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Popping Roulette: Couple's Night

The bar was bustling more than usual. Most nights it was singles out for a wild, risky adventure and dominant aggressive males wanting to show off and sometimes out-alpha their competition. The Bursting Brew was a unique bar in that they offered drinks spiked with Nut Up, a particularly potent concoction that would swell any male's balls with so much cum whoever happened to be the unlucky (or lucky depending on the perspective) recipient of their load was sure to end up a broken condom.

There were theme nights accordingly to leverage this special attraction to this bar. Exhibition nights when willing tops and bottoms wanting to go out with a bang would take the stage. There were roulette nights where everyone, even the tops, would get a raffle ticket and if yours was pulled a designated top would soon be behind you wherever you were in the bar to add you to the swirling pools of cum draining into the many floor drains positioned around the bar.

Tonight was special though; it was couple's night. Not only were the adventurous pairs mingling in the crowd, but so were all the singles who are simply there to watch the show. It was only held once a month, because if it were a weekly event, they would run out of couples far too fast. So far people were simply getting their initial drinks poured, none of them spiked as all the Nut Up was saved for the couples who would go on stage.

Over in the corner was registration and approaching it was one particularly nervous but excited couple.

"First time at Bursting Brew?" a slender weasel asked pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose a bit.

In front of him was a sheepish looking crimson fox named Kevin, dressed to impress for the night, wearing only a modest black thong allowing the mingling crowd watching the registration table to see every bit of his delicate curves and the soft cream fur of his belly, "Yes, well, it is for me. My husband has been here before."

"Great! Sir, can I get your name? Have you registered for events in the past?" the weasel asked, his whiskers twitching as he started thumbing through a folder of past registrants...the ones that didn't end up cum stains at least.

"Yes! Bruce!" the rottweiler declared, cupping the side of his foxy husband and hugging him to his side, "I was here for the last raffle night. Got lucky and had the pleasure of splattering one of the horse performers you have on staff some nights!" He beamed and the boasting caught the attention of some of the bystanders which gained some prolonged looks at the rottie's intimidating frame. He to contrast to his scantily clad fox hubby, was already nude as many of the tops tended to be at the bar. He had firm muscled ass cheeks, a respectable but clearly muscled gut, and mounds of pectorals that gave him a brawny look. Between his legs his sheath was plump, a thick donut of flesh surrounding his leaky tip. The rottie noticed a bunny to the side staring and flexed his groin to bounce his cock and nuts at the onlooker, who snapped out of it realizing they had been caught gazing and looked away with a blush.

"So you understand the rules correct? You can back out at any time, but once you're on stage you must participate. Failing to do so will result in staff members reserving you for an after-show exhibition. You will both be given drinks at the start of your stage time to drink in front of the audience. Then you will trade partners with another couple that will be on stage with you. Only one couple will have their drinks spiked with Nut Up; the other will get Blue Bawlz instead, which will swell your nuts but you won't be able to cum. Tops will mount the other couple's bottom and after 5 minutes you will be given the signal to cum. The couple who's bottom bursts will be the losers and the losing top will have to submit to the top, the bottom, or both and join their partner swirling down the drain."

The weasel paused having to catch his breath, somewhat belabored having repeated this statement to every couple registered for the night before looking up with a smile, "Any questions?"

The rottie grinned a cocky confident smile, his leaky tip plumping a little as he exclaimed, "No questions from me."

The fox at his side was blushing harder than before, his own sheath straining his delicate thong, "None uh...from me either."

"Great! Sign these waivers and release from liability! You're couple number 8, watch the board to see when you are expected on stage," the weasel finished, shoving paperwork towards the rottie and fox, both of whom signed, the rottie with a confident flourish of a signature, the fox with a timid, excited, shaky hand.

"You're excited aren't you babe? Worried you're going to get splattered all over the crowd as they cheer aren't yah?" Bruce teased as he cupped his fox's ass and drew him away from the registration table.

"Yeah, I mean, I've always wanted to come here and after hearing you had popped that Clydesdale...erf..." the fox fidgeted in the rotties paw nervously as they approached a bench near the stage where couples were waiting for the events of the night to begin.

"Don't worry babe, even if it's our number that's up tonight, every single pop I've done the little condoms always have the most euphoric smile on their face before they go," he grinned, tracing the fox's lips with his thumb before slipping it past his lips, eliciting a soft moan from his mate who suckled on his tongue.

