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Pinkie Pie Party Popper Plushie

Gubba yawned as he walked down the street, it was a warm, rather uneventful summers day. No work to do, no playing to be done, everythign was quiet and boring. Guba had decided to take a walk downtown, hoping that maybe a bit of shopping would bring some exitment to this boring summers day. So far the coon had passed by over a dozen shops, most of them holding little or no interest for him, clothing stores, shoe stores, even a grocery store.

He was about ready to call it a day when he turned the corner and found himself wandering down a street he had never been down before. Figuring he had nothing better to do he continued wandering down the street until by chance he saw a thrift store. He felt almost drawn to it, and decided to have a look inside. As he entered he was greeted by a bored looking fox aroudn his age, she didnt seem too interested in making much conversation other then to say hi, and Guba was fine with that.

He wandered through the aisles, passing by clothing racks, used electronics, old appliances, even a used computer! Eventually he grew bored of the junk and was about to leave when suddenly the toy aisle caught his eye. He made his way over and smiled, taking his time to look at every toy, feeling a sort of childish nostalgia as he did. After about 10 minutes of pawwing through toys he spotted a pink plushie sitting on a shelf, reaching out he grabbed the toy and gasped softly. He was holding a very detailed, very high quality pinkie pie plushie. Not sure how, or why such a toy would end up in a thrift shop, he decided on the spot he was going to take the plushie home. Making his way up to the counter he carefully set the plushie on the counter and pulled out his wallet.

"How much?" He asked flatly. At first the fox looked at the toy, then back up to Guba, a bit confused.

"Arent you a little old for a girls plushie?" She asked, picking up the plushie.

"Erm... well... its um... not for me... its for a friends birthday!" Guba stammered, a little embaressed that he was being called out on buying the toy.

"Uh huh... Well, im afraid you'll have to find your friend another gift, this is a Pinkie Pie Party Popper Plushie. They were all recalled due to some kind of defect, we cant sell this to you." she said, pulling the plushie off the counter.

"What? B-but... i-it looks fine! I've never seen such a high quality toy!" He said, almost sad to hear the news. "Come on... Just let me have it, and no one will know!"

"Im sorry sir... I cant do that, if my manager found out id be fired..." She started to say, before a sudden ringing sound echoed out of a back room. "Oh jeese... Telephone... Ill be right back." She said before turning and dashing through a door behind the counter.

Guba sighed and picked up the plushie, how could any company recall such an amazing toy? What could possibly be wrong with it? He looked at his watch, the store was going to be closing shortly, but maybe he could convince the fox to call her boss and see if he would let the plushie be sold.

After several minutes of waiting Guba grew restless, still holding the plushie he sighed, if the girl was so scared of losing her job over this plushie odds are her boss wouldn't let it go... But it wasnt fair! The plushie was too nice to just send back! Then he he a thought, he knew it was wrong, but he wanted the plushie more then anything else right now. He looked around, then lifted his giant ears up, listening carefully, the girl was still on the phone, and there didn't appear to be any cameras around. Taking a deep breath he tucked the plushie under his arm and made for the door. He didn't look back, he just went out the door and back down the street.

He was shaking, nervous, scared... what if the girl called the cops? What if there was a camera? What if he got caught? When Guba got home and pulled all the shades and locked his front door. His heart was beating fast, he sat down, holding his stolen plushie in his lap. After several minutes he felt himself calming down, he silently swore he would never steal again, no matter what! Still shook up he took his prize to his room and set it on a shelf, beside several other plushies he had bought, it looked good, like it belonged there!

Guba looked at his watch again, deciding it was time for something to eat he gave his plushie a pat on the head and turned to leave, just as he was leaving the room he saw something move out of the corner of his eye, turning around he looked around, nothing was diffrent, though his new pinkie pie plushie seemed to have a wider smile then before, shrugging it off he left his room and grabbed the phone, he felt like pizza tonight.

Several hours later Guba put half a leftover pizza away in the fridge, he was busy thinking about tomorrow, not sure what he was going to do, he still had no work, and nothing to go out and do. Walking into his bedroom be considered renting a pile of movies tomorrow, and just staying home and being lazy for the day. He yawned and looked at his clock, 11 PM, the perfect time for some sleep, sitting on his bed he looked up up his plushie shelf and let out an audible "What the hell?"

All the plushies on the shelf had moved, all of them leaving a large space between them and the new pinkie pie plushie, who was still int he same spot, with a huge goofy grin on her face. Guba shook his head, it had to be his imagination, plushies cant move themselves, he must have shifted them all when he put her up there and jsut forgotten about it. Nodding reassuringly to the empty room he sat back down on his bed and flicked off his lamp.

"I'm just edgy that's all... was a stupid thing to do... but its done now..." He muttered out loud before rolling over.

Guba woke suddenly, there was a soft thump sound, too quiet to be someone breaking in, suddenly there was a soft shuffling sound that seemed to be approaching him. Panicing He reached over and flicked on his lamp, lighting up the room. He looked around, there was no one in the room, and nothing to indicate what was shuffling. Looking at his clock he was it was 3 AM, hardly 4 hours since going to bed, he was about to shrug it off as his nerves again, still feeling guilty about stealing when he noticed that his plushie wasn't on the shelf.

