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Balloon Bimbos

Steven rocked as the crowded commuter train bounced over some points, normally this was the worst part of his day but he struggled to hide his building excitement, waiting at home for him was the first of Balloon Bimbo's grab bag packs. He'd always fetishized the sexy balloon creatures but had never really been one for relationships, and the cost of the critters was well beyond what he could afford. But a few weeks back a new company had formed almost as if it was made to fix those two problems. It had come into being when a fur had invented a new blend of myo-rubber. Rather than sell it to one of the big balloonie companies like Air Filled Dreams or Pneumatic Robotics he had set out to make his own balloonies. A few weeks later the new company was showing some truly impressive hull designs but had hit a problem. AI cores were the most expensive and closely guarded secret of all companion manufactures. To gain access to even the simplest would mean losing control of all his work. Instead they had bough a cheap pseudo AI core patent and set out to make their unique balloonies. Lacking the intelligence for complex AI behaviours boasted by other models they instead amplified that appeal, crafting the limited cores into sex crazed bimbos. Having solved that problem they turned to face the next challenge. Complex patents surrounding the self repair technologies used by the other balloonie companies. There was no way they could achieve reforming balloonies, Instead they turned this to their advantage too, cutting the price and offering a single use balloonie would ensure a steady supply of customers and appealed to those who liked the taste of permeance, knowing the babe or dude you popped wasn't coming back could be a powerful aphrodisiac.

The thrill of that made Steven squirm and he'd ordered a six balloonie grab bag. Six beautiful balloon bimbos for him to boink and bust. After a long week with the box teasing him he finally had time to play with them properly. He was already imagining what he'd do with the girls he'd gotten. The slim cat was so caught up in his fantasy he almost missed his stop and had to jump up and leap through the closing doors. He walked with a quick stride and soon arrived home almost vibrating in excitement. His hand was already fumbling with his pants as the door swung closed behind him and he rushed to his bedroom trailing discarded clothes. He grabbed the big box off his bed and tore the tape off, under the bubble wrap he found a thick booklet emblazoned with the logo of the company, beneath that lay six bags each one containing a random balloonie. He left them there for now and flicked the booklet open, he wanted to make sure he got things right. He flicked quickly through the 'caring for your balloonie' pages, his weren't going to last long enough to need that. Then carefully read the inflation instructions. These balloonies had unusual valves on the tips of their tails, pinching and twisting would open or close them allowing for a slow deflation ride down if he wanted. The balloonies would wake up on reaching a certain size so he didn't have to worry about overinflating them. For some reason it went to great lengths to warn him off inflating multiple balloonies at a time but he wasn't going to pay attention to that. The next page described the behaviour of the balloonies. As he had expected they were pretty simple sex dolls not suited for more complex tasks. Another warning reminded him that they were programmed to be constantly horny, always looking for more cum. The next page was more interesting. The were programmed with a series of touch gestures, by drawing shapes on any part of their bodies he could change their behaviour and even their bodies, an expanding spiral would swell the body part it was drawn on and a contracting one to shrink it. A heart would make the already horny balloonies even lustier while a Z would put them into sleep mode making them hug their owner as he fell asleep on them. He couldn't wait to try them out. He flicked to the last page and saw yet another warning about letting them get too horny and another against inflating multiple balloonies at once but he didn't care and tossed the booklet aside.

He reached into the box and shivered as his fingers closed on the first of his toys. The box was about the size of a DVD case and roughly the same shape, the wrapping around the box bore a picture of the balloonie it contained a huge boobed black mouse bimbo squeezed into fishnets and a brightly coloured, heavily ripped, and absolutely minimal top and skirt combo. “Bounce me until you burst me.” A speech bubble declared. Below her picture was her name, Cindy. He spun the packet around and huffed as he looked over the pictures there, the mouse in various poses taking toys and males hidden in shadow. The shiny plastic tore as Steven ripped it open and popped open the box. He closed his eyes and moaned as the scent of fresh latex hit his nose tinged with hints of artificial heat pheromones and cheap perfume to complete the balloon bimbo scent. Steven sniffed deeply and opened his eyes. Folded neatly in the box was a bundle of Black rubber and he traced his fingers over it with a soft squeak before lifting it out. He'd chosen naked balloonies but the pictures on the box made him wish he'd bought the printed on clothes version of her, or even shelled out a bit extra and bought balloonies with Balloon Bimbo's special rubber clothing. They offered all sorts of styles from club girls and prostitutes to fetching naughty schoolgirl and nurse outfits. He slowly unfolded her on the bed and was about to inflate her but he paused. “Might as well meet your sisters.” Steven told the deflated mouse reaching for the box once more. As he did a small envelope dropped out of the box, he frowned as he turned it over then realized it was the envelope for the core return. The company offered a rebate of a third of her price off the next balloonie for retuning the core and as many scraps as you felt like gathering up.