Sitting down on the bench and drawing the fox in front of him, Bruce continued to console his mate, "I'm hoping luck is with us because as much as I've thought about seeing you pop on the end of my cock, I've also enjoyed watching the big burly tops get burst by lucky twinks like you."

The fox blushed continuing to suck on the rottie's thumb as it drew down slowly, the fox getting on his knees understanding the suggestion without a word, releasing Bruce's thumb as he neared his husband's sheath and moving his lips to the glistening cock-tip and starting to suckle it.

"Mmmmmmmmm, it's worth the risk, I would've popped you myself a while ago...but some cuck part of me wants to watch you get burst by someone else or see you have some muscled stud splatter from your own load," he groaned as his cock escaped his sheath and slipped further into the fox's lips, "But for now, get one more taste of daddy's cum...may be the last time you taste it."

The fox continued to suck eagerly on Bruce's thick shaft, the rottie leaning back and letting his tongue lol out lazily, savoring the moment. The display wasn't unique along the bench either; to the right of Bruce a stallion had a zebra pal pressed against the wall, biting his shoulder as he rutted under his tail, wanting one more piece of the striped ass in case he drew the unlucky drinks for the night. To the left a pair of twink otters were kissing while stroking each other's cocks, already coated in cum and their paws eagerly stroking out for one more in a fit of passion.

The audience stood just on the other side of a yellow line painted on the floor in front of the bench, watching the couples indulge in themselves one more time in case it was their last, some drinking and cheering them on, others finding inspiration and stroking paws over turgid shafts or finding a companion to release tension with.

Just as the rottie's knot popped free, the fox gripped it strongly, knowing Bruce had a short fuse when knotted, his tongue spiraling around the length in his muzzle and squeezing it hard.

"FUCK BABE!" he groaned out, his nuts tightening against his sheath, his cock seizing up, his body tensing before he exploded into his fox's muzzle, the skilled vulpine timing milking strokes of his tongue with swallows, not missing a drop, his own cock straining in his thong.

As the rottie rode his orgasm down and the fox began nursing his cock more gently, a bell sounded on the announcement board and the rounds for the night began flickering to life on the screen.

Round 1: Couples 5 & 2 (On Stage 5 min)

Round 2: Couples 8 & 3 (On Deck, Backstage 5 min)

Round 3: Couples 7 & 4

Round 4: Couples 6 & 1

Panting off the rottie's still flexing cock, the fox looked up at the board with his hubby, blushing and nervously squirming a bit as he rested his weight on Bruce's thighs, "Second round! Oh my, that could be very soon!"

Leaning down Bruce cupped the fox's cheek in his paw and forced him into an aggressive kiss, his tongue slipping past his lips and sucking the vulpine tongue, still slick with rottie cum into his muzzle, the nub-tailed dog growling at the flavor and intimacy as his fox hubby whimpered lovingly and submissively. Moments felt like hours as they kissed and neither wanted to break it off, the rottie reluctantly panting away as he noticed other couples beginning to stand and prepare for their time on stage.

"I love you babe...whatever happens now, let's have a blast!"

Having been selected for round two, Kevin and Bruce had to go backstage before the first round started. Their only hint as to what might be going on stage wise was seeing couple 5 & 2 parting the curtains on their way out to a roaring crowd. Couple 5 seemed to be the stallion and zebra couple from before, cum still dripping form the Zebra's ass. Behind them couple 2 seemed to be a rather brutish looking bear and an equally burly otter.

As the stage announcer introduced them Bruce and Kevin had their attentions pulled to be staging area behind the curtain. Approaching from the opposite stage entrance was a pair of canines, couple 3. One was a lithe doberman named Ron, sporting a rather meaty rump, perked tail, tan pec markings flexing in a show of dominance and a sizable cock already at full attention and dripping between his legs. His partner was a smaller less confident looking husky named Tyler, curly tail swishing nervously as they approached the table, his soft blue-grey fur standing on end in excitement as he shuffled along with his partner.

"Welcome!" a muscular orca greeted as the couples aligned themselves on either side of the table. "We will now issue you your drinks for the night. You must not drink them until you're on stage as a part of the show, the announcer will prompt you to do so."

