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A Cheerleader Scorned, Part 1: Betrayal

“One more thing before everyone goes home.” The words rang out to every corner of the gym. Amy wasn’t tall, but her presence filled the room. She was fit and compact, with tight curves, short hair, and a bubbly personality. Any observer would put her down as the obvious leader, the girl with the body of a gymnast and the voice of a cheer captain.

“Heather and I would like to announce our third squad captain!”

Jordyn’s heart rose. She was tall where Amy was short, slender where her best friend and captain was powerful, not quite as loud but just as enthusiastic. She swept back her bangs, shaking out her long, light brown hair. She had to look good for the announcement – not that she ever didn’t. Even if Amy had the technical skill, the strength and the voice, Jordyn did have her squarely beaten in the looks department. If Amy was best described as cute, Jordyn was nothing less than sexy. And popular, of course, and rich. All things considered, if she wasn’t a shoe-in for the third position, she didn’t know who was.

“Ready?” Amy asked, looking to her co-captain, who nodded. “Congratulations…”

“Kaylee!” they shouted in unison, throwing their arms into the air. A cheer went up, and the girl in question bounced to the front of the group, squealing with joy.

“Hooray,” Jordyn spat, forcing her mouth into a smile as tears forced their way out of the corners of her eyes. She turned, slipping quickly and quietly out the gym doors, staggering over to lean against the outside of the building. She tried to stem the tide of emotion, attempted to calm herself, but the tears flowed freely. The thought of the other girls coming out and seeing her in such a state only made things worse. A flash of anger stabbed through her. Amy. It was all Amy’s fault. If she hadn’t decided to betray her…


Speak of the devil.

“Oh, Jordyn, I’m so sorry…”

Jordyn whipped her head around to stare down at Amy. “Really? That’s it? That’s all you have to say about picking that talentless bitch over me?”

“Jordyn, please! We both had to agree, and-“

“And so you agreed on Kaylee.”

“I did everything I could, promise! Please, just come hang with me today. I don’t have anywhere else to be. We can just chill if you want. I just don’t want you to be upset.”

Jordyn filled her lungs to spit some half-formed obscenity in return, but a tantalizing thought arrested her halfway through. She felt the corners of her mouth twitch with a suppressed smile. “Oh, alright.”

“Hooray! I have to finish talking with the captains real quick, but then we can go. Ten minutes tops, I promise!”

“Don’t worry. I have some… stuff I need to gather up, anyways.”

“Deal!” Amy stood on tiptoes, squeezing Jordyn in a quick hug before running off in a hurry.

One Amy had gone, disappearing around the corner in a flash of white and blue, Jordyn bent down to the bag she’d left behind. With a cursory glance to make sure the area was clear, she slipped the water bottle quickly out and carried the bottle, as well as her own bag, to her car. Diving into the interior, she rummaged urgently through her glovebox until the crinkle of foil met her ears. She pulled it out – a battered foil sheet of sleeping pills, useful for when she was away and felt a particularly bad bout of her usual insomnia coming on. She popped a couple out and dropped them in Amy’s water bottle, which she shook, hoping silently that “ten minutes tops” would be long enough for them to fully dissolve. Her bag she tossed unceremoniously into the back seat, lugging out a similar, if much heavier, one to replace it. With that done, she stood up, straightened her skirt, and went back to wait for Amy. True to her word, it was only minutes later that she came jogging out.

“Ready to go?”

“Ready as you are. Oh, and you dropped your water bottle.”

“Thanks,” Amy said, catching the bottle, draining the remainder in a couple swigs and making a face. “Gee, this plastic makes everything taste terrible. You’d think after all we spend on these uniforms and stuff, we could at least afford to get bottles that didn’t taste like a chemistry lab faucet.”

Jordyn simply smiled in response.

They walked through the door, slipping their shoes off and stowing them in the corner. Amy yawned audibly and shook her head against the sudden sleepiness creeping over her. “Ugh, I’m sorry, I guess I just put a lot into practice today…”

“Nah, it’s been a long day. Let’s just relax for a bit. Race you there!

They laughed, dashing up the stairs, dumping their bags at the entrance to Amy’s room and leaping onto the bed. Amy hit first, bouncing briefly before lying back and stretching out like a cat, still in uniform, a brilliant white with silver-trimmed navy blue accents. Jordyn let her bag down more softly, but jumped just as energetically, nearly launching Amy over the side on impact. They shared a laugh, then both lay back, staring at the ceiling.

“Jordyn?” Amy ventured softly.


“Can you forgive me? Sorry if you don’t want to talk right now, it’s just-”

“No, it’s fine. It’s fine.” Jordyn stretched out her hand, slipping it under Amy’s shoulders and wrapping her arm around her. Amy rolled inwards, looking over at Jordyn, who threw out her other arm, pulling her quickly into a tight hug. Amy let out a soft sigh as she returned the favor, holding Jordyn in her own tight embrace. “There’s another thing, though,” she whispered apprehensively, burying her head in Jordyn’s shoulder. “When Heather didn’t take my first suggestion, I… I brought up Kaylee’s name. I’m so sorry.”

