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Rough First Date

"Le Foode"

It was a slightly fancy restaurant, even if the owner had no clue of secondary languages when coming up with the name. It wasn't a Michelin Star worthy dining experience, but it was pretty up there in terms of "low budget, high class" dining. There was a variety of people dining tonight. Some were wearing pretty dresses or tuxedos, some in casual business clothing or a nice dress shirt, and then some, like Louis, were barely fitting their clothes at all before even eating. The huge Tyranitar sat at the table and looked at his phone, then back up to the restaurant's entrance. The man's gut was pretty hefty, looking a bit rounded from the mix of slight muscle underneath a layer of fat, sporting a chest that some of the women in the restaurant would be jealous over and a lower body so big and wide that he had to sit in three chairs just to keep from breaking one! His knees barely even fit under the table, which was less of a problem compared to his gut pressing into the table. He wore a nice button-up t-shirt underneath a dress coat, both of which were unbuttoned a ways up to prevent them from being torn from the back. He also wore a pair of gray khakis that already looked ready to burst off his legs, causing some pleasant discomfort down below in a certain area. He checks his phone again, reading the message he was sent five minutes ago.

"I'll be right there! Traffic is moving sooooo slow! >~<"

He lets out a soft sigh as he pockets his phone again, then looks back to the entrance. "I hope I didn't get played like last week," he mumbles to himself. But just as he was about to stand himself up, he feels a tap on his back. Louis turns his head to see who was tapping him, smiling as he sees that it was a familiar short-stack Zangoose - the one who he scheduled the date with.

"Heyyy! I'm really sorry I'm late! There was an accident and the police had to come and stop a fist fight that broke out between the drivers and--"

"No! Don't apologize! As they say, 'accidents happen.'" Louis smiles as he looks down at the girl. He could tell that she definitely was much shorter than he is. She was wearing a slim-fitting black t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans that seemed to hug her lower body quite nicely. "Let me get you your chair, Sailor!"

"No no no no, it's fine! Really... But thank you though, Louis! I'm not trying to be rude, I just don't want you to have to fight with those chairs again is all, heh..." Sailor looks down to see the three chairs underneath Louis's fat ass, blushing softly from the sight of his ass still not fitting in the chairs that great. "I know you already enjoy struggling to fit in your clothes, but struggling to get comfortable outside the house is definitely less enjoyable." Sailor gives Louis's gut a soft pat as she makes her way to her own chair and seats herself.

The two Pokemon had originally met in an online chat group focused around "similar interests." They seemed to have connected pretty well with how many interests they both had (inflation, fat, weight gain, force-feeding, mostly things that involve big people). They also spent some time video chatting, but it was mostly Sailor showing off her expansive skills for Louis. Louis didn't own any working camera at the time, and his phone was just a really basic flip phone since he only needed it for work. He didn't even know it could receive texts until today when Sailor said she would be a bit late. And after a few weeks of talking, Louis decided to ask Sailor out on a date. Of course, Sailor gave a great big "yes."

"I can't believe how tall you are! You weren't kidding about it in your profile!" Sailor pulls her seat in as she gazes up towards her date with awestruck eyes. Louis responds with a soft chuckle, causing the table to shake lightly as his gut jiggles against it.

"Well... Seven-foot-two is definitely taller than your average Tyranitar. I was always a bit bigger though than most of them, but hey! You learn to adapt to it."

"No kidding! I swear that your gut is definitely smaller in your most recent image compared to now..." The girl sighs and leans against the table herself just to get a little closer to Louis. "You really need to get a camera again to show it off!"

"Yeah! That last picture is something like..." Louis rests a hand atop his chest and taps it lightly with a digit as he tries to recall when his last picture was taken. "... a month old."

Sailor's eyes lit up as he said that. She then couldn't help but giggle. "Well, then I am sorta hoping I get to see some of your skills live tonight.~"

"Oh ho! You most certainly will get to! I did get to ordering a new webcam as well, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long before you get to see what I can really do when we aren't in public!" He gives her a soft wink and sits himself up as he sees the waiter come over. "Are you good to order now, Sailor?"

"Yep!" Sailor quickly opens her menu and begins to look through. "I'll have..."

