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>Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst were seated together inside Twilight’s castle, both looking through a new shipment of unsorted books Twilight Sparkle had ordered for the castle library.
>The shipment itself was an unlabeled crate from a somewhat shifty, if reliable, antique dealer in Somnambula.
>There was no real pattern to the crate’s contents, three hundred year old personal journals were mixed in with school textbooks and everything in between.
>Twilight Sparkle thought it would be fun for the two friends to go through and sort the contents, so she had left it to them despite how much she wanted to be there herself.
>Friendship duties just take too much time, some days.
>For the time being, Starlight and Sunburst were having a giggle about one particular book they’d pulled from the box.
>69 Mature Party Spells for Immature Magicians.
>It was full of crude and bawdy spells from cover to cover, along with far too many innuendos for one pony to endure in a single sitting.
>Starlight turned the page.
>The next page featured a cartoonish drawing of an erect stallion, who was in the process of shooting confetti and streamers out of his shaft like a blast from a party canon.
>The title below it read “#35: Cumfetti”
“Cumfetti? Really? Who comes up with this stuff? Who even thinks about this kind of thing?”
>Sunburst couldn’t hold it together and burst out laughing until he snorted.

>Starlight continued reading.
“Have you ever felt your climax was lacking a certain something? Some pizazz? Make your emissions a room grabbing spectacle with Cumfetti! While under the effects a stallion’s emissions will be replaced entirely with confetti and streamers of all colors and shapes. With practice you can launch your rainbow loads up to twenty feet, covering friends near and far alike. In addition, the cumfetti burst will be accompanied by a fanfare of party horns to really make the moment feel right. If that isn’t enough, as a side effect you can make your own party poppers! Cum into a condom or balloon and it’ll keep on growing until BLAM! Confetti everywhere! Of course, you can set ‘em off early with a good squeeze or twist. Clean up is easy, all you need is a broom. Goes great with #21 and #53. Do not use with #27.”
>”This whole book is absurd! I love it! This is definitely going into the collection here, it’s bound to make somepony’s day. Twilight Sparkle’s short on comedy, it’ll be perfect.”
“You’re actually considering it, Sunburst? I’m pretty sure Twilight would have a stroke if she accidentally ran across something like this in her library. And if we do add it, I don’t know if it would be best put in comedy or spell reference.”
>”Spell reference? Glimmy, there’s no way these things work.”
“Are you sure? We haven’t actually tried any, and all the actual framework for the spells looks correct.”
>”Well, I suppose so… but…”
“But what?”
>Starlight Smirked.
“You know, Twilight and Spike won’t be back until tomorrow. Maybe we could do a little testing? Right here, right now.”
>”What?! In the Library? Starlight, that’s scandalous!”
“Who’s going to walk in on us? Everypony’s out of town.”
“No buts. Why are you even arguing, we barely get chances like this.”
>”I- I… Fine. It has been a while since we had the time for that kind of fun.”

>Starlight leaped at and hugged her friend.
“This will be a blast!”
>The hug transitioned into a kiss, which ended with a playful nibble to Sunburst’s lip when Starlight finally pulled away.
“I missed you, Sunny.”
>”I missed you too, Glimmy.”
“Any ideas on where we should settle? Lots of good couches around here, some empty tables too.
>Sunburst looked around the room for a moment.
>”Actually, there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do. Now is as appropriate as ever.”
>Despite being alone with Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst still felt the need to bashfully whisper the rest in her ear.
“Books? You want to do it on a pile of books?”
>”Not just any books, spell books!”
>Now that he had managed to get the words out, he was grinning excitedly.
“You’re such a nerd. But this is the place for it.”
>Sunburst’s smile suddenly shrank by a noticeable amount.
“What’s wrong?”
>”I just remembered. No condoms.”
“Who said we need one?”
>”Whoah! Hold on a minute. I really, really, like you. But not enough to risk little Sunbursts running around right now.”
“Of course not, I’d hate to have to face Twilight with a baby bump.”
>Starlight shuddered.
“Or pinkie. I’d never have rest again.”
>”So what, can you even get them in Ponyville?”
“Sunburst, we have the solution right here. This is what I meant when I said we don’t need one. Duh.”
>Starlight Glimmer drifted the book that started all this talk over, still open to spell #35.
“Can’t have a foal if there’s no baby batter involved. Besides, this whole thing started because we wanted to test some of the spells.”
>”Haha! That’s brilliant!”
“Should I cast it, or you?”
>Sunburst read over the spell matrix, carefully examining it.