Anger flashed through Jordyn, hotter than ever before. “It’s ok,” she said curtly, dropping her voice to a matching whisper to hide the quaver in it. “I’ll deal with it.”

Amy relaxed, squeezing Jordyn again, snuggling up to her, feeling Jordyn’s silky skin as their legs slid over each other. “I knew you could,” she said as her eyelids drew together. Jordyn reciprocated her soft affection, running her hand up and down her back in smooth strokes, pressing their warm cheeks together, stroking the smooth fabric of her uniform while Amy drifted slowly out of consciousness. The gentle rocking of her body slowed and then abated, her breathing falling into a slow, easy rhythm.

“Amy,” Jordyn called softly after a short while. “Amy?” she ventured, more loudly. “Amy!” Her sleeping captain lay still in response. Jordyn licked her lips, breaking into a grin as excitement thrilled through her. She pushed herself carefully out of Amy’s embrace, letting her roll back into a face-up position. Standing up and shaking the dizziness from behind her eyes, Jordyn retrieved her bag, unzipping it and surveying the contents. Compressed air tank, check. Tape, check. Hose, check. Handcuffs, check, check, check, check. She fitted the hose to the tank and walked around the bed, fastening one cuff over each bedpost. Leaning in, she reached out, grasped Amy’s leg, and slid it slowly outwards until she could fasten the cuff around her bare ankle with a sharp click. Amy didn’t stir. Jordyn’s grin returned as she dragged the remaining leg outwards and secured it in kind. Heart racing with excitement, she hefted the air tank onto the bed, laying it to rest between Amy’s widespread legs.

Taking the nozzle of the hose in one hand, Jordyn climbed gingerly onto the bed, stretching out on top of her sleeping captain. She reached up, grabbing Amy’s wrists, pulling her arms over her head and locking them into the remaining cuffs. Each soft click sent a growing thrill of excitement through her; the setup was complete, any missteps averted. It was smooth sailing from there until the finale.

Jordyn nuzzled Amy’s cheek, taking in the gentle draft of her victim’s breathing on her skin. She kissed her experimentally, felt her squirm beneath her, stirring but not waking. “Amy!” she called. “Amy, wake up!” Louder this time. “Captain Amy!” She ran her fingers up and down her sides, tickling her ribs. Amy shook gently, giggling in her sleep, then awoke to the sound of her own laughter. She blinked lazily a few times, fighting to clear her head of sleep, moving to stretch but finding with shock that banished all tiredness from her mind that she was already sprawled in a giant X, stretched so tightly she had barely an inch of give. Staring up at Jordyn, who was now sitting fully erect, she could see a red rubber hose in her hands and a high-pressure tank between her legs.

“Jordyn, wha-“

“Shhh. I thought we’d have a little fun together. You know how much air there is packed in here?” Her fingernails rapped against the tank. “How tightly it all squeezes outwards? Don’t you just want to drink it all in? Let it pump you up like a tight little spandex balloon, fill you up from your nose down to your cute little toes until you want to burst?” She giggled, tracing the nozzle in a slow, winding path up Amy’s stomach. “’Cause I do. I’m sure you can handle it, captain.”

Amy had no response but to shake her head weakly, holding her mouth tightly shut as the nozzle played over her lips. “Aw, I thought you were my friend. You don’t want to take away my fun, do you? Open up!” Jordyn ran her hands up and down Amy’s sides, producing peals of laughter.

“Oh! Hahaha! Wait! Don-mmmph!”

Jordyn plunged the hose into Amy’s mouth, smoothing down a strip of tape to bind her lips securely together. She smiled down, gripping the valve of the tank tightly. “Very good. Now, are you ready for it? I know I’m just bursting with excitement.”





The hose jumped as a jet of compressed air traveled along its length, shooting into Amy’s mouth. She tried to contain it, cheeks growing rapidly rounder and redder, flushing with combined exertion and embarrassment. Within moments, however, that battle was lost. The ramping pressure forced its way through, trickling down her throat in a stream that quickly became a torrent.

The cuffs dug into Amy’s ankles as she tried to kick out in protest, toes curling and body vibrating as the air gushed into her. A deep, low whoosh sounded as the jet of air echoed inside her, reverberating as it pushed out more and more powerfully. Her chest rose as if she were taking one deep, interrupted breath, and her stomach followed suit. She rattled helplessly at her bonds, cheeks flushing brilliant red from exertion and embarrassment, but produced only the clink of chains and a mocking smile from Jordyn, who started giggling, clapping her hands and falling into a familiar rhythm.

“One, two, three, four, pump up Amy more and more! Five, six, seven, eight, just how big can she inflate?”

She’d never been more embarrassed in her life. As if being inflated like a life raft against her will wasn’t bad enough, Jordyn was clearly taking some obscene pleasure in her every discomfort. All pretensions of fighting her expansion were gone now as pressure began permeating every part of her body, pushing tortuously outwards from her chest into her arms and legs. She was just a balloon on a nozzle now, and Jordyn was in full control.

“Fill up Amy, never stop, pump her up until she pops!”

