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Backdoor Bursting

The gazelle moaned lustily as the lion's thick cock pumped deep into her ass. The camera zooming in to focus on her tight rump as the huge rod slammed up into it again and again, when the camera caught the first throb of the lions orgasm it pulled back to show the gazelle's belly already starting to fill out. “I wonder what that feels like.” Alisa panted shifting in Gary's lap, He groaned as her pert ass rubbed against his cock. “Baby I popped you this morning you're getting greedy.” He said hugging her tight as he slid a hand under her shirt to grope her big boobs. “Mmm not the inflation silly.” She purred leaning back into him. “You've never tried anal?” Gary said as she blushed and shook her head. “Well I can pop that cherry for you.” He purred emphasising the word pop. “Does, does it hurt?” Alisa said nervously as she lightly bounced in his lap. “I'll be really gentle I promise.” Gary said hugging her tight. “No, I, I kinda want it to.” She panted then blushed deeply. Gary could tell she was really embarrassed about something so he hugged her even tighter feeling her melt in his arms. “It's ok you can talk to me.” He said softly nuzzling into her cheek. Alisa bit her lip then replied. “I had a dirty dream last night.” She said and Gary smiled it hadn't been hard to notice, she soaked the sheets and practically the moment he woke up she was bouncing on his cock. “Only it was pretty heavy stuff. I dreamed I was real tired and not in the mood but when I said no you threw me on the bed and forced your cock in me. I didn't want it but I really wanted it and I was begging but you just got rougher and when you came and started to bloat me you bit me hard and that's when I woke up cumming.” She panted then buried her head against his shoulder. “You must think I'm crazy.” she gasped holding back tears. “Hey hey it's ok.” Gary said softly hoping she wouldn't notice how hard he was right now. “It's just a fantasy, you know I'd never really force you into anything like that. ... But if you want we can play it out.” He heard her breath catch and she looked up at him nervously. “You'd do that? You don't think I'm weird?” Alisa panted and Gary couldn't help but laugh. “Baby I get off on knowing I'm gonna cum so hard my partner balloons up and explodes. I don't think I get to call anyone weird. And anyway it's just a simple dominance roleplay, that's pretty mild for fetishes.” Gary said then planted a kiss on her lips. He looked back at the screen to see a lion coated in creamy mess. “Ooops we missed the pop, want to make one of our own?” He said and felt her shiver in need. “Oh yeah but you've got to stick it up my ass, hard. Make me squeal.” Alisa panted grinding on his cock

Gary hugged her again then huffed. “So where do you want to do it? We should probably come up with some set up.” He asked as Alisa bounced in his lap. “Hmm The bedroom would be nice, push my head into the pillows and have fun with my helpless body.” She panted back then giggled as Gary's cock throbbed against her. “Ahh my big wolfie's getting all turned on.” She moaned softly biting her lip. “Jackal not a wolf.” He corrected. “What sort of thing should I do to be rough?” Gary asked uncertainly, he'd never done this before after all. “Oh?” Alisa replied uncertainly. “You know like should I throw you around hit you a bit. Would you want me to choke you.” He asked and felt her shudder against him. “Yeah throw me around like a big bad predator. You can hit me but not too hard.” She panted quietly. “Please choke me.” She added after a while squirming at the thought. Gary slid a hand up her chest fingers brushing over her tshirt. She shivered as his claws brushed through the soft black fur of her chest fluff then gasped as he pressed them lightly to her throat. Alisa moaned loud as he squeezed down slowly increasing the pressure as she moaned louder. “We're going to need a safeword.” Gary said giving her a final squeeze then releasing her throat. Alisa spluttered for a few moments then nodded. “How about carrots?” The sexy bunny purred and Gary smiled. “Sure, say that and I'll stop instantly.” He said. He stood up suddenly, lifting Alisa high then carried her towards the bedroom. His hands on her ass to steady her. “Lets play.” He huffed squeezing her rump roughly as he stepped through the doorway.