Half an hour into their date, the plates were already beginning to pile up and a second bottle of wine had already been brought to the table. Sailor was a bit tipsy already from the first bottle, but even through all her drunken giggling, she was well aware of what was going on right then and now. Louis, on the other hand, was a bit too big to let half a bottle of wine disorient his head, especially with how much food he had already eaten before leaving home and the extra food on top now! The two talked about different things other than their kinks for the first time since they started to show interest in each other. The more they talked, the more Louis was starting to feel confident around Sailor. The waiter brings over the next of the dishes on two carts. For Louis, a bowl of lobster macaroni and cheese with a side of housemade potato chips and a steamed lobster with melted butter for dipping. And for Sailor, a stacked BLT with more B than L and T and three different personal 10" pizzas. The waiter starts clearing up the first stack of dishes from their table before leaving them be for a while. If the two were listening, they could hear the waiter grumbling as they walk off.

Sailor sits back and looks down at the belly that rests on top of her lap, seeing how her shirt was slowly riding up her gut with how far it was pushing out from the first course, exposing some more white fur. "Mmh... This shirt did 'almost' fit just a little bit ago...~" She then looks up to Louis, whose gut is pressing into the table more than before. She could have easily noticed this though by seeing how much closer the table was to her own body.

Louis chuckles, letting out a soft "umph" as he adjusts himself into his chairs. "At least you have a wardrobe that you can fit in."

"Yeah. I guess that's a good thing from time to time." She shrugs and takes a slice of pizza, shoving it practically whole into her mouth. "I at least have some old clothing I can wear from time to time to get a little more enjoyment out of my hobbies.~"

"You know... I've always seen growing out of my wardrobe as a challenge. I think you might like it if you try it." Louis gives a soft smile, leaning closer so he could see Sailor's belly better from up above, but he also pushes the table in more when doing this and causes the other edge to press into Sailor's own gut, making her let out her own soft "umph."

"O-oh? I have adored that thought many times before, but I am pretty short, so there's always going to be a lot of things that fit me."

"Well, that doesn't mean you can't become wide enough to not fit into anything..." Louis spoke with a soft whisper, almost hypnotic with how gentle it was, yet rough like a tough 80s movie actor who just saved the damsel in distress from the villain.

"I-I have teased that thought too...~" Sailor's face grew bright with that last sentence. She has wanted to do many MANY other things in the past, but her problem before was that she didn't know anyone locally that could help her with such things. "B-But it is harder to do by myself... I can't pump myself to my actual limits even, and if I were to try and make myself become fatter, I would eventually not be able to continue by myself because of being weighed down wherever I last am!"

"Well, that's why you'd need someone like me." He leans in further, moving the table even closer to Sailor. At this point, he's probably doing it on purpose. Both of their guts were pressing pretty firmly into the edges of the table, causing Sailor to let out a soft moan. "I'd be able to push you past your limit, and I am more than willing to feed you after you become a massive mound of lovely fat..."

Sailor's face was becoming redder than a ruby pulled from a smelting cast. Her eyes were stuck gazing at the Tyranitar's red eyes that were looking very inviting and caring for such a big Pokemon. "I-I guess that is true..." She bites her lip softly as she closes her legs together. She was starting to feel aroused, which she was hoping she could wait until they leave before feeling such emotions.

"I could even just... If you want..." Louis takes a deep breath in as he gets closer, his eyes slowly closing a bit as he feels Sailor's breathing against his lips.

"Y-yes?" Sailor leaned in as best as she could to hear what Louis was going to say. Her ears were pinned back, already showing that she was ready to submit to the large Pokemon.

"... Pop you."

Hearing that last part causes Sailor to whine loudly. She reaches up to cover her mouth after making such an embarrassing noise in public, but luckily the atmosphere was loud enough for no one to really hear it, other than Louis, of course. Louis smiles, reaching over to pull Sailor's paws from her mouth, revealing the glowing red cheeks she was now sporting. The two just stare for a moment. Sailor didn't know what to do, but Louis did. He pulls her arms close and leans in to plant his lips on Sailor's, closing his eyes and holding his kiss in place for a moment. Sailor's eyes shot wide open at such a sudden action, but she felt that this moment was just... so right. She already was asking herself when they would kiss, but Louis seemed to have answered that before she could get an actual answer. She slowly closes her eyes and relaxes as she returns the affectionate kiss, her ears staying down and her tail swishing behind her. For anyone that glanced over, they thought it was a cutesy love moment. It wasn't loud, luckily, and no mess was being made, except for maybe on Sailor's and Louis's bellies with their food rubbing against them. Louis luckily didn't get his clothes messy, but Sailor didn't seem so lucky since her clothes still could cover part of her belly. After breaking the kiss, Louis lets out a soft pant and opens his eyes, looking down at Sailor. Sailor's eyes open back up after a moment. She felt like her lungs were on fire, constantly taking short, rushed breaths to try and cool them down. Louis just chuckles as he watches her for a moment before helping her back down to her seat.

