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Not In The Contract

The car slowed to a stop in the parking lot, it’s steady engine sinking to a crawl before inevitably halting altogether. You sighed, already knowing that you would be busy for the next hour or two. You didn’t particularly enjoy going out into the hot sun to hunch over and fix some tubes, but hey - it paid good money, and you weren’t about to let that slip by.

The house you were parked in front of was actually quite impressive, since most of your clients simply had apartments that their landlords were forcing them to fix. But now it looked like you were actually taking on a job for someone who had their life together, since the house was definitely more suburban. Or maybe it was an entire family that was requesting your services?

You glanced back at the air tanks in the backseat, just to make sure that you hadn’t somehow forgotten the most important thing to bring. The invoice requested the same usual thing as always, which was to be expected at this point - installing a medicated oxygen tank. It was a strange new business that had seemingly appeared out of thin air, and you were more than glad that you’d managed to snag a position in it when it was just becoming popular.

Although, even you yourself weren’t quite sure why people were suddenly so into it - even if it was medicated and was advertised to “relieve stress” and to “calm the entire home”, it was still mostly just regular ol’ O2. Were people really that desperate to try and have some relaxation in their lives?

You shook your head as you stepped out of the car finally, having been through this thought process many times before. It didn’t matter, since it wasn’t like it was a scam or anything; the company you worked for advertised it exactly as it was, and people were paying for it. It wasn’t as much of a scam as it was just people being idiots.

You opened the backseat door of the car, hoisting one of the canisters out of it. They were heavy, per usual, but you’d gotten used to their weight by now. They were also the exact size that the customer had requested within the invoice you’d received, so you had no real choice anyway.

Thinking back to the invoice, it was actually shockingly normal compared to some of the other invoices you’ve received in the past. Memories of some people writing theirs with poor grammar and spelling made you chuckle, while some others that were adamant about you not knowing what they were going to use the tanks for made you raise an eyebrow. However, this one was well spoken and very straightforward - they just wanted the real deal of what the advertisement claimed.

And looking back at the solid foundation of a residence before you, the combination of it all made you wonder if the tenant was some super-dominant master-type man. Not that you really cared; money was all you were here for.

You shut the door of your car, accidentally shutting it too hard and sending a few ripples through the lower half of your body. You didn’t really like to acknowledge your own weight all that much, especially with how little it actually hampered your abilities. But feeling the slight chub shift around in your belly and legs was still present, and still just as annoying.

You ignored it yet and walked towards the front door, glancing at the car that was parked within the garage of the home as reassurance that someone was indeed home before you bothered knocking. You brought your fist up to the door, and pounded a few times, making sure they were solid enough to be heard throughout the entire house.

You waited for a moment in the shade of the porch, glad that there was an overhead to it that spared you of the summer sun’s rays. Soon, though, you’d be leaving that porch, as you heard footsteps come towards the door.

The first thing that caught your eye before the door even opened was the two small windows at the top of the door. You figured they were just there for decoration, since no average-heighted human would be able to see anything through them other than the ceiling of the room inside. But what shocked you was that as the person on the inside approached the door, you could see the top of some brown hair peeking just through the bottom of said windows, reaffirming your imagination that this was probably some giant, dominant man.

You silently gulped, knowing that the door was going to open whether you liked it or not. So you accepted the inevitability of the situation, and stared forward.

“Oh, hello there! Are you the air tank boy?”

The sultry voice caught you off guard, but you probably would’ve fallen over if it weren’t for the rigid air tank next to you from the sight of your customer.

She was… Large, to say the least - but in a spectacularly impressive way. She wasn’t rotund like some people you’ve seen in the past, but actually large in stature, being what felt like an entire foot above you, even though you knew that was an exaggeration. You’d always known you weren’t amazingly tall or anything, but god damn, she was tall. Almost like some sort of amazonian, or a goddess.

Her weight complimented her height as well, impressing you even more with how misshapen and somehow perfect it all was. She was definitely fat; there was no way to deny that. But all of the fat seemed to go to the perfect spots on her body, ignoring the usual ball-of-lard shape that most overweight people took on and instead being an incredible hourglass figure that made you want to just hug and squeeze it all. And even with her generous hips and bosom, she still had a pretty grand curve for where her belly was peeking out, which only made you more infatuated with the shape of her. And far more embarrassingly, wanting to touch her.