>”You weren’t kidding. The foundation for this looks solid. It looks a bit complex for my horn, though. You should be the one to cast it. The last thing I need right now is a rushed, princess enforced marriage. Eh… no offense.”
“None taken, I know what you mean. Let’s get ready.”
>Getting ready, as it happened, involved unshelving three twenty foot tall bookcases.
>This was going to be a pain to clean up afterwards.
>At least they had the time for it.
>Once the veritable heap of spell books was sufficiently mounded in one of the library reading nooks, the pair climbed on top.
“Let me guess, given the bedding you’ll be keeping your wizard cloak on?”
>”Of course! Actually, Wait, where’s my hat?”
>Sunburst rapidly searched the library for it while Starlight rolled her eyes and waited.
>Still, she smiled inwardly; he wouldn’t be her Sunburst without antics like these.
>”I have it!”
>Starlight Glimmer heard his slightly muffled call from several aisles over and chuckled.
“Well, lets have a look at our mighty wizard!”
>Without pause, Starlight teleported Starburst directly above her.
>He fell a foot or two with a surprised look on his face before he landed muzzle to muzzle with limbs wrapped somewhat awkwardly around Starlight.
>A half second later the hat lazily followed, returning to it’s normal resting place and covering both ponies beneath it’s brim.
>All Starlight did was raise her eyebrows expectantly.
>The mare was answered when she felt something start to throb between her belly and his.
>Starlight softly sighed contently
“It feels like ages since I last really felt you.”
>”Yeah, it has. I wish I could visit more.”
>The purple mare closed her lips around Sunburst’s.

>The kiss faded in a dozen heartbeats, by the time Starlight drew away Sunburst’s impressive tool was almost fully erect.
>Starlight had seen girthier stallions, and longer ones.
>But no pony fit her lock like the way Sunburst did.
>He was just wide enough to fill her completely, but not too wide as to cause cause any discomfort from stretches.
>He was just long enough that when he hilted he firmly pushed up against the very end of her marehood, not enough to strain her but more than enough to make her feel completely full.
>The two had often joked afterwards that if Sunburst ever went in raw he’d all but assuredly get Starlight pregnant, seeing as how the cum had nowhere left to go but straight into her womb or back into his nuts.
>Starlight Glimmer rolled out of their hug, stopping on her belly and presenting a wiggling rear.
“Well, mr. Wizard?”
>Sunburst shifted towards her, mounting her back and letting his cock flop heavily between her toned cheeks.
>He gave the rod a grinding thrust on her back.
>”Starlight, I can’t wait much longer… Cast it already.”
>This time he went low, sliding just beneath his final goal and tickling Starlight’s belly.
>Starlight pinched her thighs around his shaft and spoke with a devious grin.
“I don’t think I will.”
>She lurched forward enough to clear his length, then rocked back enough to set his tip at her gates.
>Starlight felt him twitch as he held back from just forcing his way in then and there.
“I’d rather wait until you’re just about to blow.”
>She started to push back, just barely upping the pressure.
>Starburst didn’t push forward, but he certainly didn’t withdraw.
>”That’s dangerous Starlight…”
>Starlight pushed just a little more, and there was a faint pop as his flat cockhead slipped into her.
”The risk makes it more fun, Sunny.”

