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Applying solder with precision comparable to a brain surgeon, and just as experienced, he sat back to inspect his work from afar. Long, feline tail swaying in anticipation, he flicked closed up the makeshift case, and, crossing his fingers, flicked the switch. Nothing happened, or at least, seemingly nothing. He looked around his makeshift workbench for his phone, taking care to be as quiet as possible. A pointed ear twitched, as he spun in his chair, remembering that he'd set it on his bed, merely a few feet away, but too far for his liking; it may as well have been on the other side of the planet. Turning back to his device, he placed a hand near the base, took a deep breath, and snapped his fingers.

Still nothing. He huffed, flipped the switch off, pulled the case apart, a slight twist of a small dial, then back together it went, and again the switch was thrown on. Carefully placing his hand near the base yet again, he snapped his finger, and grinned in excitement at the reaction. Very briefly the machine sprung to life; a small motor inside whirring into action, pumping a small amount of air into a long, phallic shaped bladder, filling it up just slightly, before the motor died off, allowing it to deflate again.

"Perfect! Oh man, I can't wait to give this thing a test drive!"

Purring, the siamese stood up and immediately started stripping down. Pants dropping down reveal an ass and thighs sculpted to perfection by an obscene quantity of squats, though as a devoted techy, he'd never once gone to a gym. Tossing his shirt to the side, for good measure, he flopped back down into his oversized chair and spun to the side. A few clicks and commands brought up a video stream, and activated his camera. A few calls were sent out to a number of people, then, despite his eagerness, he sat back and waited.

Gently rubbing his chest, and stroking his modestly sized, pulsing rod, he greeted each person by name as they tuned in. One after another viewers were suddenly given an eyeful of the feline's slender, feminine form in all its glory. The usual comments were made; compliments on the figure, inquisitions about personal time, and of course his exact address from the few people who happened to stumble upon the broadcast.

"Now that we're all he- hey bun! As I was saying, now that we're all here, I have something I just finished that I know you'll all absolutely love!"

Reaching off to the side, he snatched his new toy off the desk, and held it up for the camera.

"I'm sure you've all seen one of these before, especially you, Will. I have, however, just spent the past few days acquiring everything I need, and putting the work in to give it a very special feature. Allow me to demonstrate."

He placed a hand near the base again, snapped his fingers, and nearly dropped it as it filled out in his hand. The room instantly began to flood with line after line of text, far too quickly for him to actually read all the comments completely, but he could make out one primary theme: put it in.

He sneered and giggled at just how ravenous everyone had suddenly become, "Now, now, no need to go ballistic. I wouldn't have sent out invitations for all of you to come watch me if I'd only intended to give such a simple demonstration,"

Snatching up a nearby bottle of lube and spreading its cold contents liberally over the surprisingly long object, he set to work rubbing and stroking over every inch. Turning around and raising his hips high into the air, allowing a nice full view is his rear for the camera, he slid two lube soaked fingers deep into his ass. He pumped them in and out, a small amount of the excess lube dribbling out, trailing down his taint and sack. He moaned lightly as he added a third finger, though only for show; in reality he was more than capable of taking the toy without any preparation, and admittedly, he could have probably even done so without any lube at all.

Pre dripped from his tip onto the glistening dildo below. After a few minutes of playing around, teasing his audience as he often does, he finally moved on to the part they all came to see, and that he was all to ready to try. Picking the toy up and placing the cold tip to his awaiting hole, he slowly eased it in, stroking himself and groaning as it went. He pumped it in and out of his luscious tailhole, the outer latex bunching up and stretching out as he tightened up and loosened with each movement, panting and gritting his teeth all the while. Even if it was almost all for show, no amount of experience can keep a person from getting a little carried away when there's a fake dick as thick as their arm stuffed into their ass.

