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Pump or be popped!

"Beware these killer balloon-girls! Don't get popped!" The headline read on your phone. Lately there had been reports of balloon-girls blowing up and popping different people around the city. It would seem in an odd turnaround, there were balloon-girls doing to humans the stuff that should be done to just balloon-girls. "Thats ridiculous" you thought as you read through the article. It showed scraps of rubberized skin and loose articles of clothing from the scenes of these human-poppings. "Everyone knows balloon-girls are just harmless airheads, no way they could actually blow up and pop people. Humans dont have the same physiology as balloon-girls anyways!" You shook the uncomfortable thought of being popped out of your head as you unlocked the door to your apartment.

It was late and the Sun sat early this time of your year so you couldn't see very far into your dark apartment. You turned the lights on and to your surprise, there was a good-looking woman sitting on one of your chairs as if she had been waiting for you. She had long dark hair that cascaded down to her shoulders. She was wearing a tight, button-up t-shirt that showed off her midriff and a mini-skirt barely covered her crotch.

She was twirling the pink thong of a balloon-girl you had purchased and popped the night before. You had a bad habit of leaving their scraps and underwear lying around for a while after you popped them. The mysterious girl's head turned towards you and she looked at you with a slight smirk that hid the contempt you felt from her.

"So you like to pop balloon-girls eh?" she finally spoke up. She crumpled up the thong in a fist. She stood up and began slowly sashaying towards you. "You've popped several of my sisters..." she said casually as she continued towards you. "Its not always pleasant ya know...the tightness, the being squeezed and prodded and pumped full of air until our skin finally gives way and we...pop." she said with an opening of her fist, releasing the thong and several scraps of skin. She accented this with a psssh! sound effect and a playful giggle before her expression suddenly turned to a slight scowl. She was within just a couple feet of you now.

"Lets see how you like it." she said firmly as her hand forced you back against the wall of your apartment. You weren't used to balloon-girls being able to exert such force. Usually, they felt weak and light. You had a hard time resisting and the first time you actually felt frightened by a balloon-girl. In your scared state, the balloon-girl locked lips with you. Even though you were scared her lips felt warm, wet, and inviting.

And then she took a breath. And blew.

Your cheeks puffed up. You felt your chest rise as air filled your lungs. Your stomach puffed outwards. "Wait...this is just like in the news...I'm being blown up by a balloon-girl!" you thought as the images of humans turned to scraps flood your mind. You were petrified as the balloon-girl inhaled again and puffed you up again. You had to do something. Thankfully your assaulter only had just chest pinned against the wall, your hands fished around for something you could use against her. Hoping to find a pencil or fork lying around your hand instead found the air pump you use to inflate your balloon-girls leaning up against the wall. "Good enough", you thought as you found the end of the hose.

The balloon-girl seemed to enjoy puffing you up, she had her eyes closed and a look of contentness on her face as she kept her lips locked on you and her hands on your chest. She was too distracted to notice or feel you parting her panties from her crotch. With a grunt of exertion you jammed in the hose up into her butt. You felt the familiar feel of the hose attaching to her rear input valve in between her cheeks.

"Ah~!" The balloon-girl gasped with wide eyes in half pleasure/half surprise at you. A smug smirk grew on her face as she looked calmly over shoulder to see the air hose snaked up into her ass.

"Oh...A hose up my ass? How cute..." the balloon-girl chortled as she wiggled her bum, making the hose shake around. You were about to begin pushing up and down on the plunger to defend yourself but oddly enough her hands trailed down from your chest and to your groin. You dropped your guard.

She began to undo your belt buckle and pants zipper. "Two can play at that game..." she said as she reached down and dropped your pants and underwear to the floor, grabbed your c*ck and began stroking it. "Jeez...you're big..." she said in casual surprise. It felt good, distracting you from the fact this balloon-girl is essentially trying to kill you through overinflation.

The balloon-girl giggled sinisterly. "Ooh...you're hard...you like this don't you?" she said as she continued tugging on you. At this point the air she had blown in you from before had exited your body.

"So you're gonna try and blow me up hmm? Before you get blown up?" she said as she turned her ass towards you, the hose dangling from between her cheeks. The thought entered your mind but the fact that her focus was no longer on blowing you up and instead on your member took it out of your head. You closed your eyes as the pleasure took hold of you but when you reopened them she was on her knees. "Lets see how well you do with that pump if I'm down here on my knees..." You heard her take a deep breath.

Uh oh.

She blew on to your member as if she was blowing into a balloon and a drastic wave of pleasure overtook you. You felt your c*ck expand and become slightly more pressurized, it felt really good. You wanted to let her continue this unopposed but then the thoughts of those burst victims from the news crept back into your consciousness. "You can't go out like that" you thought as you grasped the pump with renewed vigor.

You pushed down on the pump's plunger.

"Oh!" your heard her gasp as she blew another puff into your d*ck. "So looks like you're gonna fight back?" she giggled "Let the games begin..." she said through muffled breath as she inhaled.

As another wave of pnuematic pleasure entered you, you began pumping as hard as you could.

tss, tss, tss, tss, tss, tss sounded from your pump as you pumped as much air as you could into the balloon-girl as she exhaled more and more air into your cock. The balloon-girl tantalizingly wiggled her ass back and forth to the tune of your pumping. She smugly breathed into you at a steady pace. Your rod was beginning to look more and more like an elongated balloon. Not good.

You heard the sound of stretching fabric after a minute of pumping into her. "Careful now...you're gonna make me bust my top..." she cooed as you looked down at her. She wiggled her expanded bust up at you. She gave you a cheeky smile, giggled, then inhaled again to blow more air into you.