“Oh, um, y-yeah!”, you sputtered, trying to ignore the obviously distracting sight. She only giggled in response to your answer, causing your face to grow red as you knew she’d noticed your gaze. Between her apparent acceptance of your wandering eyes and her opening line of “air tank boy”, you suddenly were starting to have flashbacks to all those times in pornos where the “housewife fucks plumber” stereotype occurred.

And god you were shaking at the possibility of that happening here.

“Wonderful! The broken tube is in the backyard, but you can come through the house so you don’t have to deal with that sun.”, she kindly offered, her smile betraying exactly how seductive the rest of her body naturally was. You brushed it off, though, glad she reminded you that you had an actual job to do here.

You couldn’t help but notice how she took a moment to turn away from you to start walking away, as if she were waiting for you to say something… Or as if she were looking at you. You were sure she wasn’t sizing you up or anything, but her eyes had been staring at you awfully constantly. What was she planning?

Either way, she walked away from the front door, giving you a particularly large eyeful of her rear. It took damn near all of your will power and more to not bring her hands up to her butt, but you managed to keep yourself contained as you followed her to the backyard. All along the way there, though, you couldn’t help but notice how insanely visible her panty line was around her voluptuous cheeks; there was no way she didn’t know what she was doing right now.

“My name is Gloria, by the way. What’s yours, sweetie?”

The sudden words almost caused you to jump, but you were quickly calmed down by the mother-like affection she already seemed to be pushing on you. It took you a moment to realize that it was actually a question, and that you were meant to answer it.

“Oh, I’m Jamie. Gloria’s a pretty name.”, you decided to try and flatter back at her, with some interesting success. She giggled, making you wonder why it had been so rare to actually learn the names of your clients without using the invoice they sent. That wondering halted fairly quickly, however, when you noticed just how much her bosom jiggled with her light laughter.

After what felt like pure torture for only 15 seconds, you both arrived at the backyard. You raised your eyebrows at how spacious it was, especially for what looked to be only one resident. Why would any one person spend this much money on a house with this big a backyard, when they’re living alone?

She broke you out of your thoughts when she pointed at something that was against the wall.

“There it is. I’ll be inside while you do your work, so come to me if you need a drink or have any problems.”, she smiled at you, her lipstick entrancing you all over again. As if to emphasize her smirk, as she walked past you to the backdoor again, she brought her hand to her shoulder, and held it there for entirely too long.

“Do a good job, okay?”, she giggled into your ear, feeling your face burn up all over again. And just as quick as she had made the pass, she was walking back inside.

Yeah, she definitely knew what she was doing.

You shook your head of the thoughts, though, looking back down at the air tank beside you. You looked over at the broken tube lining that she had pointed to, kneeling before it to get a better look. Right she was, as it definitely had what looked to be a savage tearing into the side of a few parts of it. Worried and cautious, you’d be sure to tell Gloria that there was probably some rodent hiding in her backyard.

You shook your head again, this time because of a certain realization; she had tubing already. You already knew well that you weren’t the only delivery person for the company you worked for, but you’d never actually seen a customer have a tank before your arrival before.

Although, now that you were looking around at everything, you noticed something else that was exceedingly odd; there was no tank. The tubing absolutely was the same brand and size that your company used, and she hadn’t asked any questions about the installation or the oxygen itself - as though she already knew what it was. So where was the tank, if it was a rodent that had torn into the tube?

You stood there in silence for a moment, before throwing your hands up in the air. You hadn’t come here to investigate, so you weren’t really sure why you were bothering to do so. After all, it didn’t matter what she’d done with the tank as long as she paid you for this job.

You bent over to the pipe that the tubing was connected too, starting to unscrew it. The locking mechanism that was on the pipe was definitely done by one of your delivery people, since the lock looked like it matched your key. Granted, since you knew you were always meant to give the customer a copy of the key as well, you weren’t sure why Gloria herself hadn’t already removed the torn tubing.

You shrugged it off though, reaching to your backside to fish for the key that was in your back-pocket. Your jeans started to ride down your rear, however, as the downward motion of your hands against the tight back-pocket of your pants caused them to move down ever so slightly. You were thankful that Gloria was inside the house right now, since you were sure you were accidentally half-mooning the grass of the backyard behind you.

Or, at least, you thought she was inside the house.

The only warning you were given as to what was about to happen was the slight woosh-ing of something moving through the open air quite fast. And even then, you only heard it for a split second before everything started to suddenly happen all too fast.

