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Starting with a Bang

Snow was attending a New Year’s party with a multitude of other furs, many of which she barely knew. The snow leopard was minding her own business as time went on, getting many looks here and there at her large breasts. She paid no mind to these looks, as she got them often, and she continued to enjoy her time as normal. She also found a large amount of pumps around the house, but she didn’t realize why they were there. The friend hosting the party was known to be a big-time inflation lover, and she knew he tended to inflate himself and his friends often, so having pumps around his house was assumed to be normal for him.

As time went on, Snow slowly realized she was gaining quite a crowd as midnight approached. She eventually found herself in the spacious living room when someone grabbed her from behind and pinned her hands behind her back. “Gah! What the hell are you doing?!”

Before she could say anything else, a hose was put up her rear, which was followed by an audible hissing noise as what seemed like a pump was being pressed. A cold rush of air went up her rear end and pushed into her stomach, causing her to feel incredibly full right off the bat.

Whoever was holding the first pump kept going at a steady pace, causing her stomach to round out while she was rolled onto her backside, a second hose immediately being put up to her mouth. Despite any resistance, her mouth was quickly pried open and the hose was sent down her throat. She quickly felt, and heard, air coming from the second pump as well, and the rate at which she was growing quickly increased. Her breasts started to grow along with her stomach, both of them not taking long to surpass the size of beach balls, especially considering their starting size.

Immediately, she felt her hide tingle in an oddly pleasing way, the sensation of tightness in her skin having always been something she enjoyed feeling. As she was pumped further, she felt the tingling steadily intensifying, and for a moment she almost stopped struggling due to how nice it all felt.

Snow moaned in protest, yet also somewhat in pleasure, struggling as much as she could in an attempt to break free from her restraints. Her hands had been tied behind her back with a very sturdy rope while she had been on her front side, and it was proving to be extremely tough against her efforts. The two pumps working at her kept forcing more and more air into her, her belly ballooning to comical sizes while her breasts looked like overinflated yoga balls. Her arms and legs were filling with air too, making it harder to struggle and attempt to break free from her current predicament.

Her middle was now swelling out as a whole, making it almost spherical, save for the growing hills that were Snow’s breasts. Air was audibly leaking from her nipples, that outlet being the only thing that was giving her any sort of mental relief. However, she moaned as she felt that spot being closed off by a hose being put in each of her breasts. Immediately, the holders of those pumps started working away too, doubling her inflation speed yet again and beginning to prompt creaks and groans from her taut hide.

Eventually, she was too inflated to struggle any more, and her bloated arms were pulling at the ropes still around her wrists. Despite the previously mentioned durability of these ropes, though, they soon gave way to her inflated arms as they broke free and bounced around momentarily before settling as domes atop her huge, expanding body.

Snow was still trying to say something in protest to her current treatment, but she could only moan and groan because of the hose stuck in her mouth. Her cheeks had puffed up to huge sizes, and they alone would’ve sealed her snout shut in any other occasion. Her legs, much like her arms, were now merely hills on her spherical body.

Eventually, though, her moans went from protests to moans from the pressure within her. There was so much air within her own body, trapped there and pushing outwards in every direction as she expanded further and further. Her skin tingled constantly with tautness, trying to hold itself together while also still making room for the still-incoming flow of air. She could feel every inch, centimeter even, of growth in her hide, as it stretched further and further like latex to accommodate the continuous flow of air into her body.

Wonders began creeping into her mind about the true size of the room she was in, and she started hoping that she would become so big that they’d be forced to stop inflating her. However, that didn’t seem to be happening as her inflation continued steadily.

She kept getting bigger and bigger, no signs of stopping being shown, but then she felt herself stop taking in more air. She wondered what was happening, but then she heard some chatter happening below her. She couldn’t make out too much of it, but she heard many things about her breasts among other subjects. She couldn’t focus on much of the talk around her, since many of her thoughts were being forced to the pressure in her body. However, through the pressure daze, she could definitely hear something about the final countdown to midnight.

Every idle thought was being pulled towards the feeling of internal pressure, unable to focus on anything other than how much air was inside her body. The way her skin was managing to keep it all in, at that, along with how close she was to bursting. She was essentially a balloon at this point, stretched to her upper limit with air and creaking at random intervals. The thought of more air being pushed into her body sent a pang of nervousness through her heart, and even a deep breath made a noticeable difference in the pressure inside her body.

She felt like her hide was on the verge of giving out, and having four pumps with hoses attached to her was only making that feeling much worse. Eventually, she even felt herself being prodded and teased by some of the surrounding furs. They poked her, squeezed her, even pinched her here and there. Every touch sent a tingling sensation throughout her entire body, of which was strangely pleasing, yet also still nerve-wracking. Of course, she’d reform if she popped, but she really didn’t want to go through that considering how long it would take to do so, especially with it being New Year’s Eve.

As time passed, it seemed like there was a growing excitement within the crowd, and that same excitement only made her even more nervous about what was possibly about to happen. However, she could only remain confused until they started counting down for the last few moments of 2018. When that happened, she felt herself being pumped with more air in unison with each number counted.

Every pump prompted another creak from her hide, and she could feel herself being pushed closer to exploding with every pump. At 5, she realized the most likely outcome was, in fact, that she was going to pop at the end of the final count. At 3, she felt her hide become exceptionally tight, and the creaks and groans coming from said skin made a considerable jump in volume as well as length. Finally, when they said the number 1, her hide finally gave out, forming tears that rapidly spread across her body, and a final whimper from Snow was soon followed by a loud boom as her entire body burst into shreds of snow leopard hide.

The other partygoers cheered in delight as Snow popped, announcing the arrival of the new year, and as they continued their celebration, Snow’s charm began to glow softly, signaling that she was going to be just fine…