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Short Greens II: Anon x kinky Twilight

>You and Twilight have another guest in the castle fungeon tonight.
>There were a lot of those recently.
>Rumor had started to go around that Twilight was always looking for ponies to "spice things up," and there were plenty who were willing to try their hoof at a night with one of the princesses.
>Even after the incident that prompted drafting a "safety not guaranteed" disclaimer, there were still one or two a week showing up.
>Tonight you thought you'd try out something you've been working on for a little while.
>After seeing one of Pinkie's ultra-super-duper-max size balloons, you wondered what kind of fun you could have with one.
>Now, there's two of those balloons waiting in the fungeon, both full to bursting with heavy-cream and honey.
>Twilight wasn't told what to expect down there other than balloons, so you're hoping to surprise her.
>A little after sunset you lead her and tonight's guest, a cute yellow earth pony named Lemony Gem, down into the converted basement of the castle.
>A little hose fitting and tape later, and everything was going better that you'd planned.
>Twilight and Lemony Gem were both face-to-face on top of their the massive balloons, making sure twilight could get a good view of what she'd be going through herself.
>Between the hose in her mouth and the jiggling sack of liquids below her, Twilight was wet before you even started anything.
>Not wanting Lemony Gem to be left out in what was to come, you popped two vibrator eggs inside her and taped a third over her clit.
>Once that was done Twilight gave the two in-line valves a turn, opening up the hoses to freely flow.
>Judging by the moaning it must have tasted pretty great.
>Twilight let out a more forceful moan and shook her rear, encouraging you to start your part in all this.
>You slid inside her just as the flow of cream started to bloat her out.
>This was amazing.
>The more she drank the heavier she got, and the heavier she got the faster she had to drink.

>It was the most perfect feedback loop you could have asked for.
>Soon the rapid ulp ulp ulp coming from the two ponies left them with no time to moan into their hoses, leaving you with only the sounds of two ponies quickly drinking themselves to the breaking point and your rhythmic slapping against Twilight’s now widened rear.
>You felt Twilight tighten around you as she came, her whole body shuddering and quaking as much as the balloon below her.
>You slowed down a bit to give her more time to enjoy it, and to help hold back your own rising need a little longer.
>When the first climax wore down, you could tell she was captivated by Lemony.
>The earth pony was just as bloated as Twilight, but had completely lost her composure due to the relentless toys you had her attached to.
>Soon the two of them reached the half-way point, and both were still chugging faster than seemed possible.
>Ulp ulp ulp ulp ulp ulp ulp ulp
>Subconsciously, you had been speeding up to match.
>The next quarter of the balloons was gone before you noticed, and the two mares were certainly showing signs of nearing their limits.
>You felt Twilight climax again, and felt your own rapidly approaching.
>Twilight must have noticed, because she did the one thing you were hoping she would do this whole time.
>She used her magic to pull her own tube out and stuffed it alongside the other one in Lemony’s muzzle.
> Even in her orgasm riddled state, Lemony’s eyes still bugged out as the amount of creme she was forced to swallow doubled.
>Her mouth now clear of creamy obstructions, Twilight wasted no time in saying all the right things.
>”oooooh~ Pop me Anon! Split my creaking sides like that yellow creambomb is about to! Ahn!”

>Your eyes were on Lemony, with the back of Twilight’s head bouncing in and out of view.
>She was enormous, and it was plain to see she was about to break.
>With one last ulp Lemony exploded, showering the room in warm cream and painting Twilight’s front side white.
>You wrapped your hands around her bloated flanks and slammed into her as deep as you could go.
>Twilight exploded in her own way, rocking with an orgasm far stronger than the others tonight.
>You too, finally let loose.
>Winded and in bliss, you leaned over and shared a kiss before wrapping her inflated form in a cuddle.
>Twilight and yourself nodded off on top of her belly.
>The mess can wait until tomorrow.