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I bet

i bet you’d love to inflate me.

i bet that as soon as i slide this tube into my throat i will moan.

i bet that you’ll get hard as you yank the valve of the tank open.

i bet that i groan in pleasure as the helium starts to rush into me.

i bet you’ll start to undo your trousers as you see my cheeks start to bulge.

i bet the helium makes its way through my body, and remains in my plush rump.

i bet that as i press my lightly inflated butt against your member, it’ll throb.

i bet that you will grab my ballooning behind and push it down on your cock.

i bet we both cry out in pleasure at the same time.

i bet that as my ass swells bigger, it’ll tightly grip your cock.

i bet that as you spank my bloated butt, a little pre will start to leak.

i bet that my booty grows so big, it’ll get stuck around you dick.

i bet i’ll get way too big as you mindlessly fuck me like an animal.

i bet that you begin to climax, and i start to orgasm too.

i bet as you cum into me, i’ll go out with a loud BANG!