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A Party to Die For

It was the biggest Halloween party ever. A whole air hanger was rented out on Halloween night for just this one party, because a contest was planned that would be sure to make people excited. The music was loud and energetic, lights flashing, the floor covered in fog from the dry ice machines, and most importantly, sexual males and females in even more sexual costumes. It was a gathering for fetishists, but it was mostly consisting of people into growth, like inflation, hyper, and weight gain. In the middle of the hanger was a large stage with three girls in the middle showing off their stuff, dressed in skimpy outfits and sporting large bosoms. On the jumbo screen in the middle of the hanger was a very busty feline dressed as Harley Quinn waving to the crowd as a crown is placed atop her head while confetti falls to the floor. Three other girls stood behind the stage, waiting to be called on and bouncing in excitement. As the Harley Quinn girl walks off the stage, an MC dressed as MC Hammer comes onto the stage, the crowd cheering before he can even speak. Meanwhile, the girls were talking to each other about where the other two girls went.

"How we all doing tonight! Give a big round of applause for the winner of the Best Female Villain category, Leslie! I know you all appreciated that chest size after taking one of the Joker's pills, am I right?" The crowd erupts again in a roar of cheers. "I know we have THOUSANDS of people here tonight, ALL of which have an interest for big things, but what if I told you we haven't even started yet?" More cheers erupt, the MC nodding in excitement. "We're going to go right into the contest I'm sure many of you came for, the Best Largest Female competition! We have three special ladies here, all Pokémon too, but they ain't no Drifloons or Jigglypuffs, they're fair competition. Come on stage!" As the crowd erupts once again, three girls walk onto the stage waving and jumping with excitement.

The first was a Delphox lady dressed in a very familiar outfit. She was Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She had an hourglass figure with a large chest and rear. It was a common costume for this group, but she managed to pull it off by using the original outfit with a belt pulled tightly around her waist. She looks into the crowd seductively, grinning before blowing a large bubble and popping it, driving the crowd crazy. The second lady was a rather large and chubby Zangoose dressed as Dracula. She had a black cape that barely could go down to her waist, the blouse that hugged her huge breasts, the fake fangs, but no pants. Instead, she opted for the one-piece outfit that looked like something a Playboy bunny would wear, her legs bare, and her rear almost completely exposed. It was a much higher quality than the bootleg “sexy costumes” at the general markets. The crowd hollered when she gave them a twirl and bent over to show off her ass. The last girl was a Lucario, but her body couldn’t be seen really. She was dressed in a bunch of balloons, almost as if she were modeling for Lady Gaga, but if people looked down at her legs, they could see two small stuffed figures that looked like the main characters from Up. They even had ropes tied around their waists that went up and tied below her rear. The girl didn’t have anything really to do as a signature move, so she just continued waving. She probably had the most creative costume, but that wasn't what this competition was about.

“Love the outfit. Shows your belly off pretty nicely.” The Delphox tells the Zangoose before giving her rear a playful slap, causing the chubby girl to blush and smile bigger.

“And I like that belt. It uh… helps accents your curves~” The Zangoose giggles before the two look over at the Lucario, who didn’t seem like they were wanting to talk. They looked a bit nervous based on the shaky waving.

Each girl was handed a different hose by the MC. Without waiting, the Zangoose and Delphox both stick their hoses into their mouths while the Lucario somehow managed to get her hose past all the balloons and into her rear end. The MC was off the stage by the time all the hoses were in place and had a button in his hands.

"Alright, alright, I assumed you ladies knew what to do! On the count of three, everyone!"





With a press of the button, each hose begins to fill the girls up. What they would only just notice though was that each one was different per girl - The Delphox being pumped up with blueberry juice, the Zangoose being filled with "blood," which was really just a half-mixed mixture of red jello, and the Lucario being filled with helium. In just seconds, each girl was noticeably larger, their stomachs pushing out as they fill with whatever came from their hoses. The crowd was chanting as the girls swelled up. Each girl was evenly appreciated, three separate chants able to be heard and not one being louder than the other.



"UP! UP! UP!"

Each girl was smirking, seeming all too confident in winning the competition. The belt around the Delphox was starting to look even tighter than before, her stomach squeezing out from around the piece of leather. The Zangoose was beginning to moan as she could feel the lower part of her outfit begin to tug on her crotch as her belly swells outwards. Her paws rest atop her belly, her teeth holding the hose tightly for her. The Lucario was squirming around as her costume of choice was beginning to pull tight as well, the balloons around her belly starting to spread out slowly as her belly distends to reveal a blue leotard. The crowd continued chanting and cheering as they watch the girls swell up, the whole lot aroused.

