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I Love You, Cumstain

Amarok was a male wolf with a dominately white fur coat with purple,red and teal markings. His eyes glowed a bright amber like a bright, sunny day. Some adorable weight adding more to pinch and grope in all the right places, more of him to love!

He laid on a king sized bed in loose boxers. It was still fairly early in the morning and he surfed the internet quietly on his smartphone like clockwork. The occasional laughter or groan echoed through the house, alerting Pedigree that he was awake.

Pedigree is a male husky with a gray and white fur coat, the only standout marking a star shape around his right eye. His right ear flopped downward while the other stood straight up. He was a rather chubby pup, even with his six foot height, and he had what Amarok affectionately called a bubble butt.

Pedigree gathered some rope from the kink drawer in his room as well as a ball gag. He had devious plans indeed for the poor, unsuspecting wolf after all. Pedigree didn't expect him to complain much about it, however.

Amarok finally gets out of bed and walks through the living room to head to the kitchen. Unfortunately for him, the husky pounced him and wrestled him onto his stomach as Amarok yelled out in surprise. Before he can question his husky attacker, that ball gag is forcefully inserted into his open muzzle and secured with the straps.

The wolf wiggled underneath the husky who shifted his weight to his foot on the wolf’s back to pin the poor wolf down. The husky grabbed both of his arms, tying them together behind the wolf’s back. The husky folded each leg up on itself and tied each one in place. Finally his tail was lifted out of the way and tied with some rope to his wrists, anchoring them together.

Amarok whimpered and struggled in the rope, but his struggles only tightened his bonds. Pedigree gives the wolf a hard smack on one of his ass cheeks, drawing out a startled, yet muffled yelp from the wolf. The husky posed the wolf with his ass up and chest flat to the ground, telling the wolf to stay as the husky left the room.

The husky’s erection bobbed with it's weight as he walked into his bedroom to grab some lube, leaving a trail of precum behind him. He was satisfied to see the wolf had obeyed and held the post when he returned with the lube in hand.

The puppy stroked his cock to slather it with a generous amount of lube and talked down to the wolf, “I am going to fuck you until I pop you with my hot thick and sticky puppy seed. What remains of you will splatter the floor, furniture and walls. You're gonna be my cumstain and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Amarok moaned and humped the air in response, and the husky taunted him, “Of course my balloon slut wants it! He'd love nothing more than to be used as a condom and bursted open! Well I hope you're ready for some hard fucking cumstain!” With that, Pedigree thrusted hard, hilting up to his knot. Amarok’s pained moans music to his ears as he started thrusting eagerly, with the husky's balls slapping against the wolf’s with an audible slap.

Pedigree yanked the wolf up by his bound arms and reached his hands around to caress the wolf’s tummy as he fucks him hard and whispers cruel words in his ears, “That's a good condom, let's see how quickly my precum makes you bulge. Then you're gonna get the knot and I'm going to make you explode.”

Amarok gasps and moans with each thrust, his cock throbbing with need and leaking pre from the assauot on his prostate and the husky’s fatal promises alone. He pushes back on the husky’s knot and clencges on his shaft, making him moan and grow in his ears.

The wolf’s tummy jiggles with each thrust and a slosh can now be heard. The husky laughs and grabs the wolf’s belly to shake it hard. “See,” he started, “This is just precum! Now imagine what I've got waiting for you after I knot-fuck you raw, my little condom!” The husky demonstrates by pressing the knot hard against the wolf’s tailhole. It's at least double the thickness of the husky’s shaft.

Amarok whimpers loudly as the husky starts to force the knot in, stretching him wide open excruciatingly slowly. He struggles against Pedigree’s ruthless penetation but a bite on the wolf’s neck and a growl advise the poor wolf against it. With a loud grunt, the husky finally forces his knot to pop into that hot tailhole. He moans in delight and breathes hevaily, but the wolf’s break is not long.

The husky pulls the knot back out and forces it back in repeatedly, finding a rhythm. The pain is difficult to deal with and the wolf yells in pain into the ball gag. The husky maintains rhythm and moans loudly, then with a growl in the wolf’s ear, “Oh, oh God! I'm going to fucking pop you, little condom! Are you ready to become my cum stain!?

The wolf whimpers loudly as he is fucked with the husky knot but moans in response to the husky’s threats. The husky moans louder and thrusts with even more intensity before he thrusts hard into the wolf with a loud howl. As he thrusts deep into the wolf, cum floods quickly into him and the bulge becomes much bigger and rounder. The wolf’s skin creaks as he yells out with his own orgasm and paints the floor with his last wolf seed ever.

Each thrust brings another torrent of cum into the wolf’s depths. His limbs swell, breaking the rope with the sharp increase in size and pressure. The husky grabs the wolf's belly to rub and shake it. His belly sloshes much louder than before and with more volume. The wolf’s face cheeks swell to the size of a basketball an stretch marks form all over the wolf’s body as the skin shows beneath his fur.

“Hello cumstain,” Pedigree exclaims as he gives the wolf one last hard thrust and the last of his husky seed. The creaking of the wolf’s skin echoes through the house as the stretch marks get much wider very quickly. The wolf moans and cums again as the pressure builds and he finally explodes, sending the husky flying back in the blast. The cum flies all over the husky and the room with a wet splash as the thick liquid seeps down the walls an dit all pulls into at least 2 inches deep on the floor until it spreads to other rooms.

How the hell do you explain “flood damage” in the desert?