Louis licks his lips softly, but then he begins to wince roughly. Sailor could see him wincing throughout the date, but it wasn't until now that she was becoming concerned.

"L-Louis... Are you okay?" she asks in a soft tone, trying to not attract attention.

"Yes, I'm fine... Just..." He looks down to Sailor, seeing the mess on her shirt from all the food she was just pulled into. This gave him an idea. "I think I may have leaned into the lobster a bit too much. Looks like your food made a mess of your shirt though." He chuckles softly, trying to keep his cool in front of her. "Here, let me take your shirt. I can clean it off."

"N-no! It's okay. I can clean it myself." Now Sailor was a bit jumpy. Why would someone ask something like that so suddenly? And in public too!

"Oh, please Sailor, I insist..." He gently caresses her cheek with one hand as the other starts to help lift her shirt up. He gives her a wink before using his eyes to guide her own downwards. After a quick realization of what Louis was hinting, Sailor's pupils expand and her face turns red like a beet.

"I-In public, Louis? I-I don't know..."

He leans in and whispers to her just to make sure that no one else could even catch a hint of what he was going to say. "Please, Sailor... My dick has been dying in these pants... Just a little relief. Please..?~" He was still helping lift her shirt up, which had been pulled up past her gut now. "Plus, I kind of can't wait to fill you up... Even if it's just a little bit. I can't walk out though with... You know..."

Sailor gulps down a dry lump in her throat. She wasn't sure what to think! It was so sudden, like the kiss... But if that felt right, this should feel right too... right? The Zangoose slowly lifts her arms for Louis, letting him finally take her shirt off. What fell free were a pair of plump breasts that rest atop her gut like water balloons on a gentle hill. This made Louis's face glow red finally, cracking as confident of a smile as he could as he stares for the moment. Sailor was soon under the table though, trying to bring as minimal exposure to herself as possible. Luckily there was a table cloth that draped down to the ground, able to hide her from anyone that would be standing close. She takes off her pants and underwear before sitting back on her legs to take off the Tyranitar's pants, but his gut was kind of in the way. It was a huge belly after all. She gives his belly a few taps, making him jump in surprise from how firm the taps were with her pointed claws. He reaches under to grab his gut and heave it up, resting it atop the table. The drop made the plates and silverware rattle, but only a couple sets of eyes glanced at the noise. Sailor's eyes were glancing elsewhere though. Her jaw was agape and her legs were closed together tighter than before as she stares at the massive bulge that was hiding underneath. She had never seen pictures of it because he was "too shy" to share any images of it before meeting her, and then, of course, his webcam was broken too when he was opening up. It looked like he shoved an entire yoga ball down the front of his pants!

'Holy fuck... I would be in pain too if I had to wear pants with a set this big!' She observes it from multiple angles before reaching to give it a feel. It responds with a rough twitch before relaxing, pulsating against Sailor's paw. 'It's so warm...' She takes a deep breath in and then lets it out, beginning to take his pants off. The khakis were the easy part. The hard part was going to be the underwear. The pair of red briefs were straining so tightly that they looked as if they could rip at any moment! Yet they were so formed around his body that pulling them off would be near impossible, so she goes for ripping them instead, figuring that's what Louis would do anyway. She leans in and gently nuzzles her soft cheek against his bulge while her paws gently rub the inside of his thighs. The scent of his musk was strong when she was so close to the bulge, and the warmth it radiated against her face was extremely comforting. The attention that Louis's dick received was driving him nuts, but he was somehow able to keep himself from moaning. Sailor could hear the stitching of the briefs begin to tear, so she rubs harder and faster. She could feel the pulsations against her face and how his legs were becoming tense as his dick is teased, even feeling a little bit of his slick pre against her cheek now. With a gentle tear, the underwear finally starts ripping apart, but the first tear was only from behind. Not a moment later, the rest of his underwear practically bursts apart, freeing the massive dick that was hidden beneath the fabric. It flopped right on top of Sailor's head, and it was already dripping cum down her back. It was then that she realized that the bulge wasn't housing anything else. A slow glance further down and she realizes that there was more to this man than she even knew. Behind his legs were two HUGE testicles that were nearly the same size as his bulge just was! It was hard to even notice because of his lower half practically being under either the table or his gut the entire time! 'Maybe I should have had him get my chair... I would have loved seeing this!'