"What? Hows that possible?" He asked out loud, and to his surprise he heard a bubble girly giggle form the foot of his bed. Before he could get up to check on what it was he saw something pink leap onto his bed, landing between his legs. His eyes grew wide, scared and disbelieving. The pink object turned and stood up, giggling again. His pinkie pie plushie was somehow moving on its own! She walked up, over his belly before sitting squarly on his chest. Guba was shaking, not sure if he was scared or amazed.

The plushie looked him over before standing back up, opening her maw and grabbing his blanket. She pulled it back off of him and sat back down on his chest. She was grinning, almost evilly.

Finally finding his voice Guba stuttered, "H-hi... i-im g-guba!" The plushie tilted its head and looked at him. After several minutes she giggled again.

"Im Pinkie pie! The Party Popper plushie!" She said, "And i think you've been a bad boy! Stealing is wrong ya know! So i think i needa teach you a lesson!" Guba was dumbfounded, not only was his plushie alive, but she knew she was stolen, and was threatening him! He almost wanted to giggle, how silly was it to think a plushie was threatening him? Unfortunately he didn't get the chance to, Pinkie reached behind her and pulled her tail up beside her, it seemed much fluffier then it did before almost like it had more stuffing in it. Taking one of her plushie hoofs she pulled a clump of stuffing off her tail and shoved it into Gubas muzzle.

"Mmmmrrrph?" He Asked, his voice muffled and inaudible. He tried to spit the fluff out but found he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. He lifted a paw to pull the fluff out but found it being held down by pinkie.

"Ah, ah, ah... Dont even think about it... " She said, her grin turning evil. Guba blushed, the plushie small enough to stuff under his arm was surprisingly strong, strong enough to hold him down, and prevent him form escaping, and she seemed to have something in mind for him.

"Lets see here... " She muttered and she started poking around at his body, poking his belly button, his paws, and then more intimate areas... poking his manhood several times, and feeling his tailhole before nodding. "Uh huh, that's what i want!" She said triumphantly.

Leaping off of Guba she somehow pulled a giant airtank out form under his bed, with what appeared to be a hose with a buttplug on one end. blushing deeper Gubas mind went crazy, how did she do that? Where did it come from? what was she going to do with it? Realizing this was his chance Guba rolled over quietly, pinkie busy attaching the hose to the tank to notice. He rolloed off the bed and began to crawl for the door, he was about to reach the door when suddenly he heard pinkie yelling at him.

"HEY, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?" Guba panicked, he tried to stand up, but before he could even get to his knees he felt something ramming itself against his tailhole. Letting out a soft yelp he felt the object pressing in more and more before finally sliding all the way in. He whimpered and blushed, looking back he released that pinkie had ran over to him and rammed the plug into him, and humiliatingly he was hard as a rock because of it.

"what a bad, BAD boy you are! And naughty too! " Pinkie said angrily, "But dont worry, ill fix that soon enough!" Guba whimpered and tried to pull the plug out, finding that it was much larger then he had thought, before he could try to remove it properly he heard a loud hissing sound, followed by a cool rush up into his tailhole. Looking back he realized pinkie had just opened the valve on the tank, and was beginning to fill him with whatever was in it! He blushed deeper, letting out a soft moan, it felt good... very good... better then anything he had ever experienced before! He felt the cool air rushing into him, tickling his insides, filling him up, he felt his belly begin to push out, expanding with air.

Letting out a loud moan Guba laid back, laying flat, allowing himself to enjoy whatever was happening to him. Unfortunately he was only able to enjoy it for a few seconds, feeling something suddenly bouncing on his belly. He let out a muffled groan, looking up to see pinkie bouncing on him, treating him like her own personal bouncey castle. She was giggling wildly, each bounce making him moan louder and louder, why did it all feel so good? Was this her idea of punishment? Panting into his plushie gag he could felt himself building to orgasm, the mix of her bouncing, and the flow of the air, it was driving him wild!

Pinkie noticed this and stopped bouncing for a moment, letting the feeling of fullness sink in, Guba realized he was very taunt, almost full, blushing he tried to mumble around the gag, quite unsuccessfully. Pinkie giggled again, her back hoof gently teasing his member.

"What a naughty, NAUGHTY balloon you are... why i bet you wanna make a sticky mess all over the place! Such a bad boy... this was supposed to be a punishment... but now... teehee... There's only one thing to do..." She continued to rub her back hooves against his ballooning cock, making him writhe and whimper, begging for release. "Heres the deal... you stop enjoying this, right now... and its all over! But, if you keep enjoying it... and make a sticky mess..."

Guba began to worry, he was feeling too full, way too full, he heard himself begin to creak, and worse, he felt his orgasm rapidly coming.

"Mrrrrph... MMMRRRPH!" He moaned loudly, trying as hard as he could to make it stop, but it was too late, he felt his cock erupt, shooting a large, sticky load into the air, ladning over himself and pinkie. Pinkie shook her head and stood up on all fours.

"You had your chance... now i get to have my fun... " She said, leaning in close to Guba's puffy ear she whispered, "you know what the best part about puffy balloons?" She began to bounce again, each bounce making Guba creak and groan louder and louder, "Popping them."

Guba's eyes shot open in fear, he tried to roll away, to pull free of the hose, to beg for her to stop, but it was too late. Pinkie came down, Guba felt himself creak loudly, his body shaking... then... BANG. Pinkie sat in the middle of the room giggling, bits of rubber falling all around her, the plug hissing air freely. Still giggling she pushed the tank back under the bed, hopped back up onto the shelf and sat down, she watched intently as the rubber seemed to drift together and settle on the bed, she grinned, she wasn't done yet...