He flicked that envelope back into the box and pulled out another box, this one bore a picture of a blue Lynx babe in a skimpy skirt, posed sitting at a desk as if she was a sexy secretary. Her legs open to reveal a huge glass dildo stretching her pussy wide. She was called Bella and he couldn't wait to bounce and burst her. Her flicked the box over and huffed at the pictures on the back. The busty secretary balloonie bent over her desk her skirt and top ripped. A sharp thumb-tack was placed just inches from her rubber bust and the male's hand was flat against her back ready to slam her down on the sharp pin. One picture had caught the moment of her pop perfectly. The huge rents running up her body had just reached her boobs and her mouth was open in a moan of ecstasy that would never end for her. As Steven popped the box open he wondered if he had any thumb-tacks around, it would be fun to recreate that pop. He buried his nose in the bundle of rubber and sniffed deeply to savour the rubber scent. Steven huffed as his cock throbbed hard. He lay her down still folded and pulled out the other boxes, he couldn't wait much longer.

The pictures on the next two boxes showed a red panda and a bright pink bear. Rose and Stella respectively. The panda was dolled up in a nurses outfit and with her sisters was shown taking good care of a stallion hunk. Meanwhile the bear was shown pleasuring a trio of hung foxes, her box boasting that she was the biggest of their range at seven and a half feet tall. He ripped the boxes open and pulled out the two ursine inflatables, he unfolded the bear first, laying her down on the bed took up most of the free space so he lay the red panda on her belly amazed at the difference in size between the biggest of his playthings and the smallest. But both would soon burst for his enjoyment and he was shaking with excitement. Seeing four balloon babes laid out on his bed proved too much and he tossed the two remaining boxes onto the bedside table, he'd deal with them later. Steven's hands stroked up the smoky black latex of the mouse and he grabbed her long pink tail. A twist of the tip and he raised it to his lips kissing the valve as he took a deep breath.

The first breath barely changed her appearance but another puff made the deluxe latex tremble as it started to fill out. He ran his eyes over her body as it slowly grew before him, her huge boobs were topped with soft pink areolae and nipples that he couldn't wait to suckle on and as her legs began to round he saw a soft pink heart over her invitingly tight pussy. Steven huffed hard still blowing into the balloonie. Her curvy body needed a lot of air but after a few minutes she had fully taken shape. The sight of her twitching before him as he blew was intensely erotic and the air was heavy with the scent of her fresh rubber and her built in pheromones. He reached out to stroke up her hips to her thick thighs fingers sinking into the velvet smooth rubber. Another breath and she suddenly squirmed against him her eyes opening slowly as a low moan rose in her throat. He quickly twisted her tail valve closed and let it slip from his lips.

Steven panted softly looking down at the amazing mouse as she looked lovingly up at her feline master. “Hey there cutie wanna bounce?” She squeaked smooshing her huge boobs together. Steven reached out to push his hand deep into her soft right breast making the bimbo moan lustily. The latex felt amazing under his fingers but he wanted more toys to play with. “Later. ”He told her as he grabbed the lynx and twisted the nozzle at the tip of her tail. The mouse mewled and pawed at him desperate for his cock so he stood up, stepping forwards he straddled her chubby belly and dropped onto her hard. The balloon babe easily absorbed his hard landing her already huge boobs ballooning for a second as he bounced on her. Cindy murred happily the feeling of his weight pressing into her temporarily sating her lust. Steven murred then lay the uninflated lynx down to play with her enormous boobs making her shudder and moan against him. With a smile he drew twin spirals on her boobs and groaned lustily as the surged out in his hands growing another inch with a whoosh that made him huff. He wondered if she'd burst if he kept drawing, her latex thinned with every inch she grew after all. As tempting as that was he wanted to enjoy her to the fullest but most of all he wanted more balloonies to play with.