As he spoke he placed 4 glasses filled nearly to the top with the house lager from the bar. He then produced 4 dice and 2 sets of 2 bottles. The small bottles were labeled "1" and "2" and each member of the 2 couples picked up their dice while looking to the orca.

"You will all roll at the same time. The couple with the high roll will get to choose between the bottle set 1 and 2," the orca tried to continue but was interrupted briefly; a loud moan on the stage broke the steady rumple of house music.

"AND THERE THEY GO! Looks like that zebra wasn't expecting a bear that THICK to be under his tail tonight!" the announcer narrated. A steady belabored set of moans followed as the tops no doubt had started fucking the opposite couple's partners.

"Anyway, if you roll a tie we just roll again until a couple rolls the high roll. After a winner of the roll has selected their bottles, you will all open your bottles and add them to your brews. NO TRADING, NO SMELLING THE BOTTLES, NO FUNNY BUSINESS or I will personally be splattering you on-stage at the end-of-night exhibition! Understand?" the orca punctuated, looking between the 4 males in front of him.

Kevin nervously whimpered with an awkward nod, his cock starting to slip over the brim of his thong in excitement. Bruce nodded confidently, rolling the dice in his paw. Ron gave a utilitarian nod before grinning mischievously at his husky and giving his rump a quick squeeze, "Sound good slut?" Tyler blushed through the white cheek-fur and nodded, "Yes hun...I understand."

The orca smiled, though was cut off by the announcer once more.

"Uh oh! Looks like we have a hair-trigger top! Better catchup Couple 2! That stallion may be swimming in what's left in that otter before you have a chance to make those stripes stretch!" the announcer declared, the moans and wet slapping noises of pre-dripping holes echoing over the music now.

"Timely..." the orca smiled, "Additionally the show timing has been paced for 5 minutes of 'work up' before you finish. Ideally though what really matters is you finish TOGETHER because that keeps the tension. If a top finishes dry or pops their bottom before the other is even getting close to finishing themselves it kind of ruins the experience for the audience...and the punishment for ruining the show is to be double-dosed."

The confident doberman quirked an eyebrow, his own confidence fading slightly by the surprise twist, "Double dosed?"

The orca smiled, "You'll be given another drink, by will or by force, that will have 3 bottles of Nut Up. No matter how hard your cum your balls will produce more than you can get rid of and you'll pop on stage without any assistance."

The notion seemed to excite them all in an odd way, the two nub tails fidgeting back and forth while the husky and fox curled theirs together.

"Bro..." the doberman called to Bruce

"Yeah?" the cocky rottie smiled back.

"How about we form a pact...we knot together. We can pace ourselves for 5 minutes easy and I saw you got the easy nut into your fox's muzzle earlier. At 5 minutes we tie to seal the deal, no turning back?" Ron grinned.

"Deal! FUCK I can't wait to splatter that cute husky of yours!" Bruce grinned.

The doberman's cocky grin grew into a toothy smirk and he winked towards his blushy husky companion, not saying a word but the gesture got Kevin giggling.

"All right, that covers the rest of the rules. If you wish to abstain this is your last chance, otherwise roll your dice now!" the orca declared.

A few glances were exchanged, then both the rottie and doberman tossed their dice down. The fox quickly jumped seeing the dice hit the table and threw his, the husky being the last to gingerly release his own above the table.

The cubes bounced and danced amongst the glasses almost in time with he belabored moans. Another call of the announcer and the couples looked toward the curtains, "LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE READY! Good luck and hope the losing couple has a BLAST!" Almost immediately a bellowing cry of a bear roared out, so deep and guttural it shook the frames of the four canines at the table and made the dice bounce slightly higher. An equally penetrating whiney followed though this was accented with the audible rush of thick viscous fluid, an exasperated moan of an otter heard suddenly, no doubt being the unlucky (or lucky perhaps) bottom to be the first one to bloat for the night.

"MY GOODNESS! I'm sure that stallion could nearly pop anyone without Nut Up and by the looks of it this otter isn't going to last long!" the announcer continued.

Behind the curtain nothing could be seen but the sound of a stretching hide began to mingle with the desperate moans of the otter being pumped full of horse cum. It's rumored based on witness accounts of tops being popped that a bursting is more pleasurable than any orgasm; confident dominant tops always seem to turn into blubbering begging and moaning subs.

