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The Return

After that first day, Kora found herself being very careful about using the safe word, making sure to quickly learn what it was from another waitress directly after Drako had popped. Many of her customers tipped well, obviously intent on trying to pop her if not at least render her immobile. However, her use of the safe word, which is the simple word “next,” was able to protect her from that fate.

That was, until the day those wolves came back. When she saw the pair, she staggered a bit, not believing they were here. Yet there they were, and she didn’t have anyone else to serve at the moment, so the blue jay nervously approached them and took their orders. Everything went well, and Kora’s nerves even began to settle until the end of their encounter, when Kora found herself being asked to sit with them.

One of the wolves, the older of the two, albeit only slightly, was the first to speak. “Hey, why don’t you sit with us for a bit? You don’t have anyone else to serve right now, do you?”

Kora blushed at the request. It was true that she still wasn’t serving anyone else, so she could very well sit down with the wolves. “S-sure… I guess it wouldn’t hurt…”

The blue jay sat down next to one of the wolves, and conversation soon ensued. Now that she could inspect them more closely, both wolves looked to be in their early to mid-twenties. One of them had dark grey fur, this one being the one who looked to be the oldest of the pair. The other one, in the meantime, looked to be a couple years younger, and seemed much more interested in something other than the conversation for now.

Not far into their interaction, the younger wolf put a $50 bill on the table. “Oh, and here’s your tip. Helium, please!”

Kora blushed again, and harder than the last time. She reached under the table and turned on the pumps, the older wolf sitting next to her handing her a hose. Rather than have her gulp it down this time, though, they had the bird put it into her behind, the tubing going between her legs and snaking its way to a helium-filled tank. The younger wolf started the inflation, and Kora jumped a bit in her seat as she felt gas rushing into her belly.

With the bird inflating, the conversation continued, the older wolf picking things back up. “So, you like your job here?”

Kora nodded slowly, smiling and chuckling as her belly rounded out. She liked the feeling of internal pressure, the way the gas forced her skin to stretch outward in every direction. She got a sense of euphoria from the feeling. “Yeah, it’s nice here. I kinda like inflating at that, to be honest, so that’s an added bonus…”

Kinda was an understatement. Kora LOVED inflating herself whenever she could, especially on her own time, but getting paid to be blown up was an added bonus. She could now feel her basketball-sized stomach beginning to press against the bottom of the table, and seeing as she was sitting down, she realized she wouldn’t be getting up anytime soon. As her middle grew downward, since it had nowhere else to go, the pressure spiked within her from being pressed against the table. She could even feel her breasts starting to grow larger, the helium starting to fill into them as she felt pressure start to build within them.

The wolves’ eyes were obviously drawn to Kora’s growing breasts, both of them smiling as they saw what was happening. The younger one reached over and squeezed one of Kora’s breasts, prompting a pressure spike as well as a blush from the bird.

As she kept expanding, her belly now the size of a yoga ball under the table, she felt some claws teasing her belly. With a turn of her head she found the culprit to be the older wolf, smirking as he tickled her taut hide. She winced but forced a smile, trying to stay appealing to the customers as her breasts grew across the table, each of them now the size of watermelons.

With the younger wolf now fondling and squeezing her boobs, and the older wolf now teasing her belly, she was in a state of complete bliss, the sensations overwhelming her as her skin began to creak and groan. Then, almost without warning, the older wolf poked her belly with his claw accidentally, causing tears to rapidly spread across her inflated body before she completely burst, becoming nothing more than a pile of scraps.

Within the next hour or so, after the wolves had left, Kora found herself back in her bedroom. She felt sore, indicating something had happened to her, and she realized she had reformed from popping. With a smile spreading across her face, she realized she was one of a very small amount of people who could actually reform from popping, and she realized MANY more opportunities had opened up in her job…