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Kitty Cum Pop

"Your being a bad kitty," Guba said with an evil grin, "and bad kitties need to be punished!" The coon looked over the sleek black cat in front of him. Prav meeped in fear, "N-nuh uh!" Prav said before crossing his arms and sticking out his tongue at the Guba.

"Naughty, Naughty!" Guba said, he grabbed Prav's tail and pulled him in close to him, grinning evily at the poor helpless cat he now had control of. "Time to punish you." He said taking the cats tail into his muzzle.

"H-huh? What are you gunna do to m-" He was cut off by Guba blowing into his tail, causing him to feel a strange tingling feeling and made him feel slightly bloated. "W-w-whas happenin? Wha are you doing?" Prav whimpered as Guba blew another breath into him, the bloating feeling getting stronger. After several more breaths into Prav, Guba pulled him into a tight hug from behind, the air in his belly suddenly rushing into his paws, making him look more cartoony.

"Like i said, bad kitties need to be punished, so im gunna blow you up, and then pop you!" He let out and evil giggle and let Prav out of the hug, the air rushing back into his belly. Guba ran his paws over Pravs tummy, prav let out a soft moan of pleasure, his tummy being more sensative now. Prav whimpered and tried to pull away as Guba took his tail back into his maw and began to blow him up more, each breath making him feel lighter and more sensative.

"N-nu! Please! I dun w-wanna pop!" He whimpered, trying to tug his tail away form the coon. "It could be worse ya know," Guba said taking the tail out of his maw, "I could be inflating you through your special... "nozzle" besides...," he asks rubbing Pravs tummy more, "Dont you like iiiit?" Prav let out a loud whimpery purr, "y... yeah... but i dont wanna be pop- mmmph?!?" You dont have a choice in the matter," Guba said as he locked his muzzle against pravs in a deep kiss. Prav whimpered and moaned, not wanting to lose the feelings he was expiriencing, but not wanting to risk getting popped either as he felt Guba start to exhale into him, inflating him now through the kiss they shared.

Guba inflated Prav more, rubbing his paws over his large belly, slowly getting lower with each rub. Prav let out a soft giggle, his mind slowly clouding over with thoughts of being a balloon, all logical thinking pushed aside by the intense feeling of pleasure he now felt being so full. Guba broke the kiss and pushed Prav down onto his back, his enourmous body too big to move or escape now, even if he had wanted to.

Guba grinned evily and rubbed a paw between pravs legs, the cats cock was quick to react as it stood at attention almost immiedietly. Guba lowered his muzzle down to the felines waiting member and started ot tease it with his tongue, each lick making the poor cat wiggle and moan with pleasure. Guba watched as with each lick of Pravs cock his fur smoothed down and took on a rubbery texture, and witout a second thought he engulfed the felines rubber manhood in his maw.

Not wasting any time he quickly started to blow up the feline through his rubbery cock, each breath making prav bigger and bigger, and making Guba yiffier and yiffier. He blushed slightly feeling his pants grow a little tight and slowly started to rub himself through his pants. Tanking himself off his new toys cock for just a moment he asked him, "Whose a good bloonie?" Before resuming his puffing through his toys cock.

Prav let out a loud squeeky moan, "I am! I'm your good little bloonie!" He blushed at his answer, something told him this wasn't a good thing to say, but his mind was too overrun with pleasure to say anything. Pravs body began to graon and creak, indicating he was nearly at his limit, Guba took one last big breath and slowly blew into the now enourmous cock of his toy, Pravs body groaning as he did. Unable to contain himself any furthier Guba rolled Prav onto his enourmous belly and pulled down his pants, revealing his own cock, fully aroused and leaking pre.

"This is it kitty, your at your limit now, but before you pop your gunna take some coonie cock, and once i cum your gunna pop!" Guba told his new toy before pressing the tip of his cock agaisnt the rubbery tail hole of his toy.

"Uhhhh..." Prav tried to think, osmething told him to try to fight it but his mind was too clouded by pleasure to do anything. "O... oteys!" Grinning evily Guba pressed his cock into his toy, "Oooooh... Your a very tight kitty!" He said as he pressed himself fully into his toy. He pulled out slowly and thrust back before he pulled out completely, quickly getting into a rythm with his thrusts, humping his toy faster and faster, each hump making a loud squeeky moan rise out of his toy.

"I-i'm c-close! Get r-ready to pop!" He choked out as he felt his climax approaching. Prav gasped and moaned, each hump pushing his mind further and further away until he was nothing but an empty headed toy, he let out a squeeky scream of pleasure as Guba thrusted into him as deeply as he could, his cum spurting out suddenly causing Pravs body to let out one final creak before bursting into a million pieces, sending rubber shards all over thr room.

Guba layed back on the floor dazed and panting, "He was a very sexy kitty!" Guba said to the empty room before falling asleep on the spot, completely worn out by his time with his toy.