You both continued, racing each other.

The sound of buttons breaking free and clattering on the floor rang out as you continued pumping. "Oop! There goes some of my buttons. Do you think you stand a chance?" she asked as she inspected her boobs. They looked a lot fuller than they did before and were now providing a good amount of cleavage. "You better get a good look at these tits, it'll be the last you ever get after I pop you!" she said as she took her hands off your cck to smoosh her boobs together before continuing down on you. She flicked your cck like you would a balloon and it went bwomp with a hollow sound before giggling and continuing on you.

A couple more minutes of you pumping her and her blowing you up went by. She stopped for a moment and looked up at you. "Ugh...you're lucky you're so big, otherwise I'd have popped you by now." she gestured to your inflated rod, stroking it in her hand. It was a lot bigger than before but nowhere near close to bursting. Big and shiny but still plenty of room to grow. It was a lot for her to blow up apparently. "Everyone else I've blown up has been a lot smaller..." she said under her breath as she blew into you again. As she was complaining you kept pumping, using the moment to get some free pumps in.

"Hey! I see what you're doing. Don't think you're slick!" she said as her eyes went a little wide realizing she was giving away her lead. The last button on her shirt exploded off. She gasped as the button blew and her shirt ripped open, revealing her burgeoning, taut boobs in a bra that had become way too small for her. Her boobs peaked heavily over the cups of her bra and they reflected the light where they peaked out. "Shit! Well there goes my top...ugh my tits are so tight" she muttered, clearly annoyed as she reached back around for the clasp of her bra. Her hasty attempt at taking her bra off and the accompanying groans of frustration did little to hide she was losing the lead. "Stop pumping for a moment wouldja? Gonna burst if I dont get this thing off..." Her eyes shot to you in a moment of nervous realization "I bet you'd like that wouldn't you" she said with an eye roll as you continued pumping her. Luckily for you, you didn't have any restrictive clothing. It took her a few seconds but she finally managed to unhook it and free her blown up boobs. They were full and tight and the rubber seams were now visible from where they were puffed up, they trailed from her pink nipples to the base of her tits. She inspected them for a moment before continuing on you.

"My tits look ridiculous..." she said with a huff.

"Alright...lets get back to blowing up this big cck of yours...any minute now you'll go bang..." she said as she grasped your balloon-dck with a hand and took a deep breath and blew again. The pleasure was overwhelming but the thought of being reduced to a pile of scraps kept you focused.

You could tell she was nervous and had potentially bitten off more than she could chew. You also couldn't help but notice her belly and thighs were starting to puff up a bit as well. She placed a free hand on her slightly distended belly and was pushing into it to gauge how bloated she was down there. Her belly button piercing bounced and jingled quietly with every pump you put into her.

You two continued at each other for a couple more minutes. "Feelin' explodey yet?" she chided, looking at your big balloon cock before frowning and realizing you're not in any true danger just yet. "No? Ah jeez.." she said with raised eyebrows as she continued, doing her best to keep inflating you. Her breathing was becoming more spaced out and she seemed to struggle to blow more air into you. Her belly, thighs, and ass had grown bigger. Her belly looked like it was halfway through a pregnancy and her thighs and ass and begin to gobbling up what little underwear she was wearing.

"I bet you like this don't you? Seeing me all big and inflated. Well don't think you're gonna be able to burst me because I'm nowhere near!" she said, doing her best smirking poker face. Every time you pumped into her it seemed to put a strain on her. Each pump elicited a slight "Oh!, mmm!, or Ah!" accompanied by the sound of stretching latex. You also noticed you had a harder time pumping more air into her, as she was beginning to run out of room...

Another two minutes went by. The balloon-girl had grown huge. Watermelon sized tits, a 9-month pregnancy belly and a Nicki-Minaj ass and thighs. The balloon-girl was overinflated and worn out and no longer able to continue. She was unable to blow any more into you. She kept trying but each attempt amounted to her just sputtering on the tip of your balloon-c*ck.

"Uh oh..." you heard her mutter as she tried again to blow into you to no avail. Her hands dropped down to her bloated sides with a huff. "Ugh. Looks like you win" she said in defeat, you began to feel the air in your member leak out and return to normal. "I don't know how but...I can't burst you! And holy shit I'm freaking huge!" she gestured to herself as her skin creaked ominously. She inspected over her blown up body as she poked, prodded, and pressed into her inflated curves. You've stopped pumping as you savor your victory but you still have this dangerous balloon-girl in your apartment.

"So you're just gonna stop pumping me and let me go right? I'm just a balloon-girl after all..." she said with a cutesy pout as she shifted uncomfortably in her vastly bloated form.

You briefly ponder her request. Seeing as how this balloon-girl was just trying to burst you by inflating your c*ck you pushed down on the pump again.

The balloon-girl grunted nervously as the pump of air was accompanied by a turgid stretch in the balloon-girl. "Hey! You jerk!" she protested as a dangerous amount of air was pumped into her.

"You don't really wanna pop me right?" she pleaded. You pumped again. Another dangerous creak sounded from her. "Oomph!" a muffled moan came from her as her cheeks bloated and filled up as the air in her body looked for any place to fill up.

The balloon-girl outstretched her hand at you, pleading through muffled groans not for you to pop her. You pumped again. And again. Each pump increased the intensity of her creaking and her eyes widened face strained, and moans intensified more and more with each pump until finally...


The balloon-girl was reduced to scraps.