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A More Private Area

You sighed, nervous for what was going to happen soon enough.

You knew why you were here again, at her house. You still had the tanks in the back of your car, simply due to how your job demanded that of you, but you knew you wouldn’t need them for this. You weren’t here for an invoice this time, anyway - you were here for something far more personal.

You could still remember that day clearly, as though it were yesterday. It was actually about a week ago, now, but that didn’t stop the memory from remaining fresh in your mind. After all, how could you ever forget it - the incredible sensation was far too glorious to ignore. And especially so when it was so many kinks that you weren’t aware you ever had.

She’d traded numbers with you over another invoice - which was charming to you, since that was the first and probably last time you’d ever gotten an invite to fuck through the business mail. You were slightly worried that maybe your boss would end up seeing it, but you figured her invoice wasn’t really in your control anyway. And thankfully, Gloria seemed to have the know-how to not include information of why she was sending you her number.

Which eventually brought you to today, when you’d finally shown up at her house once more. Now that you thought back on it, you never did get to see much of her home, since you had left it as soon as you had entered it. But you were sure her bedroom would be the only part of her home you’d be focusing on at all this time.

You’d barely noticed that you’d been on autopilot this entire thought process, now blinking rapidly before the door that you didn’t know you’d been walking towards. You shrugged though, knowing that you had no real reason to be cautious this time - you’d had experience with this particular “customer”, after all.

With a short knock later, the door opened and revealed the voluptuous goddess once again.

“Oh hellooo there!”, her usual seducing tone ringing back into your ears. Like a siren’s song, you couldn’t help but feel smaller, not only in physical stature but mentality as well due to how domineering and saucy she spoke. Although, the physical part was for more reasons than just her voice.

Even though you’d remembered fairly clearly how insanely sexy she was in figure and size, your memories were nothing compared to the actual sight of her body again. She stood a foot taller than you, and was wider than you even more so. Not that you were upset at that fact - she did well to make you feel cared for and respected.

“Come on in, sweetheart! I’ve gotten everything set up already, so let’s make use of our private time…”, she alluringly said, deliberately making sure to sashay her hips as she turned away from you. Just like before, it took a titanic amount of effort to not press your hands into her ample rear, but thankfully this time you were controlled by the fact that you’d probably get to do that soon enough, anyway.

It was now that you finally got the chance to marvel at her humble abode as you followed her through it. It was fairly obvious that she was sociable, as if there were any doubt given how she presented herself to you. On her walls were pictures of herself with various people, all of which you didn’t recognize. And although you were curious enough to ask her about them, you didn’t want to dissuade or distract her from the very reason she invited you to begin with.

“I hope you won’t mind my wet hair while we do it or anything, by the way - I had just gotten out of the shower before you arrived.” she suddenly explained, confusing you slightly as to what she meant. It was just now that you happened to notice that her hair was indeed wet, despite her clothes looking more or less dry. You figured it made sense for you to not have noticed right away - there was a lot more on her to look at than her hair.

You quickly gave a “Oh, it’s no problem” in response as your mind went to other places. On the topic, you couldn’t help but imagine the sight of her huge, nude body in the shower, rubbing and subtly groping every curve on her body, as if accidentally seducing anyone who happened to be watching. The goal to clean herself would force her to have to lift up certain parts of her body, showing off areas of her that only special spectators would be graced with. And top of it all, the eventual arousal of touching and squeezing her own body getting to her, and causing on of her delicate, soapy hands to slowly crawl down her body towards her-

“And here we are!”

You jumped as the sound of her voice snapped you out of your thoughts. Your blush was pretty obvious, since even though you were taking part in what might as well have been a booty call, you felt as though your imagination was rather perverted. All those worries were quickly dashed, however, when you finally got a good look at how Gloria had “gotten everything set up.”

“I think we’ll make great use of the size of my bedroom - as it’s proven to be useful for that before.”, she said with a smile, stepping into the room. She wasn’t wrong at all, you were surprised to find; the room truly was massive. The ceiling reached a good 14 feet upwards, making you feel even smaller in comparison than with Gloria. The walls were dramatically spaced apart as well, despite being what was allegedly just a bedroom.

Although, there was quite a bit more in it than just the bed.

Along with the expected bed and two doors that probably led to her closet and bathroom was a handful of objects. The most obvious was a handful of air canisters, along with a thick rung of multiple hoses. Along one of the walls was a rather large mirror, which you guessed made sense, given Gloria’s large frame. Hell, there were even some small dildos and vibrators, presumably for her. But something that made you particularly embarrassed given your knowledge of what was going to go down in this room was an even larger window next to the bed.

Were people going to see you become a giant blimp? Was this something Gloria had been planning?

It was obvious that Gloria herself wasn’t planning on explaining that part as she came up behind you while you were looking around. Her hands gently grabbed your shoulders, causing you to jump in surprise. You calmed quickly, though, when she started to massage you slowly.

