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Beat and Pulse

You push me into one of the stalls in the clubs bathroom. The bass of the music is pulsing through the walls as I feel you reach around me start to work my belt loose. Your hands pull the hem down to my knees, exposing me to you, and I quickly feel you press your tip against my pucker.

My hand presses against the back wall and my other works my shaft, preparing for you to push inside me. I feel myself yield to you as you fill my guts with your shaft. I give a confused look to the wall when I realize you’re pushing so far into me, you just keep going. Your head pushes against the inside of my stomach and I see the bulge underneath my skin. I feel you pull your length back and push up inside me again and I loose myself in the feeling. Our pace picks up and my hand goes to the bulge and massages your shaft from the outside.

We hear someone enter the bathroom but you don’t stop. I only feel your hand over my lips, attempting to keep me quiet as you pound my ass. I should care about the noises I’m making but I can’t bring myself to, you feel too good. We hear the interrupter leave and you thrust hard, removing your hand. No point in keeping me quiet when no ones in here, the music would drown me out to the crowd.

I feel myself peak and I erupt onto the plumbing the second I feel you twitch inside me. I know you’re close. Cum for me. You do, and hard. I feel your shaft fire off and I push back against you to squeeze it. I don’t notice the swelling until I feel your hand migrate up my hips. Your hands feel my warm stomach, grown into a round ball by you. I look down at myself and give you a shocked look just as another person enters. You only push me back against the wall, cover my mouth, and renew your thrusts inside me.

You finish inside me again before the second unwanted visitor leaves. My moans are getting too hard to cover. The pressure really mounts inside me and it sends off my own orgasm. You’ve made me so damn full. I raise my arm up over my head and reach back to wrap it around your neck for support. Your hands explore my heavily swollen and reddened stomach as it heaves with my breathing. You ask me if I’m ready for our last round.

Get to it, I tell you. I keep holding myself up with your support. You should have a good view of what you’re about to do to me. You’re filling me so well. All I am is a big full cumballoon, and you know what every balloon has to do. Go on then, over fill me. Erupt inside me and scatter my belly across the bathroom wall. I feel your shaft vibrating inside me, you’re almost there. You’re so close. I’m gonna burst! I’m going to pop!

I feel you let loose for the last time. My moans are at the top of my lungs. My belly feels every last pulse until....finALLY...I...AH...PO-!

I burst across the inside of the stall, leaving a heavy mess. You quickly pull yourself together and exit the bathroom, hoping to get through the crowd and out the door before I’m found.