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Short Greens I: Overly controlling Twilight x Anon

>Be Twilight's husbando.
>As if you weren't lucky enough already, it turns out she is just as much into inflation and pushing limits as you are.
>Her grasp on magic really let you explore the fetish together in ways you had always dreamed about.
>The only drawback was that she was a bit more assertive than you'd prefer.
>You know she'd never hurt you, but there were some times when you had genuinely worried that she would keep going until you popped.
>And even more times when she demanded you keep going despite her own self being well past a safe limit.
>Of course, with her magic at work both of you were made much more resilient against the kinds of damages getting so large and full can cause.
>But even her magic has limits, and you're pretty sure both of you have found them more than a handful of times.
>The other small bump in your relationship is that she's extremely possessive of you.
>What little autonomy you have you fought tooth and nail for.
>She still doesn't trust you to be around other mares.
>Or more accurately, Twilight doesn't trust other mares to be around you.
>To that end, she keeps you under a potent spell.
>You're impossibly productive while it effects you.
>Your balls ache constantly from their fullness, and you always leave a bit of precum wherever you go, but in return your orgasms last for minutes on end.
>And once you start, the spell locks you to whoever you're in until you're dry.
>With all her spells, Twilight has no problem holding in a twenty minute long stream of jism.
>Anyone else?
>Well, Twilight made the spell on you to ensure that any mare who wanted to take advantage of what's hers only got the chance to try once.
>Of course her brilliant solution was pretty flawed.
>Your always aching balls left you horny all the time, and the musk from your leaking precum didn't help to signal otherwise.
>You had more mares try to come-on to you after the spell than before, and sometimes you just couldn't help yourself.
>The last time had been with Vinyl Scratch.
>She’d been looking for a little post-concert fun, and dragged you backstage.
>In no small part from the smell of sex dripping from you.
>Between the booze, the excitement of the show, and Vinyl’s perfect ass, you knew Twilight would forgive you.
>You gave Vinyl the ride of her life in her greenroom.
>And when you had your fill of her flawlessly shaped ass, you came with a vengeance.
>Twilights magic made sure of it.
>Magically anchored balls deep in the creme unicorn, your swollen balls released a torrent of spunk.
>After less than a minute of constant pleasure your trembling knees gave out and you collapsed overtop the DJ, who was rapidly becoming a shuddering mess herself.
>Your dick kept throbbing and pulsing, each time jetting more and more hot cum into her.
>Ounces turned into pints, pints turned into gallons.
>All the while, the continuous sensation of orgasm blinded you to anything other than the pleasure Vinyl Scratch was giving you.
>Five minutes in and backwash was starting to jet out with each spurt.
>Both of your lower bodies were covered in your cum.
>Ten minutes in and you were barely conscious, just a grunting and twitching body atop a pulsing white balloon.
>Vinyl was worse off, able to do little more than gurgle while her body tried its best to milk you dry.
>She made it to twelve minutes before she painted the greenroom white.
>Twilight ended up forgiving you.
>Just like she had about Limestone Pie, Coloratura, Harshwhinny, Moondancer, Cherry Jubilee, and the dozens of others.
>Of course getting forgiven usually involved a lot of bloating and creaking on your part.
>If you didn't know better you would almost think Twilight enchanted your balls just to give you an excuse to break a mare's limits, and herself an excuse to nearly break you.