>The sensation and the sultry words were enough for Sunburst to stop caring.
>”Fine, but it’s all on you if you’re too busy crossing your eyes and shuddering to cast the spell in time.”
>With that, the two of them started in earnest.
>Sunburst slid deeper and deeper in until he bottomed out.
>The both of them drank in the immensely satisfying feeling for a moment, before he started to pull back.
>Starlight almost felt like panicking as the fullness inside her retreated, but that just made it so much more satisfying when it returned a moment laded in full force.
>Once, twice, ten times, thirty.
>It was a heaven the two of them had been sorely missing for a long time.
>But it was rapidly coming to a close.
>Starlight knew Sunburst starting his final rise to climax when he started grunting.
>He always did.
>Part of her wanted to just take his load, as though it were the most natural thing in the world to do.
>Starlight pondered for a moment that it was, in fact, the most natural thing in the world.
>But that wasn’t enough to keep her from lighting her horn.
>Sunburst may enjoy keeping his role-play as a wizard, but there was nothing Starlight loved more than casting spells while at climax.
>The act brought her a rush unlike anything else.
>As soon as her horn sparked alive, a jolt of lightning shot through her.
>Starlight unconsciously doubled her clamping grip on Sunburst’s wonderful cock.
>Sunburst slammed home one last time, just as the spell ignited.

>A tingle beyond what was already expected shot through Sunburst as the absurd spell took hold.
>He had already felt his nuts engorging for the load that was to come, but now it tripled in intensity.
>Sunburst’s already meaty orbs started to actually swell under the spell, and he felt them swinging heavily against his partner.
>Within the span of a second they had doubled in size.
>This was heaven.
>Sunburst felt her all around him, squeezing and twitching from his tip to his base.
>He let go with a final forceful grunt.
>The result was spectacular, in more ways than one.
>The two unicorns brains were bathed in pure bliss from the release, so much so that they could barely register or care what was happening in their loins.
>When Starburst came it was accompanied by a muffled thump.
>In an instant his swollen balls deflated to normal as their content was released straight into Starlight Glimmer.
>Starlight turned into babbling mush.
>The muffled but powerful thump that came from deep inside her set off the greatest orgasm of her life.
>Her belly was swollen from the exchange.
>When the party-cannon like eruption came, it had nowhere to go but further in.
>Starlight felt a new kind of fullness.
>The shot had bloated out her very womb, stuffed it with heat and pressure in an instant.
>Both of them sighed and rolled apart, Sunburst’s rapidly softening cock sliding out with a schlup-ing noise.

>Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst both stared at the ceiling for a while from their pile of books.
>There was little else they could do in their post-coital bliss.
>Starlight loosely prodded a hoof at her slightly bloated middle, and decided she would worry about it later.
>”Why don’t we do this more?”
“I’m not sure”
>The two of them continued staring at the ceiling in silence for the next few minutes.
”Hey, Sunny?”
“These books are getting uncomfortable.”
“We should put them away.”
>Neither of them made an attempt to get up.
>Starlight rolled closer to Sunburst and nuzzled into him.
“Ten more minutes like this?”
>Both ponies settled into an afternoon nap atop the pile of books.
>It wasn’t until an hour later that one of them woke up.
>Followed closely by the other, mostly due to the screaming.
>”What!? Huh? Starlight, what’s wrong?”
>Sunburst sat up in an instant to the distressed sounds of his friend, his hat still coving his eyes.
“Take off that stupid hat and look at me!”
>Before Sunburst could start to defend his decidedly not stupid hat, it was smacked off his head by Starlight’s magic.
>Her belly was no longer barely bloated.
>She was enormous.