“We’ll take this one slower, okay sweetie?”, she whispered into your ear, you nodding slowly. Her hands explored your shoulders and back, rubbing you down as you felt the room seem to slowly heat up. Did she always smell this good..?

“Here - onto the bed.”, she quietly ordered, you nodding again as you allowed her to gently push you towards the bed. You turned around, having a feeling on the position that she was going for, as was quickly evident by her quickly pushing you back onto the sheets.

You felt vulnerable, definitely, but it was in a weirdly good way - not unlike the way you’d felt in your first time with her. Just as caring as she was before, she stepped over to one of the air tanks and hooked it up to what looked to be a hand pump, taking up the other end of one of the hoses and walking to you. Knowing already what she intended to do with the hose, you pulled down your pants and underwear slowly, just enough to show your rear to her.

She smirked probably at how cute were being, before interestingly picking up a small vibrator from the pile of sex toys. You at first thought she was going to put it inside of herself while she blew you like last time, but you noticed that it had a small hole that reached through its entire middle. While it confused you at first, you quickly realized it’s purpose when she attached the end of the hose to the bottom end of the vibrator.

She seemed to notice your sudden shift in expression, since she giggled in response. “Oh, I’m sorry - I just felt like spicing things up for you…”

You’d never really considered yourself much for anal, at least not in this scenario. But something completely stopped you from protesting to this, whether it be curiosity or just your own growing lust. It was a fairly small vibrator too, so it couldn’t feel bad, right? And you had to admit that the creativity of Gloria did win you over pretty easily.

And so you kept your rear open to her, which she quickly took advantage of. She slowly prodded your opening with the tip of the device, before slowly sliding it in. You would have been supremely embarrassed by this point, but you managed to rationalize with yourself that this wasn’t really all that different from last time, where it was just the hose.

That didn’t stop you from arching your back immediately when the device came to life inside of you.

You could recall the hose from last time vibrating a little from the air pressure that it was pushing into you, but it was nothing compared to this. You couldn’t recall ever being stimulated in this way specifically, the vibrator pressing against what you guessed was your prostate, causing your erection to twitch wildly. It felt so good, in fact, that you hardly noticed that Gloria’s hungry lust eagerly squeezed the hand pump over and over again.

“Ahh, perfect.”, she muttered seemingly to herself as she pulled off the pants you forgot to pull back up. You still laid there on your back moaning, wrestling with the already-growing orgasm inside of you, along with the steady inflation was that taking over you again. You were smart to have worn a very cheap shirt this time, since you didn’t have any intention of taking it off yourself. “I’m glad you’ve embraced this so quickly, darling…”

Your dick was open to the air of the room, just like the air was that was now open inside of you. It didn’t last long, however, as you felt first the hefty legs of Gloria straddling your own, and then the moist heat of her pussy clamping around your cock, immediately pushing you over the edge.

She gasped as you came inside of her, the sharp inhale settling into a soft giggle as she paid it no mind. You didn’t notice your belly already pushing out as far it was until she settled a hand on it for support as she started to bounce up on and down on your cock. You half-expected her to be extremely heavy against your pelvis due to her amazon-like size, but all it did was apply more force to your shaft, making you moan ever more.

Just like last time, despite your cock having just came, it still remained hard inside of her. Her own moans along with the pressure of the air inside of you forced it to be rigid and ready, especially this time with how violently your prostate was being massaged. And even though you did want to press your own hands against your belly to test how great it felt, your hands were too busy grasping at the sheets beneath you for support from the insane pleasure.

You were inflating slower than you remembered, as if you were about to protest that. Even with that slowness, though, your belly was prominent on your body already, slowly taking up your line of sight to Gloria’s immense being. Your shirt clung around your skin tightly, it’s cheapness shining through as it already seemed to be slightly tearing from your swollen gut. Your rear already was joining in on the excitement as well, it’s growth indirectly trapping the vibrator and hose more inside of you. The helplessness of not being able to do anything was already taking its toll on you, your moans neverending despite it only having been what felt like a minute into the session.

“What a-ahh… A good boy, blowing up just for me…”, she moaned out, still eagerly riding your dick, which was now pressing upwards inside of her due to your hips being lifted by your inflating ass. Her hand rubbed your belly, pressing into it to show off how much space you still had, while her other hand still squeezed the hand pump. “You want to be a blimp again, huh? A moaning, needy, fuckblimp for me to play with?”

“God, yes!” you barely managed to yell back, the overwhelming stimuli forcing you into another climax all over again. You had a feeling this would become a recurring thing very frequently this time, with how much Gloria was pulling out all of the stops. She seemed to like your answer though, since you also felt her walls tighten around your shaft and her back arching in orgasmic bliss.