Steven snatched up the blue rubber lynx and raised her stubby tail to his lips. He blew hard and with a spluttering hiss she began to inflate. Steven did his best to blow with steady forceful breaths. The slow inflation soon became too much for his mouse mount and Cindy shuffled to press her boobs around his throbbing cock. Steve moaned happily as he puffed the lynx out his hips bucking into the mouse's cleavage. He started to flag as he puffed her bigger, the big balloon feline would have been a difficult puff to begin with but right after the mouse it was tiring him out fast. He sank onto his mouse murring into the bimbo as she bounced her huge boobs on his cock. He huffed then let the nozzle fall from his lips. It squeaked softly as he pressed it against Cindy's lips “Puff this up for me.” He ordered and she began to blow, her huge boobs shrank then swelled as she puffed and he lunged into her soft cleavage, fucking her boobs with loud squeaks.

“Damn only got two going and it's great, can't wait to enjoy all of you.” Steven huffed groping Cindy's huge boobs then lent in to bury his face in Bella's equally huge boobs just as she woke up. “Oh My who's a big boy.” The lynx purred pulling him against her. Her warm rubber body surrounding him as she churred happily. Steven sank forwards onto Cindy's huge boobs to pluck Bella's tail tip from her lips. A twist sealed it and he hugged her tight for a moment then tossed her aside. She yelped then tutted. “Aww baby you're no fun.” She huffed. “Blow her up for me.” Steven said tossing the huge bear then turned back to the mouse. “Here's yours.” he said handing her the small red panda. It was probably good idea to keep a close track of the smaller balloonie. The mouse had given no sign she would have stopped blowing into the lynx until she popped. He didn't want any unplanned booms yet but he couldn't hold back, this cat was about to catch the mouse.

She started to puff as he slid back hands braced against her huge boobs. With a huff Steven pressed his tip against her soaked lips and sank into her perfect depths. He felt her shudder and moan as her body accepted his thick cock and he drove deep. Her perfectly lubed lips eased him to the hilt with a soft squeak and Steven moaned loud head buried in her boobs as he started to thrust, her bimbo body accepting him with ease. Her rubber skin felt amazing against his fur as he pounded into her each thrust accompanied by a loud whoosh. She poured air into the small panda swelling her out fast. Steven lent in to kiss her breast then ran his tongue around the large nipple making her moan loud into the panda. The taste of chocolate milk filled his mouth as he suckled on her huge breasts filling his belly with a cool warmth. Her milk filled him with energy and he felt his cock throb with the need to breed her. He pounded harder making the bimbo mouse bounce off the bed even as he puffed into her breast.

A third moan filled the air but Steven was too turned on to notice. And only when it was joined by a fourth lust filled voice and a loud creaking did he realize what was about to happen. He lunged forwards across his mouses boobs to snatch the tail of the panda from her lips. She was creaking with her every, move seconds from blowing but still she did her best to tease him groping her own boobs dangerously as he quickly twisted her nozzle. The loud hiss of her deflation made his toys moan and he quickly twisted her tail closed and tossed her aside. “Close her off.” He called to the lynx and watched her twist the huge bears valve. That confirmed the popping risk, his simple balloonies would easily burst each other. He looked over at the other boxes then down at his huge mouse's boobs. Steven smiled slowly he had a prefect idea of how to fill them up.