>Starlight Glimmer’s belly was easily twice the size of the largest pregnant mare Sunburst had ever seen.
“What the FUCK did you knock me up with, Sunburst!?”
>”What? I- I have no idea! What happened?”
“I don’t know, I just woke up like this!”
>”That is absurd! You’re as much belly as mare right now!”
>”The spell, maybe? That’s the only thing I can think of.”
“Well, go get the book and see what it says.”
>Sunburst slid down the mountain of books and scuttled off to the table that 69 Mature Party Spells for Immature Magicians had been left on.
>”Uh, ah, let’s see, it was- ah there! #36 Cumfetti!”
>Sunburst began hastily re-reading the entry aloud.
>“Ah, here ‘… stallion’s emissions … replaced entirely … confetti and streamers…. launch up to twenty feet… side effect… party poppers! Cum into a condom or balloon and it’ll keep on growing until…’ Oh. Oh dear. Um, Glimmy?”
“Please tell me you found a way to fix it.”
>”Not yet, no but… Did uh, any of it, ah, how should I put this? Did any of it ‘leak’ afterwards”
>”Like, the confetti or streamers. Did any of it leak or did it just stay inside?”
“Well you didn’t exactly pull out.”
>”That’s not what I … okay fair, but this is important.”
“I don’t think any did. You filled me up so hard I lost my breath.”
>”Oh dear. Starlight. You know how we always joke about being a perfect fit?”
>”I think it may be true, um, you see… well, the spellmayhaveconsideredyourwombtobeaballoongivenhowtighttheentrancewasandyoumayexplodeatanymomentimsorryIdidn’tmeanitpleasedon’texplodeI’llfindawaytostopitIpromise.”
“Sunburst. Calm down. I’m the size of a horse and I’M the one telling you to calm down. What did you find? This time take more breaths.”
>After the rebuke, Sunburst took a moment to
>”Sorry, but I really don’t like where this might be heading.”

>Sunburst grumbled slightly to himself as he tried to formulate his thoughts.
>He was going to need his hat for this one.
>It floated back to his head as he walked back to Glimmer with the book.
>”Well, you see, there’s a subclause in the spell’s architecture that deals with ah, ‘release’ in a confined space. Looks like it’s trying to be a safety measure but…”
>”Well, it succeeds in preventing backblast from blasting of a stallion’s, you know, but has a malformed loop right here. They worked around it by just ejecting the whole spell alongside the results. But the loop it iterative so long as the spell is contained. And well, it’s still contained.”
“Are you telling me I’m going to keep swelling like this until we figure out how to get the spell out?”
>”Ahhh, no. About that. You’re probably going to, well, eventually explode into a glitter bomb.”
>”We- We’ll figure something out.”
>An ominous gurgle rose from Starlight’s distended belly.
“We had better.”
>Another long groan creaked out of Starlight’s belly as she felt herself stretch just a little more.
>Somehow it felt good and terrifying at the same time.
“By we I mean you. I don’t think I can do much heavy lifting right now. I feel like an airship…”
>Starlight let out a low moan as she tried to reposition herself.
>”Yeah, got it. You just rest. I’ll find something to fix this. Somehow.”
>Sunburst took off with the offending book, turning the corner and leaving Starlight’s sight as he left for the spell reference section of the library.
>Starlight Glimmer was left alone with her explosively swelling belly.
>She gave the massive bulge a soft stroke.
>It was already obscenely taut.
“You had better…”

>Sunburst stayed out of sight for over an hour.
>The entire time, Glimmer’s sole company had been her steadily bulging orb and the horrific noises it occasionally emitted as it stretched.
>She had grown massive in that time.
>And somehow, she’d managed to grow tighter.
>A thin layer of sweat covered her as a result of her ordeal.
>The way starlight felt now, ‘party-popper’ was an understatement.
>If she went off now she was pretty sure she’d demolish the library.
>A new rumble cut through Starlight Glimmer, causing her to grunt and her legs to twitch slightly.
>That was a bad one, worse than before.
>Then again, every one of them for the last few minutes had been worse than before.
>Starlight’s glistening orb was clearly building up to something, and the possibilities of what terrified the unicorn.
>Another pulse, another grunt.
>Her next breath hitched as another pulse filled out her belly and tightened her thinning sides.
>It came far sooner than she had expected.
>And again.
>Starlight’s eyes shot wide open.
>Something was happening, this was it.
>Another pulse gripped her paper-thin swell.
>Jumbling hooves could be heard rushing from the other side of Twilight’s Library”
>”I’m coming! What’s wrong!?”
“WHAT DO YOU THINK IS WRONG? I think I’m going to-”
>Starlight was cut off by another tightening pulse.
“I’m about to blow!”
>Sunburst skittered sidelong into view, crashing into a bookshelf to brake himself.
>”Wait! I’m not done!”
>An enormous groan followed by a long and trailing creak echoed out from Starlight’s belly.
“ughhh… I don’t think it cares about that… I’m, I’m - Ohhhhh…”
>Another gut-wrenching reverberation rose out of her quaking orb of a stomach.
>Starlight’s wide eyes shot wider as she felt herself hit her limits.