A new window popped open on his computer monitor, some cryptic lines of code quickly scrolling by before the window closed again. A moment later, the media player opened up, and started to scroll through the list of songs on his computer, as if controlled by a ghost. Of course, he didn't notice at all; only an inch or two more, and his new toy would be all the way in. He could feel his orgasm mounting, and so he opted for a technique that always pleased the masses. Drawing the black rod from his ass until only the tip remained inside, he rammed the full length in; the tip bulging out his slender belly by a few inches before settling back to normal. His heart pounded; just one more, and he'd cum like a firehose.

The speakers suddenly unmuted, and deep, thumping bass and high pitched sirens echoed through the room. His first reaction was to cover his ears, but his hands immediately went to his belly instead. Wincing as his ass quickly became stretched painfully tight, and rubbing over his lower belly as it began to push out around the balloon being blown up inside him, he knew he was about to be pushed over the edge, whether he was ready or not. He quickly spun back around and arched his back, letting the camera get a good look of all nine inches as he blew his hot load into the air, and over the growing bulge in his gut. Near instantly the music stopped, and the dildo began to deflate, the cat's belly once again becoming perfectly flat.

"Chris... you... JERK!" He panted, from being both tired, and more than a little agitated. A new window popped open again.

Well, it's not every day that I get to play with such a delicious little kitty.

"You... you ruined my show! I was saving that for later!"

You would deprive everyone here of the joys of seeing what you look like when you cum against your will?

His face grew a deeper red, and he cut the stream. It was true that he was so well versed in sex that he hadn't cum unless he'd wanted to in years, but as far as any of his friends, or worse, his paying clients where supposed to know, he was practically a virgin, a naïve little twink; it was his entire appeal. If word spread of just how far from the truth that was, he'd need to find a new income, possibly from one of the shops on the main streets! The thought of that sent eerie shivers running down his spine. No, he wouldn't allow that to happen. Letting the toy slip out of him, he headed for the shower to get cleaned up.

An hour or so later, cleaned and refreshed, the event still lingered in his mind. If he wanted to keep himself under control when that fake dick started swelling inside him in future shows, he'd have to get used to the feeling of it actually blowing up inside him. Just the thought of it started turning him on again, but a sudden growl from his belly reminded him that it had been a fair while since last he ate. A quick decision was made, and he set to digging through his 'toy' box. Plugs and dildos, rope, chains, leather clothing of all kinds spilled out as he searched. Finally, near the bottom, he found what he was looking for; a black leather harness, made specifically to keep things stuffed nice and tight into the person wearing it.

Picking the toy up off the floor and stepping up onto his desk with one foot, he gently slid the dildo deep into his hole once again. He tightened up as he stepped down, but could still feel it starting to slide back out of him. Pulling the harness up, he buckled everything as tight as he could, and relaxed. He could barely feel anything inside him at all, but another snap of his fingers down near his tail caused his lower belly to feel ever so slightly tighter and fuller, if for only a moment, before fading again. Throwing his clothes back on, he snapped his fingers again to make sure it still worked through his clothes, and he was rewarded with the same momentarily tight feeling. With grin and a nod, he headed out, locking up his apartment, and made his way to the street.

Once he hit the main road, if it could be called that for how small it was, he felt a tightness in his lower belly again. The somewhat quiet din of all the activity on the street was enough to keep the pump activated, if only just. So far, his plan was working flawlessly. He walked along, feeling his belly shifting about, growing tight, then relaxing as he passed various businesses, people, sources of sound. A waiter drops a dish in a nearby restaurant just as we walks by, just feet away, causing him to gasp slightly, and swear he saw his shirt even bulge out a bit. He continues walking about, trying to find someplace not just to have a good meal, but perhaps a little quieter; as much as he wanted to get used to it, he would appreciate being able to eat his meal without something trying to push it back out.

"Hey, Jareth! Hey!" A figure a short distance down the road shouted and waved.

"Oh, hey! Will!" He picked up the pace; maybe Will would be willing to buy him something nice for dinner, since he just let him watch a free show.

"Hey, how're you doing after, er, that?"

"I'm good, really good. Just came down to get something eat, and... and some fresh air too."