A feeling of dread crept into her stomach. Surely Jordyn was just teasing her, milking the situation for all it was worth. Doing and saying everything she could to increase her humiliation. But it was impossible to ignore the endless rush of air pouring into her, the growing tightness of her body, the cuffs chaining her so helplessly to her bed. There was only one logical conclusion if things kept up, and Jordyn didn’t seem intent on stopping any time soon.

“Captain Amy’s filling fast, how much longer can she last?”

Her stomach rose before her, tight and white and round. Every inch of her body was pushing outwards now, from her forehead down to her toes. She felt like she’d eaten a Thanksgiving dinner by herself and topped it off with another for good measure, and the hose in her mouth was force-feeding her more and more and more. A soft snapping noise reached her ears over the blaring hiss of compressed air, and then another.

“Watch her pressure rising steady, ‘til she bursts into confetti!”

Her uniform was unbearably tight now, stretched to the limit to contain her burgeoning frame. The sound of snapping threads grew into a chorus as her expansion began to slow, but her internal pressure shot through the roof. Her breasts were bound painfully tight, skirt tense over swollen thighs, belly taut as a trampoline. She began to tremble, tears running down her cheeks. A faint stretching noise began to sound.

“Amy needs her own zip code, any more and she’ll explode!"

Jordyn would be proven right any second now. The groaning of strained spandex grew louder, breaking threads bleeding together to sound like one, long rip…


Her uniform exploded off of her, tearing up to her sleeves, shreds of spandex falling around her like snow as her stomach surged upwards. Another stretching, tearing noise filled the air, and


Her skirt gave way. She was totally exposed now, clothed only in her bra and panties, the tattered remains of her sleeves, the socks on her wriggling feet. Jordyn giggled, tracing one finger over Amy’s chest, down her swollen stomach, onto the valve of the tank. She twisted it, cutting off the flow of air with a soft hiss and smiling down at Amy.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson by now, don’t you?”

Relief flooded through her. Her expensive uniform was in tatters, and she didn’t know how long it would be until someone found her, or what would happen when they deflated her. Jordyn’s revenge had been more than disproportionate, but the only thing that mattered was that she was safe now, that she didn’t have to find out what happened when Jordyn took it all the way, pushed her ever further until something had to give. She nodded frantically in response.

“Ah, that’s what I thought.” Jordyn’s smile waxed warm for a second before melting into a theatrical frown. “Then again, I don’t know if I can trust you anymore. Are you sure you don’t need a bit of extra… filling in? Be honest.”

Amy shook her head desperately as relief turned to uneasiness. She didn’t need to play another of Jordyn’s games. She tried to say as much, but the only thing that came out was a muffled “Mmmph!”

Jordyn stifled a laugh. “What was that, Amy? I couldn’t hear you.”


“Hmm, I know things are a little… tight for you right now,” Jordyn said, drumming her fingers on the taut skin of Amy’s stomach. “We’ll make this simple. ‘Mmmph’ means ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ means ‘No.’”

“Mmmmph! Hmmn!”

Jordyn’s smile turned wicked. “Oh, you do want more, then?”

“Hmmn-mmn! Hmmn-mmn!”

She sighed wistfully. “Well, if you insist…”

She opened the valve of the tank, releasing a new rush of pressure that shot into Amy’s bulging cheeks. Amy tried to scream, but the torrent of air crammed it right back down her throat. Jordyn leaned forward, kissing her victim passionately on one swollen cheek. “I’d love to stay and watch,” she said, rolling off the bed and striding toward the door, “But I’m not a fan of fireworks.”

She strode across the carpet, pausing suddenly as she reached the doorframe and turning back for one last look at her quickly-inflating victim. “Oh, and one more thing…”

“…Have a blast!”

Amy’s stomach rose unbidden, free from the restraints of her uniform. Her thighs ballooned, breasts pushing ever outward and upward, giant rips coursing up the remains of her sleeves as her arms swelled like sausages. Completely helpless, she could only watch in horror as the hose in her mouth pumped her up bigger and bigger, tighter and tighter.

She was so full, so impossibly full, but growing ever fuller, creaking faintly like an overstuffed balloon as she trembled with the effort of holding herself together. She was still growing larger by the second, but now she was fighting for every inch. Her internal pressure skyrocketed, her rate of expansion beginning to slow again. A loud groan sounded, and a jolt of realization and dread spiked through her. Her uniform had slowed its expansion too, creaking and groaning and growing ever tighter, just before…

Tears filled Amy’s eyes as she marshaled all her strength, trying to stop the inevitable. She wasn’t going to let herself burst, to let herself go in such a spectacularly humiliating way, to give Jordyn her sick satisfaction. But the hose in her mouth had other ideas.

She grunted with effort, shivering as a thrill of tightness rippled through her. It rebounded, abated, returned with a vengeance. No, she thought desperately, please... But there was nothing she could do. From her sweating forehead to her curling toes, a thousand pounds of pressure forced every inch of her body outwards. Her skin stretched tight as a drum, creaking ominously, growing louder and louder as she was pumped helplessly full. She trembled, body shaking, wrists and ankles straining against their bonds, screaming a muffled “MMMMMMNPH!” as she lost control entirely, ballooning suddenly outwards and exploding with an earth-shaking roar.