It was at this point that Sailor realized there was a bit of a problem. With how gigantic his dick is already, she was trying to figure out how she can even pleasure it without coming out from under the table! She had to think for a moment, but a thought eventually came to mind. She slides herself around on the floor to readjust herself, positioning her legs near Louis and having the cock rest on her shoulder. She could feel the heat it radiated more than before, even feeling it against her ears! Once she scoots closer, she lays herself on her back and picks up the cock from her shoulder as she goes down further. She then rests the cock between her breasts, panting against the tip roughly as she readies herself for what she is about to do. The whole dick was about 30 inches, and the way she laid with it felt like she was laying with someone the same size as her. All the heat that was emitting from it was so comforting too. 'If anyone finds out, I'm dead...' She closes her eyes and wraps her lips around the tip of the Tyranitar's dick, swirling her tongue around the urethra and tasting all the precum that has been dripping from it. Her paws grab at her breasts and squeezes them around the cock while her mouth works the tip. The double-action that Louis was receiving made him wince again, but this time it was out of pleasure and not pain. The people around them were still loud enough to hide the two lover's noises, but the waiter was glancing at Louis a bit sternly. Sailor could feel the dick stiffening as she pleasured it, pushing out further and somehow becoming wider than it was before! It was nearly as thick as she was wide! 'Did I just go out on a date with a fucking hyper?! Holy shit I'm in heaven!~' The Zangoose was so lost in bliss by now that she couldn't help but moan louder. Luckily, Louis's dick was enough to block the noises. Everything about it made her begin to worry less about doing such an act in public. After a couple more swirls, she pops her head off the tip, causing it to bounce up and bang into the table, making the plates and silverware rattle louder than the last time. Sailor quickly adjusts her positioning so that she was sitting up now. Her next plan was not what she was thinking of doing at first, but she felt that it was the right moment for it. The only logical thought running through her head was that this is going to possibly hurt...

Louis was starting to breathe a bit heavily, and that was where the waiter decided it was time for them to come check on him. They walk over and smile, taking the plates as usual and looking at the massive Pokemon.

"Everything alright, sir?"

"Oh! Yes. My date just went to the restroom. You know, 'girl things' and all that."

"Mmh, yes. I suppose. Well then, if you're ready for your check I shall grab it now."

Underneath the table, Sailor was ready for the kill. She reaches for the dick again and gently pulls it down. With one more gulp, she opens her mouth as wide as she possibly can and slides it around the tip of the dick first, then pushes herself to go further, eventually causing her teeth to press into Louis's dick. Up above, Louis jumps a bit and bites his lip before letting out a quick belch to cover up a moan.

"N-no! We're not ready just yet. We plan to get dessert still!" Louie was trying his hardest to hold his breath now and not make any more suspicious noises, but he wasn't sure how long he could do this.

"Ah. I see then. I shall wait for your friend to come back then. Just wave for me when you are ready to order again." The waiter turns away and walks back to where they have been standing the entire dinner service. That was Louis's chance to catch his breath. He could feel the teeth sliding down his dick still, causing him to grip at the table cloth and groan from the pleasureful discomfort. The sensation of many pointed teeth sliding down his cock was just too much for him, pushing him closer to the edge than he thought he was going to get.

"S-Sailor, I'm..." he pants to himself, knowing well that she can't hear him from underneath the table. The warning would have been of no use though, as Louis grips the table cloth harder and tenses his body up.