"The Zebra isn't wasting any time it seems!" the announcer interrupted as the bear's own rhythmic grunts began to fill the air, no doubt the zebra had pulled off the bear's cock and was already fucking him. No one but the orca was paying attention to the dice anymore, mesmerized by the sounds of an otter gripped in the final moments of pleasure, the sound of the zebra, no doubt on a hair trigger from getting fucked hilting the bear, the rush of cum exploding out of their cocks as they filled couple 2.

"MORE! POP ME!" begged the otter as a creaky hide began to be heard echoing in the bar.

"I LOVE YOU! FUCK! I'M MOAN RIGHT BEHIND YOU LOVE!" cried the bear after his lover.

One more heavy whiney echoed against the walls before a loud and deep PLORP! followed. The curtains swayed back as a wave of cum washed against the curtains.

"FUCK! DO IT! HRK POP ME!" the bear bellowed out through gurgles of zebra spunk, the request only moments before another creaky hide was heard and a BLORT! followed. More cum washing over the stage and jostling the curtains.

The four canines drew their gaze away, all of them now a little flush, the doberman and rottie trying to maintain a cocky smile, the husky and fox anxiously fidgeting with excitement. As they came back to their senses they looked down and eyed the dice.

"Couple 8 rolled a 9. Couple 3 rolled a 4! Couple 8, which bottles would you like to have tonight, keep in mind, even I don't know which one's have Nut Up vs Blue Bawlz. The bottles are filled and labeled randomly by someone behind the bar.

Bruce beamed, "The '1' bottles! We'll take those. Honestly doesn't matter if it's random right?"

The orca chuckled, "Not really," then shoved the bottles towards the respective partners. Cracking them open they poured their contents into their beers, being mindful not to try to sniff or inspect them in a way that would gain the ire of the Orca. Then they all gingerly picked up their glasses, full nearly to the top and looked to one another, all their tails wagging excitedly.

"Alright! Head on up to the stage! Mind your step, they don't clean up until after the show. Good luck as well and to those who don't have luck with them tonight...have a blast!" the orca directed, finishing with a hearty chuckle.

The four canines walked up the steps to the stage, stepping over a gutter still full to the brim with cum so thick it threatened to clog the drains. As they entered the stage their eyes adjusted to the bright lights, holding their brews up high as they'd seen others do on couple's nights in the past. Slowly their eyes adjusted seeing the crowd huddled around the stage, some covered in the fruits of the previous round having watched from the "splash zone".

The announcer, a shep with a jock build dressed up in DJ clothes and flamboyant sunglasses, stood on a pedestal stage just off and to the right of them and in front was a pair of slings made of thick, slick rubber still dripping with cum from the bear and otter that met their explosive end just moments before.

"I present to you couples 8 and 3! Now couple's seal the deal and bottom's up!" the announcer commanded.

Together the four canines lowered their classes then tilted them to their lips. The rottie and the doberman guzzled it down aggressively, the fox and husky not far behind but taking more time to gulp without spilling. Soon all four were panting, tossing the plastic cups to the side or at their feet, the effect of the elixirs already beginning to swell their balls with cum, all four letting out soft moans or whimpers as the effect began to take hold.

"All right! Bottoms assume the position in the slings!" the announcer barked. Bruce's eyes locked onto Tyer's watching the husky and waiting for him to step forward, flashing a cocky grin. The husky took a moment but noticed the glance but didn't move, only gave a soft giggle as he pointed towards the sling.

Standing in front of the slings were Kevin...and Ron. The fox was just as surprised as Bruce, watching as the doberman confidently took a scoop of otter/bear cum and used it to lube his own ass cheeks, giving his pucker a bit of a teasing down to the knuckle with his index finger, looking over his shoulder with a cocky smile at the rottie who despite himself was more turned on than before.

"Fuck! He's the bottom!?" Bruce declared, looking at Tyler who blushed and wagged sheepishly.

"Looks like we have a power bottom in the sling tonight! Is he hungry to get POPPED or willing to risk it just to get a cock under his tail!? Let's find out! Tops! Take the stage!" the announcer added.

Snapping back to reality the rottie began stepping towards the sling, the doberman having balanced his rump just over the edge of the rubber sling, his thick rump relaxed and his hole winking towards the rottie. Tyler was following as well, his hands rubbing over the surprised fox to sooth him, eliciting a soft moan from Kevin's muzzle.