He grabbed the boxes and opened them open hardly looking at them just noting their names a chubby pink husky called Tara and a lioness made of clear rubber appropriately named Crystal. He pulled then from their boxes and tossed them aside. His fingers found their nozzles and pressed them over Cindy's nipples. “Blow these bimbos up.” Steve huffed driving down into her hard. She moaned loud as twin hisses filed the air. The two new toys swelling out before him and into each others arms. Steven pinched Cindy's nipples sending air whooshing into the two half filled balloonies even as he used the added leverage to pull himself deeper into her vice like pussy. Her entire body writhed beneath him, his toy to play and pop. “Oh Oh master fill me with your cream.” Cindy begged and Steven groaned slamming her harder eager to give her what she needed. His thick cock throbbed hard driving deep into her again and again until her exquisite walls proved too much for him. The first heavy spurt had her howling in bliss and he watched in dazed awe as his two new playthings awoke just in time. Steven slumped into the huge boobs before him and hung on tight, his slamming down into his fragile fleshlight as he sprayed his hot cream deep into her. After a few more pumps he ran dry and lay sweat slicked and panting on her onyx body. “Damn You're a good fuck.” He told her as her rubber body continued to orgasm around his cock. His eyes widened slightly when he realised he was still as hard as steel. Her milk must be some potent stuff.

Steven pushed up off the panting mouse, his cock slurping as it pulled slickly from her lips and he looked around, their little show had been too much for many of his toys. The hugged and groped at each other, rubber tongues running over latex bodies with squeaks and slurps as the grinded against each other in the lust. The worst affected had been the lynx, Bella had been inflated the second longest and was desperate for his cock. She had pulled the panda's head into her pussy and the two newcomers were latched onto her boobs. Steven shoved up off mouse and reached out to pull her over. She melted into his arms as he stroked the shiny blue latex of her ass then spun her away from him to grind against her bubble butt. He looked down at Cindy still moaning and panting helplessly with his seed drooling from her lips and huffed as an idea formed, one bimbo had been bouncy but two would be even better. He grabbed Bella's hips and drove his barbed cock into her ass with a loud squeak. He yanked on her stubby tail to pull her to the hilt then stood up on shaking legs. It was easy to manhandle the bimbo lynx and soon he was standing over Cindy. He held Bella tight and jumped high.

They landed hard on the pillowy target of his mouse's boobs and the squeal of rubber on rubber almost pushed Steven over the edge. He sank deep into her ass and then moaned loud as she bucked him high. “Oh master bounce us till we boom.” Bella moaned her expert ass massaging his cock as he pounded her rump as hard as he could. Steven pushed up. “Make out.” He huffed to his two bimbos. Watching them kiss and grope each other drove Steven wild and he grabbed Bella's tail then spanked her ass hard. To his shock he watched her bubble butt balloon out against his palm. She clamped down on his cock hard and he spanked her again, Her huge butt swelled out again and she clenched even harder. “Oh yeah baby gonna fill your ass.” Steven huffed bouncing high on his two toys. He looked around happily at the other lying around the bed groping and licking each other as they looked up at him in awe.

He felt like he was fucking her on a cloud, the two air filled bimbos rocking beneath him as he plowed Bella's ass hard, he knew he wouldn't last long and considered bursting her as he came, the though made him ache with need but he decided to hold back. He'd drop a load in them all before deciding who went back in the box and who went in the bin. He moaned loud spanking her ass once more as he drove her down into her sister's arms. The loud squeaking almost proved too much and he nearly pushed his claws through that amazing ass. Instead he started to fuck her harder riding hard all the way to his peak. His cock was still slamming into her as he came hard and Bella squealed in pleasure as he flooded her ass. He kept thrusting then bounced clean out of her rump cock spraying his cum over her buns. Steven was slipping into a lust maddened state and he looked around lustily his eyes coming to rest on Rose, her red rubber panda body slick with her need. And her tight pussy twitching in desperate need for his cock.

Steven lunged on top of the smallest bimbo, her boobs would have been impressive for a much bigger girl. The land squealed eagerly beneath him as he bounce on her, finding his mark on the third thrust the lust drunk kitty slammed his cock deep into her womb, he pressed his muzzle into her cleavage and held on tight as his hips began to thrust on their own. Her small bimbo body squeaked beneath him and he could feel the others stroking over his short fur. Urging him on to fill the panda's pussy with his seed. A pair of large hands landed on his ass and pushed him down into her, driving his cock so deep into the panda his tip pressed against the bed through her back. He felt a wide muzzle press between his legs to snuffle over his balls as those strong paws bounced him in Rose. "Stella?" Steve panted as his biggest toy played with him. He couldn't recall any mention of independent action in the booklet but as she pressed her muzzle lower and blew he found he no longer cared.

