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The Birthday Balloon

20 years old, I can't believe it! I say to myself, in my room as I lay down in my bed. Although what I haven't yet gotten to do this day was my birthday cake. So I go into my kitchen, start to put icing on my chocolate cake. Next, I placed the candles on it. I took the nearby lighter, lit the candles and brought the cake over to my table. I sat down, gazed at the delicious food before me and I spoke.

“Happy birthday me!” I take in a deep breath, with my birthday wish in mind, and I blow out the candles with a strong excess of air. Afterwards, I took the knife, made the first incision and cut myself a piece of the cake. I took my first bite, my mouth filled with euphoria as I continued to eat.

Then I had went back into my room, laid back down on my bed and started looking at my phone. Usually going onto Instagram or Twitter, looking at hot guys. However it was my birthday, so I decided to go look up some porn, to you know, relieve myself. Just as soon as I got onto it, I looked up some of my favorite scenes. Usually guys with big butts get me off quite easily, just seeing how big they were and feeling their curves all around.

As I watched it, I began stroking myself. It was then, tho, I had heard the doorbell to my apartment. At this late hour? I quickly stopped, paused the porno, put my underwear and pajama pants on then walked to the door. I opened the door only to see a package in front of me, yet no delivery man was outside. Since I was still horny, my anxiety wasn't really bothering me so I took a gander at the package and saw a note. It read:

“For the birthday boy, to give you a better lift at your excitement as well as to end your day with a bang - Anonymous”

I picked up the package, brought it inside and closed the door behind me. With my long nails, I ripped the tape off the package, opened it up and what I saw was something that made my face light up. It was a small handy helium tank, with a nozzle at the top and in the box it also had a tube to go with it. My fantasy, was just about to become my reality on my birthday of all days. That you ask? Well, it was to become a balloon. Yes, a balloon.

See, I have this inflation fetish. Found out when I was a teenager that I always felt excited around balloons getting inflated. I never really admitted it to myself, but I too wanted to become a balloon. To feel so round, and large and to float aimlessly as I get bigger and bigger. Even whenever I watched porn, I always daydreamed that one of the guys was being inflated by the other guy cumming inside of him so much that he would expand like a balloon. Yes it's weird, but hey, I ain't one to judge.

And now I held in my hand to make my wet dream come true. I grinned so big like a maniac, as I walked into my room and locked my door. I went over to my windows, closed the blinds and then I sat down on my bed. Staring down at the canister, I took the nozzle to my mouth, closed it tight and then I turned the valve to release the gas into my mouth. The cool feeling made my body shudder, but I was so horny that I didn't care as I felt my cheeks inflate like chipmunk cheeks. The gas entered my throat, and into the rest of my body. I looked down at my belly, seeing it slowly billow outwards as it's expansion began. The helium was indeed doing it's job right, and I loved every second of it.

I turned the canister off quick, then I took it out of my mouth. For I remembered about the hose attachment that came along with it. So I placed it on, then I took the hose and attached it to my mouth. Although before I did that, I had gotten another idea. I looked at the wall mirrior I had on the other side of my room, as I lowered my undergarments and I placed the cold plastic hose into my ass. After swallowing the helium that was in my mouth, I completely took off my clothes and I laid down on my bed. Both hands were holding onto something: my left hand was holding onto the canister while my right was holding onto my hard on. It was time to continue my fantasy.

So I turned the valve again on the canister, allowing the gas to flow out and into tube which led into my butt. Oh my God the feeling was so much better, I let out a loud moan. My belly continued it's expansion as the gas inflated me, as I stroked my dick slowly so I didn't cum just yet. To add onto the inflation, I even felt my ass slowly begin to inflate thanks to the gas. So I began to rise up from my bed, not floating yet tho, just simply a bit more height thanks to my expanding ass. I was so horny, that I turned the valve more to release even more gas to further increase my inflation. My belly grew more and more, rising above my sight which was fixated on my dick. But now all I can see is my belly rising and rising, as I felt my bottom grow more and more.

It was then that the gas went elsewhere to other parts of my body. I began to feel my legs fill up, expanding outward. My arms too, slowly began to inflate. My dick, omg, my dick too was becoming a tube-like balloon. I moaned louder, as the hissing increased within my inflating body. All that went into my thoughts was “Bigger, bigger! I wanna be fucking huge!” So I increased the flow of the helium, which in turn broke the valve. I was now being inflated with the limitless full force of the gas, just like how I wished to be inflated by. It was then my body began to float off my bed, as my belly grew and grew and grew like a gigantic beach ball.

My right hand couldn't hold my dick anymore, as my arm sprung away and out, as it inflated. The other arm that held the helium tank was still surprisingly holding onto it. But I didn't care if I couldn't rub myself now, eventually it would happen all by itself. And in the middle of thinking of all this, I didn't realize that my belly had already reached the ceiling of my room. Meaning I was now stuck in this floating position as my body grew and grew and grew.

“Bigger, bigger!” I kept telling myself, not even thinking of any of the consequences that could possibly follow. My cheeks were forced shut by the helium in my mouth, as it contained the rest of the gas. I couldn't even open my mouth if I wanted to cause of the pressure being so great. I was quite glad that I didn't leave any sharp things out as my expanding body began knocking things over. Moaning after moaning, I felt my skin becoming taut. It was soon near, the over inflation of a balloon's only fate.

I wanted it so badly, I just want to be huge and huge. My tube dick was ready to unleash it's eruption as I felt the pre cum slowly leak from it. “I am going to pop myself on my birthday, this is the best way to go out omggg! BIGGER!” I shouted to myself in my thoughts. Then it began to happen

My skin began to creak, “YES”

The creaking grew louder and overpowered the hissing, “Y-YES!”

My eyes opened wide “I WANNA POP!!”

Cum shot from my dick and the pressure in my body increased tenfold, pushing my body to it's final limit..


My eyes opened as I woke up to see a lot of cum over my chest, and even on my bed. I smiled as I took my finger, swiped it across the cum and licked it. “Best birthday ever.”