Something slightly cold and metal was shoved up your rear rather violently, sending a jolt of pain and shock throughout your body. And just as quickly as the pain was starting to fade, you felt two human hands grab the sides of your jeans and pull them up roughly, back up to your waist.

You simply had no chance to react at all, given that all of it happened within only two seconds. You stood up with a jolt, turning around to see the perpetrator while your other hand went to your rear to investigate the strange object that was still sticking out. The instant your hand made contact with it, however, you knew exactly what it was. That, and when you turned around, Gloria already had one of her own hands on the valve of the air tank you’d left sitting there.

You jumped once more, still having basically zero time to protest or respond to the situation at hand. This time it was from the slight turning of the valve, which immediately sent a small but steady stream of air blasting up your ass. So many thoughts were running through your head at this point, like why the hell was she doing this? How did she sneak up on you so silently, especially with how hard to miss she was? And why was the slight pressure within you not causing any pain at all?

You got an answer to at least one of the questions when you looked down at the odd feeling that was now quickly developing within your gut. You were by no means thin, truthfully, but you definitely didn’t remember the prominent potbelly that you were now sporting - especially one that was steadily growing outwards before your very eyes.

A soft giggle from in front of you reminded you of the perpetrator’s staring eyes, she seemed awfully pleased with what was happening. “Ahh… I must say, I’m glad you picked that outfit; I simply can’t wait to see it tear off of you soon enough…”, she grinned with a finger in between her teeth, giving off a seductive look for what you definitely didn’t see as a seductive scenario. But regardless of your thoughts on her odd attitude, you couldn’t deny the growth that was continuing in your belly.

Your shirt that had perfectly fit you just moments ago was now riding up your bulging belly, your hands pushing into it desperately as if it would stop the neverending progress. “P-Please, sto-” you had opened your mouth to say in protest, but in the short moment you had looked back down at your belly to inspect it, she had taken advantage of you once again with another hose being shoved into your mouth right as it had opened. You didn’t even realize she had somehow gotten another hose, which only made you wonder further as to if this was her plan all along. She had another hose - one that worked, and it was slowly dawning on you that perhaps she hadn’t asked for your services because she actually needed them.

The air from the tank was now rushing into you from two different angles, your belly’s inflation doubling in speed. Rationally, you would have of course brought your hands up to your mouth to pull out the tube, but you were reeling from shock and were far too enamored by your burgeoning belly to think about it properly. That, and the relaxing medication of the air entering you seemed to start affecting you, with your body tingling and even the slightest uncomfortability of the pressure inside fading away. Slowly, all that was remaining to feel physically was the slight vibration of your body with the air pushing into you, and weird tingling that was spreading over your skin, for more reasons than you were realizing right now.

Another giggle came from the side of you, but you were still too busy prodding and squeezing your meter-wide belly to notice that she was moving around you. “Aww, look - it seems you’re starting to fill out all over, now!”, she sighed to herself in what sounded like both amusement and satisfaction, you jumping again as you suddenly felt one of her hands groping at your rear.

And you would’ve reacted much more defensively if it weren’t for the violent shrriip! that erupted from your pants.

The violation of being literally molested quickly was replaced with complete confusion and surprise as you realized how true her words were. Your own hand started to explore the rest of your body that you’d neglected to feel thus far, immediately making contact with soft, squeezable skin. It didn’t feel like you were touching your own rear, instead giving you the sense that you were maybe accidentally touching hers, but the slight twitch that groping yourself sent through you was undeniable.

You’d long forgotten to notice that your jeans were utterly fucked right now, torn to shreds and leaving you in your already-failing underwear. You were far too busy examining how your hips were almost as wide as hers now and how your ass was shockingly bigger than hers. And while you were definitely offended by her groping you, you couldn’t blame her - you were having a hard time not groping yourself at this point.

Another giggle, this time far more teasing than you would’ve liked. “Mmmm… Is someone enjoying this, now?”

Your hands paused in response to her words, just now noticing how much you were getting into feeling yourself. You wanted to deny it, to say anything that would hide the hardened thing in between your legs, but as your underwear became tighter and tighter around your filling body, you knew it was impossible.

Especially so when both your underwear and your shirt finally gave up entirely, splitting into shreds and leaving you completely nude. Even though there was barely any sort of breeze in the air, you could feel the cool open air against your stiff shaft standing proudly against your will. But despite your obvious embarrassment, you couldn’t deny that she was right - whether it was the medication in the gas, or some hidden fetish that you never knew you had, you were definitely not against what was happening right now.

She certainly wasn’t.

