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You were so desperately close.

What had only taken mere minutes to achieve was now causing you to curse yourself for your rampant eagerness. You’d set the tank too high, making it go far faster than you’d prefer, but not because of the pressure inside - but rather, the immense pleasure it was putting you through.

You were reclined on your back, almost a fully helpless ball of air. Quite literally a balloon, all you could do was flap your hands and curl your toes as you felt your cock twitch with every bit of air that was stuffed into you. You had absolutely no way to reach it now, with how massively immobile you were. You weren’t planning on turning it off, though - only to slow it down, so you could savour the moment.

You could feel the little bit of precum that had developed at the tip of your dick slowly drip down the shaft, slightly stimulating it even further. You were so close to cumming, but you could also feel the immense pressure within you mounting rapidly. You didn’t know what would finish first; your body, or your dick.

You gave a light gasp as you felt the side of what used to be your hip press against something cold and hard. It took your lust-hazed brain a moment to realize that it was your body becoming so big that it was not pressing against the air tank that was torturing you, maybe even to the point where it was starting to push it over. Just how much of your room were you now taking up, you wondered. You had no way of telling, unfortunately, since most of your vision was taken up by the endless horizon of your body’s skin.

You let out light moans, even giving some dirty talk to what you knew was absolutely no one. Your frequent “More!”s and “Bigger!”s were only met by the droning hissing of the air tank still going off despite now being sideways on the floor.

The stimulation of the hose and the air rushing up your anus made this all too pleasurable on it’s own. Nothing but the air was touching your cock, yet your entire body felt like it was on fire. Even the steady pressure inside of you only sent vibrations throughout your entire body, edging you closer and closer.

But it was absolutely edging.

Your cock, despite being pleasured from things that were not even near it, never managed to reach that end goal. Your cock twitched constantly, desperately trying to climax, regardless of how messy it’d be. In fact, the thought of how glorious, intense and messy it would be made you even more aroused and excited for it to happen. Your own balloon body bursting with your cum showing off how naughty you were… While embarrassing, it was a thought you found to be from your deepest fantasies.

It wasn’t long before the creaking of your own body started to rival the volume of your moans. It was actually getting harder to moan out loud, with your body pressing up against your neck and chin. Your eyes kept rolling into the back of your head, your will power having long since failed against the mounting ecstasy. Between balling fists and curling toes, the only thing on your body that wasn’t succumbing to the pleasure was your cock - and even then, you could feel it slowly giving in.

You were once again caught off guard, this time by the front of your belly pressing against the ceiling of your room. With the ceiling being about 12 feet up, surely you were taking up at least most of your room now. Your bed had been pushing against your back this whole time, having started off of the bed to begin with. You had rolled off of it earlier, obviously, but you were sure your skin would be meeting the sheets of it again soon.

You could feel your cock stop it’s twitching, slowly becoming more and more rigid as it prepared itself to release the pleasure and pressure that was filling you. You didn’t know how soon it’d be, but you knew you were going to orgasm. And while it was difficult to tell given the combined internal pressure of your body with the mental pressure of your rising climax, you were sure you were close to bursting as well.

Your skin pressed more against the ceiling, proving how little room there was left in the room for your inflation, whether that be a good thing or a bad thing. It only applied both more pleasure and pressure within you, your skin so overly sensitive that even the plain touch of the plaster ceiling caused your cock to finally give up and twitch one final time before ejaculating everything you had been working for this entire time.

Your body shuddered violently as what felt like massive strings of semen shot out of your cock. You couldn’t see it at all, obviously, but you could feel the warmth of it splashing against your body showing off exactly how intense the orgasm was. Granted, you couldn’t comprehend any of it right now, since you were too overcome with it’s ecstasy. You could barely even notice that your toes and hands were curled and shaking so hard that you were slightly jiggling your body, even.

You never realized how tense your skin had slowly come from the inflation itself, but now that you were climaxing, the extra tensity of your flesh caused your body to finally give in. You burst, the force causing everything in the room to jostle wildly. The scent of sex filled the air in your absence, with a splash of your cum still on the ground.

The air tank still blasted away at nothing, but surely it’d be empty soon, acting as a final piece of evidence as to what happened to you - with the cum showing why.