He couldn't tell Will that he was still wearing the toy. The two were competitive, both in the same line of work, and bother equally as good. It was actually because of Will that he'd built this new thing in the first place, so he could have an edge on his friend. It wouldn't mean much if he were to find out about Jareth's need to train on the dildo, but he was far too proud to let that detail slip.

"Perfect! Also, great show back there; almost managed to last longer than I usually do."

"Well, if Chr... if my manager wouldn't have interrupted, I would have easily gone another five or ten minutes."

"You cheeky bitch! I know that moan; you had two minutes left, tops!"

They bickered back and forth as they walked along, Will leading the way, while Jareth followed along, just so he could keep arguing. It was all in good fun, of course, but underneath it all, they were both still competitors, so any amount of mudslinging they could do to try and knock the other down a few notches meant a bigger paycheck in the near future.

"Alright, alright, calm your tits, cat. We're here, and just in time."

"We're here where?"

Will knocked on a nearby door; an eye slit opened up near the top, though it was pitch black inside. A quick moment later it closed again, the door itself sliding open. Grabbing him by the hand, Will pulls the siamese into the dark building. Down some stairs, and through a hallway, the pair find themselves in a fairly sizeable room. There are people everywhere, the area barely lit by a few neon lights overhead, and a faint fog in the air. Jareth can barely see his friend, but he can certainly still feel himself being dragged deep into this murmuring crowd.

"Sweet! We got here just in time."

"Just in time for what? Where are we?"

"Right, you have a manager. I come here to extend my client list sometimes, and today my favorite artist is on."

"Your favorite artist? What do y- oh shit!"

Lasers shot through the fog, and the crowd cheered. Jareth's belly grew tight, almost painfully so. His heart began to race as he looked in every direction; he had to get out of here, and fast. Just as he was about to pull himself through the crowd, an announcer came on, his gut tightening further, causing him to choke slightly.

"Everybody! Get ready to really MAKE - SOME - NOISE!"

He gasped and gritted his teeth as the sound of a sudden bass his blasted through the room. That time he definitely saw his shirt bulge out, and felt it as well. He had no time to think, he had to get out of this place before-

He shouted as the crowd erupted around him, the sound of a siren piercing the air. He watched his gut swell outward, rising with the sound. His mind told him to keep looking for an escape, but he couldn't take his eyes off it. A buzzer rang out along with the siren, and started to build higher and louder with each moment, and his belly followed suit. He could feel the dildo inside him pressing ferociously into his bladder, and more notably, crushing his prostate. His heart pounded, and he could feel his shaft growing harder and longer in his tight little jean shorts every time it did. This wasn't the reaction he wanted to have to this, and certainly not right now, with so much pressure building up behind his bladder.

"Oh god... I... I can't..." he began to sob to himself, "I have to let it... I need... space..."

He held his face in his hands, and could feel the heat from it as he blushed. The sound built louder, the dildo pushed for more space, and with another quiet sob, he relaxed and let his bladder empty. It was too dark and loud for anyone to know, but he knew. It was a slight relief as he began to feel his abdomen actually empty instead of fill, if only for a moment. He could feel the wet warmth soak into his shorts, and begin to run down his thin legs. He sobbed again, grateful that he was where he was if only because it hid what he had just done. Unfortunately, the music was still building up, and even the space he begrudgingly granted the monster inside him was quickly taken. Up and up and up it built, and each time it went, the fuller he became.

"It'll be over soon. It'll be... over soon. It'll be..." he panted to himself. The music could only build so high, and once it hit its top point, he'd be fine. His belly would hurt for a few days, but he'd be able to relax and clear his head after a short while, then get the hell out of there and go home.

"It'll be... be... oh god..." He doubled over, hands on his stomach. The buildup was at its limit, and so was he. He just had to hold out for one more moment...

A sudden, piercing 'blip' topped off the buildup right before silence fell; he heard a faint 'pop' inside him. The pressure on his innards quickly began to fade, but his belly began to gurgle and shift, rather than deflate; the outer layer of the dildo had just ruptured inside him, and was leaking all the air straight into his belly.

