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So I Do

We figured it was time to finally meet up. We'd been talking for a while and when you asked me this time I decided to give in. Dinner was first...and brief. It didn't take long to not be able to stand the wait anymore.

I told you that I felt better at my place and you agreed quickly, not particularly caring where the deed was done. When we arrived there was no tour of the place, only quick movements between rooms to the bedroom. We take turns undressing the other and I see your shaft for the first time. You were modest on your size, but I'm slightly drunk from dinner and feeling confident that I can fit you inside me. You look down at mine and see it that, while a fine size, it barely compares. You joke that our roles tonight are quite apparent.

Without input you lay back on the bed, cock standing solid for me. I watch you apply lubricant and usher me over. I ask if you have a condom. A slight chuckle tells me you have no intention of putting one on. At this point I feel far too into things to argue the point and crawl onto the bed. I kneel over you and position myself over your shaft and slowly begin to squeeze you inside me. I feel full almost immediately as you fill my bowels. The pain subsides quickly enough when you brush my prostate. You place your hands on my hips as if to lock me in place and I relax onto you lap. I've taken you to the hilt and am mildly impressed with myself. I feel your hands motion for me to lift up and I follow your instructions. I start working you and I can feel you attempting to resist the urge to buck beneath me.

I hear you say something between your pleasured breaths. I can't make it out and, through mine, I ask you to repeat yourself. I hear you clearly this time. Your loads are intense. I don't quite grasp what you mean.

I doesn't take long for the pleasure to mount within me. I feel myself preparing to cum. Looking at your face I can see that you might be beat me to the punch. You let out a loud moan and I feel you shoot inside me. It feels great, but off. It's a lot more than I would think anyone could cum. I feel a pressure in my lower stomach and your hands begin to migrate. In my thoughts the tension in me abated and I start to ride harder knowing this particular session is almost over, determined to finish. You quickly slow my rhythm. You tell me that I'll have time.

The pressure increases inside me and I see my stomach beginning to swell outwards. I stop moving entirely and move my hands to my belly. You remind me that I was warned, and that you're just getting started. I am no longer required to move, you start doing the work yourself. You buck in earnest now, hoping to fill me.

I'm getting nervous, but again, being drunk and lustful keeps me from worrying about my ballooning form much. I'm not that big and surely you can't keep this up. I concentrate on my own orgasm as I feel it begin to mount again. I watch you moan in absolute satisfaction. My stomach starts creeping into my peripheral and I feel my intestines stretch with your seed. I ask how much longer you can do this. I don't get a response. I may as well be a balloon on a tap at this rate.

My belly quickly becomes a ball in front of me. My hands feel how tight it is. I never knew someone could get this big. With an aching pain my survival instinct finally kicks in. I try to shift my bulging form off of you but the combination of my changed center of gravity and your zeal to do this to me pins me in place. You quickly get tired of my attempts and, with surprising ease, push me backwards onto the bed. My full pregnant sized stomach hits hard and barely jiggles as I hit the bed.

You are over me, looking dead into my eyes, thrusting hard. Despite me not wanting to pop, you're hitting a good spot. I feel my orgasm mount for a third and probably final time. I can't believe it, I'm about to burst, yet I'm about to cum. My cock explodes between us.

I feel your cum ascending my throat, my cheeks bloat with it. My attempts to cough it up to make room inside me fall flat. You lift my legs and with more vigor than before make your last few thrusts. The pressure in my belly is too intense. I hear you chant pop multiple times.

So I do.