Alisa struggled against his grip, pretending to try to break free as Gary carried her towards the bed. He spun her to half drop, half throw her onto the bed then as she pushed up onto all fours his hand grabbed the scruff of her neck. Pushing her back down hard. “I'm gonna make you burst bitch.” he growled, trying not to laugh at his silly threat. His other hand reaching down to pull her panties off roughly. “No please don't pop me.” She whimpered. Shaking her hips, his hand clapped loud as it landed on her ass and she yelped in pain. “Oh really you know you want this.” He huffed, thumb pressing into her soaking wet pussy. He fingered her roughly as he pushed her down into the sheets then raised his hand to spank her once more. “I want to see those fat tits burst.” he huffed flipping her onto her back, her eyes locking onto the bulge in his pants, an impressive wet patch already growing at his tip. “NO!.” Alisa wailed pushing up but a hard slap to her boobs slammed her back down. Her gasp of pain matching Gary's huff of pleasure. He had to admit pushing the smaller bunny around did get him going, but he was making sure to pull his punches, he wasn't looking to cause bruises, let alone anything harder. She tried to push up once again so Gary climbed up onto the bed, straddling her belly. His hands slid to his underwear and she gasped as his claws tore through the fabric. His jet black cock springing free to slap between her boobs. He pulled her t-shirt up roughly, tossing it aside. Claws made short work of her bra beneath, unlike the shirt it had no sentimental value to his bunny lover. He could feel her shiver as his claws brushed her fur and smiled, pinching a nipple between thumb and forefinger. His claws pushing softly into her most sensitive spot. “These would look amazing with piercings.” He huffed and Alisa's eyes went wide. Before she could get too worried he let go. Instead he raised his hand then slapped her heavy boobs making them quake as he drove his cock into her cleavage. Cupping his hand to maximize the sound rather than the sting

Gary huffed happily. Alisa wasn't one for titfucking really, though she certainly had the boobs for it. But she had said to use her for his pleasure. And his amazing little bunny was clearly getting off from watching him huff and moan. His tip pushed from between her hefty boobs and Gary reached out. Grabbing Alisa's long ears to pull her in. “Suck it.” he commanded tugging her ears when she shook her head to make her whimper and give in. she ran her tongue over his tip, but Gary thrust hard forcing his rod deep into her mouth. His hand on the back of her head holding her down as she gagged on his cock. “Oh yeah baby suck it.” He huffed thrusting into her boobs hard, his tip swabbing her throat. “Stay right where you are. I want to feel you choke on it.” Gary huffed pulling back. He lent in pressing his muzzle into her cleavage then licked over her cheek. “Tap out if I get too rough.” He whispered. He pushed up, slapping her cheek to repay for breaking character then stood. She tried to break free at once but a foot on her boobs held her still. Gary spun to face away from her then dropped back to his knees. Cock slapping against her muzzle. She yelped as he pushed his fingers into her pussy, thumb claw on her clit. “Get sucking. I want to fuck your throat raw.” He huffed a little extra pressure of his thumb making the unspoken threat of what would happen if she didn't clear. Not that he would need to, her pussy clenched hard around his fingers, soaking him to the wrist as she slurped over his tip.

He gave her a second to get lined up and dropped, sinking all the way to the knot. Alisa's moans turning to gurgles and gags as he pushed inch after inch of his fat cock down her throat. He stayed still for a moment, feeling her throat trembling around his rod. Her hand pressing lightly into his thigh, she was holding for now, but probably best not to push it Gary thought as he lifted back to the tip. Hearing her cough and gasp around his cock. A few seconds later he dropped once more, fingering her pussy roughly as he force fed her his cock. This time she even managed to take some of his knot. Her throat spasming around his thick pole as her pussy clenched on his hand. He pushed deeper, and felt the warning pressure of her hand on his thigh, he pulled up. Slipping his tip from her lips then reached back to slap her with his drool slicked cock. “Fuck You!.” Alisa panted but her lips told a different story, already pressing to his tip. Gary dropped hard pressing his knot to her lips as she gagged. A final hard push and it sank in, the jackal moaning loud as she slurped over his full length. He held there panting until a tap on his thigh shook him from the daze. He pulled out once more and Alisa coughed hard. Only to gasp again as he sank his tip into her throat once more. Gary lent forwards to bury his muzzle been her legs, hips pumping to swab her throat with his cock. He licked over her soaking wet pussy with happy slurps. The small bunny bucking beneath him with every lick. His thrusts slowed as his licks grew more passionate. He didn't want to burst her just yet but he wanted to make her cum for him. And holding back just made sure that when he did finally pop it would be impressive. Alisa howled as he pushed his tongue deep into her pussy seeking out the sensitive spots he knew so well. Teasing her clit with his teeth to make her gasp around his cock then plunging his tongue deep like a detonator, and what an explosion it was. Even with his cock buried in her throat her moans echoed off the walls and her sweet juices soaked Gary's muzzle.