"N... no! Oh no! Oh sh-" He stood up and pushed into the crowd, but the moment was over, and the music kicked back up, just as loud. He choked as he felt his gut push outward from the air now being pumped directly into him. His belly started lifting his shirt up, and straining his pants. No longer caring about public decency, he pulled his shirt off, and reached down to do the same for his still wet shorts. If he could get the harness off, he could pop the plug out, and aside from never being able to go out in public again, he'd be perfectly fine within the week.

"Hell yeah! That's the spirit! Come on, I see a spot closer to the stage!" Will shouted from behind him, grabbing him by the arm. Jareth, dealing with his swelling gut, didn't have the strength in him to fight back, and so closer to the stage they went, and the feeling of the pressure building inside him grew faster with every step. His belly wasn't quite rounded yet, and pushed out almost a good half foot in front of him, a level he'd been pushed to before by a rather well endowed client, but never since, and certainly not like this. People dancing so tightly together began rubbing and bumping and thumping on his hollowed belly as he started taking up more and more space, and the small part of him still covered by cloth and throbbing happily seemed to actually start to enjoy it.

Finally they stopped, and gasping for air, he reached for the button of his pants yet again. His ears perked and noticed that the sound was quieter, then as he looked up, realized that the beat had temporarily dropped out, and he was standing directly in front of a speaker stack. Before he could react, and much to the crowd's pleasure, the beat kicked up again, causing him to once again howl with the masses. Within seconds his belly had completely rounded out, sticking out nearly a foot in front, and was even beginning to bulge out to the sides. His abs and sides burned, his breaths were becoming shorter by the second; he had to get it out.

He popped off the button at the top of his pants, and the zipper, under so much pressure, instantly split apart. His shorts fell off easily, and now he had only one thing left to do, and judging from how it felt, only a few seconds left to do it. He fiddled with the straps on the harness; he had to get it off before he... nothing was happening. The music kept playing, but his belly didn't feel any fuller, or tighter. A cautious grin of relief spread across his face. The motor used for the pump was only so powerful, and much to his benefit, it simply wasn't powerful enough. He laughed to himself, nearly hysterical; he was going to be fine. He knelt down to grab his pants, so he could maybe tuck them into the harness and finally escape this place in peace.

"Hey now, you can't just go about teasing big guys like me then walk away like nothing happened." a deep, powerful voice sounded from behind him.

Jareth dropped his pants and spun around to see a bull, a full foot taller, and hundreds of pounds worth of muscle heavier standing before him. His chin rested inches off his massive, shirtless chest. His sweatpants, which under normal circumstances were surely usually quite baggy, were tented by what had to be a baseball bat for how thick and rigid it looked.

"I recognize you, cat. You're the one from that stream earlier. Man, look at you; did you suck every dick on the way in?" At that, the bull gave him a firm prod in the gut, sending a shiver of pain through his body, and dropping him to his knees.

"Oh-ho really? You didn't feel like you could take anymore, but I guess if you're that eager to do another one, who the hell am I to say no?"

The bull pulled the rim of his pants down, out from which sprung his massive, pulsing rod. Jareth opened his mouth in protest, but between his lack of breath, and the sound of the music, the only thing the bull could make out was that his mouth was empty, and needed something to fill it. He placed a hand on the back of the cat's head, and pushed his cock in between his soft, quivering lips. He drove it deep into that cat's maw, hitting the back of his throat, and forcing himself just a bit deeper. He pulled himself out, allowing Jareth to breath for a moment, then shoved it back in, just as deep. Over and over he used the cat's mouth to pleasure himself. Jareth placed his hands on the bull's hips as a weak attempt to push himself away, but the bull, caught up in his own lust, took it very differently.