"We've got some good competition going on now, don't we?" The MC raises his hand to his ear to listen to the obvious response from the crowd. "I thought so! These lovely ladies look like they're in a bit of a situation though with all that restriction around them, but that shouldn't last for too long..." He laughs before moving away from the mic again to watch the girls swell up.

As if he timed it just right, the first of the clothing started to tear on stage with the Zangoose's outfit tearing from the middle, her belly surging out and showing off its red hue from the jello inside. Minutes later, the belt of the Delphox pops off, the buckle flying outwards as her belly surges and even tears through her suit to expose her belly with a blue hue. The Lucario was doing just fine, except for how her belly was now wanting to lift her from the floor. She was on her back now as her belly forced itself towards the ceiling. Each girl was moaning loudly, all their noises was drowned out completely by the music and the cheering crowd. Each had a large belly after a couple more minutes, but their bellies wouldn't be able to contain everything. The Delphox reaches up to feel her breasts up for the crowd, pulling the collar of her outfit down to show off a bit of cleavage, but when she lets go, she notices that the collar doesn’t snap back. Instead, it was pushing further out. When enough was pulled back she could see her breasts changing color from yellow to purple. The same thing was happening to the Zangoose except in red. The Lucario was just being lifted even more, beginning to panic as her back begins to lift off from the ground. The girls that were on the floor still were struggling to keep themselves standing as their bodies become heavier, legs shaking, and backs hunched as their bellies and breasts expand. Soon their asses followed, and then their limbs shortly. They were beginning to look like puffed up marshmallows. The Lucario's leotard finally started to tear from her belly, revealing the light yellowish fur on her torso as the gap increases between the torn material. If it wasn't for the hose in her rear she would have been against the ceiling due to lacking a tether, but she could look up to see how it was slowly approaching as she swells larger. The girls on stage were starting to look exhausted as their cheeks puffed up to the size of watermelons, each their respectable colors like their belly and breasts. The first girl to give in on standing was the Delphox, letting herself plop on her ass and cause the entire stage to shake. When her body hit the floor, the ripples through her mass caused the outfit she wore to tear apart, revealing more of her purple gut. Somehow the Zangoose managed to not topple over after the mini earthquake, holding her gut up just in case to prevent it from slamming on the ground.

"OOF! What a fall! And she and the others are still growing strong!"

A few minutes after the Delphox’s fall, the Zangoose was barely able to stand up anymore, her legs now even being too heavy to support themselves, so she decides to fall back before she hurts herself. When she leaned back, she couldn’t feel the impact of her weight against the floor which confused her. She was unable to notice that with her larger size she was already “almost” sitting. As the rest of her blouse tears and exposes her breasts, she begins blushing brightly, but the color of her cheeks was too red to even show that she was blushing. Squeaking was beginning to echo through the hanger, but it was not ever noticed due to the other loud noises. The only person able to hear it was the Lucario that was slowly approaching the jumbo screen. Each girl was huge, looking like they were beds for six people at once. Sloshing and gurgling were coming from the two on the stage as their bodies swell and change color. The Delphox was now shades of violet all around except for her eyes and the white tuft of fur on her chest, while the Zangoose was red all around except at her claws. The chanting and music was blocking their bodies noises too, despite the two being close to each other. They couldn’t even hear their own swelling noises surprisingly. The Lucario's paws were starting to puff up and began to get sucked into her puffy limbs, causing her to yelp and cry for help as her paws become useless. She screamed as loud as she could from up above, but no one would be able to hear her, nor would they ever know what she sounds like.


All she could hear was her pathetic screaming and the loud creaking coming from her body as her head is pulled into the expanding mass. No one down below could hear her. As her body becomes larger, it approaches the jumbo screen, slowly and antagonizing. Each screen had a sharp corner, sharper that the spikes that were on the Lucario. They were pretty hot too from running for so long. People were starting to notice the floating Lucario, but no one took action of any kind. They didn’t go pull her down, they didn’t call for an ambulance, they didn’t stop the helium, rather, they changed their chant all in unison...


The Lucario was unable to hear the chanting anymore due to her head being completely pulled into her body, ears surrounded by creaking flesh and her vision becoming dark as the hole that was her neck slowly closes. Her screams soon were cut off as her chin is closed shut by her swollen body...


