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The Biggest

Three pumps, three girls, one winner. Snow, Sonia, and Kassy had decided to take a long-standing argument and end it once and for all: who could inflate to the biggest size without popping? Each of them had always claimed it was themselves, but today those claims would be put to the test.

Snow was a snow leopard who stood at 5’10” in height, and had flowing white hair that reached the ground in a long ponytail. A long, gray and black tail swayed behind her back, and she was ready to show her two friends that she could become the biggest of them all.

The next girl was named Sonia, and she was a red-skinned shark. Her whole body was covered in blood-red skin, and her feet, the backsides of her legs, her stomach, chest, neck, and the insides of her arms were a light pink color. She had black spots along her back, arms, and part of her tail, and a shock of black hair that fazed to white went between her pointed ears.

Lastly, there was Kassy, a snake. She was the shortest of the three, and she was mostly colored in beige and shades of brown scales. She was the one who had originally started the whole size argument in the first place, and she was simultaneously determined to be the one on top of this, literally.

All three girls had a hose in their rear end, attached to an electric pump. They stood in a clear, open field near Snow’s house, as it was the most suitable place for this kind of competition. They nodded to each other and started their pumps simultaneously, all of their bellies rounding out quickly into domes.

Kassy was the first of the three to feel the pressure, and she moaned almost right off the bat as her belly reached the size of a basketball. She could feel every little bit of distance her gut gained outwards, and the tingling feeling in her skin was pleasing enough to take up most of her idle thoughts. It didn’t take much effort to not focus on it, at least for now, but Kassy knew the battle would get harder with time.

Sonia and Snow seemed to be taking the inflation well, the two of them pressing their expanding stomachs against one another and giggling as they bulged out to the sides, causing a spike in pressure for both ends. Sonia smiled and sighed happily, loving the feeling of so much air being contained within such a small space. Even when the shark inflated on her own, it always fascinated her how her body could hold so much air so effortlessly, along with not feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable for the shark at that.

Snow was enjoying the experience too, and when she was done squeezing stomachs with Sonia, everyone’s stomach stuck out a good yard or more. Sonia grinned and started beating on her stomach, resulting in a drumming noise as she laughed to herself with glee.

The inflation continued, and soon Kassy found herself unable to ignore the pressure any longer as her arms and legs slowly became rigid, filling with air. She rolled atop her belly, mumbling unintelligibly to herself about the pressure as she became more belly than snake as her arms and legs made progress towards becoming domes atop her spherical middle.

Sonia and Snow were in similar positions, now also laying atop their expanding middles, the feeling of internal pressure creeping into their thoughts. They were almost the size of a small car now, and Kassy’s skin was creaking and groaning rather loudly.

A loud moan from Kassy preceded a loud pop, and the two remaining competitors could feel scraps of snakeskin hitting their bloated bodies. With one opponent down, Sonia and Snow smirked and glared into each other’s eyes, watching as they inflated.

As time passed and the two got bigger, it was becoming harder and harder to ignore the pressure within them. Sonia began to moan involuntarily from the tingling feeling, enjoying the sensation of having air trapped inside her own body. Snow enjoyed the feeling as well, but she kept herself focused on something other than pressure: winning.

The two of them each reached the size of a house, and now Sonia’s skin was starting to creak. Neither competitor could easily speak anymore, as their cheeks had puffed up enough to clamp their snouts shut, and their hands, feet, and heads were now being sucked down into the domes that were their arms, legs, and necks.

Sonia and Snow were both fighting off the pressure daze now, and Sonia was close to losing the battle. A few more seconds of inflation and she was completely dazed, moaning and mumbling to herself every few seconds as her skin showed signs of wanting to give out. Both Snow and Sonia’s hides were very taut, and even a simple prod from a sharp branch could pop both of them, and as they reached the size of a small blimp, Sonia’s hide finally ruptured before the shark was reduced to nothing but scraps.

Snow laughed to herself to what point she could do so, able to proclaim herself the winner of the competition. However, her own hide was groaning, and she finally lost herself to the pressure daze as one loud creak announced her last few moments, the leopard popping with a loud explosion.

As the hours afterwards passed, another snow leopard, which happened to be Snow’s brother, had decided to investigate what had happened. When he saw the scene, however, he decided to just stay there and wait until everyone reformed, which would likely be late that afternoon…