A small, more amorous side of the cat began to take control with each thrust. The feel of the titan's muscled legs flexing with every movement, and just how strong and forceful the hand on his head felt, it all began to push his mind a bit further down from his overburdened belly. With the skill he'd acquired from many previous encounters, he slid his tongue along the shaft and suckled on the tip, stimulating his current client as best he could. Even if he wasn't performing willingly, or even getting payed for that matter, at the very least the faster he finished things up, the sooner he could get out of this place.

Minutes passed, and the bull had worn Jareth down to being able to take every last inch of his shaft, his throat bulging with every pump. He was impressed with just how long it continued; most were usually finished in under a minute, especially with this level of service. His own hardened shaft twitched, and pulsed, being teased by the soft fur of his bulging underbelly. Reluctantly drawing a hand off his clients thigh, he traced a finger down along the midline of his gut. Part of him was both horrified and impressed with just how tight it felt; nearly as solid as the bull's stone cut figure. Continuing down, he couldn't help but to circle his navel, shivering slightly from how sensitive it had become. He slid a finger in, and nearly choked on the massive rod filling his mouth as he gasped from the sensation. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all; perhaps he could find clients who would enjoy using him like this, for the right price.

Pre leaked out of his mouth, dribbling onto his chest and down his belly; his throat was too weak to swallow now, not that he actually had any more room inside him if it weren't. His hand finally found its way down to the prize; his shaft, heavily slickened with pre, admittedly from both parties. The sensation was far more intense than he'd ever experienced before. With each pump of his hand, the tip of his slightly curved rod brushed against his belly, adding an extra bit of flavor to the situation. Just a few minutes, that's all he needed, were just a few more minutes to enjoy himself, then he'd finish his client off and be on his way. His luck, however, continued to diminish, as the bull pulled Jareth fully onto his cock, burying the cat's nose into his pubic region, letting him have a good whiff of his musk as the head of his rod suddenly began to swell painfully large in his throat.

"Alright kitty... time to drink... your... cream!"

His stomach burned. His entire abdomen was on fire again. His eyes went wide as he realized what was about to happen, and this behemoth was about set it all off. Throwing his hands on the bull's hips, he redoubled his efforts to push away, but to no avail. He couldn't hear it, but he could feel the stinging, burning sensation coming from inside his gut. He was now a blowup doll. That's what he thought to himself. He could feel the pump working properly again, the air pushing into other areas of his body; his ass swelling out round and tight, burning as it did, his legs and arms beginning to plump up and out. This last load that he was forced to swallow effectively turned him from a living, breathing life form, into an overinflated sex balloon that would explode at any moment.

The bull pulled out, a trail of cum following his cock and dripping down the cat's swelling front as it did. Jareth pushed himself away, pushed himself back up against a speaker. He reached down to try once again with the straps on the harness, but found a new obstacle in his path. Having been the first to bloat, his butt had trippled in size, yet was somehow still pillowy soft, for the time being. He shuddered as he reached for the plug, his two and a half foot thick rump as sensitive as his belly had been, and moreso the deeper he reached. He felt like he could explode, figuratively at the moment, as he finally felt the end of the plug with his finger tips. Before he could grasp it, though, his arms began to lose strength, pushing away as the air finally reached them. Try as he might, the vicious demon of fate pulled his last hope of survival away from him. He slumped back and watched his own body become a balloon.

His legs were comically thick, splayed to the sides, letting the crowd have a good look at his shame. A tingling began to fill his cock, and as he watched, the flow of air finally hit it, causing it to swell up, his balls blimping up along with it. He couldn't help but to stare and admire as it grew, each bass hit from the music causing it to bounce slightly with every growthspurt. Centimeter after centimeter, inch after inch, it grew longer, and most prominently thicker. Nine inches soon became fourteen, and half as round, but unfortunately for his ego, that's where his swelling ceased. As it grew tighter, however, that simple slight bouncing, that miniscule increase in pressure began to wear on him; how desperately he wanted to cum.

