipment room. He soon came to the conclusion that she must have left, naked, and wondered if she had tricked him... He then realized his headache, which he received upon connecting with the floor during Jennifer's explosion, wondering if she had knocked him out while he was absent-minded thanks to his incredible orgasm, feeling a little cheated... But at least he finally got to be with his life-long crush, even if it was only once.

The coyote took a moment to recollect himself before he could properly stand, putting his now flaccid length back into his pants before leaving the equipment room with wobbly legs. After the trouble he got into earlier today, the last thing he wanted to do was be late for next period's class. He pulled his shirt back on as he made his way across the gymnasium floor, wondering if his friends had left any of his lunch for him.