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Inflation Anonymous

A news post on an not safe for work image board for inflation fanatics read:

“You might think you're alone if you're into inflating and popping balloons. Bonus points if you want to be popped yourself! However, that is simply not the case! At Inflation Anonymous, we can explore the wildest of your fantasies in a discrete and friendly environment with other like-minded individuals. If you’re interested, please simply leave your contact information and we will contact you with instructions!”

I wasn't sure if this news post was for real or a phishing scam, but I took a chance on it anyways. I had tried air pumps for fish tanks up my tailhole, but it doesn't go far enough. I wanted bursting to be a real risk so if it was possible, this club had to be the place for me. If nothing else, at least I wouldn't be judged for my fantasy there!

Still, after several weeks of silence I had given up on hearing from them and filed a claim that my identity might be at risk with a local office. I should have listened to my instincts, but I thought the chance was worth it.

How silly of me, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Zack, a male Doberman in his 20s and a celebrated college dropout who works in retail for minimum wage. The most extraordinary thing about me are my fantasies and nobody but me and my online friends knows it… not that I'd want any “normies” to know. Still, some attention might be nice. Not that I'd risk it, though.

If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon my private journal. Congratulations! I suppose you wouldn't buy that it's going to self-destruct if you don't stop reading and put it down, huh? Oh well, it was worth a try.

Anyways, I mentioned my fantasies above but I guess a good example might be in order. What i would love more than anything is to be bound in place with a pump up my ass and have a dom at the controls. Have them decide whether I've had enough or push me over the edge. Either way, out of my control. It would definitely be more satisfying than this tiny petco air pump! Sigh, perhaps some day.

It was otherwise an average day of disappointment and frustration when I returned home to my messy studio apartment. No room mate to speak of, so drowning in rent and other bills on this shit job and no place to crash since my family thinks letting me slip into crippling debt will encourage me to go back to school but I digress…

Anyways, something was off about my apartment this time and I couldn't quite place what it was until some black fabric bag was pulled over my head and I was taken by multiple pairs of hands by force outside and into a vehicle. Any questions I had were ignored. Freaky situation, dunno how I managed to keep from pudding myself.

The car stopped and they dragged me out and into some building while I begged and pleaded to never speak of this if they just let me go. No response, just led through halls into a room and then the bag was removed.

“Welcome to Inflation Anonymous,” a cloaked figure said in a booming voice. There was more than one hooded figure here and I wasn't the only person that had been brought here. There were two others, one was a white wolf with purple, red and teal markings. The other an average arctic fox.

“We are in a difficult situation,” the voice continued, “We only have two positions available for new members.” The arctic fox started talking himself up but the voice commanded, “Silence!”

“The discrete nature of this club is why you were brought in this manner,” the voice continued, “Only two of you may stay, the other will succumb to the dangers of such fantasies.”

I didn't know whether to be excited or frightened. On one hand, this is the answer to my fantasies I’ve been looking for. On the other, this seemed so final. Could it be worth it? I guess it wasn't really an option now. Too late to second guess this decision.

“You will all be strung up and pumped full of air until you all burst at the seams,” the voice commanded, “For those two who are last to pop, you will be resurrected. For the other, what's left of you will bathe in acid until there's nothing left.” Finally the voice said, “The last to pop will receive the highest of honors and will be rewarded handsomely.”

We are all taken to a massive room with a drain in the middle, bleachers for an audience and bondage equipment. We are stripped of all clothing and any piercings, then we are secured in said bondage locking us into place. Each of us picks the size of their buttplug. I selected medium, the fox selected large and the wolf selected small. They are then inserted and fitted with air tubes that are connected to three massive air canisters.

I am becoming erect as the situation registers and the wolf is hard too. The fox begins to beg and plead for a way out until we are all fitted with ball gags. Guess he got cold feet and was no longer confident. Then again, that might be a natural response… after all, we are all going to burst one way or another in front of an audience and only two of us will be “resurrected” somehow. I'm more excited than scared despite this.

The room fills with cloaked figures who sit on the bleachers, many of them stroking themselves through the cloak even as the voice drones on with some speech I've tuned out. When he raises his hands and drops them, all three canisters are activated and the sound of air releasing them echoes through the room.

A sudden cold feeling up my ass as air begins to flow freely into my tailhole makes me jerk in my restraints before I relax in them again. I can feel a slight pressure starting to build and it makes me dribble some pre onto the floor. The wolf maintains his composure while the arctic fox struggles against the restraints, regretting this decision completely.

The audience loses their cloaks and begin to masturbate and have sex with each other freely while looking on at this scene. They are going to watch all three of us burst and enjoy it. That thought just makes me hornier and I thrust into the air, to which the audience cheers.

My stomach has started to swell as the pressure builds, I'm already going further than I would have alone. Oh god.

The wolf maintains composure still, as if this is nothing to him, and then I know he's going to outlast me. Meanwhile despite his struggles and muffled whimpers, the fox is finally sporting an erection. He can't fight the pleasure after all, at least.

Some of the audience leaves the bleachers to grope and tease us. They are reminded to let the inflation bring us to orgasm, though, but still the hands caressing me as I am filled up with air make me shiver and moan through the gag.

The wolf moans as hands explore him and brush his cock while the fox shies away at first. He warms up to it as the pleasure overwhelms any self preservation and he begins to have fun.

My cock throbswith need and I moan louder as the pressure really presses on my prostate. Not only that but I am so swollen with air that I can't even see my cock anymore. Hands exploring my belly as it outstretches anything I've ever experienced before.

The wolf is moaning just as loud but is outdone as the fox howls with a sudden orgasm, painting the audience with thick ropes of cum as he quakes with pleasure. It isn't much longer before he is sent over the edge and bursts before my eyes. Shreds of him all over the floor and the crowd that surrounded him. The entire room filled with cheers and moaning as people rutted around us.

If I wasn't distracted by the maddening pressure building within me, I might have lamented that this meant he was gone for good. But his bursting only made me excited for my own and made me wonder just how much I could take.

The wolf begged for more air through his gag and they obliged making him moan loudly.

I started to feel like I was going to burst after my stomach swelled to four times its size with stretch marks showing through my fur. The sound of skin creaking is a sound that you have to hear for yourself, I don't know how to describe it. Either way, muffled begging asking for my turn to burst. I think they understood because someone increased the flow of air to twice what it was and I could no longer hold my orgasm back. I howled loudly into the gag and covered everyone with more cum than any balls should contain.

The pressure was too much, I could no longer hold together. The creaking of my skin louder, I could no longer hear anything else as the stretch marks get wider and I make it to five times my normal size before I burst and everything fades to black.

I wake up in a hospital bed all in one piece and am wheeled back to the room where the wolf is still being inflated an hour after I'd bursted. He was swollen enough to touch both the ceiling and the floor. Everyone was in awe as he kept begging for more. He was getting close, the sound of his skin stretching was deafening and everyone backed away.

That fucker did not even orgasm until he bursted, it was timed so perfectly that his cock erupted as he bursted to shreds with the loudest pop you can imagine, leaving our ears ringing as he was swept off the floor.

I was greeted by the arctic fox later. The wolf had apparently begged them to let him be the one to go out with a bang permanently. They made a statue of him with a plaque on it that read “Amarok, the 30FT Wolf.” What an amazing guy.

The fox and I made a pact to outdo him one day as well as each other. I dunno if it is even possible but one fantasy has already been fulfilled by Inflation Anonymous, so we'll just have to see!