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The Annual Burstee Tourney

Despite all of our training together and what I knew was to become of my inflatable wolf, Amarok, I couldn't help that I had become so close to him even if he had doomed himself by entering the tournament. I felt a bit overwhelmed with the idea that I would lose him forever.

The truth was that it didn't matter, this is what made him happy and by proxy what made me happy. The guilty pleasure of being the one to make him explode into shreds bringing me comfort (and making me horny) about what was to come next.

The Annual Burstee Tourney is a gathering of inflation enthusiasts who push their limits to the extreme, taking in as much air, food, gases, or liquids as they possibly can before they burst. I have heard that no Burstee ever returns from such an event, not even the winner.

The burstees would be paired together and would be inflated with whatever the handler chose. The goal is to outlast your opponents, who would pop. There is no turning back or deflation.

Winners of each round would simply be paired with each other, continuing to be inflated until they pop. This step would be repeated as necessary until they had a winner... And then he or she would be rewarded with an explosion both figuratively and literally speaking.

All entrants would be fitted with a chastity device with only the winner's to be removed, allowing him or her one final orgasm. A part of me just knew that Amarok would be the winner, and I hoped with all my heart to drink his final load of cum.

After we had arrived, I noticed the entry count on the marquee outside the stadium: there would be 16 entrants this year. All signups were handled in advance due to the large amount of paperwork involved such as liability waivers and the requirement of a legal, documented will (to deal with an entrant's final expenses of course).

I was feeling a bit nervous hearing the rambunctious cheering of the audience inside, while my wolf skipped happily and excitedly into the stadium. He always wanted an audience, and I couldn't blame him for wanting one for his final act.

We had dressed for the occasion, wearing matching latex catsuits with a skull and crossbones logo emblazoned on the front. Mine was rather tight and unyielding, standard for latex catsuits... But his, modified to stretch throughout an inflation session. I wondered if he would outlast the suit and if it would shred before he exploded. My latex catsuit unsuited to hide my throbbing erection at the thought, I received looks and gropes from many a passerby as we walked into the stadium.

We proceeded into the locker room to further prepare for what would become the largest spectacle I have ever seen.

As we entered the locker room, we were greeted by some friendly- familiar faces, among which was Arcot the inflatable black and yellow dragon. Both he and Amarok were inflation buddies, always online with each other during their private inflation sessions. Well private from all but me, present often to suck Amarok's cock dry.

It was no surprise that he would be here as an entrant. Both he and Amarok hugged each other, talking about the tournament and the other entrants in sort of a whisper. I say sort of because the quieter they tried to be, the more intently everyone listened.

They were sizing up the other entrants and talking about how sexy their explosions would be, that is if they could avoid going off prematurely. They both giggled. Some appeared to be embarrassed, others a bit angry and others still were just stroking their cocks at the thought.

None of them approached to confront the two, words were meaningless in comparison to the events ahead of them.

The handlers were called out to choose their methods of inflation. Arcot's chose air, others' chose food and liquids. I chose a hydrogen and oxygen mixture for Amarok, for a bigger bang. I wanted him to leave an impression on the audience so to speak.

After selecting our methods, our inflatables were called out into the stadium to be introduced and paired with their opponents, they were greeted with loud cheering and applause from the audience. Amarok especially caught attention for his outfit, telling of his intent to inflate until he explodes. I was proud of him already.

After each entrant was introduced, we were all staged in various positions on the field with high tech equipment set up to record footage and measure the inflatables' sizes. The chastity devices were also installed, locked up nice and tight, preventing erection completely. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but the release for the winner would certainly be worth it.

It was all about to begin as the announcer yelled with excitement each pair of opponents. I stood tall and gave my wolf a deep kiss, telling him how much I love him and how proud I am of him. I completely missed the name of his opponent as it was called, lost in my fevered romance with my doomed lover.

Amarok's attention shifted to his opponent as he approached with his handler. His opponent was a kangaroo with rippling muscles all over his body. The handler held in his hand a mysterious vial of liquid, grinning widely. "With this vial, my roo will certainly outgrow your little wolf."

Both Amarok and I grinned knowingly, and when the bell was rung to indicate the beginning of the match, I grabbed hold of our specially modified inflatable buttplug. The buttplug was modified with a hole going all the way through, with an air tight locking device to attach the hose from our tank to on the base.

While I slathered the ribbed-thick buttplug and began to insert it into my wolf's hungry tailhole, the roo's handler administered the vial of liquid to him orally with the roo swallowing it almost as eagerly as Amarok took his plug.

Gradually, inches sunk into his tailhole, soliciting a gasping moan from Amarok until it was completely in. I used the bulb on the buttplug to inflate it and lock it into place. One pump, two pumps, three...

