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Cherry Poppin

Pink Rose, an anything goes gay bar in the West District, was the best place to get your rocks off in the entire city and hugely popular for this reason. Though, the main draw for me is the owner paid off city police to turn a blind eye to the place.

They call me the Cherry Popper, not just because I'm infamous for bedding virgins but because I turn them into cum splatter. Whenever I get severely pent up, I come into the Pink Rose to pop a fresh one and tonight was no different.

The only policy is no clothing past the entrance, no limits and no safe word. You are required to sign a liability waiver and a strict non-disclosure agreement upon entering. Nobody enters without understanding the risks.

The crowd getting sticky with sweat and jizz all over the would-be dance floor if this were a normal club filled the room with muskthat only made a man like me hornier. I scan the crowd looking for me next cherry and I find him in a timid rabbit with the bookworm look on.

My image and size are intimidating to him. Picture a muscular dragon with black and grey scales, two heavy orbs the size of coconuts and a throbbing shaft bigger than your arm and half as long as the rabbit’s slender body.

“H-hello,” he started, “my name…” “Is cumstain,” I interrupted, “I'm going to fuck you hard and turn you into large puddle on the floor, decorating the walls with cum splatter. That is all that will remain of you.” He stammers and stutters in fear as I hoist him up and carry him to a private room as onlookers cheered at my latest acquisition.

“P-please,” he begged, “I've never…” “I know,” I interrupted. I locked the door behind us and placed him down on the bed. I presented my cock for his muzzle, “Worship with your tongue. Do a good job because it's the only lubrication you'll get.

He clumsily licks up my shaft with little passion, my musk overwhelming him and making him gag. I sigh and get down on my knees, forcing his legs apart and demonstrate for him how I'd like him to worship. I slowly lick up from the bottom of his shaft to the tip, then turn my head to the side and rub the cock back down with my lips to his balls where I kicked and suckled each one. He moaned loudly and shuddered at the attention until I broke free and re-presented my cock.

He was disappointed but understood. He started by groping my heavy balls in the palms in his hands and licking them slowly and methodically. Occasionally he'd open his mouth wide and suck what little of my ballshe could before tracing up towards my shaft. The attention was nice and pre oozed out onto his shoulder, then down his back.

He continued to worship my cock with his muzzle, doing as instructed until I shoved him off and used the precum to lubricate the rest. I made him present his ass by getting on his hands and knees on the bed, then kneeled down behind him.

He moaned out loudly as my large tongue traced from his balls to that untouched rose of his. I licked it teasingly before plunging the tip in and fucking him with it. He gasped and clutched the mattress with outstretched claws. His toes curled as I assaulted him with new pleasurable sensations, a reward for a job well done and additional lubrication.

His body language changed from timid to curious pleasure as I stood back up and turned him onto his back underneath me. I taunted him by grinding my cock against him, demonstrating just how large it was in comparison to him. He was nervous but he begged, “Please fuck me.”

I sighed happily and plunged just the tip into his tight entrance. My cock the first and last explorer of his depths as I started slow, inching myself into him and stretching him wide open. His legs forced wider apart to accommodate the intruder. His mouth was agape and a long, pained groan escaped it as his eyes watered. He closed his muzzle into a grimace and closed his eyes as slowly took his virginity from him.

Each slow, methodical thrust less painful than the last over time began to become more pleasurable for him. However, there was no hiding the cock shaped bulge that shown through his fur and he stroked it with his hands. As I pick up my pace a distinct sloshing sound can be heard, my precum collecting within him and starting to fill my living condom.

The struggle between pain and pleasure weighing heavily on the side of pleasure, I start to fuck him harder which makes him cry out and moan. I lean in to give him a sloppy kiss, a pleasant distraction for him as my tongue wrestled his. When I broke the kiss, I reached down to feel the sloshing bulge starting to become visible through his fur.

Repeated prods at his prostate makes him clench down on me which draws a loud moan from me as I fuck him harder while he spills his own insignificant amount of seed on himself. I feed his cum to him with his fingers, which he sucks eagerly and licks his lips. He is completely enjoying himself even as he sees his tummy swell from just precum alone. He clutches his tummy as it sloshes with the liquid that already pushed his limitations.

I tell him that it's almost time, that he'd be nothing more than a cumstain. In between labored breaths he begs, “Oh yes, please pop me!” It is enough to send me over the edge as I punctuate each blast of cum with a hard thrust into him. His bulge balloons outward at an alarming rate. I hug him close as his limbs each swell, becoming much rounder. I then nuzzle his cheeks as they swell and plant a kiss on his swollen limbs to bid him farewell as the creaking of his skin gets louder, echoing in the room.

I rub his massive belly as stretch marks appear and give one final jump with the last of my seed to make him burst with a loud sploosh. I am drenched in cum as it explodes outward and the rabbit I was holding in my arms leaks down from them into a giant puddle. Cum covers the ceiling and walls in splatters.

I masturbate to add a couple more loads to what remains of him and then leave for the showers. As I pass I add another tally to the chalkboard:

Another cherry popped.