"Alright big boy! Time to put up or shut up!" Ron teased, "Remember, knot with my husky. He's a good boy and won't until I tell him to. I've had him fuck me for hours without cumming but he will on command..."

"Fuck dude...didn't expect to be under your tail tonight but damn I would love to pop you and your curl!" the rottie teased back, sliding his cock right up to the doberman's pucker but holding fast.

"Whether tonight's my night or not, don't let up! Give me 5 minutes of fame and then let fate decide the rest!" the doberman growled back turning to his lover, "You too pup! Put your back into it and wait for my permission?"

Tyler blushed, his cock hot-dogging the fox, letting outa needy moan as the weight of his balls began to pull ever so much harder as the elixirs continued their effect.

"COUPLES! Are you ready!" the announcer called, the crowd roaring out in cheers!

The four of them nodded, the doberman accenting his by hooking his heels around the rottie's waist and squeezing, the tip of Bruce's cock slipping just past the tight ring eliciting a groan. Kevin and Tyler both nodded together, Kevin looking down and watching as the husky's cock slid over his balls and rested at the entrance to his pucker.

"I love you babe...have fun with that curl!" Bruce grinned over, Kevin smiling and wagging his tail.

"Love you slut!" the doberman called over, "Have a blast one way or another!", the husky replying with a furiously wagging tail.

"ALRIGHT BEGIN!" the announcer called out, the crowd roaring out once more as the Husky slide gently into the fox, rubbing his belly as if to trace his own cock as it slipped inside. Meanwhile the rottie's first thrust was met with equal enthusiasm as the doberman's heels pulling the rottie's hips into his ass.

"FUCK YEAH! Bury that bone stud! Hope you're not a quick cummer!" the doberman growled at Bruce.

The rottie's cock was indeed more sensitive than he had anticipated, the aggressive hole he was impaling seemed intent on rippling hard around his flesh, the rottie bending over the doberman and hunching down, to get a more direct angle, his hips starting to piston faster and faster, "FUCK DUDE! And you call your curl the slut!"

"Are you okay fox?" the husky asked gently, his own hips starting to piston at a much slower pace into Kevin's pert cheeks as he rubbed his belly.

Kevin's hand traced over the husky's paw as it stroked his belly, his own cock at full attention from the deliberate, slow, but pleasurable strokes, "Yes...this feels wonderful..."

The yin and yang of intimate mutual pleasure and aggressive primal rutting got the energy in the crowd going. The two nub tail dogs fucking in their sling looked like either could cum any second. The fox and husky on the contrary seemed like they were building up gently, the crowd wondering if they'd go over the edge on this pleasurable roller coaster too early or too late, fixated on their expressions.

Bruce couldn't help slow his pace, his mind was lost in instinct to breed, his nuts so swollen from the Nut Up they nearly touched the floor. He needed to slow his pace or he'd cum too fast, and by the weight of his nuts he was sure it was him that got the Nut Up.

"BITE ME!" Bruce commanded.

"What's that stud?" the doberman grinned through moaning pants, his own cock drooling pre like a faucet over his chest.

"Bite my shoulder! Hard! I need to slow down but I can't!" Bruce begged leaning over the sling and presenting his neck and shoulder to the doberman.

Ron considered leaving him hanging, getting the rottie to cum early. Sure if he did have the Nut Up he wouldn't be around for the after show exhibition...but the idea of bursting knowing the orca would come out immediately and slip under Bruce's nub tail to pop him too was almost too good. However, he let those entertaining thoughts pass, letting his power bottom instinct kick in, wrapping his legs tight around the rottie's middle and biting down on his shoulder, growling through his teeth, "Don't cum until I say pup! Got that!"

Bruce winced in pain, but was glad to feel it tempering his growing pleasure, gritting his teeth and groaning through them, "Fine...fuck...your ass is worth it. Hope to see it explode here in a bit."

The four canines continued to rutt on stage. People in the splash zone had fished their phones out of their wet-bags and were getting closeups of the action. The husky's gentle strokes seemed to massage the fox open, the tight ring being tugged gently forward and backward by the canine flesh, the two letting their hands explore each other and even taking moments to kiss, lost in each other's passion as if their swollen nuts wouldn't soon bring one of them to an end.

The fans of the nub dogs seemed to care less about the pounding happening in back and more about the love-bite that was holding the rottie back. Bruce's knot was out already, thankfully so thick he couldn't tie without force, his cock constantly dancing on the edge, the doberman mischievously biting down harder or relaxing to hold him just on edge.

