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The Best Kind

James had heard the legends about succubi, but he’d never imagined that one would turn up on his doorstep. Or, rather, at his bedside in the middle of the night.

“Wake up, my darling” the smooth, feminine voice cooed, rousing James from his sleep in moments.

“Shh...” the voice whispered. “I’m not here to hurt you. In fact, quite the opposite”

“Who... what are you?” James questioned.

“My name is Succi,” she smiled kindly, “and all I want to do is have some fun with you”

James seemed nervous.

“...W-what kind of fun?”

“Oh, the best kind” Succi responded, leaning into James. Her generous bosom pressed into his chest, wrapped in a purple material that James couldn’t identify.

“I suppose you’ve never experienced my kind of love before, of course”

Her soothing words and beautiful voice seemed to make James feel calm. She wouldn’t hurt him... right? She seemed innocent enough...

Then again, it was the innocent ones you had to look out for.

“I know your fantasies,” Succi continued, trailing a gloved hand across James’ shoulder, “how you would love to see someone blow up in front of you. To caress their skin and feel its tightness. Wouldn’t you love to experience that in real life? Right here and now?”

Her voice sunk into every pore.

“...Y-yes, I would, but...” James stuttered. Succi placed a finger to his lips.

“Shush” she smiled. “You don’t need to have any worries. I’ll make myself as big as you want”

With a wave of her hand, an air tank appeared on the floor, next to the bed. An ‘infinity’ symbol was painted in white on the side. James’ eyes were instantly locked on it.

“...Alright” he nodded, much to Succi’s apparent delight. She immediately put the hose in her mouth, but James took it back out again.

“Why not free up your mouth?” James questioned, sounding a bit more confident now. Succi smiled widely, standing up. A tail whipped around from just above her hip, coiling around the hose and pulling it towards her rear. It didn’t take a strong imagination to figure out where it ended up. Succi shuddered slightly at the sensation.

“Ooh, it’s cold” she smiled. James chuckled awkwardly, watching as Succi reached for the tank and turned the valve. She giggled quietly as the air slowly rushed into her.

“That feels so good...” she mumbled placing her hands on her belly. James watched with interest as it slowly bloated up. As Succi’s expansion became noticeable, James’ eyes widened.

“How is that even possible?” He questioned.

“It’s magic. Duh” Succi giggled, her belly’s size making her look nine months pregnant already.

It took a while but, eventually, her breasts began to follow suit. Succi moaned seductively, making James shudder. Watching her slowly bloat up was incredibly hot and was making him horny. Succi almost seemed to sense this, her hand drifting to James' crotch and caressing his engorged length.

"I want to feel you enter me" Succi cooed, the fabric of her own clothing shifting, seemingly of its own accord, to reveal her smooth, feminine curves. Her supple and slowly-filling breasts bounced slightly, now free of their confines. Her still-swelling stomach jutted ahead of her, tantalizingly close to James' face. He just had to... touch it. Had to feel it swelling beneath his fingertips. Again, as if by some sixth sense, Succi grabbed his hand and pressed it to her taught flesh.

"Does it feel good?" she asked with a small moan, releasing her own hand and sighing contentedly as James' hands began to roam over its surface. His penis was practically begging to be released from its prison, and James eventually obliged, undoing his pants and letting it escape.

"I'm yours" James smiled, kissing the surface of Succi's belly. That was all the invitation she needed, and she quickly descended upon him, taking his length into her. The pair moaned in pure orgasmic bliss in near perfect unison as Succi began to ride him, starting slowly. James felt her pneumatic curves bounce off his chest with every downwards movement, making him more and more aroused. It only made it better that, with each thrust, Succi was noticeably bigger. This was exactly what he had always fantasized and it was actually happening to him.

Succi, meanwhile, was moaning and gasping, not only at the sensations of her human friend being inside her, but at the slow growth of her assets. The wings both on her back and atop her head beat gently in time with her thrusting, almost as if she was using them to press harder into her mate. She began to make louder and louder noises as she pressed harder and harder into James, a wide smile forming on her face. Her skin continued to stretch as her belly now reached yoga ball sizes and her breasts were the size of ripe watermelons, all bouncing gently against James' torso and, now, even his chin. And still, she continued to inflate, the air from the hose still slowly entering her body, forcing her to swell larger and larger. Her purple eyes glowed brightly in the darkness of the room, looking down at James with lust and love. Reaching over to the tank, she turned up the air flow. The results were instantaneous. Her already bulging stomach went from beanbag chair to... whatever's bigger than a beanbag chair, within seconds. Her breasts followed suit, blasting through cup size after cup size. Succi almost screamed in pleasure from the sensation, even as she patted her stomach and rubbed her boobs. Her skin gave less and less with every passing moment, each press of her hands being forced back by the pressure rapidly mounting within her. Succi wasn't worried, of course. She knew her limits and, as long as she stopped before that, she'd be fine.

James wriggled beneath her as he felt Succi's insides pressing down on him. Her increasing internal pressure was pressing her pussy tight around him, and, oh boy, was it making him squirm.

"G-gonna... cum..." he managed to wheeze out. Succi, in response, began moving up and down even harder on top of him, taking him in all the way every time, making him twitch and convulse with every movement.

"Give it to me... give it all to me" Succi panted. "I want you to fill me up with it"

Truth be told, Succi was starting to run out of room, so this wouldn't be all that much of a challenge. Even so, she left the valve running a little longer. Stretch marks began forming on her perfect skin. She began to creak and squeak like an over-inflated balloon. Knowing the warning signs that she was at her limit, she reached for the valve. However, now her stomach was in the way. She couldn't quite reach it. Rather than risk knocking it over by flailing wildly, she reached for it with her tail, pulling it closer before shutting the valve off. Not a moment too soon, either, as the redness of her belly and tits testified to her being at her absolute. Her sigh of relief died in her throat, however, as she felt James spasm below her.

"Ahhhh!" James screamed, his hot cum pulsing up his dick and into Succi. Her eyes widened momentarily as even the small change in volume pushed her past her limit, sending her over the edge.

"Oh no..." she whimpered, before...


James was left exhausted, alone, and covered in shards of the rubbery substance that used to be the beautiful succubus.

Even so, if he had just lost his soul, that was certainly the best way he could have done it.

All he could think of was how excited he would be if Succi made a return visit.