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Who's Balloon is She?

Creaks fill the air, mixed in with barely controlled moans, and the panting of a strong lover.

Her body squeaks, and groans- each thrust into her straining that so delicate flesh stretched to balloon tautness.

She gives in, and lets a primal moan escape her throat- pushing her chin against the expanse of her body.

Still, the fires within burn ever hotter, the hiss of hair, forcing itself into her, stretching her ever thinner, ever tighter.

She opens her eyes. The inflated pressure of her body, makes it difficult but she pushes to turn her head. To look at her husband… watching her be taken by another man.


Amelia had a life, almost no woman could have dreamed of.

Born into luxury, out of her dozens of sisters, her father chose her alone to raise as his daughter. Out of the dozens of children, born from the explosion of her mother, she was special.

More years of school, a guaranteed important career, and above all, a husband.

Most women, can’t even dream of having a husband to call their own. Much less, one that she had such influence over.

Nathaniel was a good man, he was kind, patient, enjoyed her company. But to say she loved him… Amelia couldn’t say she did, at least, not in the way she watched other women throw themselves at him. At any man that even gave them a glance.

No, Amelia was better than that. Even having watched her mothers, some of her sisters, and several strippers explode into scattered shreds of rubber at her wedding- she knew she was better.

The weeks turned into months, months into years. And, not once, did she honour that wedding. To be Nathaniel’s wife, was to become his baby ball. To be filled with his seed until she exploded into a flood of life.

But she wasn’t ready.

And she had influence- one no other woman had. One her father, still watching over her like some sentinel, gave her. She could tell Nathaniel to wait. And that- while he could burst other petty women whenever he liked… no one would be his baby ball until she was.

She hung that over him for years…

It felt… good.

Amelia made him look at her- she found, a power within her, that she was certain no woman had ever felt. Or if they did- they were special like her. The raw power of her femininity, of her sexuality.

She could parade around the house naked, force her husband to gaze upon her body- but not let him touch her without a condom on. She could bring him to the point of climax, and force him to hold it…. If he could hold it maybe she’d let him cum inside. But he couldn’t.

She was her own form of raw sexual energy.

She took back her body for herself, inflation, for herself.

Nathaniel loved watching her inflate, loved watching women inflate, and burst. Oh, how she could torment him with this.

Once, she had one of the maids give Nathaniel a video of Amelia inflating herself upon return from a business trip. Holding her head down, and acting somber. A pile of rubbery scraps sitting in the wastebasket.

Amelia couldn’t contain her raw sexual thrill- watching Nathaniel trying to piece it together. Imagining the raw despair and shock, that his wife could have popped himself. Watching her inflate on the screen- dreading, yet anticipating her inevitable explosion. Oh, how she loved her own body that day. And every other time she watched the footage the maid recorded him of her.

It was worth the money to burst that hooker for the scraps.

But… in time, she found a new game.

One that- pushed her feelings of raw sexual strength beyond anything she could conceive. One time, watching a live sporting event of various athletes bursting each other, she felt her husband grab her thigh. Run his hands towards the underside of her skirt.

And glancing away, she saw him. He was more handsome than Nathaniel, or at least she tells herself that. He had two women slumped into him, one clearly giving him a handjob. In public.

Standing up- to Nathaniel’s surprise- she walked over to this man, and pulled him into a kiss, straddling him right then and there to everyone’s surprise. The man almost seemed offended at first. Until he saw that she had a wedding ring…

Suddenly… he wanted her… And both he, and Nathaniel knew… she was in charge.

His name was Johnny- oh it was hard to tease him like she did Nathaniel. He was too upbeat, too driven in his lust for the final moments a woman has before being blown to millions of shreds.

The first time, she had sex with him- it was alone… the second time… she made sure that Nathaniel came home to catch them.

She blew Nathaniel’s protests off… it was easy. Let her have this… and she’ll let him impregnate her.

Her newest game, pushed her to more and more limits of pleasure. She’d have Johnny however she wanted him, usually straddling him atop. While she inflated herself, or he inflate her, on rare occasions Nathaniel could do the pumping, but never the penetrating. Oh how she grew, her limits being pushed to the edge of caution stretched her, she promised the bigger she got, the more babies she could make for Nathaniel.

She planned to, of course.

But… life has a way of not turning out how you’d expect…


Amelia, a now nearly transparent balloon, propped on Johnny’s throbbing cock- being thrust into with wild abandon, squeaking and creaking her delicate flesh.

Nathaniel watched, his own erection pounding, watching his wife pleasure herself upon another man.

Her flesh groaned, this was it, her limit. She gasped out, for Johnny to turn the air off. Between thrusts, Johnny put his hand upon the air valve… as he had so many times for her before…

But then- he broke his silence beyond the pants and moans.

“Burst for me baby…”

Neither Amelia nor Nathaniel had time to even comprehend what he’d said, before Johnny twisted the air valve fully open.

In the moments her balloon body tore apart- exploding in the deafening BANG she’d heard from so many other women. Amelia realized what had happened. She burst for Johnny… he made her his balloon…

Nathaniel watched, in shock-

As his wife, for years, longer than anyone ever expected… blew apart before his eyes. Scattering across their bedroom, as Johnny sprayed his cum amidst the scraps she had become.

Johnny fell back, spent. Before breaking the silence following the bang… “So… was it worth the wait? It was for me…”