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Blow Me Up a Balloon Room

Tath reclined on his bed blowing up a clear 24” balloon. These where his favorite as they supported his body wonderfully when he humped them, pressing into his thighs and rubbing on his cock delightfully. He thought to himself that there was no time for that now though. Once the balloon was big and tight, shaped like an full lightbulb with a full neck he tied it off and tossed it into the beginnings of his balloon pile on the floor, an assortment of bright, fresh crystal 24” balloons.

Today Tath’s body was shiny and blue. His skin made of the same latex as his balloons and rounded accordingly. It felt great as he ran one hand over his round blue cylindrical thighs and curved belly while he reached with his other for the next balloon to blow up, a pink one this time. He raised the dark pink balloon to his cerulean lips with chubby latex fingers and blew life into it. Pressing the air out of his body into the balloon relaxed the tension in his skin slightly deflating his rubbery coxcomb of hair and easing the swell of his belly. But soon the balloon was taught and ready to be tied off and tossed into the growing pile.

There were a lot more balloons left to be blow up, bags of shiny latex sat beside him on the bed waiting to be filled. He’d already torn one bag wide open and spilled its contents over his lap. His cock, once again swelling as his body re-filled, stood up from the opaque pile of uninflated balloons like a flag pole. While enjoying the sensation of filling Tath reached underneath himself and tugged at the pump hose lodged in his ass. The pump’s slow inexorable rush of air made him groan as he tugged at the hose but no, it was firmly seated and if he wanted to last to the festivities without popping he’d best keep blowing up his big balloons.

The tightness in his balls and cock felt so good though, pressing and swelling slowly with each fill and release. He was getting full now and it was time for another balloon to spring to life. This time he took a big red 36” crystal balloon with a large neck and worked it over the knot at the tip of his cock. Holding the neck of the balloon firmly so that it wouldn’t go flying off he flexed slightly releasing the pressure of his inflated body though his penis into the balloon. As the balloon swelled, he lay back on the soft bed humping up into his hand. Each spurt of air into the balloon as he milked himself made him writhe and huff. Soon the huge red balloon was tight and beginning to neck away from his cock. With a tug he jerked the swollen and straining balloon off his dick and tied it off before tossing it into the pile. There were a lot more balloons left to go.


An hour or two latter Tath yanked an overfilled yellow crystal balloon off his pumping cock as he heard the door to the house open. The pump hose firmly stuck in his ass still pushed its unceasing air into his body as he tossed the balloon onto the now much larger pile. The pile had grown into a sea of crystal latex up to shoulder height and he admired it while stroking has his latex cock, sensitive from the hours of use and stretched larger now from each inflation and release. Tath looked about for the next balloon to inflate as the door opened and Jade made her giggling and squeaky way into the room.

“You’ve been making great progress I see, don’t stop on my account” Jade said as she tossed aside her bag and began kicking off her shoes while admiring Tath’s hours of intimate inflation.

“Welcome home, glad you could join me” Tath grunted as he worked a fresh clear 36” balloon over his dick and began to fill it. He watched her through the clear stretching latex of the balloon as she pulled off her tank top over curly black hair, revealing her full breasts contained in a comfortable black bra.

Moments later the bra too was discarded freeing her round, dark nippled breasts to hang enticingly over her softly curved belly. Aroused by the sight Tath pumped more eagerly into the growing clear balloon while Jade smirked at him with full lips and undid the buttons of her pants.

“This isn’t nearly enough balloons; I want them to touch the ceiling” Jade said as she tugged down her pants exposing the dusky skin of her hips. She turned from Tath so he could watch her round and inviting ass as she pulled her pants off the rest of the way. “I want the room to be so full of balloons you can’t move without popping one” she said with a smirk.

Knowing Tath was watching Jade pulled off her black panties slowly. The glimpse of her pink pussy as she did this distracted Tath so much that he nearly missed the point of no return on his big clear balloon now reaching its limit. As the balloon refused to stretch any further, he felt the pressure in his own body begin to increase and tugged off the translucent balloon with a squeak and a gasp. He tied it with clumsy swollen fingers as Jade crossed the room to him, knocking the balloons out of her way in a colorful latex storm which threated to tear the huge clear balloon from his hands.

“You didn’t mess with my pump did you?” Jade said as she kneeled on the bed next to him. She slid one hand under his ass and gripped the hose where it entered him while her other hand grabbed and squeezed at the base of his cock. She grinned as she began to work the hose and his cock together stretching him.