Meanwhile, the roo was moaning and fiddling with his chastity device as his muscles began to swell. Sweat rolled off of his now throbbing muscles as they grew, the roo looking flushed with red and precum leaking out of his device. He was certainly horny for it.

...twenty pumps later and my wolf was a panting, horny mess, but the plug was now locked into place. I gave it a tug to test it and Amarok whimpered in reply as it pulled on his anus, unable to be yanked out. I grinned and attached the hose from our tank to the buttplug and began to turn the valve slowly, gradually allowing the mixture to flow into him with a hiss.

The roo was fairing well, his muscles rippling at twice their normal size as the chemical worked its magic. I noticed that the vial was empty, discarded onto the ground next to his handler as his handler masturbated in front of everyone, panting and moaning almost as loudly as his roo.

Amarok moaned as his gut and ass cheeks began to swell, the growing pressure on his prostate causing precum to flood out of his chastity device.

Even though the audience was cheering louder than ever and the announcers were excitedly describing each opponent's condition, I only heard the gasping and moaning of my wolf as well as the hiss of air flowing into him. In that instant, all that mattered was his pleasure... and mine. I reached down to fondle myself through my latex suit as his stretched with his body, now twice it's normal size as his chest and limbs began to fill out.

I turned the valve all the way up and kneeled beneath my balloon slut, licking up the precum that was escaping his chastity device. The taste of his cum, oh how I craved it. Even though his precum wasn't as potent, I could still taste the familiar salty thickness of it and the musk emanating through the cage was driving me crazy.

The scene smelled of sweat and sex, both boys were now five times their original size and still growing, though the roo's swelling seemed to be slowing down. That wouldn't be good for him in the long run, as my wolf was capable of so much more. Concerned, the roo's handler pulled out another vial and climbed up the mountain of muscles to administer it.

He was successful in administering the second vial and the roo's mass doubled before the roo whimpered with his head somewhere in the bloated mess of massive pecs, abs, and limbs. The roo was no longer swelling however, and the increasing sounds of creaking coming from him as well as his panicked whimpering. His handler jumped off and leapt out of the way just in time for his roo to pop loudly, sending dust from the field flying in all directions.

The roo was gone, nothing but shreds as he left behind a small crater. The handler appeared to be disappointed, but was rock hard and rushed to finish himself off somewhere.

I turned the valve down to a slow hiss as my wolf had grown ten times his normal size without any difficulty. His arms and legs were spread apart, belly much rounder and further out from his torso, and neck lost in the mass that is his chest. His latex suit had stretched along with him, but I could tell it was getting tighter on him and that he was probably feeling some pressure.

As the tournament crew cleaned up the mess left behind by the other participants in the round, including our late roo friend, I told Amarok what a good boy he was and how proud I was of him. However, I also warned him that he was not allowed to pop until all of the other opponents were gone forever. I told him that good balloon sluts get as large as they possibly can and that I knew he was a good balloon slut. He moaned in delight and whimpered, getting desperate to cum.

Removing this chastity device was encouragement enough to ensure victory and I knew it.

Taking place of the roo was another challenger, this time wheeled over by the staff with her handler. She, like Amarok, was still swollen from her last matchup. That short-furred mass of flesh appeared to be a mare with hooves for feet, a long face and all.

Her breasts were bobbing heavily and a liquid seemed to be sloshing about within her swollen belly, her muzzle was hooked up to a massive tank of water with a garden hose. A modified ball gag locked the hose in place, even as the straps began to cut into the skin of her face she merely moaned, not complaining one bit.

Her handler encouraged her with a few thwacks of a wooden paddle, the paddle sending ripples throughout her body as it hit hard. She did her best to say what sounded like it could be "thank you master", muffled as it was.

Amarok was desperate for more, growing impatient of waiting for the bell to sound. I petted his tummy to reassure him and keep him calm.

The bell sounded as the announcers recounted what happened to previous opponents to viewers at home who might have missed it, then introduced the new matchups. Our opponent had a stage name of Sweetie Roll or something, but I just didn't care.

I returned to the valve of our tank and gradually turned it all the way back up as Amarok moaned happily, greatful to keep going. Meanwhile the mare's handler turned the garden hose up full blast, quickly and unmercifully. The mare was swelling rapidly as she was filled with more water. She was trying to maintain her breathing through her nose, and that just couldn't be going all too well for her.

Nonetheless it wasn't my problem, all the opponents had signed the appropriate documents to waive all rights to their livelihood before they could even enter the competition. I was more concerned with putting every ounce of my energy into worshipping my inflatable wolf as he swelled steadily, unyielding to any pressure.

