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Red Shed

A bump jostles me barely awake. I feel my head lull to the side, heavy and weak. There's motion, and very muffled noises. Voices, I think, but they may as well be static. I realize that I must be on a moving surface of some sort, at an angle. As my brain functions slowly return I notice a multitude of terrifying things. I'm blindfolded, I'm gagged, I'm tied down on whatever I'm being transported on, and the voices are starting to register.

"I've told you multiple times now, be fucking careful with the cart. We don't want him falling off. It wasn't easy getting him on it in the first place." I hear someone say.

"Shut the hell up. I don't see you helping me push." Another responds.

"Both of you stop your bitching. We're almost to the shed." Fuck there's three of them...

"What did you need this guy for anyways Bruce?" One of them ask.

I feel that they might be distracted enough in their conversation and lightly pull against my restraints. They're pretty tough, but if I can just...

"Wait," the cart stops moving, "Is he?" My blindfold is ripped off and I'm face to face with my kidnappers. "Ah, fuck" one says. I've made a mistake. I feel a jolt in my side and my world goes dark again.

The second time I wake up, I very much wish that I hadn't. I'm resting face down on some sort of metal apparatus, but my only points of contact are my shoulders and hips. I feel rope around my wrists and ankles. My vision clears and I'm definitely in their aforementioned 'shed'. It's a nightmare, dimly lit, badly built, and hay covering the floor. I can hear two of the men nearby, but the voices are still muffled, this time by distance. I start pulling at the ropes, but there's an intense amount of muscle pain and some sort of bell goes off. The muffled voices stop and I hear the door to the shed open.

"Well hey there friend." The first man through the door says to me. He's wearing a ski mask over his face. Once he's through I see the second wearing the same. They approach me from both sides and I pull on my restraints harder. "I understand you might feel that you want to do that, but I assure you, even if you get out of those you can't take us both." They pull something over to me from the side of the shed a lift my chin up to rest on it. "No point in making you strain your neck."

"I really hate that we waited until he was awake." The other finally talks.

"We have to see the response. Can't do that if he's unconscious." The first says.

"Still. I'll start getting the stuff in place." The second leaves and I hear him shifting something outside of my peripheral. The first kneels down in front of me so we're almost face to face.

"Now listen, this won't really be pleasant for you, but I'm going to need you to not go against this. I'll do everything I can to make it as painless as possible but if you struggle or do anything that I deem as trouble, well boy I'll just have to rescind my promise." He pats my head and joins the other man outside of my vision. After a few moments I feel them shift my shirt towards my head and a quick sting in my side. The sting feels warm and my body feels loose and heavy. My mind clouds and I can't think straight.

I feel a pull on my pants and a snap release as I realize they must be cutting them off. The night air isn't tempered by the shed walls and I feel my exposed lower half grow cold. I'm not bothered when I feel something press against my hole. With mild force a length of tubing is fed into me and I feel a bulb fix it in place. I moan as they do it to me. One of them comes around to my front and says something to me but I can't make it out in my haze. Once he finishes he moves back to my side and kneels down beside me. I feel his hand wrap around my cock and give it a few strokes, making me instantly hard. I feel something placed over my length and a small hum as whatever it is begins to offer me a orgasmic sensation. The man leaves my side, but the feeling continues. The other man places a mirror down in front of me and I see the whole picture, but whatever that sting was leaves me uncaring, almost excited?

The two men stand in front of me, looking things over. Then one looks to the other, shakes his hand and leaves. I'm sure I'm not left with the man who was regretful that I was awake. The now lone man finishes his work by setting up a camera in front of me, next to the mirror and, when finished, crouches down by my ear. "Try to enjoy yourself." I make out, despite my haze and he leaves me alone in the shed.

The pump around my cock is almost the only thing I can concentrate on. I can feel my orgasm mounting, but it's suddenly interrupted by a beeping sound, a hum, and then an intense pressure from the hose inside me. I immediately feel full and see my stomach distenting towards the floor.

It feels so damn good. If they would've just asked I'd have helped them with...what was this for? Oh wow, I'm going to cum. Fuck I'm getting so big.

My mind keeps changing thoughts, completely unable to concentrate on one thing for too long. I've got to be about 3 feet off the floor, but my belly is quickly covering the distance. Admiring my form in the mirror I feel my cock twitch and I cum hard into the pump. I can hear my muffled moans clearly through the haze so they must be loud. As I bite down on the gag I feel it loosen and drop from my face. My mind races with how good I feel and I remember the camera facing me and decide to address it.

"Oh God I'm so tight. I'm so big. Is this what you wanted? To make me balloon for you? That's all I am now, a big balloon. I can feel all this inside me, shifting, making room." I feel can the substance filling me working its way up my throat. My stomach is not far from touching the ground and I can see see stretch marks forming on me in the mirror. "Oh I get it," I burp up something creamy tasting, "You want me to pop for you. I'll do it. I'll pop." I shift myself back on the tubing, hoping to get off one last time, "Watch me burst! I'll make the biggest mess you've ever seen!" My whole body is vibrating from the pressure inside, my cheeks bloat and I spit cream on the floor, "Yes! Yes! Make me pop!" My orgasm mounts, I erupt into the pump again. "I'm gonna burst! I'm gonna po-!"