As you started to slowly fill out in far more areas than just your prominently massive belly and your now-voluptuous thighs and rear, her hands were busy taking up the slack for you as your arms started to stick outwards due to your inflation. You were actually filling to the point of immobilism, you realized, but you weren’t all that bothered by the fact - if anything, it was starting to feel good, somehow.

“God, you’re getting so big!”, she marveled with her head just peaking over the growing dome of your belly that was starting to block your field of vision. Her hands pressed against your belly, sending a particularly intense sensation throughout your body that made your cock twitch. “And you still have so much give! I bet you’re going to get way bigger than the others…”

You barely processed the implications before you felt soft, womanly hands grabbing your most vulnerable body part. “Wow, and you’re so big down here too…”, she giggled beyond the horizon of your balloon body. You involuntarily let out a moan as she started slowly and tortuously stroking you off, the pressure of the air pressing against your prostate. Now that you were becoming more rounded, and far more sensitive all over, you were starting to notice how even the smallest details were driving you wild.

A light tug on the tube that was still protruding from your mouth confused you, quickly being replaced by disappointment when it left your lips. You were about to protest - now to the lack of speedy inflation - but she made sure to tease you further with the action. “Now, now, I know you want to get so huge and full for me, but we both want to make this last, right?” You knew she was right, but you couldn’t make out the words to agree with her, since all that could come out right now was more moans from the gentle handjob she was giving you. The tube that was still firmly up your ass was indeed still there, though, so you weren’t terribly upset about it.

You soon felt your entire body tense up, but not because of your fullness. What felt like something warm and wet wrapped it’s way around your dick, but you could tell it wasn’t a vagina - it wasn’t tight enough. That, and the new silence from Gloria made you gasp as you knew she was now blowing you.

You could only faintly remember how you’d ended up in this situation in the first place - you had a job to do or something, right? But now you were a huge balloon, far past your own realm of understanding in terms of how big you were, while still getting bigger. And not only that, you were getting blown, close to cumming right here and now. And you wouldn’t have had it any other way, as was evident by the moans and begs to be bigger from your own lips.

Until finally, you came for the first time.

The lips that were firmly around your dick never left, every spray of cum being caught in the woman’s throat. She swallowed all of it happily, still stroking you off to milk you for all you could give. Your moans didn’t do justice to exactly how incredible the sensation was, somehow the helplessness of your body completely becoming spherical adding to it.

“...n’t get too exhausted just yet; I’m not done with you, sweetie.” was all you could hear through the haziness, also being the first sign of her no longer blowing you, since your body was too overridden with pleasure to notice the loss of physical contact.

You didn’t have time to go through your orgasmic afterglow, unfortunately, with or without Gloria’s coaxing. Your cock remained hard due to the pressure inside of you, which was still gently vibrating your entire body with the constant source of air into your rear. You could only imagine how much space you were taking up now, since the only things in your field of vision was the back wall of the house and the sky above you. Even Gloria, who was fairly tall, was completely hidden from your view.

“B-Bigger… Bigger, please…”

Your own words just came out without any previous thought, just mindlessly begging for more air to be inside. You knew it was pointless to beg, since it was going to come regardless of the fact, but you couldn’t help it - you were far too intoxicated off of the air to care. You just wanted more, even if it meant putting more hoses into you.

She giggled in response, not satisfying the need just yet. Her words from earlier only caught up to you when she once again grabbed a hold of your dick, but this time she didn’t stroke. The skin of what must’ve been her breasts and belly pushed up against your body, just above your dick. Just as your lust-drunk mind figured out what she was doing, she was already plunging you into her tight pussy.

Just over the horizon you heard a faint but satisfied “A-Ahh, fffffuck yeah…” It was fairly obvious what your reaction was to it at this point, especially to Gloria, since she was the one that heard the numerous moans coming from atop her blimp. It was an interesting comparison between herself and the wall of flesh she was grasping at, given how immensely larger she was than you just moments ago; not that she was complaining, as she straddled your throbbing cock beneath her.

Your combined moans made it pretty obvious what was happening to any passerbys, but neither of you cared at all. You were both too lost in lust to worry about what might happen if someone came upon you, especially as her tight walls massaged your shaft. Such frivolous things like what might happen if you cum inside of her or if you were getting a little too big didn’t matter to you anymore - all that mattered was the endless ecstasy.