Sailor wasn't even six inches down the Rock/Dark-type's dick before she felt it tense up and feeling a load of hot semen shoot down her throat. Her eyes closed tightly and her tail swished like a tornado as she felt the pulsations at the back of her throat and the force of the cum going down to her stomach. She couldn't stop going down now though, so she tries to push herself further. She was lucky that his twitching made it easier for her to take just a bit more, even if her jaw was pretty much aching by now. It also gave some sort of relief to her jaw for a moment, just to have it stretched open again. Seven inches though was as far as she could push herself safely. She knew that any further could make her jaw unhinge.

Louis could feel the wet throat around his dick swallow rhythmically as he bucks his hips gently, trying to not make anything obvious. The waiter could only see him sitting still though with how far they stood. "S-Sailor... Y-Your mouth is so fucking...mmph..."

The Zangoose was grunting and starting to feel light headed. She could sense that she might be getting too loud at this point, so she starts to pull herself off the Tyranitar's dick... Only she can't. Each time she tugged her head back she couldn't get it off Louis's pulsating cock. Her jaw was also starting to ache a lot more than before. 'Oh fuck... did he get bigger?!' Her blush turns pale as she realizes what she had gotten herself into. She tries to tap at Louis's leg to signal for help, but she noticed that her arms couldn't move! Any attempts she made just cause a soft sloshing sound to be produced, so she looks back to see just what happened. To her surprise, her body was already starting to inflate as a whole! Her limbs had grown thicker, her breasts, belly, and ass weighing her down as well as her body spreads out onto the floor! She could also notice that her cheeks were beginning to swell up as she glanced back! This was making Sailor panic, crying out for Louis to somehow notice what is going on and to get her off, but all the vibrations made by her vocal cords only pleasured Louis more, making him cum harder and faster. 'COME ON LOUIS! PLEASE FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP CUMMING AND HELP ME!'

Louis was beginning to pant again, unable to stifle any of his noises himself for much longer. The best he could do to quiet himself was just to eat more of the lobster that he hadn't finish. Meanwhile, Sailor was trying to thrash about and at least get some sort of signal through to Louis. Sailor could feel the pain in her jaw increasing again though as she wobbles, and suddenly she could see that Louis's crotch was coming closer. Louis didn't think that Sailor going further down his dick was odd, assuming she was only able to take such large insertions through all her inflating she's done. For a moment, Sailor's jaw does unhinge, making her tear up as she is forced down onto the cock further than before. Her body gurgles softly as cum bubbles up inside of her. 'It can't get any fucking worse than this,' she thought... But she could feel something cold pressing against her back. She couldn’t see what was happening, but she could only assume that she was pressing against the table. Luckily, Louis's belly weighed enough to keep it down at the moment. It wouldn't last for long though, because the further down Sailor went, the harder the Tyranitar came. He was like a bundle of fire hose set to max! After making it past the widest part of Louis's dick, the Zangoose just slides down quickly to the base, her nose pressing tightly into Louis's crotch. The musky scent was stronger than ever, but with her current situation, even the strongest aphrodisiac couldn't make her feel any better! And then it finally gets worse... The table legs begin to slowly lift up off the ground as the Zangoose starts to push it up with her rapidly bloating body. This throws Louis off instantly as he feels the table pushing into him suddenly. The lobster that sat in front slides down to his gut before spontaneously being flung up as the table pops out from underneath it! The lobster dish hits another customer in the back of the head, causing them to turn around with a blood boiled face. "Hey! Wiseguy! What makes yous think you can throw.... a... lobster......" The sight the innocent man sees is shocking, to say the least - a Tyranitar sitting at a table that appeared to have some sort of bloating mass underneath! He couldn't see Sailor's head, but he could see the grossly bloated limbs, more specifically the claws that were sticking out of the mound of cum filled flesh. "J-Jenni, hon, I think we's should split... Like now, babe!" The man's panic was enough to get all of the customers to look over at the scene that was unfolding. Louis was too oblivious from his own lust to care. Sailor was blinded by a tablecloth and being against Louis's crotch and now his gut! More of her expanding mass was starting to press up against his body though as she could feel her head sinking past what used to be her shoulders.

