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Your Own Personal Balloon

You slowly pull down my tight underwear, exposing my plush rump. You push the hose into my tight plum butt, making sure it’s in deep enough to stop it from popping out. You let me go, naked on the floor with just my underwear on, as you go over and turn the pump on. Instantly the air rushing into my meek body, and I let out a soft moan. I place a hand on my stomach as I feel it begin to expand. You lick your lips as you watch me become your own personal balloon. Soon enough I look almost 9 months pregnant, and the air starts to spread around my body. My butt begin to swell, becoming rounder than it already was. My whole body soon starts to round out. I let out a pleasurable moan as you grope my stomach, out of my reach. You pinch my butt, causing it to creak like a rubbery balloon. You spank me, causing me to let out a loud yelp of pleasure as my body lets out a long groan. My underwear tears off as my butt becomes just too big for them. I can no longer move my limbs as they begin to puff up too. I’m reaching breaking point. You begin to rub my body, running your fingernails across my taut skin, teasing me. “I’ll pop you~” You say, as you put a leg over me. You lean forward, putting your full weight on my ballooning body. I moan louder as you begin to thrust against my tightening skin, the pump still humming away. You feel like you’re going to climax as you play with me, your balloon. I moan and groan, both with pleasure but also because of how tight I’d become. You thrust harder and harder, pinching my bloated butt - It’s as tight as a drum. You give it a playful slap as you keep thrusting against me. You put your arms around me, squeezing your body against my round, taut figure. My body creaks one last time as I let out one last moan as I climax, and I burst with a loud BANG!