The tingling spread from his loins through his entire body, and felt stronger now, coming in waves. Every time the bass hit sounded out, the pump gave him a massive blast, and stretched his swollen body just that much fuller. Each time his body stretched, a surge of pleasure shot through him. Pump after massive pump flooded his body with air. As best he could tell, he had to be just as wide now as he was tall, if not moreso. His sides ached, the obvious primary focus of all the pressure being held inside. His limbs grew wider with each passing second. Fingers and toes all quickly filled to thick, sausage like claw tipped balloons, at least until the claws popped off. His body was still far from perfectly spherical, as he'd seen in a few fetish pictures on the internet, and from how he felt, such a thing wasn't likely possible, or at least he wouldn't make it that far.

Glancing away, trying to find something to take his mind off his impending demise, he finally noticed the people who had been staring at him the whole time, watching him turn into a blimp. He tried to shout to them for help, but nothing could escape his lips but a slight squeal of air being forced completely through him. The crowd seemed to take his actions as a sign, beckoning them to come closer. Some of them began to rub and molest him, thinking it was all just a show.

One particularly busty collie gal, obviously under the influence of a bit too much drink, giggled as she pulled her top off and smooshed his long, thick balloon cock between her breasts. The precum soaking his shaft provided ample lubrication for her to run her seemingly impossibly large breasts up and down his full length, further adding to his pleasure. Despite him being pumped full of so much air that his size surpassed the bull, she still handled him like the pro. Now a bit more into it, she leaned heavily on him, pressing her chest hard against his lower belly, thoroughly trapping his rod in her cleavage. Arching her back, her pre soaked breasts slid up and down his cock, stimulating him in ways he never felt before. Sliding her tongue along the underside as she went, suckling the tip at every peak, he was practically in tears from such an overload of feelings. After a few minutes, and just a short way from orgasm, she licked her thick lips and wrapped them around the entire head of his shaft, shooting another bolt of pleasure up his spine. Her eyes suddenly went wide and she pulled away in shock, hurrying back into the crowd, her belly swollen fat and tight. His last chance at a final orgasm, and he blew it, somewhat literally.

As he lay there, gasping, being groped by drunk, high, and curious onlookers, it had occurred to him that, like before, the pump trapped in his ass wasn't going to be enough to do him in. Scanning the nearby crowd, none of them looked like they were coherent enough to pull the plug out, nor fertile enough to take the place of the mysteriously absent bull. Not only was he denied his orgasm, he was denied his final, violent and sudden end as well; he was just going to lay here and fade away over the coming minutes. At least the music was good.

"J... Jareth!?"

The buildup began again. He could hear a familiar voice among the crowd. He looked to the side as best his stiffened form would allow. Staring in awe at the blimp before him was his friend, no, his inadvertent executioner, Will.

"What... what the hell!? Jareth! Where the hell is- Jareth!! "

Will pushed his way through the small crowd, placing his hands on the sides of the bloated cat boy's face. He stared into his eyes in disbelief, as though it were just some elaborate prop.


"Finish... me..." Jareth whispered out.


"Please... finish..."

"But, how do I... I don't know how."

"Get... get down there and... and suck." Jareth grinned up at his friend. He was becoming lightheaded at this point, so the pain was easily overlooked by the overpowering lust.

Will laughed, and leaned in close, kissing him on the cheek. The buildup was nearing its end.

"Jareth, I'm sorry," Will's brow arched slightly "you were supposed to have choked to death. Now it has to be messy."

Jareth's eyes went wide as the words hit him.

"You never should have gotten involved with the families, you knew that."

Will stood up and patted him on his swollen chest, then walked away, revealing the collie woman from earlier standing behind him, her belly still swollen, but she looked different somehow; dangerous. Swinging her hips as she strode toward him, she leaned in close.

"Sorry hon, but business is business. For what it's worth, you're pretty cute, and tasted great." she whispered. Before he could respond, she locked lips with him. Past her immense bust he could see, over her domed belly, powerful abdominal muscles began to flex and tighten. His body burned, from head to toe. Of all the ways to go, he never thought it'd be kissing a woman.

A sudden piercing 'blip' topped off the buildup, and a fine, red mist filled the air, sending the crowd into a frenzy.