>The library resounded with a sudden THUMP.
>To both Starlight and Sunburst’s surprise, it wasn’t the sound of her exploding.
>Instead, Starlight’s belly button had snapped under the tension.
>In an instant it went from long, drawn-out, and flat to a hemispherical rise marking the center of her swell.
>Starlight felt relieved by it, but only barely.
>She knew she wouldn’t be saved by her navel a second time.
“It’s okay.”
>The unicorn took in a breath she hadn’t realized she had been missing.
“It’s better now, I’ll be fine for a bit. Go figure this out.”
>Sunburst didn’t think ‘fine’ was the best choice of words, but she was right.
>”I think I’m getting there, Starlight. I still can’t find a safe, or unsafe for that matter, counter but I’ll get there. The good news, if you can call it that is that there’s actually two timers running right now.”
“I’m guessing I’m one of them.”
>”Well, yes, I’m sorry to say. But the other one is the spell. It looks like that the malformed loop with start running into issues at around the four hour mark. You’re over half way there. If you can hold yourself for another hour and a half, you should be able to last indefinitely until we find a way to deflate you.”
“Let’s not let it go that far. I can’t tell if this hurts or feels good anymore but regardless it’s way too much of either.”
>Once again Sunburst left Starlight Glimmer alone with her impending doom.

>The next hour and a half passed without any of the promised relief.
>There was now no point in the library that you couldn’t see at least part of Starlight Glimmer.
>Nearly every part of her will was being spent keeping herself together.
>Her womb had grown so full and bloated that it squeezed her skin past the thinness of rice paper.
>A webwork of veins were visible below her tightened hide, each one pulsing in time with her heartbeat.
>Each pulse almost looked like it was enough to tip the scales and split her open.
>Stretchmarks ran deep and red, tracing from her sides straight to her sore and distended navel.
>This was it.
>Starlight knew she wasn’t going to last.
>All the intense pressure inside her felt dozens of times worse than what it took to flip her belly button.
>The ruinously bloated unicorn started her last-ditch effort to hold herself together.
>Glimmer’s horn lit, and a matching glow covered her explosively gargantuan middle.
>She intended to literally hold herself together.
>It was risky, but it was the only way to buy even a few more minutes.
>Maybe those would be the only minutes she needed.
>Starlight knew that once she started, letting go was no longer an option.
>She’d explode then and there once her artificial pressure was removed.
>Still, the mare did it anyway.
>It was unbearable in the extreme.
>Now, pressure was not only trying to blast her apart from within, but now it also sought to crush her into nothingness.
>At least for the time being, the forces canceled each other out.

>But there is a limit to how much one horn could take.
>And it wasn’t thirty seconds before Starlight found her’s.
>All it took was an instant of distraction.
>The sound of a dropped book from across the library drew a fraction of a percent of Starlight’s mind away, and in that moment she lost it all.
>The spell slipped.
Starlight felt her taut body start to pulse again.
The creak to end all creaks cut her off, stretching ominously and continuously
>Both the creaking groan of her belly and her shout were cut off by a deafening explosion traced and trailed by the distant and fading sound of party horns.
>Every shelf of books was covered in streamers, confetti, and glitter.
>Where Glimmer once was now lay only a mountain of colorful paper.
>Across the library, beneath a toppled shelf that was covered in books and party supplies, Sunburst silently wondered to himself if he would have been better off just getting Starlight Glimmer pregnant instead.