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Classroom Antics

The classroom seemed almost twice its size when there weren’t students filling every single chair. Two mischievous classmates had decided to sneak into Professor Everstead's room on a day they knew she didn't tend to come on the campus, and now that they were in, they began wondering about things they could do in the large room.

Between the two, there was a golden retriever and a yellow-furred cheetah of about even height. The golden retriever went by Michelle, and she wore a dark green hoodie with dark blue jeans. Her lightly colored fur was well groomed, and a bushy tail wagged behind her with excitement. Next to Michelle was Tay, the cheetah with a triumphant smile. Tay had bright yellow fur, with the traditional pattern of black spots across her entire body. Her chest, stomach, the lower half of her face, and the undersides of her arms were covered with white fur, but they were the only exceptions to her regular pattern of fur. She wore simple khaki shorts with a light blue tank top, having taken off most of her other clothes earlier.

Michelle spoke first, wanting to do something exciting already. “Doesn't the Professor keep some tanks or something in the back?”

Tay nodded, being a student in Everstead's class and knowing the layout of the professor's room quite well. “Yeah, but that's usually locked.”

“Aww, there isn't SOME way we can get in there without a key?”

“Probably not, unless you want to bash the door down.”

Michelle sighed, pacing around the room in annoyance. “There's gotta be something we can do to have some fun!”

Tay looked around, a couple ideas running through her head until she remembered something. She approached Professor Everstead’s desk and looked underneath it, smiling to find exactly what she expected to see. “Hey, here’s something that may interest you.”

Michelle eagerly approached the desk and immediately saw what Tay had seen, her face lighting up with glee as she reached out and grabbed a black pump. “You’re a genius, Tay!”

Tay only chuckled, but suddenly she found herself with a hose in her mouth as Michelle quickly shoved it down the cheetah’s throat with a playful grin. A few grunts of protest came from Tay as she tried to resist the golden retriever’s pushing, but soon that resistance was stopped as she gave into Michelle’s “fun” plans.

Michelle giggled to herself as Tay stopped resisting and let her push the hose as far as it needed to go into Tay’s belly. Once that was done, she quickly started pumping and causing Tay’s belly to round out into a dome, filling it with air as she caused the cheetah’s middle to expand outwards.

From Tay’s point of view, her stomach skin was starting to tingle as it stretched outwards, filling her with a sort of pleasing sensation as she expanded, more and more air entering her stomach as Michelle pumped. Her tank top slowly rode up her expanding stomach, sitting at the top of her dome of a belly as she steadily inflated.

Michelle kept pumping, Tay’s stomach soon reaching the size of a beach ball as the cheetah rubbed it softly. Her chest began to inflate as well, turning her middle into one, large expanding dome. At the same time, though, her limbs also started to puff out, and they were slowly forced to stick out to her sides as air filled them, making them rigid and immovable. Her back and sides were even bloating outward, slowly turning the cheetah into one huge sphere as she went from widening her stance to all out rolling atop her overextended stomach.

Michelle kept pumping, though, and soon a plethora of soft creaks and groans started sounding from Tay’s hide, showing its tautness. Currently she filled a decent amount of the classroom on her own, her back almost reaching the ceiling as she kept growing and growing. The sound of Michelle’s pumping joined the creaks of Tay’s hide as the latter slowly grew in volume.

Tay would’ve said something in protest at this point, but her cheeks had puffed out to the point of forcing her snout to stay shut, rendering her unable to say anything, much less cough up the hose that was going down her throat. The tingling sensation in her hide was taking up almost every single thought in Tay’s head as well, as they all slowly turned to focus on her internal pressure, along with how big she had gotten. Tay could barely think about anything else, and she knew she was approaching her limit rapidly as the creaks and groans from her skin started to grow more in length as well as volume.

On Michelle’s end, pumping had become considerably harder, but that didn’t stop her as she happily kept going and going, soon realizing she was having to lean onto the pump with all of her weight just to get a single pump of air into the cheetah’s body. Still not stopping, though, Michelle eventually reached one more pump where the handle slowly went down as she leaned onto it, pressing down with all of her might. As the air went into Tay’s body, a huge explosion rang out through the classroom as the cheetah popped, being reduced to nothing but shreds of yellow and black hide. Michelle was knocked forward with the force of the explosion, and as she looked upon the shreds of hide, she merely giggled to herself.

“Whoops, looks like I went a little too far! Oh well, I’ll see you back in our room!” Michelle laughed again and put the pump back where she had found it, leaving the classroom to grab a broom and dustpan so she could clean up the shreds later. For now, though, this was the end of the pair’s fun event, and perhaps another small playdate was in order…