As she could feel the heat of the screen against her body and her cheeks puffing up. She closes her eyes tightly as she gives off one last scream that no one would hear…


The sudden sound of what seemed like a large piece of bubble wrap being squeezed too tight made the girls look around in confusion, especially after they noticed the crowd was cheering again instead of chanting. Eventually, some balloons begin falling into their sight, and the scraps of blue and tan fur. If their faces could change color, they would've been pale. They were not aware of what they signed up for...

"And up UP UP she goes to the heavens! I hope she enjoyed being a star for the first and last time in her life, because I'm sure she knew she went out with a BANG!"

They both thought the MC was too excited to think that was an accident. When they signed up, they weren't aware that THIS would happen. It wasn't a competition of looks or showing off, it was a test of durability for the cost of their lives! The girls both tried to spit out their hoses, but their cheeks were too swollen to even push out anything past their lips. Both their bodies were starting to approach the same shape of the Lucario before they exploded, their paws beginning to be pulled into their swollen limbs. The violet toned Delphox tried her best to shake and throw herself around in hopes someone would notice she wanted to quit, but all it did was cause the juices in her body to slosh around. The Zangoose was just forced to accept her fate, hoping that she would just be able to win and be able to go home. The hoping helped her come up with an idea, but she felt that she would regret such a thing for the rest of her life. She had to live though... The Delphox cried past the hose as loud as she could as the last of her outfit tears off her body, leaving her completely nude beside the also nude Zangoose. The cape snapped off as her neck becomes too large to keep it tied around. The Zangoose closes her eyes tightly and tries her best to push an arm out as far as possible, pointing both her claws directly at the swelling Delphox. Neither her the Delphox could see if she was close to reaching her or that she was reaching towards her, she could only hope she reaches the Delphox in time though. The larger they grew, the higher of a chance she could poke the Delphox. Only two chants were heard now, and it seemed that they didn’t give a single damn about who lives. Both their bodies were emitting loud gurgles and creaks as they start to become too full, and then they finally felt each other's bodies touch. The Zangoose’s eyes light up in hope as she tries harder to reach, she knew the Delphox was closer than before due to their expanding bodies making contact, but what she didn't know was that her paws were sinking into her body, the distance between her claws and the violet skin shrinking. They both were crying and screaming as loud as they could, hoping their lives would be spared, but no one in the building cared about the noises they couldn't hear or about their lives. All they wanted was a show. At what may be their last moments, their bodies begin to round out, making them look like an actual blueberry and cherry as their paws and heads sink in further. The crowd knew what this meant... The same chanting from earlier came up as the two were looking ripe and ready to burst, their belly buttons popping out and juices dribbling from any orifice it could. The floor was becoming a mixture of red and violet juices, a stream flowing off the stage and onto the floor the crowd stood.

"It's neck and neck! Or more like berry and berry! Both our competitors look so juicy that a macro could even take a bite out of em’ thinking that they're fruit!"

The swelling girls couldn't scream anymore, only able to gurgle pathetically as the juices dribble from their mouths and fill up the hole that their heads have sunken into. Their eyes looked ready to pop out of their head and their ears pop individually to be greeted to the loud noises of their sickening gurgling bodies. The chanting continued as their bodies were almost completely spherical. They began wobbling around uncontrollably, causing their pussies to rub against the ground and make them twitch from the stimulation. The crowd slowly tones their chanting down until they were silent, so they can watch the two berries carefully, even the music being turned down until it was muted, and soon, every eye was watching the two spheres on the stage, and every ear could hear the noises the two bodies emitted...


Their bodies looked as if they couldn't take anymore. They all listened to the sickening gurgles, creaks, sloshes, and groans that were coming from the two. All their eyes went onto their belly buttons though as they watched them suddenly push out further...


With the end of that sound, all the orifices that were dripping juices stopped dripping juices, now puffing up just like the belly button did. Their clits were as wide as donuts, their nipples puffed up and looking like corks pushed too tight, their cheeks even swelling further and causing the juices around their head to slowly reach their noses, and finally, their belly buttons looking ready...


Their belly buttons were spraying a tiny stream of juices in sync...


The two berries burst at the same time! Juices washing up the entire crowd, not a single person left clean, and then they erupt in the loudest cheer they have ever created as the music begins pumping again. The MC, who was also stained in the red-violet mixture, cleans off his glasses and puts them back on his head as he shakes his mic dry.

"NOW THAT'S A BANG!!!! LET'S GIVE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR OUR ONCE STARS AND LET’S KEEP THIS PARTY G-G-G-GOIIIIIIIING!!! Up next is the Male Hyper Competition! Let’s give a hand for them, people!"