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Wrong Answers

The classroom was quiet. Everyone sat still and stared at the teacher with both a look of fear but also excitement in their eyes. At the head of the class stood the teacher by the blackboard. She had written an equation on the board and was scanning the class to see who she should call on next.

“Veronica? Can you solve this problem?” Asked the teacher with an authoritative voice.

Veronica stiffened in her chair and sweat dripped from her brow. She studied the equation but it was far too complex for her and the teacher had not even taught them how to solve anything like it. She stammered a bit before closing her mouth and shaking her head “no.”

The teacher sighed and then pressed two buttons on her desk. There was a sound of hissing and Veronica’s face blushed bright red as her chest suddenly swelled up four cup sizes, straining her college uniform tightly. She managed to keep herself from moaning, but she couldn’t help breathing a little faster once the inflation stopped.

That’s how the teacher liked to keep us under control. Each one of our seats had a nozzle that we were forced to sit on, and if we got an answer wrong… we ended up like Veronica. Plump and inflated in our seats.

The teacher scanned the room again. She pointed to a boy in the third row. He attempted to give an answer, but since he didn’t know how to solve the equation either he soon got filled up with air too. His belly ballooned out and he sat squished tightly in his chair by his desk. He grunted as he inflated and it was clear he was enjoying it.

This went on for a while. The teacher would ask someone to solve the problem, they couldn’t, and then she’d inflate them. One by one the students in the class were being blown up. Girls got it the worst as the inflation liked to gather in our breasts. Guys tended to have their bellies round out, although on several occasions the inflation would sometimes become concentrated in a guy’s dick. But that was quite rare.

The teacher called on Veronica again. Veronica looked panicked. She could barely see over her enormous chest already and the teacher had done nothing to explain how to solve the problem since the last time she had been called on. Veronica blurred out a number, hoping that by pure random chance it would be right.

It was not.

The teacher pushed her buttons again and Veronica began to swell up faster and tighter. She closed her eyes as her breasts strained under her shirt and her arms and legs plumped up as well. The inflation wasn’t showing signs of stopping anytime soon, but Veronica didn’t have much more room to go. She moaned to herself as her skin turned shiny as it grew tighter and everyone in the class heard the telltale sounds of creaking rubber. Then with a startled gasp, her eyes flew wide open and KABOOM! she popped into a pile of rubbery shards amid her tattered college uniform. Her seat still hissing from the air being pumped through it.

And that’s what happened if we didn’t answer any of the questions right. The teacher just burst us apart! Several of my friends had already succumbed to this teacher’s unorthodox method of punishment. I hoped I would not be next.

As the day went on, one by one my classmates were inflated in their seats. Girls got their breasts inflated to ginormous proportions, guys got their bellies blown out like beach balls, and every once in a while a student was unceremoniously burst into scraps. Somehow, through it all, I had evaded attention.

“Louise?” Called the teacher.

I gulped and sat up in my chair. My luck had finally run out.

“Can you solve this equation?” Asked the teacher smugly.

It was obvious I couldn’t. No one had been able to even guess remotely right. Accepting my fate I shook my head “no” and prepared for the worst. The teacher sighed and pushed the buttons on her desk once again.

At once I felt a cool air flowing into me through my butt. It swirled in my stomach and I felt chills wash over me. But then I felt it begin pushing out from within me, stretching my breasts from the inside. I felt my skin stretching as my breasts slowly began to inflate like balloons under my shirt.

It certainly wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, and I had experienced it once before in another classroom by another teacher’s hand. It had taken me days to deflate back down to my normal size. I bit my lip and let out a low moan as my nipples hardened and rubbed against the stretching fabric of my college uniform.

After a few seconds the hissing stopped and I gasped, panting heavily from the experience. I looked down at my chest and was shocked to see two enormous watermelon sized tits straining under my shirt. I couldn’t even see my desk over my newly inflated cleavage.

The teacher was called away for something and she got up and left the classroom. As soon as she closed the door that was a collective sigh from every student and we all began rubbing our highly sensitive bodies. The moaning grew quite loud and I think I heard several girls orgasm behind me. I couldn’t turn to see who because I was too preoccupied with my own breasts to care what others were doing. I rubbed my palms across my bloated nipples and I squirmed in my seat as I came on the spot, wetting my panties with my juices.

As I lay back in my seat I saw a really inflated Megan trying to drag her seat towards the front. We watched silently as Megan managed to switch her seat with the teacher seat and dragged that one back to her desk. She sat down with a wry smile on her face as the teacher re-entered the classroom.

The teacher, suspicious of us, scanned the room with narrow eyes. But finding nothing amiss aside from a few inflated guys trying desperately to reach their crotches, the teacher sat down on her chair behind the desk.

She continued to call on students again, and every now and then one of them burst from over inflation. The classroom was starting to accumulate quite a number of torn uniforms, ripped shirts and pants, and scraps of underwear. Not to mention there were piles of flesh colored rubber scraps that gently swept past our feet.

Then Megan raised her hand and said “is the answer 87?” It was obviously not 87. The teacher looked disappointed in Megan and pushed the button for her chair to activate.

But then something peculiar happens. Megan didn’t inflate, the teacher did. Megan’s sneaky plan had worked! The teacher let out a loud moan as her breasts ripped through her shirt and grew in front of us. We could see her shiny skin growing tightly and her bare nipples plumped up like little oranges. The teacher leaned back on her chair and let out a cry of pleasure as she continued to inflate before us. I’m not gonna lie, it was extremely hot. I noticed several students start masterbating in their chairs to the sight.

Then suddenly, the teacher fell forward and her enormous breasts smashed the button controls on her desk. Megan’s plan had backfired. Everyone in the class began to swell up, even Megan who was sitting on the teacher’s chair. She let out a whine as she inflated past her limits and simultaneously both she and the teacher exploded into rubbery shards with a thunderous BANG!

The rest of us were forced to wait for our explosions. It was inevitable at this point. So we all just enjoyed ourselves. My breasts felt tight and the air inside was pushing hard against my skin. But my skin didn’t want to grow any more. I heard a BANG! and for a second thought I had burst! But it was a boy in the chair next to me who had popped.

One by one we all began to pop like balloons! I knew that at any second I would be next and that would be it for me. But at the very least Megan’s plan had succeeded in getting revenge on the teacher. It was just a shame she also managed to get us all popped at the same time too!

BANG! A girl to my right exploded and scraps of rubbery skin slapped me in the face. BANG! A boy behind me exploded. BANG! Another girl, this time two seats to my left. I felt the pressure increasing. It was so pleasurable and exciting and I strained as hard as I could to hold on.

But I couldn’t do it. My eyes went wide as I felt my body pass it’s threshold. I let out an orgasmic cry as I came. There was a thunderous KABOOM! And I finally exploded into a pile of rubber scraps that littered my classroom seat amid my torn uniform and underwear.

The janitor would have a lot of work cleaning up our mess.