Rose ballooned beneath him fast under Stella's heavy puffing, her pussy clenching like a vice. Rocked by lust Steven fucked the helpless balloonie hardly hearing the growing creaking of her overfilled body. All he cared for was she was growing tighter around his cock, her boobs bigger and firmer in his hands. His balls bouncing on her nose drove Stella on filling her simple mind with her masters scent. Steven felt Rose growing tighter but he wanted more, part of his lust addled mind tried to tell him of the danger but a louder part told him if he squeezed the balloon panda she'd clamp down for sure. He pulled her into a clumsy bear hug and crushed her against him as his cock began to fire.

The boom rocked the room as she blew apart, an ecstatic moan on her bimbo lips as she was shredded by the intense pressure within her. Steven fell towards the bed but Stella caught him, she spun him onto his back then manoeuvrer herself over his cock. With one hand she stroked his cheek as the other plucked what was left of Rose from his rod and stuffed it into her mouth. She guided his cum slick tip to her lips and dropped hard. The impact of her bubble butt on his thighs finally shook Steven out of his trace and he looked up at her as she bucked on his cock. She wasn't supposed to do this, they were simple bimbos not meant to take charge. “Let me up.” he huffed pushing up off the bed but the huge bear pinned him down her large paws on either side of his head. “Be a good master and fill me with your seed.” She huffed her hips bucking against him with loud hollow slaps. “Stella let me up.” Steven huffed and managed to pull a hand free. The big bear caught it at once and gently pushed his all of his fingers closed but one. She stroked it over her breasts in a growing spiral and moaned happily. “You're right master they should be bigger.” She huffed as her boobs ballooned. He tried to scrawl a Z hoping it would send her to sleep but she only wobbled slightly, her intense lust overpowering the command. She huffed angrily slamming her hips down with a loud clap and forced his hands back to the bed.

“Hold him down.” Stella huffed and he felt more rubber hands grab his wrists pushing them down behind his head. “Naughty master shouldn't have teased” A voice purred in his ear, he felt something slip behind him and found himself looking up at Crystals dripping pussy, the clear rubber lioness slid over his muzzle then dropped onto his face. He was trapped, a helpless toy for his own playthings and the scent of Crystal's lust soon had his head spinning. “Ahh be a good master and fill me up.” Stella moaned happily her hips pumping hard and fast driving him down into the bed hard. He was completely helpless and the scent of the horny lioness soon overpowered him, she mewled happily as he licked over her tight pussy, a slight hint of rubber mingled with the sweetness of her juices. He swallowed greedily then groaned as warmth spread through his body. His cock throbbed hard as the wave of heat spread to his balls and Stella moaned loud as his thick rod fired a heavy spurt of pre into her rubber pussy. Steven groaned feeling his balls filling out, the swelling sending intense waves of pleasure through his body. He drove his tongue deep into Crystal licking her juices up greedily then puffing into her hard. The lioness screamed in pleasure as her rubber body ballooned out. His puffs forcing and explosion of her juices from her tight lips. His every lick made her tremble and moan pushing her towards an intense orgasm as her juices drove him to his peak. He could see Stella through her Crystal's crystal clear body and the big bear was panting hard a heavy blush spreading across her muzzle as she drove his cock into her tight twat again and again. It was too much for the small cat and he bucked up cream spurting from his cock and deep into another rubber womb. He shouted his ecstasy into Crystal's pussy and was rewarded with a torrent of her sweetness as she came hard. A third moan joined the lust filled duet as Stella creamed on his cock. His hot seed pushing her into a mind blowing orgasm. They bucked and moaned against each other as they rode out the triple climax but Steven found himself recovering fast.