Gary let her recover then thrust hard hilting in her throat. He held there for as long as he dared then yanked his hips back. Alisa coughed then pushed up only to yelp as he grabbed her yanking her up onto her knees then pushing her down into the speed popping position, the same position he had used for their first time. His hand held tight to the scruff of her neck as he moved quickly into position and pressed his tip between her cheeks. “Carrots!.” Alisa gasped and Gary froze, not moving a muscle as she panted and shivered. “Are you ok?” Gary said hurriedly letting go of her neck. She pushed up panting and suppressed a sob. “Sorry, it was all a bit too quick.” She panted and Gary gently pulled her close. “Hey hey, no apologies, it's fine, all that matters is you're all right.” He cooed hugging her softly until the shivering stopped. “It's ok we can stop if you want.” Gary said softly but Alisa shook her head. “No I want to try it, just, maybe we can use a bit of lube.” She replied then let out a soft chuckle as she looked down. Seeing her upset had had rather the same effect on her lover as jumping into an ice cold shower. “Sorry.” She huffed as he reached for the bottle of lube on the bedside table. “Let me worry about that, and this.” He said uncapping the bottle and gesturing for her to lie on her belly. She rolled over and spread her legs slightly and he crawled behind her remembering their first night. He stroked up her thighs the lightly caressed her ass. Kneading her soft cheeks then sliding up the small of her back to knead her shoulders. Alisa huffed then looked over her shoulder. “Not that I'm complaining but what happened to the mean jackal.” she said then moaned softly at his massage. “He's on time out until you're ready.” Gary replied as his hands made their way back down to her plush ass and strong legs. He spread her cheeks then lent in, planting a kiss on her tight tailhole, a soft lick made her moan and she gasped as he ran his tongue around her tight ring. He was already rock hard by the time he popped the cap on the lube bottle and he huffed as he drooled the thick goo over her tailhole. His cute bunny shivering at the touch of the cool gel. He shivered too as he squeezed a line of lube along his cock from base to tip then stroked it into every inch of his achingly hard rod. He looked around for some tissues then shook his head and used the sheets to clean his hand off. There was no way they wouldn't need a wash by the end of this. He gently pulled Alisa back into position and slid behind her. “Ready?” He asked and she replied. “Go for it."

Gary slid his hand to her neck again holding tight then spanked her rump with his free hand, gently at first then a little harder. “I'm going to fuck your ass bitch.” He growled, happy she couldn't see the goofy smile the silly gruff voice caused. “Don't. Please.” she begged struggling without making any attempt to break free. He grabbed his cock and pressed it to her tailhole then pushed forwards gently. Alisa gasped but held firm as his tip slowly spread her tight ass. Alisa shivering as he sunk in. It was her first time after all but even so he was being gentle in all but appearance, his hand slid down her side and he roughly groped her big breast. Sinking his fingers into her soft flesh as he drove slowly into her rump. He pushed deeper with soft jerks of his hips. The bunny gasping and wincing with every inch of hard cock he drove into her ass. But Gary had judged it well. Giving her just the dash of pain she craved but not too much to truly hurt her. He felt his knot pressing against her rump and pulled back. Alisa groaning as his hefty cock slid from her ass only to drive in once again. He slid in more easily this time, Alisa's moans more pleasured than pained. Gary speed up slowly getting rougher only when he thought she could take it and her lusty moans made him certain he was on the right track. A squeak or gasp here and there revealing the dash of pain he knew she wanted. He pushed up to spank her ass then pulled Alisa up into a hug groping and slapping her boobs as he ground his knot against her tight tailhole. He knew he wouldn't be able to tie her ass just yet but he wanted to prepare her for the final moments. He would knot her just before she popped.