I lustily rubbed his tummy and licked up any precum as I returned to my knees underneath him. I was so horny for his final load that I was masturbating furiously through the latex catsuit as I looked up at him, seeing his belly bulge extensively, easily 15 times his normal size by now. Amarok's latex catsuit was beginning to tear in places, he certainly was outlasting it after all. We had never gone this far, usually stopping at 10 times his normal size.

Resisting my urge to orgasm right then and there, I stood up and walked backward to admire his form. I had to walk back to see all of him, he was MASSIVE. His head starting to become lost in his massive chest and his limbs completely unusable at this point, becoming rounder by the second. Soon after, his latex catsuit fell apart in shreds around him as its limitations had been exceeded too far.

I was so lost in admiring my own inflatable that I nearly missed our opponent's end. She was struggling, fighting to hold together, unable to swell anymore as her handler frantically turned the hose down to try and squeeze more water into her. Her breasts and belly were bulging and so heavy with water that I had to assume her back was broken by this point. I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable it was for her.

Angrily her handler cracked a whip on her backside... unaware that was enough to burst her wide open as the water flooded out, washing her shreds away. The applause and cheering was thunderous as I turned Amarok's tank back down to await our final opponent as the staff cleaned up the mess again. I hoped they were being paid well. I sat down underneath my wolf, unable to see anything of the sky due to his massive size as I leaned against one of his bulging legs.

I was growing concerned about Amarok, because his body was starting to resist the flow of our tank and beginning to pressurize. The final match could potentially be over in a matter of seconds if he wasn't able to hold himself together. I reassured my wolf that he was not allowed to explode until he'd won, that he better hold himself together long enough to outlast his final opponent and fill my own gut with his seed as the winner.

In the meantime, I was overhearing tales of someone using an unusual method in one of the previous years to swell from the other handlers who no longer had inflatables to manage. Apparently a wolf by the name of Semi was fed an unknown number of scientifically brewed micro clones of anthro critters until he burst. Reportedly he had eaten enough to swell to 25 times his size before he orgasmed, even though he had the chastity device on, and exploded. He is currently the record holder... I was impressed, but I knew my wolf could do better.

Finally, the last opponent was being wheeled over! I turned around to see a scaley, winged black and yellow mass even larger than Amarok's current size and knew: that was Arcot, Amarok's bursting buddy. My jaw dropped as I took further steps back just to see all of him.

I didn't even wait for the bell, I turned the valve to our tank all the way back up and glared at the handler as he did the same. I'm not about to let my inflatable wolf lose to our dragon friend. The announcers panicked, trying to follow along with the action as we started prematurely, even before they were back from commercial break.

This wasn't about good television for us, so we didn't care, this was about exceeding each other's limits and going out with as big a bang as possible. I rubbed and petted my wolf to reassure him as he whimpered worriedly, yelling to him that he was such a good balloon bitch that he would give everything to hold himself together. Arcot's handler yelling encouragements of his own despite the fact that the dragon wasn't growing at all now.

Both of our inflatables were moaning and panting, the scent of their musk overpowering as these towering behemoths gave it their all to outlast each other, sweat rolling down their massive forms as stretch marks formed and their skin began creaking like crazy... yet Amarok was still growing ever slightly.

I hoped that the dragon's explosion wouldn't be enough to set Amarok off and backed away from the blast zone of the dragon myself. The dragon's moans became desperate whimpers as his bulges throbbed, he was trying to force himself to hold more air... but his body couldn't take any more. The dragon exploded with a huge bang, it was deafening and the shockwave certainly bowled me over.

When the dust settled, Amarok's massive form was still standing, though it was no longer expanding. The staff rushed to get the chastity off to reward him for his win as the announcer reported that he had broken a new world record for the event.

With tears in my eyes I did my best to climb up to his now free, throbbing cock, despite the chastity device it seemed that it still had grown along with him and I had to use both arms to stroke his cock. I suckled on the tip to the best of my ability as I stroked harder. It wasn't long before Amarok howled and nearly drowned me with his cum. I drank as much as possible and let the rest flow over me.

Gasping and coughing, I gather up the air to yell up to him how much I loved him and how proud I was of him, that it was okay to stop holding back and let himself pop. Then I ordered him to do it as he whimpered and moaned. His bulges were throbbing dangerously and his skin creaking loudly around me, but I didn't care. I wanted to go with him.

I closed my eyes as Amarok exploded, the explosion enough to rip me to shreds along with him. My shreds were now to be buried along with his as I joined him in his "balloon heaven". My last thought being that I couldn't be happier than to be with him in the end.