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No Nut November

>No Nut November is over
>Not that you're really in any position to capitalize on on it
>A close encounter with a well endowed cougar on the last day was almost then for you
>You were lucky to waddle away with a hundred liters of backed up nutte sloshing around in you
>Unfortunately you also waddled away with the femme fatale's cock ring firmly seated on your shaft, preventing your from blowing your load when the month rolled over
>And despite your best efforts, trying to get it off has only pumped you up more, necessitating a trip to the hospital before it gets any worse
>You're far from the only bloated male there too
>Between your beach ball gut, fire hydrant thighs, watermelon ass cheeks, and cantaloupe moobs you'd thought you were pretty swollen
>There's at least half a dozen guys in various stages of going spherical, including a thin faced blonde twink who's just a quivering moaning orb trying not to breathe too hard so he doesn't explode
>They can only watch enviously as you're called before they are, sloshing with every step on the way to the examination room
>You sit for a good ten or fifteen minutes before the nurse arrives, doing your best not to think of anything sexy so you don't get any bigger
>The nurse makes it a lost cause
>Her gown barely goes down to her pelvis, easily revealing her tight white panties, and her melons are the size of basketballs and totally braless, nipples peeking through her top as they wobble and jiggle with her every move

“Hello Mr. Anon! You're here because you can seem to ejaculate, yes? I can see how that'd be a problem at your size, if you get much bigger you won't be able to reach your cock!”

>She pushes you down on the examination bed, pulling your pants and boxers down around your ankles to begin her investigation
>Grabbing a quick grope of your bloated belly, she runs her fingers along your swollen thighs, cupping and fondling your softball sized nuts before gingerly seizing your erect shaft and quickly pumping it to maximum hardness

“Oh dear, that ring's got you all plugged up, and with how big your boner is there's no chance of getting it off. I suppose the only thing we can do for you is pop you humanely. Don't worry about a thing Anon, I'll make you explode before you know it!”

>You try to protest, to point out that No Nut November is over, but she isn't having it – you're going to pop and that's final
>With one hand firmly on your cock and rubbing it fiercely, she reaches with her free hand to undo the clasps of her nurse's gown, spilling her mammoth mammaries out of her top and posing to make sure you get an eyeful
>Pressure rises inside of you, a desperate need to spurt building in the base of your dick, and thanks to the ring it's overflowing instead of erupting
>Your body swells, filling like a cheap condom as the nurse pushes you towards an explosive finale, your heaving curves sloshing, gurgling, and wobbling
>She leans in close, giggling and pressing her tits into your face, dragging an erect nipple across your lips and teasing you to suckle on her

“You make for a cute balloon Anon, and blowing up so fast too! At this rate you'll be taut and fit to burst in no time, I just hope you get nice and huge too, like the blonde in the waiting room.”

>The thought of being such a huge boy blimp sets you off, sending a surge of growth gushing through you
>Your belly and bosoms rise and fill before you, expanding like a set of water balloons trapped on faucets, your arms and legs growing fat and engorged with fluid, bloated ass cheeks spilling over the sides of the bed

>It's too late for you now, you're too wide for the door frame, ignoring that you're already too heavy to ever get up and get away from the nurse
>Giving in to temptation you latch on to one of her boobs, nibbling, licking and sucking on her and drawing a satisfied sigh from her
>In response she rubs your aching tip for a moment, teasing a cum shot that will never flow, before giving your nuts a squeeze and rewarding you with a series of powerful pumps that practically slam your erection against the underside of your ginormous gut

“Getting biiiigger~ I love it when boys blimp up into tight creaking spheres, and you'll start doing that any second now. Then you'll max out and pop, oh I can hardly wait for you to explode!”

>The nurse backs off, pulling her tit from you mouth and leaving your twitching member unattended as she leans back against the wall and starts to play with herself, fondling her tits and sneaking a hand into her panties to work her clit and pussy in full view of you
>True to her prediction you're starting to round out, your back curving beneath you while the mammoth dome of your belly grows more and more globular, your fat pudgy appendages sinking into your sides
>She licks her lips and smiles as she watches you intently, her panties growing wetter by the second as she pants and drinks in the sight of your relentless growth
>You can hear your skin creaking, stretchmarks slowly blossoming across your circumference, flesh going from soft and plush to taut and straining you continue to swell, and Swell, and SWELL
>A muffled BLOOSH from the direction of the waiting room tells you that someone else has gone and popped off, a lecherous grin spreading across the nurse's face as she undoubtedly imagines the scene

“God, I hope that was the blonde, he was just too cute edging like that not to burst. Lucky me that I've got my own private popshow to enjoy. You'll pop for me, won't you Anon? You're just so big and full, I can't imagine anything other than you splattering now.”

>There's naught for you to do but inevitably indulge her, you're getting close and close to being a perfect sphere with every passing second, plump hands and feet trapped in divots in your trembling flesh, chest rising up to press against your chin and squish your billowing cheeks as your head starts to sink in
>The squealing and groaning of your hide is growing louder and louder, your expansion entering its terminal phase, your give and capacity rapidly dwindling
>Even getting the ring off wouldn't save you now, you're just so fucking full there isn't a hope in hell you could cum it out before you rupture
>And you're still inflating like a thrice damned balloon, bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGER

“Do it Anon, pop for me! Burst like a big fat BLIMP!”

>You can't hold it, your bellybutton is pressed tight against the roof, the apex of your arc flattening and squashing you like a stress toy
>The nurse is dripping on the floor, biting her lip and edging to time her climax with your detonation, eyes locked on your tense shuddering form
>A single drop of cum oozes from your cock and drips onto the floor, and you pop in a tsunami of jizz with a wet BLORSH a paroxysm of destructive sexual pleasure ripping through your head as you come apart
>Shrieking and cumming, the nurse is painted white with your spunk, falling to the floor and spasming in the grip of her climax, the moment of your auto-erotic self destruct playing over and over again in her head
>Her next patient is going to have quite the mess to measure up to