Alisa's tits smooshed in her lover's hands as he groped them roughly. Her whole body felt like it was on fire with lust, the dash of pain adding so much more to the pleasure. She whimpered as he pressed his fat knot to her tail hole but she wanted more. “That all you've got?” She groaned and he chuckled pulling back. “That wasn't a good idea.” He purred then jerked his hips forwards. Hips meeting her ass with a clap and squeal. Alisa gasped as he started to hammer into her ass. His strong arms holding her tight as his hips pumped. The loud slaps of flesh on flesh urging him on. Alisa's hands slid down to her belly, already notably bulged with Gary's pre. He must really be enjoying it but she still wanted more. “I'm not impressed.” Alisa panted out between gasps. Gary growled and pulled all the way out to the tip and he drove in hard. She shrieked as he slammed his knot against her tight rump. His cock pulsing as he punched deep into her ass. It had hurt bad but it felt so good. She felt him pull back once more. And despite the pain she slammed her hips back to meet him. Her fat ass stinging as it met his hard thrust. Alisa screamed in pain and pleasure her pussy clenching as his knot almost pushed through. He was gushing pre deep into her belly with every thrust. And she knew he wasn't going to last much longer. She was about to push him again but he got there first. His hands rose from her boobs to grab her shoulders and slammed her down onto the bed. “Time to teach you a lesson.” He growled as he started to bounce. The bedsprings creaking as he pushed her deep into the soft mattress. He fell onto her back to push his cock ever deeper. Fucking her prone form brutally hard. “Going to give in bunny bitch?” Gary huffed in her ear. “Fuck you.” She panted back triggering the harder thrusts she craved. “God, your ass feels amazing but I can't wait to burst it.” He huffed, the huge jets of pre exploding from his tip showing just how true that was. A few more hard thrusts proved too much for them both. Alisa peaking first with a squeak of pleasure. She came hard, empty pussy soaking her lover's balls and triggering his own peak. His final thrust turning into one hard push to drive his knot through her tight ring. Alisa squeaked loud, feet kicking the bed as he bore down on her. The fat knot spreading her ass open wide. The thick spurts of cream already flooding her ass helping him sink In and they howled as one as he tied her ass. Gary's cock went wild. Pouring his hot jizz into Alisa, bloating her belly fast as his hands slid under her to grope her boobs as they swelled with his cream. Her lusty moans making him smile. “Ah yeah blow up like my personal cum dump.” He huffed to his swelling girlfriend feeling her swell and soften with his huge load. “Oh, oh fuck, burst me.” Alisa begged falling of character as the incredible pleasure of inflation rocked her once lithe body. Each pulse lifted Gary higher as she bloated. Her cum swollen body growing firmer as her limit approached. Gary knew her exact limit well and pulled back slowly, cream gushing from her rump as his knot popped free. “Time to burst bunny, like the cheap condom you are.” He groaned as he lightly bit her black furred shoulder and plunged. His knot the detonator of her explosion. Alisa squealed in pleasure as his final thrust pushed her too far. Her body already creaking under the pressure blew apart with a huge BLOOSH bouncing Gary high to land with a wet splat in the goo she had become. He rolled over panting, exhausted by the intensity of his orgasm and with the taste of the thick creamy mess he had made on his lips. Gary was too dazed to do anything more than pant.

Soft paws pressing against his chest made him jump and he opened his eyes to see Alisa's smiling face. “Wakey, wakey, time to get cleaned up.” She purred only to yelp as he pulled her into a hug and planted a kiss oh her lips. “How was it?” He huffed quickly, still worried for her. “It was amazing.” Alisa replied at once hugging him tight and nuzzling into his chest. He squeezed her to his chest and she let out a soft sigh. “Promise me you'll remember the safe word when you do that again.” She said and he smiled “I will.” He huffed and slid his hands down to cup her ass, only for Alisa to wince. “You ok?” he said quickly. “Yeah.” she said with a smiled “Kinda expected it not to keep aching after the pop though.” She added. Her hands sliding to his and pressing his fingers deeper into her plush ass. “Time to get cleaned up.” She said after a few minutes. And he reluctantly let her pull free and stood up with her. He pulled the stained sheets from the bed and huffed. “Laundry twice in one day.” He said with a sigh “But two pops was nice.” He added as he tossed them into the laundry hamper. “How about we make it three?” Alisa called from the doorway to the bathroom. Her hands spreading her cheeks for him. Gary could only smile. His tail wagging. She was insatiable and he would do anything for her.