"Couples! 30 second warning!" the announcer broke in!

"Oh fuck...this is it!" the fox whimpered, his hips starting to move in time with the Husky's who's own had increased their pace, though carefully so.

"You ready stud! Remember! Don't hold back!" the doberman growled into Bruce's ear sending a shiver up his spine so hard it almost sent him over were it not for a well timed bite from the doberman's muzzle.

"FUCK! I am! You ready to pop!?" the rottie called out, though seemingly to address both the fox and the doberman at the same time.

"Yes! If this is it! I want it! I love you Bruce!" Kevin called out, starting to whimper feeling his own orgasm building, his fox knot straining on his belly.

"Gooooood...." the doberman growled.

"5 seconds!" the announcer warned, the crowd cheering louder and louder as they counted down together.

The doberman released his grip on the rottie, the dog losing control of his hips again, starting to work his knot hard against the doberman. Ron groaned and reared back, committing to the show, ready to accept fate and looking over to his husky, "Tyler...do you love me?" he asked in a dominant but honest tone.

Panting the husky looked over, his knot grinding into the fox with every thrust, whimpering anxiously unsure if this would be the last words they would share, "Yes sir! I love you!"

"Then do it! Cum for me!" the doberman yelled out, wrapping his legs tighter around the rottie as he came in for a hard thrust, rearing back and forcing Bruce's knot into his tail.

Tyler barely hesitated, gripping the fox's thighs and slamming his knot home. Both the rottie and the husky cried out together, Bruce's baritone meeting the Tyler's tenor in harmony before their nuts raised up, the audience quieting wondering who would actually cum.

"OH! FUCK!" Tyler cried as his cock flexed, his knot doubling in size and a sudden rush of cum exploded into the fox tied to his groin. The fox's belly plumped in an instant, eyes rolling back in his head, pleasure washing over his bod making it hard to concentrate on what was happening.

Bruce's eyes locked to his lover, his cock straining on what felt like a dry orgasm but was in actuality it was the elixir holding him back from finishing. The fox was experiencing the same and more, in the throws of being on the edge crying out in pique pleasure while also having his every nerve expressing unhinged pleasure as more of the husky's cum bloated his middle, his chest starting to expand.

The husky couldn't focus an hugged the fox's growing middle to try to sink his cock even deeper if he could, his nuts pumping more and more spunk into the soon to be fox condom. The doberman groaned on the edge of his own orgasm, but held it back, squeezing the rottie's knot hard to temper himself as he watched the show, "Fuck stud, he's really enjoying it!"

Bruce writhed in all his senses. He stayed hilted, watching his lover bloat and get lost in pleasurable bliss, seeing how happy he was getting pumped so full. His own cock was straining, held tight by the doberman's forceful ring, teasing him hard knowing he wouldn't cum...ever again...reminding him with strong squeezes and teasing nibbles on his shoulder.

"FUCK! Let me pull out! I need you to fuck me now!" the rottie begged, tugging his knot.

The doberman dropped his dominant teasing, letting his rump relax, the rottie tugging out with a wet PLOP leaving Ron's hole gaping slightly as he jumped down from the sling. Bruce didn't hesitate to climb into he sling, raising his ass to the doberman behind him, "PLEASE! I want to pop with him! FUCK! I WANT IT!"

The doberman smiled, squeezing the rotties cheeks and unceremoniously slipping his cock tip against his hole, "I don't blame yah stud...don't worry, I'll be quick, you put in a good show and I won't be long..."

"FUCK!" the husky cried out in pleasure, his orgasm lasting longer than any he'd experienced before, the fox's belly now swollen to the size of an exercise ball, his hands rubbing it curiously but soon drifting away, his limbs starting to plump out.

"I can't believe this is it! Don't STOP! FUCK! It feels so GOOD!" Kevin cried to Tyler, his neck starting to thicken as his arms plumped out to the sides, his legs splayed as the sling began to resemble a balloon holder more and more.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" cried out Bruce as the doberman gripped his tail and sunk his length home, the top rottie's ass spread open, the doberman considering stopping were it not for feeling the rottie's hips shove hard back against his knot, clearly having cried out in surprise pleasure over pain.

"Damn nub...never been fucked and the first time you do take one under tail those needy hips just beg for it eh?" he teased, gripping the rottie's hips and drawing him off his cock.