The huge bear slumped off his cock and flopped next to him with a squeak panting hard. Steven seized the chance to break free. He threw himself up throwing Crystal off and tried to leap from the bed. Rubber hands grabbed him pulling him back and his leap to safety turned into an ungainly collapse onto Tara's back. The pink husky moaned happily beneath him as his cock pressed against her soft bubble butt. He felt huge boobs pushing against his back and recognised Cindy's voice as she purred. "Naught master has to fill us all." "Let me go." He growled back but the busty mouse simply chuckled grinding against him and pushing him against Tara. The lusty mouse had left his hands free but trapped between them like this there wasn't much he could do to break free. He could grope the husky's boobs to his hearts content so at least there was that. Her rubber body squeaked under his claws and a sly smile spread on his muzzle. A pop had gotten him into this mess, popping would get him out of it. He might as well enjoy his doomed toy first Steven though pushing his claws into her huge boobs.

"A little help lining up?" Steven said pushing back against Cindy she chuckled and slid a hand between his legs. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft pumping up and down his diamond hard length. "See master it's much more fun when you play nice." She purred guiding his tip to Tara's tailhole. She pushed his tip against that tight ring then thrust into him. Her wide hips driving him deep into the husky's tight, fat ass with a loud squeak. He moaned happily as she squealed like a whore and started to pound her fat rump with hard thrusts. He squeezed and groped her huge boobs the thought of tearing them apart driving spurts of pre from his tip. Steven huffed as he traced wobbly spirals on Tara's already impressive boobs and felt the swell out in his hands. He moaned loud tracing another spiral swelling her boobs out again and again. The balloon bimbo moaned happily her body growing at his touch, her fragile skin growing more sensitive as it thinned. “Gonna blow you away." Steven whispered and Tara threw her head back howling her lust as she came hard. Her ass wrung the cat's cock tight as her juices splattered over his thighs. "You like that huh?" Steven gasped his hands stroking down to her belly. Both traced spirals on the shiny rubber as he pounded her vice tight ass. "Blow up until you burst." He ordered as her belly ballooned out fast, her swelling body pressed against the bed lifting him higher. He grabbed her boobs, groping them hard as he pushed to his peak. His orgasm hit like a hammer blow and his cock fired hard the next spurt even harder. As the third huge gout of his cum slammed into her womb her drove his claws against her fat tits and pulled outwards as hard as he could. His sharp nails sliced through her thin rubber breasts and she blew apart with a loud BLAM. In an instant she turned to confetti beneath him, the tight grip on his cock disappearing. Steven slumped panting as his cock bounced, basting her burst body with his seed.

The boom had bought him a few moments and Steven looked around at his panting bimbos, they shivered where the pink rubber shards had settled on their bodies. He wanted more and as he looked over the options he felt his gaze dragged back to Stella. He'd need to get her out of the way, the big bear was too strong and would take charge once more if he let her recover. He crawled toward her and grabbed her arm pulling her close. She struggled weakly but he flipped her onto her back, head lolling off the edge of the bed. Steven slid off the bed to straddle her face and reached out groping her huge boobs with a loud squeak. “Give in already.” He huffed as she pushed against his legs and pinched her nipples hard. Milk dribbled from her tits as she moaned loud only to gasp as he suckled on her huge boobs. The taste of her milk made his head swim but he could feel her weakening. Her huge boobs felt amazing under his fingers and as her milk filled his belly he felt his cock rising once more. With a huff Steven bounded forwards slapping his cock between her breasts and dropping his ass onto her face.

Steven bucked into her boobs hard then gasped as he felt Stella's tongue lick over his tailhole. He sped up pounding into her cleavage and filled the room with loud squeaks and the scent of warm rubber. His hands groped her breasts and belly and he marvelled at her squeaky softness. He wanted her bigger and pushed his fingers into her fat nipples, milk dribbled over his fingers as he slowly drew spirals outwards on her breasts and they ballooned out against his fingers growing bigger, firmer and above all thinner and more fragile. He groaned loud as they swelled out against his cock. Stella's tongue went wild against his backdoor and he bucked against her swelling boobs. Steven wanted more, he wanted to blow her away. His tongue lapped over her huge nipples and he blew hard swelling her boobs even further but that wasn't enough. Steven dove forwards trying to bury his muzzle against her pussy but her huge boobs bounced him back. His cock popped from between her boobs and as he dropped backwards Stella's tongue caught it and pulled his tip between her lips. With a squeak Steven slid down her boobs and his cock slipped down her throat with a loud squeak of wet rubber. He landed on her face, feet floating above the floor as he rode her muzzle. Steven bounced, fucking her face as he played with her boobs but he wanted this bear burst. He looked up then smiled. “Bella Blow this bitch apart.” He huffed and the lynx jumped up. Her fingers squeaked against Stella's thighs as she forced her legs apart and she pressed her bimbo lips to the bear's drooling pussy.

