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The Popping Game

Abby glanced around the almost empty arcade, then back to the blushing raccoon beside her. She smiled evily, looking over the coon she had dressed up before coming to the arcade, she had made sure to dress him in the most embaressing clothes she could, a short frilly dress, purposly short enough to reveal the thick pink diaper he was in.

"Guuuuuuuba," She said in a soft hypnotic tone, "Mommy wants to play this game with her little girl!" She gave the diapered coon a squeeze on his thickly padded butt. "Does my little girl wanna play with me? Hmmm?" Guba whimpered slightly and shook his head, something was telling him that whatever she meant to do was bad.

"Awwww... but sweetie if mommy can win this game she can get lots of tickets! Then we can get a big prize!" Abby grinned, still talking in her hypnotic tone, "And mommy knows her little girl wants to help mommy..." Guba blushed deeper, his head was starting to get foggy, unable to focus. "B... buh... w-wha does... mommy want m-me to do?" He shook his head suddenly, "Nu! Nu, i dun wanna hewp!"

Abby pulled her 'cub' into a hug and gently rubbed his back, "Shhhhhh... You're just confussed hunny, you know you want to help mommy win, mommy wants your help to win..." Guba let out a whimper, he felt his eyes start to grow heavy, "N... nu... i... h-hewp... m... mommy... hewp mommy win..." Abby grinned and looked at the game she had been talking about.

"Good... now sweetie, tell me, do you know how to play this game?" Guba looked at the machine and tried to think before shaking his head, the mahine looked simple enough, there was only one button, but the inside was a little confussing to him, "N... nu mommy... buh i wants to hewp you win!" "Good girl! Mommy will show you how to play, but first... mommy needs to make a couple adjustments to the machine!" She pulled the machine away from the wall and pulled off the back. "Mmmmhmm just as mommy thought, come here sweetie, mommy will show you how you get to help!"

Without thinking he walked over to the fox and stood beside her. "Ok sweetie, mommy needs to take off your diaper for this. Close your eyes and relax ok?" She pulled a tube out of the machine and set is beside her cub. She quickly untaped guba's diaper and tossed it aside. "Ready sweetie?" Guba nodded and a moment later felt the cold tube pushed up into his tailhole.

He let out a soft moan and blushed deeply. "M-mommy its cold!" Abby grinned and gave him a kiss on the cheek, "Don't worry sweetie, now, this machine is a special game, when you put in a token this arrow spins," She pointed to the inside of the machine at a glowing arrow with coloured sections near the tip with one large coloured section on the bottom half and progressivly smaller ones on each side leading up to a flashing yellow line, "When it spins mommy has to push the button and make it stop as close to the top as she can to get tickets."

Groaning softly and still blushing deeply Guba listened as best he could, his mind still clouded, "Buh... what da hose for mommy? An why is it in my tai-" Before he could finish his question Abby interupted, "You'll find out sweetie, just relax and lets start playing now, ok?" The coon tried to ask but was interupted by abby putting a token into the game. She watched intently as the arrow spun around and around before she hit the button, the arrow stopping almost instantly on a larger purple segment near the middle of the circle. A musical note sounded from the game and a few tickets came out.

"Aww... mommy didnt get to show her little girl what the hose does... oh well, mommy has a lot of tokens, so lets try again!" She put in a handful of tokens at once with an evil grin. The first couple tries ended in the same result, getting a few tickets, getting slightly closer to the top each try. After about five spins the arrow finally stopped on a dark red colour, the machine humming while Abby grinned evily. "Sweetie... you get to see how you get to help now!" Guba tilted his head and looked at Abby, about to ask what she meant when suddenly he felt air rushing into him through the hose. He let out a gasp as the air flowed into him for a few seconds, making him feel gassy and slightly bloated.

"M-mommy! I dun wanna pway no mores!" But Abby wasn't listening, she had already started another round, she watched as her new toy tried to pull the hose out. She stopped the arrow again, landing on the same red segment, her 'toy' moaned softly, his mind becoming lost in pleasure. Abby moved beside her new toy and wrapped her arms around him, "Sweetie, mommy knows your enjoying this, why are you still trying to fight it? Just let yourself enjoy whats happening." She reached down between her toys legs lifted his dress, revealing his almost fully erect member. "Just as i thought, sweetie..." She said with her hypnotic voice, "Mommy wants you to start pawwing while shes playing..."

Whimpering softly Guba began to move his paws from the hose to his cock, blushing deeply, "N... nu... dun... wanna..." Abby procceeded to rub the helpless coonie's cock, pushing his mind further and further away from logical thinking. Without thinking Guba began to paw himself off, whimpering and moaning with each pump of his paw. "Good girl... now listen very carefully sweetie... you are not allowd to cum, your only going to paw yourself off, your not allowd to cum until mommy wins her game..." Unable to speak or protest the coon nodded, pawwing himself as much as he could.

Abby gave her toy a kiss on the cheek and hit the button again, the arrow stopping just after the flashing yellow marker, guba letting out a loud moan as 3 times as much air flooded into him, making him even more helpless, his tummy noticably fuller now. Abby procceded to play game after game, her tickets piling up with each round, and with each round more air being forced into Guba. After several minutes Guba panted and gasped, leaking large amounts of pre, yet unable to cum. Abby watched intently, the last sevarl games worth of air forceing into him, his body nearly a perfect circle with his arms and legs sinking into it, only his head and tail still poking out.

"M-m-mommy," the cub pleaded, almost all logical thinking gone, "p-please let me c-cum!" Abby grinned evily, the game out of tokens, and an enormous pile of tickets beside her. Of course sweetie, mommy has just one last token, and i think i'll win for sure this time! She reached into her pocket, pulling out one final coin and sliding it into the machine, the arrow spinning rapidly. She watched carefully, each revolution of the arrow making her smile. With a quick motion she slapped her paw down onto the button, the arrow stopping on the flashing yellow segment. She stepped back from the machine as the lights started to flash and a loud music started to play.

"INSTANT POP! DOUBLE TICKETS!" Blared out of the machine, and suddenly Guba's eyes opened wide, "P-pop?" She cried out, his mind slowly returning, "Buh... i... d-dun wanna p-p-pop!" He felt a huge rush of air flow into his tailhole, pure pleasure flooding through him as he started to cum uncontrolibly.

"Aww... looks like my little girl did exactly as she was told, good girl! Now mommy is going to enjoy watching you blow up like the little balloon you are!" A noticable buldge formed in her pants front. Guba gasped and panted, the feeling of the air in him was too overwhelming for him to focus, his mind was pushed away again almost instantly. Abby sat a few feet back from her cub, her pants pulled down and her paw on her fully erect member, pumping furiously.

"Oh good girl s-sweetie... you m-made mommy so yiffy!" She started to leak pre onto the floor, her orgasm approching quickly. Guba let out a low squeeky moan, his body letting out a rubbery groan, nearing its limit. Both of them panted and moaned in unision, the machine pouring our more tickets then possible. "M-mommy's about to c-cum sweetie! y-you better p-pop like a good bloon!" His mind completely blown away by the pleasure Guba just sat there, unable to think about anything but the shear amount of pleasure he was feeling. A loud yipping sound signalled Abby's sudden orgasm, spurting over the floor she stared at her toy, a second later Guba exploded, bits of rubber and fur covered the arcade. Abby picked up her tickets and walked up to the counter, setting them down and smiling as if nothing had happend.

She pointed to a raccoon plush that sitting on the shelf behind the counter, a plush that looked exactly like her cub. "I'd like that cute Coon plush right there please!"