“n..no, no I did as you asked and have been blowing up your balloons since you left” Tath gasped as puffs of air passed his lips. Jade’s firm grip on the root of his dick squeezed tightly enough to close the tube of latex that allowed him to push air out of his cock so breathing out through his mouth was his only choice. Through throaty breath he said, “I’ve been blowing and waiting, hoping with each sound it was you coming back.”

“That’s sweet” Jade said “I’m, here now and it’s time for the real fun.” She leaned in and kissed him closing off his only way to release air. Her kiss was firm and lasting as she continued to work the hose in his ass. His balls began to swell up into a single taught balloon as the air pushing into his latex body had nowhere else to go.

Relenting Jade released the kiss and straddled Tath trapping his swollen balls and hips under her weight and forcing air into his cock so that its length rubbed against her belly and bulging knot pushed against her soft and inviting breasts. “We do need more balloons though, this really isn’t enough” she said grabbing a bright crystal red balloon and forcing it over his dick. She quickly inflated that balloon and a dozen more, pressing his hard-used cock down against his swollen belly with the full balloons so that she can force a few more high-pressure breaths into the straining toys before tying them off.

The room is so full now that they are surrounded by balloons pressing in on them from all sides and even above. Jade has claimed some air space with each balloon growing from the head of Tath’s cock and Tath holds a large clear balloon in front of his face so that he can watch her use his body as her personal balloon pump.

The thirteenth balloon is a shining blue 24” and she pushes it to it’s very limit over his dick. As it nears its tolerance, she holds it by its side and forces it up and down his shaft fucking him with the mouth of the balloon as he squirms beneath her. The balloon is so full and tight that the pressure is building in his own body now and he can’t force another puff into the translucent blue fuck toy. His balls again take the overflow and swell under Jade’s grinding as she slides her slick pussy back and forth over his round and swollen sack while fucking him with the blue balloon.

“No no, you pop if I say you pop” she chides as Tath tries to release the pressure from his mouth. He holds, sure he will burst under her as she pulls and tugs at the blue balloon. It’s caught now on his knot and won’t slide off him at all. Moments before he’s sure he’ll pop Jade drives her fingernails into the balloon shattering it in a rain of blue curly latex shards which stick to the sea of balloons surrounding them. The air surges from his cock as the pressure of his orgasm blows her hair back and she giggles at his pleasure. “Ok, perhaps that is enough balloons for the moment, just one more to blow up” Jade says as she takes his dick in both hands and squeezes it to her breasts.

Bouncing and grinding on the swollen balloon of his testicles Jade presses her full lips to the tip of his dick and begins to blow into him. The pump still presses into his bum so the double fill soon has him straining under her. Tath blows out in a releasing breath as she seems lost in her task, stopping her insistent puffing to run her tongue around the small air release hole at the tip of his cock. One of her hands grips firmly at the very base of his knot and works him, forcing his dick to keep stretching. The slickness of her crotch against his swollen balls lets him know how much she’s enjoying this too. He wants to shatter now. To burst and be lost in the orgasmic joy of the bang, but she’s said that his pop will be her choice. The only choice left to Tath is to enjoy the ride.

“Quit releasing the pressure boy toy, I want you so close to bust that you can hear the bang in your ears while your whole body tenses waiting for it to shatter into pieces.” Jade says alluringly raising her head from his dick.

Jade then reaches to the bed side and grabs a small latex plug which looks a like a diminutive butt plug, a rounded lozenge capped by a smooth slightly convex flat top. She presses the small plug into the tip of his cock stopping any chance of releasing air through his dick before lifting herself and pressing his tight blue latex cock to the wet lips of her pussy. Balanced with her hands on his chest she slowly lowers herself onto him working the overlarge cock into her. It has to shrink and stretch to enter her and they both gasp as the knot pushes past the gates of her sex and immediately expands inside her to press against the inner walls of her body. The displaced air forced down the length of his cock again swells his balls as she works more and more of him into her until her weight is again on her hips and she is filled to brimming with him.

Jade moans as she slowly rocks back and forth working the pressurized dick around inside her and feeling it press against her sensitive g-spot. Tath puffs out through his mouth, helpless beneath her. Air still presses into his butt from the pump stretching out every bit of his body not yet pushed to its limit. His hands have become useless puffy stubbs with only suggestions of fingers and his coxcomb of hair is taught and standing straight away from his head under the onslaught of pressure as she rides him. The room full of shining rainbow balloons rustle and shift around them pressing against their bodies as they couple.