Stella howled around the cock filling her throat as air whooshed into her body. Swelling her beneath Steven. Bella's boobs heaved as she eagerly obeyed her master puffing hard and fast into the Stella's tight pussy. Stella huffed and moaned as she blimped, her belly and boobs surging out with every puff. Steven groaned happily he was gonna cum so hard when she blew. Stella was doing her best to bring him to his peak too, her head bouncing as she impaled herself on his thick cock. Gagging and gulping as it poured pre down her throat. He could feel her grumbling around his cock and she lent back as far as she could. “ You've got another things coming if you think you'll pop me.” She slurred around his rod. Steven laughed there was no way for her to buck him off. He looked up and Bella smiled wide taking a deep breath. Her body swelled out, blue rubber squeaking as she grew. Filling herself with the air that would pop Stella. Bella lent it pursing her lips to kiss Stella's pussy. She blew hard and the bear bulged out. Bella yelped as Stella's thick thighs suddenly closed on her head locking her in place, lips stuck pressed against her pussy. Stella let out a muffled chuckle as a loud whoosh filled the air. As Steven watched in awe Bella blimped out, her huge boobs growing fast and her ass bouncing as it grew. She struggled against the legs holding her tight but she couldn't break free. Steven huffed watching her features round out as her rubber body began to creak. There was nothing he could do to save her, not that he would have if he could. Steven came hard pouring his cream into Stella's maw as Bella bloated fast. Her skin fade to a see through blue as she grew. Suddenly her body came apart with a titanic thunderclap. Shards of blue latex rained down and clung to Stella's pussy driving Steven to cum even harder Filling the greedy bear's belly with his seed.

She slumped beneath him but he knew she'd bounce back fast. He slapped her tits and pushed his claws against them then relented, he didn't want to pop her any more. Not after that amazing show, he wanted to get even more girls for her to pop for him. She had shrunk dramatically in order to burst Bella and Steven lunged forwards, by stretching as far as he could he could just grab her tail and it was the work of a moment to twist the valve. A soft hiss from her tail marked her deflation and Stella woke from her lust filled daze with a start. She tried to push him off but Steven held on tight, her efforts just making her hiss more. He pressed a finger to her belly, The Z command had failed last time so he tried another tack. His fingers traced a crude heart as she struggled beneath him and he hoed it wouldn't matter that it was upside down from her point of view. Stella moaned loud slumping back as she came again. The simple gesture pushed her into a hard orgasm and her tongue flicked over his still spewing cock. The feeling of her body sinking and softening beneath him kept his own orgasm going even as he sank onto the bed and her hiss grew quieter and quieter. The last few drops of his cream pattered into her flat body as the last puff of air hissed through her tail valve. Steven lay panting, a soft ache in his balls showing how much he had poured into her.

Steven lay on the deflated bimbo panting hard. He pushed up feeling his rod slip from her lips and grabbed the soft latex, he tossed it aside and sat on the bed. He'd need a few minutes to recover after that and he was pretty sure he had only one load left in him. He looked up at his two surviving bimbos and smiled. Cindy, the smoky black mouse and Crystal see through tigress looked needily at him from across the bed. "I've only got one load left. So you two are going to have to fight for it. No popping, the winner has to pin the other for ten seconds. I want to see a nice sexy fight." He said sitting back to watch the show, hands slowly stroking the 'Grand Prize' between his legs. The two balloonies looked at each other then licked their lips. They knew exactly what he wanted and faced off bouncing lightly on their toes to make their huge boobs and butts jiggle.

