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Blinded by Pleasure

On a boring saturday night like most for the small deer. Mike sat around browsing online and finding whatever games or people to entertain that he could for the time. He was a fairly seclusive person and didn’t much have a social life outside of a handful of irl friends and a few online. He sat back just waiting for something to happen but it rarely did. Until he got a knock at his door. Mike never got visitors so there could have only been one person at his door. He had ordered something a few days ago and despite the so called same day delivery it had taken 3 days to arrive. At this point he had just gave up on it arriving, but its arrival had turned what would otherwise be a very slow and boring day into something much more.

For the last 3 or so years Mike had discovered a fetish of his that at first he hated, and quickly became obsessed. About a month prior he had decided to do more than just watch others and what not. He wanted to try it himself.

He got up from his chair and excitedly walked over to his door. Just as he suspected it was the delivery man. He quickly signed off on his package and carried it back to his room. With almost no hesitation he opened the package and removed the contents. A singular air tank.

As excited as he was he held off for now. It was his first time, and he wanted to make it as fun for him as possible. He grabbed a belt from his closet and secured it around his waist. He got into a comfortable position laying on his back in bed and started to slip in the air tanks hose. As the hose went in he winced at the cold tip of it entering but quickly got used to the feeling. Everything was finally ready to go. All he had to do now was start the tank and sit back.

He reached his hand over to the tank and excitedly turned the tank on low. The first gush of air entered him causing him to jump a tiny bit and before long his belly started to distend outwards a tiny amount. The feeling was amazing and the slight pressure caused by the belt restricting its growth had only made it better. He was in absolute bliss as he continued to expand. Within minutes he was rock hard and had already started to pre hands free. His belly would have been the size of a basketball by this point if it weren't for the belt secured around him. The pressure created by the belt had started to strain him quite a bit. Despite how good it all felt he winced at the pressure. He felt like he was going to burst but was to overwhelmed with pleasure. The belt continued to strain against his belly until a loud snap followed by his gut going fully outward unrestricted surprised him.

Without the belt holding it back he only felt slightly tight. He started to work his hands down to his member as he continued to grow and feeling how close he was he turned the tank up to above medium. The rush of air only made everything feel even better. By this point his belly had already grown to around the size of a yoga ball and was only getting larger. Loud creaks and groans emanated throughout the room completely ignored by the deer. He had completely lost track of how fast he was growing or how tight he was. He was in absolute ecstacy and was blissfully unaware of his surroundings. He sped up on his member despite how hard it was getting to reach around to it.

He strained hard as he released followed quickly by a loud bang that could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood. All that was left on the bed was a fairly large white stain, an air tank, and scraps of deer.