Jade presses him down to the bed with her hands as she begins to lift herself off his latex rod until his knot catches tight inside her. Then she forces herself down, driving the pneumatic cock back into herself. Sweat glistens her skin as she fucks herself with his latex body, dripping into him and streaming to the tips of her nipples as she rises again and dives herself down against him. Her dark thick hair is disarrayed around her like a hallo stuck to the balloons that surround them in their squeaky and intense pleasure. Her face is flushed now, eyes closed, as she works herself toward her own orgasm. Her mouth opens with little moans as she uses her toy lover, up and down, release and push, empty and full to near bursting.

Jade moves one hand to his face covering his mouth and she builds to her own climax. Tath panics knowing that this means he can’t release any of the pressure building from the pump in his ass. Each time Jade forces the air-filled cock back into herself it gets a little harder as his body tightens. Tath closes his eyes and focuses on the sensation knowing his pop is only moments away.

With a whimper and a body wide shudder Jade cums, clamping down on his cock and squeezing him between her thighs. Tath is about to give into the full body pop beneath his convulsing and gasping lover but her hand slips from his mouth as she is temporary transported from the present by the insistence of sexual pleasure and release. Air rushes from his mouth as she relaxes, shudders beginning to ease, atop him and snuggles against his chest.

Tath kisses at the top of her head as he holds her against him, oversized cock still inside her and balloons pressing all around. It would be an eternal moment but that the pump still forces air into his ass. His release is not yet done.

It takes a few minutes but when Jade comes back to herself, she says “ok, now it’s your turn”. Tath has released enough air that she can lift herself off his softened cock with a wet slurping sound. Languidly she strokes at his dick as it retightens with the press if air and pressure being pumped into his body.

Grinning jade grabs at the pug sealing his dick and pries it free with a popping sound and a white moment of pleasure pushing through Tath’s body. One joy of this latex body is that it isn’t equipped to feel pain, Tath reflects as Jade looks at the plug in her fingers before leaning in for a long slow kiss. She tastes of latex and sweat as Tath shuts his eyes leaning into the kiss hungrily. When Jade lifts away from the kiss she presses the latex plug into his mouth forcing it to the back of his throat where it lodges firmly blocking any voice or ability to release air.

Jade smiles at her near helpless toy as he once again fills to his limit. She holds his cock firmly so that he has no way to release the pressure. Again, Tath’s belly swells up and his balls balloon out pressing his thighs apart. Jade’s slick fingers stroke over his taught skin gently teasing him with her nails as she edges him toward his pop.

She reclines next to him on the bed and begins to blow up more balloons on his dick, returning to their earlier fun. There is no space left in the room now though, as every bit of air is filled with tight latex balloons. As the balloons swell on his cock they must push and rustle for space. The first big balloon Jade works over his dick is a purple crystal and she inflates it till he can see through it and it’s so tight that she can let go of the balloon entirely letting it tug against the knot of his dick still growing under the unceasing pressure of the pump in his ass. She waits till it’s so full that the pressure in Tath’s body and the balloon are equal, and the pump now strains against both their skins.

Moments before Tath is sure he’ll burst Jade slashes at the balloon with her sharp nails bursting it with a shattering bang and rain of latex shards. She does this again and again, red, pink, vibrant orange. Each balloon is pushed to its very edge before Jade mercilessly pops it and each time Tath is sure he’ll burst as she lets it go just a little bit longer, just a little bit tighter.

The last balloon is a huge thick skinned red 36” balloon with a big neck apparent even before inflation. The multi-colored rings of the previous half dozen burst balloons constrict and decorate his cock as she works the nozzle over his protesting latex member. “This time there will be no last second reprieve” she tells him. “This time you pop or the balloon pops. Honestly I hope you pop together”.

It grows quickly, the pump has been running for hours and never once slacked in it’s press to fill Tath. Each frustration and each bit of edging has brought him so close. As the huge balloon grows it must fight for space in the over filled room, pressed down against him by the pressure of the surrounding balloons. Jade lies beside him, her hand resting on his puffy chest, as the balloon fills. Soon it’s near full, the nozzle ring pressing against the base of his cock, pushed tight to his pelvis. Tath feels it stop expanding as the pressure balances, now he and the balloon are one skin, blue engulfed in red latex. Closer, closer he comes thrusting his hip up into the balloon. It’s so tightly pressed down into him by the full room that it allows the nozzle to grab at and satisfyingly fuck him as he bucks helpless. Bigger, bigger….so close.