Cindy had gone the longest between dickings and she lunged first, slamming her huge boobs into Crystals transparent breasts. Their bodies squeaked against each other as they struggled, grinding their boobs into each other as they panted. Crystal feinted backwards and as Cindy pushed forwards she grabbed the mouse's head and pulled hard as she bounced up off her knees. Cindy's head sank between Crystal's clear boobs with a loud squeak and the lioness wrapped and arm around her head holding her there as she threw spank after spank at her plush ass, each on landing with a loud hollow thump. Cindy yelped with every loud slap and her ass bounced and jiggled enticingly. Steven almost jumped her then but before he could she threw the lioness off She rose panting hard and stuck out fist sinking deep into her soft boobs as she punched her hard. The force of the mouse's blow knocked them apart and they landed on opposite sides of the bed. Without a pause they threw themselves at each other, rubber bodies meeting in another symphony of squeaks as they grappled hands squeaking over each other's asses as the fought for purchase. Crystal fell back again in another feint but this time Cindy was ready she dropped back then threw herself forwards and up slamming her knees into the lionesses boobs and throwing her onto her back with a thump. Cindy landed astride her muzzle and began to bounce at once, grinding her dripping wet pussy into Crystal's nose. From his vantage point Steven could watch the lioness growing wetter by the second and once again he had to restrain himself from joining in.

Steven started to count slowly as Cindy giggled and huffed pinning the lioness beneath her easily. The end came suddenly, Crystal couldn't over power the mouse but she could blow and as Cindy bounced she took a deep breath swelling her boobs then dumped it into Cindy's tight pussy. The mouse howled falling back and Crystal sprung up landing atop her and holding her down as her tongue flicked over her boobs. Every time Cindy tried to move she puffed into her fat nipples and it was all she could do to moan as the lioness swelled her body. Steven huffed, he'd seen enough and he quickly ran through the ten count cock throbbing with need. “Crystal wins.”He said standing up to grope her ass. “And since you put on such a good show you get to decide where this goes.” He huffed slapping his cock between her plush ass cheeks. “Oh master fill my womb with your hot spunk.” She begged bouncing her ass against his cock as her boobs squeaked against Cindy's swollen tits. Steven pressed his tip into her dripping lips and fell onto her back. They smooshed beneath him with loud squeaks and Steven bounced happily enjoying the cloud like feeling of a double balloonie ride. He stroked his hands over Crystal's boobs then huffed in awe as he looked down to watch his cock pumping into her see through form. He could see Cindy's boobs squishing with every bounce through Crystal's transparent tits. He stroked over those huge clear orbs huffing as his claws traced over her deluxe latex. She might have won the fight but that may not have been in her interest, he was getting more and more turned on with every bounce, every squeak, every twitch of her amazing pussy around his cock. His need for another pop was growing fast and he pressed his claws deeper into her boobs, admiring the dents they made in her fragile skin. As if sensing his need Cindy pulled Crystal into a kiss and puffed softly. He felt her swell beneath him and her pussy squeezed down on his cock hard. Watching their catfight had worn down his endurance and now with her pussy clenching hard as her body ballooned Steven felt his final load approaching fast.

He threw back his head and howled as he came, his white cream exploding into her pussy, watching it fill her hollow form made him cum even harder, his balls throbbing almost painfully with every spurt as they drained of every drop. He needed more and lunged forwards to bite her, his teeth digging into the scruff of her neck. Crystal moaned in ecstasy as he gave in to his feral instincts, taking her like a pride lion took his lionesses. He pulled back hard and her rubber body ripped her final moan silenced by a titanic boom as she blew to pieces. Steven dropped and his cock, with shards of clear rubber still clinging to it plunged into Cindy's pussy. The mouse squealed happily cumming in an instant as he gave her his last few drops. She kissed and nuzzled against him shivering and panting as he bounced to a stop atop her. Steven groped her boobs, fingers sinking deep into the sweat slick rubber but he held back, He didn't want to pop her, not yet, maybe never. He stroked up her sides and pulled her into a passionate kiss as his hands traced a rough Z on her breasts. Cindy yawned softly laying back beneath him and wrapping her arms around her owner to hold him tight. Steven collapsed into her fully exhausted and completely drained. He lay his head down on her boobs and smiled, they made perfect pillows. He was already planning a new order. Even more balloonies to boink and bust, maybe Cindy would be one of them, maybe not. Only time would tell.