"YOU! You... Miserable sloth!" The waiter was right beside the two and snapping their fingers in front of Louis's face. "I should have known that you were performing such acts in our fine dining establishment! I shall have you and your girlfriend BANNED from this restaurant! I will put you two behind bars!--" The waiter was going off for quite a while. They had a lot of pent up anger inside of them as if they were waiting this entire time to find a reason to go off on the lovers. Louis couldn't hear them though, nor did he really care what they had to say if he could hear. All he really cared about right now was the swelling cum balloon that was on his dick. What he couldn't notice though was that Sailor was beginning to reach a limit she had never passed before. Her body was becoming a bit more rotund, but still keeping the disbursement of a water balloon. Legs were breaking off the table that was squeezing against her bloated back, dropping to the ground with soft hollow "thunks."

Sailor couldn't hear anything but the sounds of her bloated body gurgling, sloshing, and now creaking. Creaking veeeeeery ominously... 'Louis... help.... stop...' It was becoming hard for her to think straight, but she was trying her best to keep looking forward. 'Too much... pl........ pop... me...~' Her eyes couldn't stay open anymore with how good this all felt, and she finally didn't feel scared. This was what he wanted to do with her, after all. She could feel her skin being overstretched from all of the cum that was still pumping inside of her at such a rapid pace, stretch marks forming against her skin underneath the parting fur. By now her whole body was larger than Louis stood, yet she was still just taking up more and more of the floor with all the cum disbursing elsewhere. She even distended out far enough to have to make the waiter back off a bit, moving away with a look of disgust as they see the wobbling mass of Zangoose.

"... This is why I tell the owner to NOT let people like you in! You eat like there's no tomorrow and prevent us from being able to serve those who probably HAVE money! Do you even have any money to pay for all the SHIT you have eaten?!" The waiter pulls their phone out, dialing up their boss and putting the phone to their ear before turning their back to Louis and Sailor. "... Pick up the phone you lousy piece of shhh--Sheryl! Hi!... Yes... Come down, please... NOW."

Customers watched the whole scene unfold without much caution. What they saw was a large man that wouldn't stop drooling, a waiter who had lost their top and blow up, and an odd swelling mass that was starting to look pretty full. By now Sailor took up about 20 square feet of the floor and sloshed about 15 feet up. Louis closes his eyes and places a hand on the swelling mass, feeling the churning and gurgling from inside her body as she keeps swelling up. Her growth had stopped though, finally... but something felt wrong. The customers began to talk to each other to guess what had happened, but Sailor knew what happened. She could feel dozens of tiny pinprick holes all around her body, dripping streams of semen down her sides. It was not even noticeable against her white fur though, but the change in her shape was able to be spotted. She pretty much had stopped wobbling and now was trembling...

It was the waiter who turned back around to begin spewing swears who would notice something was definitely wrong though. "I would just throw you out myself if I could, but your fat asses are literally too fat to throw out the fucking door! I swear when that dipshit of a boss gets here she will finally consider this ban!" They cross their arms and look at Louis from top to bottom again, then looks at his crotch to see a swelling cheek from Sailor's head somehow sticking out from Louis's gut and thighs. They get closer and start to poke at the cheek to try and get her attention. "And you, you stupid bitch... We would never want a floor piece such as you in our establishment--"


"-- ever--"


"-- FUCKING--"



With one more poke, the cheek suddenly develops its own pinprick hole, right on the patch of red fur. After the waiter was done screaming, they pant heavily and look at the girl, catching a glimpse of the strange white substance dripping from her cheek. The visual finally clicks with the waiter... "What the... Oh my fu--"


In but an instant, the mass of Zangoose had burst apart! Where a Zangoose once laid had turned into thousands of tiny fur scraps as cum splatters across the room and floods the floor! Everyone and everything that was inside the room was either covered in cum and/or ankle deep in the hyper's semen! The customers ran out screaming out of shock and disgust, some of the staff following right behind them in the same screaming manor. The waiter laid on the floor knocked out cold from the blast, drenched in the Pokemon's semen. Louis though was still sitting there unphased for a moment, even when covered in his own cum. His dick continued to shoot out his hot seed onto the ceiling for a few seconds before winding down. Once his cock had gone limp, he lets out a deep sigh. He opens his eyes up to look around and see what was going on, only to realize that the entire restaurant was empty, except for the waiter out cold on the floor, but he couldn't even see them. Even Sailor was gone! But he knew exactly why.

"Nnh... Fuck... There goes another date..."