"Fuck! I guess so!" the rottie moaned out as the doberman pushed forward again, "Go on...use my ass as you please...won't be around much longer so make the best of it!"

"I'm pretty close..." the doberman smiled, panting, gripping into the rottie's meaty rump, "...so looks like I'm playing with a broken condom...might as well treat it like that!"

The doberman gripped hard and gave a hard trust, the rottie's tight ring slipping around the knot, but not quite all the way, Bruce yelling out in pleasure. Another hard thrust and the doberman nearly popped in, the rottie trying to stay relaxed until his own rear flexed instinctively and the doberman's cock nearly slipped out completely.

"Last one! See yah later stud! Was nice having you under my tail! Hope you enjoy every inch of me under yours while you can!" Ron teased a final time before hard thrusting his knot into the rottie, his knot instantly swelling 3 times its normal size, the pressure on the rottie's prostate sending him into an uncontrollable blubbering moaning fit. Moments later another rush of viscous cum could be heard, the doberman collapsing on the rottie's back and biting his shoulder again with a heavy growl as the rottie's belly shook and expanded, Bruce's eyes popping wide open and his mouth gaping open as if the wind had been knocked out of him.

"FUCK! Oh fuck! Don't STOP!" cried Bruce in tandem with his own fox, both now begging for more. The crowd went nuts watching the dominant rottie turn complete cum slut condom as his middle filled out far faster than the fox.

Kevin was starting to have trouble holding it together, his arms looked like pudgy versions oof their former selves, his chin was being pressed upward by his expanding chest, eyes still rolled back in his head as he got a look at the crowd. Tyler was shaking uncontrollably in pleasure as his orgasm continued, the poor husky exhausted but unable to stop cumming.

Bruce's body was already approaching the shape of a sphere, his muscle gut and pecs rounding out and merging as his body expanded at a feverish pace. Ron was no longer able to contemplate his surroundings, his mind solely focused on holding his knot in the hole he was fucking, a common tunnel-vision spectacle seen during these shows. The rottie was experiencing waves of pleasure faster and more intense than the fox due to the volume, moaning out like a bitch in heat, "FUCK! This IS IT! Fuck don't stop! POP ME!"

"POP ME TOO! DO IT!" Kevin cried out, his paws sinking into his body and his chin forced upward fully, his body now a sphere and his hide the only barrier left to overcome before the husky popped the once slender vulpine.

Bruce similarly began to lose form, his own arms, legs and paws fattening and pulling into his sides, his cheeks becoming heavy and bloated, his eyes rolling back in his head as his neck fattened and forced him to crane his head up as well.

"I LOVE YOU BRUCE!" Kevin cried out one last time, his head sinking into folds of his own expanding, creaking hide, seeing the lights of the bar one last time as the pleasure of all the cum and the stretch of his hide sent him into a final pleasurable euphoria.

"I LOVE YOU KEVIN!" Bruce echoed as his own face sunk into his own hide, expanding at a faster pace due to the virile doberman's productive load.

Both Tyler and Ron were shaking in pleasure as the hides of the rottie and fox both started to creak loudly. Despite starting later, Bruce was the first, a heavy, deep and rumbling SPLORT echoing against the walls as his hide disappeared into shreds and a sphere of cum exploded in all directions. The heavy wave slapped against Kevin's hide which rumbled before disappearing into shreds itself with a higher pitched SPLAT!

Bruce and Kevin disappeared together and falling to the stage in their place were Ron and Tyler, both their cocks still pumping gallons at a time as they lay on the floor shaking in ecstasy. The announcer waited a bit for them to catch their breath and for an assistant to clean the splash guard in front of him. Then with a flourish of laser lights and a change of the music track he screamed out into the crowd, "AND COUPLE 3 ARE OUR LUCKY WINNERS!"

The roar of the crowd echoed over the music and both Ron and Tyler looked up smiling. Their gazes met and Ron stood to pick his husky up into his arms, their cum soaked muzzles meeting as he walked his little top-curl off the stage.

"Did I do good sir?" the sheepish husky asked, blushing in the arms of the domineering doberman.

"You did pup. Tempted to have you pop me in the shower, but maybe we'll save that for exhibition night!" he teased, giving Tyler's rump a little squeeze eliciting a giggling moan.

"Whenever you want sir."