Even though it was completely useless, you clenched your hands and curled your toes in pleasure, all of which was completely lost in the sea of your balloon body. She was moaning incredibly lustful things to you, teasing you about how giant you were and how much you wanted to be bigger, but all of it was nearly impossible to hear through the hazy viel of pleasure that was encompassing you now. You wanted to get bigger - desperately bigger, and that’s all you cared about.

Your cock exploded a second time, this time deep within her nethers. Her satisfied and surprised gasp was evidence enough that she had wanted you to do that from the very beginning, but the fact that her walls were tightening from it proved to you that she was not at all done herself. And despite your own orgasm still coursing through your body, she kept riding you.

The internal pressure of your climax never left you, even when your cock finally stopped spurting your liquid into her pussy. What this pressure was was hard to pinpoint, but did you really care? If it meant you were getting close to your body’s limit, then that only meant you were getting closer and closer to physical heaven with how large your body was. If anything, the new pressure was only making your dick throb and twitch more from the intensity.

“Good balloon! Fuck me harder, slut!” was all you could hear, despite how you definitely couldn't move nearly enough to fulfill such a demand. Whether Gloria was aware of the tension inside of you was unclear, but you genuinely weren't sure if you wanted to tell her. After all, she might try and take out the second hose, and you wanted so badly to fill out as much as you could.

“Harder! Harder!” Gloria clearly shared your thoughts exactly, but you weren’t able to reciprocate due to the air filling your cheeks. Even your mouth was puffing up now, with how little room there was starting to become in your body. You could faintly see the roof of the house above you, proving how massive you were becoming. Heaven was an understatement for what you were feeling, and you were eager to see how much further you could go.

Even if it meant you’d be reaching your limit.

Your cock burst again, filling Gloria’s womb even further. Unbeknownst to you, your cum was filling her womb to the point of leaking out, but it was nothing compared to the euphoric feeling of her walls tightening around your dick and trapping it all inside. Her climax was coupled with the incredible moan she gave out, her hands gripping at the tight wall of flesh that was your belly. Along with her hands was her breasts and belly, emphasizing how tight you know were with how soft she still was.

Your dick still never died down, almost building up another orgasm right away despite how spent it should have been. The vibrating of your skin was steadily increasing, trying to warn you of the impending result of your inflation. You cared not for it, though, only taking it as more sensations to add to your endless pleasure.

Finally, Gloria seemed to be noticing your closeness to the inevitable. “So tight… Pop! Pop, you blimp!” she demanded, seeming to share your lust-muddied thoughts. Desperately she grinded on your cock, feeling the moisture of her clit and pussy rubbing your shaft and your belly. The pressure inside of you was getting to the point where it was trying to push into your dick, and with every bounce Gloria did atop it, it squeezed the air back into your body, back and forth repeatedly. You were getting close to cumming all over again already just because of the constant testing of your skin it was forcing upon you.

The pressure was immense, along with the intensity of your upcoming orgasm. You genuinely weren’t sure which one would come first, but you didn’t care - both felt as good as one another by this point. You let out what sounded like a needy whimper despite how tightly shut your lips were from the pressure inside, unsure if Gloria even heard it. And the constant fucking she was putting on both of you was making it harder and harder to guage when you would come or burst.

Until finally, you saw your skin slowly stop growing outward, despite the air still packing itself inside of you. And even as tightly packed and quarantined into you the air was, it was finally testing its own limits on your body as it started to get creative. Your overly sensitive cockhead and nipples started to slowly seep out some of the air in short, small bursts, before practically turning into air geysers.

Due to the newly created pseudo-hose that was your cock, even Gloria was starting to experience some of the heavenly inflation you’d been coveting for so long. She wasn’t taking much of it, due to the greater inflation as opposed to your far slower leaking, but her gasps and newly ramped moans showed that it was more than enough. Especially when it came to how close you were getting to the edge.

You knew this was it, just as your dick tensed inside of her for the final time. She sunk as deep as she could onto your shaft, forcing all the air inside of it into your packed body. This was it, you knew, and you were more than ready.


And just as you were finally at your limit, the pleasure overwhelmed you, and you weren’t even sure what felt better as you both came and burst, leaving behind a panting, sweaty Gloria in her backyard. The intense rupture of your skin shockingly didn’t hurt, which might’ve been simply due to how violently quick it started and ended. The relief of the pressure finally releasing itself from your body was better than the orgasm that barely managed to spray from your dick, giving Gloria the final feeling she’d get from you.

And truthfully, while this definitely was against your job details, you wouldn’t have had this day go any other way.