You were far past the point of not being able to see her anymore, your arms and legs starting to inflate as well. You were slowly being enveloped in that familiar immobile sensation, with all of your body becoming one giant orb. With one last tug of your cock, she slid off of you, getting off the bed and stopping her pumping. You were confused for a moment, still whimpering from the vibrator inside, but the sudden constant rush of air into you told you everything you needed to know.

She’d set the air tank on a high setting, definitely, with your body quickly resuming it’s journey into immobilism. Just as you could feel your back starting to push out against the bed, though, you felt Gloria climb up your body and straddle your belly instead, her wet heat pressing firmly into your skin.

“Hahh… I’m not done with you yet.” she growled, slightly intimidating you but also causing your cock to twitch all the same. The vibrations of the air inside of you along with the much more direct and intense vibrator pressed against your g-spot caused you to curl your toes and squeeze your hands into fists again, even as they were slowly being sucked into your growing ball of a body.

She chose to get on your belly at just the right time, too, as your body slowly started to round out all around, now only inflating outwards and upwards. Her wet pussy was still fully exposed, she was now grinding her hips against your belly to get off. Even though it rationally was about as much contact on your belly as her hands were, the feeling of her wetness rubbing against your sensitive skin drove you wild, even without the contact on your actual dick.

“O-Oh..! Oh god! Fuck!” You just now realized how much you were mindlessly moaning out, like the blimp slut she wanted you to be - er, that you also wanted to be. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head, your desperate panting and overwhelming stimulations making it truly feel like you had no other option but to cum over and over again. And so you did, this time spurting your seed across the room, your own moans reminding you like an actual girl at this point.

It was hard to tell given the myriad of sensations you were being forced through, but the sudden spurt of more liquid across your belly signalled Gloria’s second orgasm. It seemed to do little to actually quell her lustful appetite, however, if her hungry expression was anything to go by.

Just as quickly as her second orgasm had hit her, she was already crawling up your body towards your face. You thought for a moment by the way she was licking her lips that she was going to start making out with you, but when she continued to move closer to your face even when already there, you had a feeling what she was about to do.

Now basically a slave to the pleasure and to Gloria herself, you could nothing but accept it as she shoved her soaked pussy into your face. Having been panting for air this entire time, your mouth was already open and waiting for her, and the instant your face made contact with her most delicate of areas, you clenched again, squirting across the room even harder than last time.

“Go on, slut, nmm… Taste me.”, she demanded, gently bringing her hand to the back of your head in a sign of soft encouragement.

You obediently accepted what she wanted you to do, more than accepting of it. You were still cumming the entire time, your eyes crossing and rolling into the back of your head still as your lips and tongue did everything they could to please your mistress despite the limited movement you had. Your continued climax went on for what felt like forever, making you dizzy and forcing your body to tense as much as it could. Even your asshole clenched around the hose and vibrator, pressing it harder against your g-spot in a torturous cycle of ecstasy.

The air tank was still on high this entire time, packing more and more air into your body. You started to have those familiar doubts again about getting too big, perhaps to the point of bursting, but you had no way of conveying to her with your mouth full of her juices. The pleasure also numbed your mind, making it hard to focus on how you would tell her anyway - even if she moved her hips away, you’d only be able to form moans.

With your eyes involuntarily looking up, you could see that the ceiling was way closer than it had been when you entered the room. You couldn’t see the floor anymore at your size, and the ceiling was approaching you slowly. It was to the point that even Gloria had to slightly bend over to make sure the ceiling didn’t hit her in the head.

The pressure was getting immense, your orgasm now dying off just because the air was coming out instead of your cum. Your nipples squirted out the air as well, the flow looking for every place it could possibly escape your tightening flesh. Your clenched asshole held on dearly to the vibrator inside, making sure the air didn’t push it out. Were you going to burst again?

Gloria’s rising moans made it obvious that she was getting as close as you were, just in different things. You were still in heaven, but it was torturous to try and guess when your release would finally come. It felt like a hundred orgasms all building at once inside of you, all begging to escape the confines of your blimp body. You legitimately didn’t know what would come first, your bursting or her orgasm.

And just as you felt your skin start to give in, tearing around the equator of your belly, you felt one last spurt of cum leave your cum whilst Gloria’s juices splashed in your face and mouth. The relief of the air finally exiting your taut, round body was the same as last time, with your torn, rubbery skin flying across the room with it. With your last thoughts before slipping into unconsciousness, you secretly wished you could have at least stuck around with Gloria, staying her blimp for the entire night - but were satiated knowing that you’d still come back again to do it all over again once more.

In the midst of her orgasm, Gloria landed on her bed, along with the hose and still-jigging vibrator. She giggled, panting and sweating from the heat of the past 5-10 minutes. She tried to hold herself up with her arms for a moment, but quickly gave up, collapsing onto the sheets that were partially soaked with your cum from earlier.

She’d wait here until you reformed, of course. Even though she was your mistress, and you were her blimp slave at this point, she still cared, after all. And you were happy to be her balloon.